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Bay constables rescue two teenage girls after dock drifts into Flanders Bay

At least there is a smart 14 year old out there - good job! You did the right thing!" Apr 9, 09 4:14 PM

Taser case against Southampton Village to begin in September

I remember him just walking down the street yelling and screaming at people at bus stops. He got violent with a few people, pushing and shoving a few times, so I believe that the police were within their rights to use whatever force necessary. Maybe the family should have sent him where he could have received proper treatment. It's sad for everyone involved." Apr 9, 09 4:17 PM

As trade parade slows, coffee doesn't flow

We have started to use our coffee pot and we saved $45.00 in 1 month by bringing our own coffee to work. My husband does buy 1 on the way home but that's $1.25 each. Now if I could only get him to quit smoking, lol. That would save alot too!" Apr 24, 09 1:28 PM

Barbara Anne Barnes

Barbara was an amazing woman. She will be dearly missed by everyone. My husband and I will definitely miss her sense of humor and just being around a very special lady. " May 14, 09 7:21 AM

Same-sex marriage bill passes State Assembly

Let me say how excited I am for all the same-sex couples out there who could really use the benefits their significant other receives. My mother was straight and she married a man who beat the crap out me. Yet, all the gay couples I have met with children have been nothing by wonderful and loving and caring. They let all these illegals marry and pop out kids and stay here legaly and you people are going to complain about LEGAL residents who love each other than some straight married couples?? Give me a break and let these people live their lives. As for the sheep comment - I heard that was legal in Montana so INS can head over there. " May 14, 09 12:59 PM

Police want motorists to buckle up

When my husband was in an accident about 7 years ago, he was told he survived only because he WASN'T wearing a seat belt. My grandfather had the same thing told to him many times and actually has a doctor's note that allows him to not wear one. Lt. Pearce says that wearing your seat belt costs nothing but wearing it will - what about the ones who wear them and still die? Wearing a seat belt is just a precaution. Not wearing it costs you $200.00. Hmmmmm " May 14, 09 1:08 PM

Riverhead man stabbed to death in front of Hampton Bays Diner

First let me send sympathy to the family and friends of Calvin Butts. Death at any age is difficult but murder is even worse. Second - all those people in the diner that saw this and not one of them whipped out a camera cell phone and took pictures of the culprits or the getaway cars? Gang related or not - this was senseless and I truly hope that the family can grieve and hopefully find not only peace, but justice to the horrible jerks that did this. A young man died for what? I hope that those jerks get life and become he-bitches in jail. " May 29, 09 1:12 PM

Family, friends say goodbye to Quogue Village Police officer

Not only does this prove that Police Officers get away with alot more, but it has a tragic ending. Had they survived, would they have been issued tickets for speeding or not wearing seat belts? I don't think so. They get away with illegal u-turns - My husband almost got hit by a trooper and SH Town who did this. they get away with alot. Sorry to the family, but taking a car without permission is stealing. Would he have been charged with grand theft auto? Nope. Someone one told me that they saw the accident and it was disgusting - body parts everywhere. Did they get what they deserved - no, but now someone who was trusted to do a job is dead because he was irresponsible. Now an innocent person no longer has a car, an innocent family has lost these men. Think people. " Jun 27, 09 12:04 PM

Bad weather prompts postponement of drive-In movie night

When will they do another one with non-kiddie movies? I like funny kid movies but lets have Friday the 13th or the Rob ombie version of Halloween - that would be awesome!!!!" Jul 10, 09 1:11 PM

Councilwoman wants to crack down on owners of vehicles cited for violations

Hellooooo!! Can we say :Jail Time" to any idiot who drives without a license??? There are 2-3 thousand tickets a year??? And the police let the do what after getting a ticket - DRIVE AWAY!!! What the heck is wrong with that picture? Morons!" Jul 31, 09 5:42 PM

