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Dining Out visits Sunwaters Grill

Bobbi Schneider is a great friendly server... she really cares about her clients." Feb 25, 10 4:48 PM

Rumba Owners Are Trying To Walk A Fine Line

I am very torn about this. There are other restaurants on the bay that operate over capacity, and don't follow every rule. Why is Rumba being singled out? On the other hand, David's "policies" of not hiring locals or women above his age, makes me upset. If you want to make money here, you should employ locals. Unfortunately, this happens a lot here. I feel he has done his best to appease his neighbors, and people should have more going on their lives than to try to control other people's businesses. How would you feel if someone was trying to take away your way of feeding your family? I hope the town can work with him, and in turn he will employ more of the people here." Jul 28, 12 7:38 AM

UPDATE: Services Set For Keith Greene; Funeral On Monday Morning

I can't believe this. I just saw him out to breakfast on his daughter's bday last week. I knew Keith as a crazy fun party kid years ago. I was so proud of him for accomplishing so much and becoming a family man. This is horrible!" Aug 15, 12 5:11 PM