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FAA Approves East Hampton Town's Airport Layout Plan

Wondering why my comments were removed? " Dec 9, 11 4:51 PM

East Hampton Town's Aviation Attorney Weighs In On Recent FAA Answers

Quiet Skies Coalition speaks to the aircraft noise pollution that is increasing with each year. There is no member of QSC that wants to close the airport. That is propaganda by those who wish to see the airport expanded.
Opening another runway, establishing a tower, and adding routes to disperse aircraft traffic to all areas means MORE air traffic, not less. It is simple.
I am a member of QSC and come from a family of pilots. I was taught to fly when I was in high school. The EH Airport is an asset to our community. It has become the means of travel by those who are wealthy and use it daily to commute to and from the Hamptons. This is an issue of maintaining peace and quiet here in our hometown. The majority of residents who work and live here deserve to have peace and quiet...that is why most of us moved here in the first place. The attorney does not speak candidly and is masking the truth about FAA funding. Why the rush anyway? There is still two more years left with the agreement we currently have in place. There is no truth to the statement repeatedly made that QSC wants to close the airport. That is NOT our goal. Let's focus on what is real and at hand: NOISE POLLUTION AND LOW FLYING AIRCRAFT WHICH DISRUPTS OUR DAILY LIVES." Apr 18, 12 11:02 AM

Activisits Sound Off On Noise Reduction Claims At East Hampton Airport

Mr. Brundige's press release offers false statements. Dominick Stanzione, Mr. Brundige, a fellow from the FAA, and another person in attendance at the meeting held at the airport terminal PRIOR to the operation of the tower, distinctly announced the tower was NEVER meant to mitigate noise and was only for the purpose of safety. That meeting and their comments was recorded. There is no disputing what they said. The helicopters, seaplanes, turbo jets and props are in abundance. Far more than before and increasing with each year. How do I know? Because I lives miles away from the airport in what once was a quiet and beautiful environment of the Northwest Woods. As of three years ago we now live with aircraft noise that is unrelenting and has ruined our peace and quiet. Traffic is on the rise, not diminishing. A permanent tower, another runway, the FAA taking over our town owned airport will mean but one thing: a regional hub where the 1% will have ruined our real estate and those who stand to profit at the airport now, will do so handsomely. Our town officials must look to the truth and what is good for the whole community. At present, we have all been misled. Preservation of land through acquiring it from town funds used to be the goal. Now the goal is financial gain peppered with avarice. We stand to lose control of our small town airport if the people and our elected officials do not stop what is happening. No to the government agency FAA. Yes, to ownership of our airport and rules and regulations we can all live with. Altitudes are no where near 2,900. Over our home they are about 700 ft. and the noise causes our home to shudder. A few times we were certain aircraft were going to crash because they were so low. Helicopters are the most egregious and they are used as taxis to and from the city with weekenders who do not care about disturbing the peace. I believe our real estate property taxes should be readjusted...I speak to all homeowners on the North and South Forks and Shelter Island as we are all effected by the avalanche of noise and a quality of life that is intolerable. " Jul 17, 12 8:56 PM

It was on the letterhead of the airport manager..." Jul 25, 12 2:33 PM

I am one of the residents who repeatedly called and logged in complaints of helicopter, turbo props, jets, seaplanes, and all other winged aircraft as they flew over our home in succession due to the flight pattern that was changed three years ago. We do NOT live near the airport and purchased our land thirty years ago and built our home here because it was away from all noise.
The reason I don't have the barrage of aircraft noise now is because Councilman Dominick Stanzione and airport manager Jim Brundige informed the tower operators they were to now direct all traffic over Jessups Neck in Southampton.
The Tower has NOTHING to do with easing the noise for anyone…it never was intended for that purpose. This is a ruse by EH Town officials to make it appear as though the tower has any effect on noise. It is completely bogus and disengenious on the Town of EH and all those associated with the airport. Mr. Stanzione, looking at the next election, would like EH residents to believe like lemmings to the precipice, that the tower has performed its job. NOT TRUE. He conspired with Jim Brundige to dump the aircraft into Southampton's air space. This is the worst kind of leadership and wreaks of corruption. " Jul 25, 12 2:44 PM

