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Green codes receive more tweaking as deadline looms

Ms. Throne-Holst or this article fails to explain the "crisis" which exists. Is the so-called crisis a cost factor? Are we talking about a crisis to the ozone? Seeking out information on what this so-called "crisis" is I tried to access information from the Town's website about the "green committee". Why isn't there any postings about meetings, or back-up information about the research that was done to create the passed legistation in regards to pool heaters? Using solar energy requires an ELECTRICAL pump which the town says should be run during off-peak hours..did the town take into consideration that you need the SUN must be out for the solar system to work?? Has the "green" committee or the board shown how this measure is actually going to economically help the homeowner? Our present day "crisis" is more an economical problem than lack of resources globally. Granted we need to find more productive ways to produce energy and hopefully less dependent on foreign oil. The price of oil has skyrocketed because of demand..not lack of resources. Maybe the town would like to come in my home and put restrictions on when I use my stove, watch tv, what time lights should be turned off in my home, how much gas I should be allowed to use on a weekly basis, etc. " Sep 11, 08 2:33 PM

Kabot releases proposed budget for Southampton Town

Be assured there is trouble in town hall and jobs will be lost by the end of the year. It better be last in the door, first out!! " Oct 2, 08 3:57 PM

Plans for Big Duck Ranch unveiled

The Big Duck undoubtedly has it place in our community, but in tough economical times projects such as this should be put off. Yes, maintainance is necessary BUT expanding the site into a ranch? There is talk that layoffs are in the future of town hall and we are going to spend monies that should be earmarked for salaries??? Where are the priorities of this board??" Oct 9, 08 8:23 AM

Money designated for affordable housing never moved; housing fund in the red

Think Doug Penny said it very nicely back awhile ago....bring back the Southampton Party. One could only hope that he would step up and run..they were fiscially responsible to the community during their time in office. " May 6, 09 2:41 PM

Kabot says town in the process of correcting fiscal crisis

Stop the spending..plain and simple...cut back on staff, cut back on projects...get a grip on reality...the values of our homes is slipping daily, people are losing jobs, rentals are down which equals less spending in the local business, etc. If you don't want to cut the staff in the town..then maybe your department heads should meet with their personnel and tell them either lay-offs or cuts in salaries. WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD. We were all assessed in the middle of a bubble and we are stuck with that figure. Our taxes are NEVER going down...the tax rate will be adjusted and we will continue to see our property taxes rise. The voters are not going to return a group of people who seem to ignore the times and do not have the back bone to stand up to special interests groups. " May 21, 09 3:53 PM

Riverhead man stabbed to death in front of Hampton Bays Diner

My comment in regards to hispanics was not meant to say they are not hard working people. Whitehouse is a KNOWN club for blacks and hispanics. This is NOT the general population of Hampton Bays...their patrons are drawn from Riverhead, etc. After a night of drinking most likely the patrons from Whitehouse headed down to the diner for something to eat. The DINER has promoted a hispanic night for over a year..and I believe was encouraged by the town to get a bouncer last year. Most drunks have little sense and obviously this time hot heads, booze, etc. made a toxic mix. If these establishments obeyed the law...one there wouldn't be drunks walking around our town..secondly, there would not be an establishment that provides games of chances, etc. So let's realize it is not just out of control drunks..but establishment who are out of control because they don't care how they are making their money. BTW..the boardy barn didn't chase King Kullen down the road..the barn has been in business since the 60's..and King Kullen didn't make any attempt for years to move until the opportunity was presented to them. Any fool who left their food shopping until Sunday deserved to deal with patrons of the barn..which most likely they were patrons of some drinking establishment themselves in their youth. The owners of the barn are businessmen who have provide many dollars to good causes in this town..sometimes you have to swallow a little for the good that is brought. BTW..would someone tell me when Whitehouse or Hampton Bays Diner provided money or dollars for a good cause in Hampton Bays?? I have been to many a fundraiser at the barn..but never at Whiteheads or the diner. " May 24, 09 5:02 PM

HB1234..as an important person involved in King Kullen would you explain why a store would move out because of problems, yet open another store at the same site? While boasting your self-importance there..I am sure you are way up the ladder within the KK corporation..your spelling must shine on reports! As far as my attendance at fundraisers..I DO NOT participate in fundraisers where liquor is served; however, I do make contributions to most local organizations. Yes, these places bring out some of the dreads of life, but if they paid more attention to how much beer or liquor they are pushing over the bar to people..possibly incidents like the one at the diner would not have happened. " May 25, 09 10:29 AM