Concrete truck overturns on North Sea Road

They think because they are part of a certain pool company they have the right to do whatever they want with no consequences. I know they even let drivers with multiple dwi's drive their trucks - they don't care as long as they get the all mighty buck. I have seen their chlorine trucks flying at speeds well over 50 in a 35 mile an hour zone. Maybe they should give these drivers a class on road safety. Stay away from me on the roads! " Aug 22, 09 7:42 AM

I agree with wicked - stay off their tails, especially since it's so hard to see you unless you can see their mirrors in most cases. My friend is a safe truck driver.
And wicked - I do the same thing in my little pos car - someone starts honking or riding my tail I WILL slow down. LOL" Aug 22, 09 1:56 PM

Car crashes into utility pole on Montauk Highway in Southampton

Look, they are planning 2 more traffic lights, 1 where not even needed. This was a case of a guy hitting the pole - was drugs or alcohol involved, or did he simply pass out from a medical problem.? We may never know but STOP WITH TRAFFIC LIGHTS!!!! Unless the town wants to pay for my gas ;-)" Sep 4, 09 1:02 PM

Group hopes for Trader Joe's on the East End

I completely agree with putting Trader Joe's in Riverhead. I don't believe County Road 39 would be a good idea - too many idiots drive recklessly. " Sep 16, 09 1:05 PM

Arrest tape could be used in Kabot DWI case

I didn't really have an opinion of Linda Kabot before, but now I think she is a lying piece of trash. Anyone who drives drunk is. Now she is appealing her license being suspended by DMV for not taking a Breathalyzer. You can bet that when November election time comes, people will be out there picketing - I'll be the one holding the sign that says, "A Drunk Driver for Supervisor? What Next - Crackhead for Judge?" " Sep 18, 09 7:03 AM

Southampton Town Supervisor Kabot, attorney give first interview on DWI arrest

She definitely should have taken the Breathalyzer or blood test. If she has nothing to hide, then why not. My stepmom has vertigo and they pulled her out of her car in North Carolina, saying she was drunk. She had a Breathalyzer and blood test and proved them wrong. " Sep 23, 09 2:45 PM

Homeowners association disgruntled over charity foot race

I bet it would be a different story if someone on Pheasant Pond there had a child with autism. Just because you are a private road, does that give you the right to be rude about a CHARITY event? I would be more than happy to allow it. " Sep 24, 09 10:03 AM

Wallet lost in Bridgehampton

Good luck finding the wallet - my stepmom had the same problem years ago and it was never returned. My wallet was missing 3 years ago and someone actually returned it with all $4.00 in it! " Sep 26, 09 9:03 AM

Southampton Village replaces Crown Victorias with Chargers

I think the police should get Chevy Colbolts - i loved mine and it was great on gas.
Either that or the maybe they could get a Toyota Corolla. Go with something that's not too costly and will raise taxes. " Sep 26, 09 2:28 PM

Dune Road neighbor arrested for trespassing; claims he was protecting feral cats

Some companies that do trapping will get these cats spayed and neutered but the trapper gets charged. It is quite expensive after a while. Yes kill traps are terrible, but the others are a good way to get pests out of your home. This man was trespassing and deserved to be arrested - it costs a lot of money to pay a company to trap animals that tear up the home. We've had damage caused by animals, cats and raccoons. " Oct 9, 09 11:54 AM

Ms. Jane Q. Public - that trapping law only is if the trapper intends to kill and sell the pelt - that has nothing to do with home pest control. I called the DEC. What I found amusing was that alot of the DEC website's info didn't include information to the public about certain trappings for animals with diseases like rabies and lymes. Maybe homeowners out here should call a local pest control company and find out the exact reasons WHY the DEC wants these animals taken out. It's a sad fact, but alot of wild animals carry diseases that can be brought to your children. " Oct 10, 09 7:45 AM

After delay, Girl Scouts get green light for Westhampton Beach mural

I think that Waldbaums execs like to slap each other silly, give themselves raises, and then hit each other in the head with bricks, lol! Way to Go Girls!" Oct 10, 09 12:34 PM

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