The meeting called before the tower was operational was recorded by a member of QSC. Each person who spoke specifically said the tower has NOTHING to do with noise abatement. Loud and clear: THE TOWER HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH NOISE ABATEMENT. Mr. Brundige, Mr. Stanzione, representatives of the FAA and the tower company: You all stated the tower has nothing to do with noise control. Please do not continue to lie to the public in the media. We have the proof for anyone who wishes to hear it! " Jul 25, 12 2:46 PM

Again, recorded for all to hear...the tower has NOTHING to do with noise abatement. It never was intended to per every person who spoke at the meeting. Since I live in the Northwest Woods and have endured three years of non-stop increasing traffic of every kind of aircraft, I know the truth about the activity. Today I have peace and quiet and have had it for a few days, albeit the occasional and nice sound of a plane in the distance...but why? Not because the tower is working to control noise abatement...no...because Dominick Stanzione and Jim Brundige told the tower personnel to send all the traffic away to Southampton, over Jessups Neck. That's why there is more "peace and quiet" in the NW Woods. Stanzione is one sly fox...as is every other person connected to this miserable situation. How dare they dump the problem on Southampton residents! As it was, Jessups Neck had its fair share of the traffic before this happened. What I want to see is an honest government working on the problem: Take ownership responsibilities and assign rules. Address the egregious helicopter traffic. Realize we are encumbering our community and ruining the inherent beauty of the area. If you have any doubts, talk to Stanzione and Brundige.
" Jul 25, 12 2:55 PM

It's not so simple...why give up the right to something you own when you can do better without a massive government agency who doesn't regard our community and is only concerned with aviation and nothing else? The FAA will tie us up for twenty years...when the aircraft noise and traffic is too much for you to bear...it will be too late. We're on the edge as it is right now.
" Jul 25, 12 3:00 PM

Airport Noise Unabated By Tower, Residents Ire Aroused Again

The tower is a ruse. It was never meant to help with noise abatement...this was recorded at the meeting held before the tower opened. We have the proof. Each person who spoke at the meeting stated the tower has NOTHING to do with noise abatement and never was intended as such." Jul 25, 12 3:02 PM

Come on down to my modest home where we raised our family and built our home far from the airport thirty years ago amidst the peace and quiet of the Northwest Woods...earphones don't help. Nor should we have to find a way to keep the noise from ruining our lives. This is our home...we own the airport. East Hampton town officials have been misled and some have chosen to lie to the citizens. Don't be so smug..." Jul 25, 12 3:05 PM

East Hampton Helicopter Route Gives Rise To Rally

You don't understand the issue. People did not buy their homes near the airport...routes have been changed and many full time residents who live here are being subjected to helicopter, seaplanes, jets, and other aircraft assaults. The problem has become intolerable. Air traffic patterns were changed three years ago and the residents are under siege. Many of us live in areas with preserve surrounding us...and we paid for that peace and quiet. " Aug 21, 12 5:22 PM

The same is true of our home which we built thirty years ago in East Hampton's Northwest. " Aug 21, 12 5:23 PM

They don't have to fly over anyone's house...they can come in from the southern route over the water...they are a new addition to the airport and are primarily used by the wealthy who taxi to and from their destination for a hefty sum. The same is true of private jets, large and small. " Aug 21, 12 5:24 PM

You are absolutely right...not everyone who has aircraft noise assaults lives by the airport. It is the flight pattern that has changed and more aircraft, not less, is impacting more people. Fewer people use the airport than are being impacted by it. That is grossly unfair to the majority of residents who are plagued." Aug 21, 12 5:26 PM

People who are being plagued by airport noise pollution did not buy their homes near the airport...routes have been changed and many full time residents who live here are being subjected to helicopter, seaplanes, jets, and other aircraft assaults. The problem has become intolerable. Air traffic patterns were changed three years ago and the residents are under siege. Many of us live in areas with preserve surrounding us...and we paid for that peace and quiet. 1% of the population is being serviced by the airport as a means to taxi back and forth to their destinations. That 1% is not impacted because they are the wealthy who do not care about the rest of the community. Should a town owned airport service 1% of people while the residents who work and live here full time are subject to egregious noise from helicopters and other low flying loud aircraft? No! " Aug 21, 12 8:03 PM