PEGEE..as your are defending the diner because it has been a part of the community for a long time..do you defend them providing a place for games of chance, such as poker on a weekly basis?? Granted society has changed and not for the better..but when establishments encourage illegal activities it draws a different segment of the population than you would be entertaining in your home. " May 25, 09 10:36 AM

Southampton Grievance Day goes smoothly

INS..the homes these people live in aren't paying school taxes? Why shouldn't you bear the burden of the school taxes in your town?? Do you not realize eventually these children who are being educated will be the doctors, lawyers, etc. that you might need in time? Granted they live in housing that is usually over-crowded, BUT that is something that should be addressed by calling code enforcement. " May 25, 09 11:30 AM

Riverhead man stabbed to death in front of Hampton Bays Diner

HBLady..I understand completely your heart going out to this young man's family. Undoubtedly, his parents did not think the last time they spent time with him they woulld be faced with his murder. No matter what..there is NO excuse for someone being violent to another human. You are 100% right that the diner should provide security when they know that most of their patrons have been using the least alcohol. Amazing the State allows them to use their liquor license for a "salsa" room..I am guessing this is the same room they use for poker?? The culprit is greed when an establishment puts the making of money over the safety of their customers. Hopefully now the State liquor authority will step in and evaluate this place. Go to a friend's home next time to enjoy a cup of coffee or a quick meal..I am sure the eats will definitely be better and less costly. " May 25, 09 12:10 PM

Here you to HBLady...just fill out the apropriate paperwork on their site. www.abc.state.ny.us/ ...also anyone that thinks the town needs to post a police car at all the places in town that has unruly customers needs to get a grip. If a police presence is necessary, how about these establishments hiring off-duty police officers in uniform. Why should the taxpayer have to eat the costs of security when these establishments are being greedy and putting others a risk?? Our town police are under-staffed and over-worked during the season as it is. " May 25, 09 1:30 PM

PEGEE...there is NOTHING wrong with salsa dancing...what is wrong here is that an establishment is being allowed to do business like a "CLUB" but does not have the proper licensing for it. Nor does it have a licensing to conduct games of chances. Hopefully with the county's involvement someone will follow thru and do something. The owners of the diner have for YEARS been trying to bring some type of "club"..if not mistaken, they originally tried to do this on the east side of the canal and could not obtain zoning approval. Anyone in the restaurant business knows there is more money to be made on the liquor side not the food. " May 25, 09 9:53 PM

Please think about what you are saying. Yes, I guess I am bias against the diner because I do not approve of ANYONE breaking the law. You acknowledge the fact that the diner hosted or provide space for patrons to play a game of "chance". Glad to hear they no longer are taking place. It is AGAINST the ABC laws in this State to have gambling on the premises. There are several different types of liquor licenses. I doubt the diner has a "CL" license..therefore it is very questionable why a "salsa" room is in existence. The so-called "situation" that created the idea that the owners of the diner had thoughts of opening a "cabaret" on property near Jackson's marina came out of the mouth of one of the owner. This was back in the earlly 90's. If I am not mistaken, it was also reported in the Chronicle.

IT IS ALL ABOUT GREED..make your money with no regard to following the letter of the law. YOUR comments show that it is okay to break the law as long as it serves the person breaking it or those they are SERVING. " May 26, 09 7:14 AM

LL..obviously you are still in a stuper from your long weekend. It isn't the poker..nor is it the "salsa" room ..it is the illegal use of an establishment. Possibly Mr. Butts wasn't there for the food, but to continue his clubbing?? The diner is NOT licensed to be a club PERIOD. If this is something that happens in the clubbing scene frequently..possibly they all need to address the issue with heavy security. Very sad when you accept this as the norm. FYI..when you have a liquor license you are responsible for problems that arise on your premises. You are supposed to provide a safe place for your patrons. Oh when you make it to the barn..wear disposable shoes or those you would save just for that next special Sunday at the barn. If you go with the latter, NEVER walk into your home with them..just leave them on the porch for that next time! " May 26, 09 7:27 PM

Shinnecocks reach settlement that could bring federal recognition by 2010

Congrats Shinnecocks! Hopefully everyone will come to the table with some well thought ideas on how to move forward with a casino if that is their wishes. Personally, I think the State should have allowed this a long time ago. Look at all the money heading across the sound on a daily basis..it could have been kept right in our own backyards.
" May 28, 09 1:28 PM

As anyone noticed that casinos in this economy aren't doing too well. You can go to Foxwoods, Mohegan Sun, Atlantic City, Vegas and notice the dwindling numbers..people do not have too much disposable income these days. I doubt there will be a quick turn around with all the spending the government is doing...we will be too busy being tax slaves to be heading the a casino. So stop worrying about what has not happened yet and let's hope some cmmon sense is applied to how they move forward. " May 28, 09 3:52 PM