Pet Hero Awards To Be Held Saturday In Water Mill

By what mode of transportation are the guests/honorees arriving to the Hamptons for this event? " Aug 22, 14 12:48 PM

Tensions Soar at East Hampton Airport Noise Meeting on Wednesday

You making false accusations. The goal is NOT to close the airport but to implement a curfew (currently aircraft comes and goes at will at all hours of the day or night) and is no longer for recreational purposes but for profit. We do not wish to see our once local airport that was up-graded to a "regional" airport along with the air tower to help control the increase in traffic, become what Curtiss-Wright (where I was taught to fly) and Hyannis/Barnstable (where my family members reside) have both sadly become: used by commercial airlines like Jet Blue and non-stop commuter traffic. There will be reduction in helicopter noise because the people of this community demand it and deserve it as do our neighbors on the North Fork and Shelter Island. We will not live under siege because the inconsiderate who wish to profit over the good of the land, water, and residents, wish to ruin our homes and quality of life. FAA funding is not necessary as our subcommittee reports have shown. As for the economy: we don't need helicopter noise pollution to help bring tourists here…sooner or later they'll leave when they find there is no peace. Our communities are priceless. We're not for sale and neither is our right to live in peace and quiet.
" Aug 28, 14 6:29 PM

Your comments are totally misleading and false.
Not one person called any pilot a "nasty" name. Every person who wished to speak signed up to do so. NOT one person/pilot did so. The meeting lasted until the last person who had signed up spoke. The entire meeting was nearly 4 hours long. The list of people who wished to address the Town Board were called aloud by name to come to the microphone. Did you, a local pilot, sign up to speak? If so, we would have heard you. Why didn't you? The meeting was a public forum. All were encouraged to sign up to speak.
" Aug 28, 14 6:35 PM

It's not about "living near an airport". Helicopters crawl across the skies and linger as they do, prolonging the noise assault. Commuter taxi service of helicopters to and from the city is non-stop and the people on the North Fork and Shelter Island and Southampton are rightfully upset by this invasion and barrage of aircraft noise. To ruin the water/land/wildlife so people can make it to the Hamptons in record time is not sound planning for the future. You don't have to "live near an airport" to feel and hear the effects of constant aircraft bombardment. We don't live near JFK or LGA but instead, chose to live here, where it is peaceful and beautiful.
We intend to keep it that way for generations to come. " Aug 28, 14 6:39 PM

Aviation Community Unhappy With East Hampton Airport Noise Report, Says Money Was Not Well Spent

When the 2014 study results are in those who oppose these reports of 2013 will be far more "unhappy" as air traffic has significantly increased since 2013. They can deny all they want, but the communities of the North and South Fork and Shelter Island have joined to make known the impact of excessively low flying and loud noisy helicopters, seaplanes, piston engine aircraft, and looming private jets. It is no mystery as to why the southern route is less utilized; many of the residents are using the airport as a taxi service with little regard for their neighbors below. It's time the aviation group understand we have ears and eyes and the time for denial is over. P.S. To those pilots who turn off their transponders so they are not detected, we see you do it and we hear you over our homes. For those of you who like to perform aerobatics over our homes at your own risk, please consider those below you who prefer that you not crash on our homes. " Nov 11, 14 3:53 PM

It's important to note that over 350 residents of East Hampton south areas signed a petition to the Town of East Hampton Town Board members requesting that they vote not to renew FAA funding as they too are being harassed by the increasing helicopter and winged aircraft traffic into KHTO.