East End Hospice clears hurdle to build Quiogue nursing center

A road that is dangerous is put on hold..while the Flander duck gets a park?? What is wrong with our values? " May 28, 09 3:57 PM

Riverhead man stabbed to death in front of Hampton Bays Diner


All people do not cross the line and fight with anything but words in writing or orally. Sadly those involved have never been taught right from wrong, let alone self-respect. Yes it is sad that a life was lost, but hopefully it is a lesson finally learned by his so-called friends and they don't try to take the law into their own hands. Anyone that was with him when this happened knows who was involved. If they loved Calvin, out of respect for his memory they have or will turn all information over to the police. " May 29, 09 9:34 AM

Hampton Bays woman founds new pro-immigration organization

I do not believe you are speaking for the entire community claiming most of us have the same sentiments. Probably more of us are not as vocal as some. I have no problems with immigrants becoming part of our community; however, I am bothered about the illegals. They live in over-crowded housing, you have no clue if they are criminals, they bring disease, etc. Oh yes, I understand that they come from poor countries and haven't had the opportunities like many of us...BUT laws are made for a reason and should be enforced. My compassion starts with a green card! " May 29, 09 10:07 AM

Hampton Maid celebrates 50 years in business

You are so right PCD328...Mrs. Poulakis was a wonderful lady who built a legacy for her children. " May 29, 09 10:24 AM

Riverhead man stabbed to death in front of Hampton Bays Diner

LilMama..DINERS should NOT need security BUT when a diner uses it back room for dancing or whatever it becomes a CLUB...and the DINER does NOT have the appropriate license to operated a CLUB. How freaking ignorant are you people..sadly, this young man lost his life..BUT if the diner did not promote a CLUB atmosphere..possibly the young man might not have been there. There are very conflicting stories about the young man entering the "salsa" room prior to his death..so please let the police sort out the facts and realized you don't want to be in the diner when they get raided for illegal activities, do you?" May 29, 09 8:49 PM

Hampton Maid celebrates 50 years in business

Local Teacher you and Ricky are right! The food is good, but the price doesn't make it some place you go to regularly. It is a treat to go to the Hampton Maid not a weekly happening..especially in these times. " May 30, 09 1:38 PM

Hampton Bays woman founds new pro-immigration organization

NONE of us can control what the powers to be allow. The high flux of illegals are due to companies that paid under the table for YEARS. They sent monies back to their families and they wanted to become part of the NEW ILLEGAL DEAL. They have spread from the South to the North looking for jobs. If people would STOP hiring them..maybe they would go home? I had a contractor doing work on my home that brought illegals onto my property..and told him point blank..get americans to do the work. He moaned that he couldn't find americans that would work. Found this total bs and said so. He was given 2 weeks to comply with my requirements or I would take him to court. Funny thing he found americans to do the work. If EVERYONE would stand up to the contractors, etc. who hire these illegals...maybe they would go home?? No GREEN card..NO WORK! Amazing, some elected offiicals must agree with this idea...those receiving monies under the stimulus package can not hire anyone EVEN with a GREEN CARD, unless they can not find an AMERICAN to fill that job. The unfortunate part of this..is EDUCATED NON-RESIDENTS that are PRODUCTIVE can be shown the door, BUT the one's who are SUCKING off us..the bleeding hearts allow to stay!!! " Jun 6, 09 6:23 PM

LIPA seeking permission to install second power line on South Fork


Fred Thiele considers a party switch

He has played this game before and won. " Jul 4, 09 8:30 AM

Housing director claims discrimination by Southampton Town

Let's hope with the Supreme Court decision in regards to the firefighters in CT the race card will put an end to suing due to race. The burden of legal expenses should fall on the loser..that might make someone think before they move ahead with a suit and free up our court systems. " Jul 4, 09 8:37 AM

Shinnecocks still face obstacles in casino bid

Soundview..where is there enough open space to build the LARGEST CASINO on the East Coast? Take a good look at the property on which Foxwoods, which is the largest casino in the world sits..and tell me where they are going to find all this land? As far as drunk drivers, sleezy people, etc from having friends in the CT area between the two casinos..NEVER have they complained about the problems you present. FYI..there is a strict limit on the amount of alcohol that is served to a patron when getting a drink at Foxwoods..NEVER are you allowed to double-up..however, let's go to the corner bar in Hampton Bays and see if they have the same rule.

Face the fact..something is coming and both sides better work together! " Jul 4, 09 8:46 AM

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