It is important that residents who are effected by the noise contact the Town of EH so they are made aware of the impact as it intensifies with each year. Contact www.quietskiescoalition.org for information and the airport hotline to file your complaint by email or telephone.
" Nov 11, 14 4:00 PM

Sag Harbor's Harbor Market And Kitchen To Open Doors In March

I'm so excited for you both! We can't wait to become patrons! " Feb 1, 15 6:42 PM

Aviation Businesses File Suit Against FAA, Argue Mismanagement Of East Hampton Airport

This is patently untrue. Please inform yourself of the facts about maintenance underway including the runway that was in need of repair. No one is "anti-airport". We are anti-noise pollution from egregious and continual noise from incessant helicopters, seaplanes, piston engines, and jets. Recreational aviation is wonderful. Our small airport has become a taxi destination and that was ruining our east end neighbor's lives. Most of the out cry from aviation groups has been based on fear mongering and that is unfortunate.
" Feb 5, 15 7:09 PM

East Hampton Airport Budget Committee Cannot Work Out Impact Of Proposed Regulations

This is more propaganda and smoke screen. The airport subcommittee is comprised of aviation members and those who wish to mitigate aircraft noise. At the 11th hour, the aviation committee members have decided to stymie the process in an effort to give the illusion the airport can not be self sustaining. The citizens of East Hampton have a right to peace and quiet. We own the airport and it is an asset only if it serves the community and doesn't negatively impact our environment and neighbors in other communities: North Fork and Shelter Island and Southampton. At present, all of us are suffering the burden of noise pollution so the pirate profiteers can prosper.
" Mar 3, 15 4:48 PM

Community Largely Split on East Hampton Town's Proposed Airport Regulations

The aviation members of the subcommittee refused to agree so it would appear the panel could not arrive at the conclusion the airport could be self-sustaining. In other words, they decided to thwart the truth by pretending the panel could not see a viable financial solution. A most insincere response meant to confuse the public. The airport CAN be self-sustaining. " Mar 20, 15 3:37 PM

Wrong. The aviation members of the BFAC agree to disagree purposefully so the public believes the entire panel can not come up with a viable financial plan. The subcommittee all agree the airport can in fact agree the airport can survive, as it always did before, without FAA funding. The truth is with FAA funding in place, the town has NO right to implement any restrictions and that's what the aviation and lobbyist groups want so the airport can expand. Fess up...it's pretty transparent what the real motivation is by the aviation special interest groups. Unfettered aircraft into KHTO means airport expansion and soon, just like Barnstable Hyannis on Cape Cod, we'll have Jet Blue flying in! " Mar 20, 15 3:46 PM

East Hampton Pilot Pens Petition For Safety At East Hampton Airport

Once again, the pilot says people knew when they bought near the airport...that is NOT the situation and he knows it if he is sincere. People on the North Fork and Shelter Island and Southampton Township are being deluged with helicopter noise pollution as well as jets, seaplanes, turbo piston aircraft.
The airport has been in EH for years, that is true. However, what the pilot doesn't say is that it has been an airport for private pilots and aviator enthusiasts. It has NOT been for commercial taxi use for people who have decided they prefer to get to the east end of Long Island and care nothing for the damage and disruption they are causing below.
It is completely bogus for the pilot to paint a picture of local pilots only trying to have a safe airport. The town board members have allocated funds for repairs and maintenance and it is a separate fund from all others. There is no need to sue the town except the big businesses and the group from D.C. lobbyists want to make money...and lots of it.

These "concerned citizens" do not live here. They are from other states. They are aviation groups and lobbyists. Yet, they want to bully our town into accepting their noise pollution 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. They are suing to stop the town from imposing a sensible curfew and limiting the noisiest aircraft: mainly helicopters which are the most egregious of all aircraft. Every minute a helicopter stands on the run way waiting to pick up or discharge a customer or group of customers. They fly at low altitudes to conserve fuel which is a known carcinogen that is spewing over our properties and wildlife.
The town has allocated funds for the lawsuits threatened and they will defend their legal right as proprietor of the airport which provides that the town asset can and will have rules and regulations based on the needs of the residents to enjoy their homes and environment.
It is outrageous to think big government and money should or will, bully us. " Apr 30, 15 1:34 PM

P.S. Mr. Sabin the town is "too busy spending money on various studies"? If I recall correctly, it was the aviation groups who opposed the three rulings because they publicly stated that after a year and more of studies conducted, the town was being too hasty in making the decision to implement a curfew, aircraft restrictions deemed noisiest (helicopters). So which is it? Not enough study? Or too much?

It is quite transparent that the aviation groups want nothing to change. They are not interested in being "good neighbors" as evidenced by their lack of consideration when the helicopters, every minute or at most, five, fly at exceptionally low altitudes causing houses to shudder and all conversation to cease because the noise is overwhelming.

Why is Mr. Sabin opposed to a curfew? Why are the aviation groups trying to force incessant noise pollution on East Hampton and all our neighbors on the east end and North Fork and Shelter Island?

One guess. MONEY. PROFIT.

Watch real estate lose it's value when people don't want to hear the sound of choppers over head. Why do people flock in droves to the east end? For peace and quiet...for a chance to relax.

You can't buy that. " Apr 30, 15 1:42 PM

We have seen same ad. It's a joke. Not only do they intend to taxi passengers to KHTO/EH Airport, but also to Montauk and Southampton. So all Anna Thorn-Holst accomplished when she backed away from supporting EH Town's 4 proposals was for naught. Her constituents will now suffer from additional helicopters. She said there may be "unintended consequences" and she was right...for her town. Personally, she made a huge mistake as well. She strongly urged the town of EH to implement the proposals until the 11th hour.

" Apr 30, 15 1:46 PM

A curfew is essential. No airport is open 24/7 365 days a year. Restrictions on helicopters is a good thing for all of us. We can't have the destruction of what makes the east end valuable to so many for its beauty. The whole issue is about those who want to make profit over those who want to enjoy their homes and way of life. A quieter life. That's why real estate is so expensive here. It's a haven that once gone, can not be replaced. Check out Barnstable/Hyannis Airport. That too was once what EH Airport is now...a local aviator's airport. Jet Blue now flies in and out...is that what we want here?
" Apr 30, 15 1:49 PM

East Hampton Town To Set Airport Fines, Responds To Request For TRO

Please identify yourself. Hiding behind the ID of "localEH" is cowardly. " May 18, 15 12:26 PM

Throne-Holst To Challenge Zeldin For Congressional Seat

Could the support she withdrew for restrictions at East Hampton Airport be just one of those reasons? Her constituents were left to suffer another summer and year of increase in helicopters and other noise polluting aircraft. " May 21, 15 4:25 PM

Precisely my response above!
" May 21, 15 4:27 PM

Friends of East Hampton Airport Ask For FAA Intervention For Safety And Access

I suppose the pilots would think St. Barth's too risky to fly into because that is a real drop.
It's not about safety or maintenance. It's about expansion of the runways to accommodate larger aircraft...like Jet Blue or Delta? Check out Hyannis/Barnstable Municipal Airport...that's what the aviation community and lobbyists want EH Airport to become. It's all about profit.
EH Town Board is taking care of the maintenance of the airport as safety is always a concern. Curfew necessary. 24/7 is not right when you have people on the ground below who need to sleep! " May 27, 15 1:36 PM

New Leaders Want Youth Back At YMCA In East Hampton

Initially the town raised the funds to build the Rec Center for our children. We donated and earned a tile that was placed in the wall during the construction. Each tile was painted and you could add your name to the tile. I believe that wall is still in the building. It should remind us that the facility was intended for the youth of our community. As it is located across from John Marshall Elementary School, it offers a safe place for even the younger children to congregate after school. I hope the spirit of the Rec Center as it was originally intended, is returned to accommodate our youth. Very glad to see the New Young Leaders are presenting ideas and opening discussion about our youth in East Hampton. " May 28, 15 12:22 PM

East Hampton Town Appeals Federal Court Injunction Against Airport Noise Restriction Law

At last, the people of the east end are being represented! We are grateful to our distinguished Town Board members and Supervisor Larry Cantwell for pressing forward with new legal counsel. The east end must not become a mecca for aircraft noise pollution which is being destroyed by profiteers and carpetbaggers. Return KHTO to it's peaceful aviation enthusiasts airport before the barrage of commercial businesses bombarded it. The residents have a right to enjoy their homes in peace and quiet on the North Fork and South Fork and Shelter Island! " Jul 23, 15 1:25 PM

ARF Rescues 46 Dogs From Kill Shelter

Very happy to know our local shelter has rescued 46 dogs who otherwise would have been killed. May they all find good and safe homes for the rest of their lives. " Sep 17, 15 9:55 PM

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