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Elected Officials Address Concerns Over Hampton Bays Homeless Shelter

This is not new in Hampton Bays. Lots of old motels makes Hampton Bays very attractive to DSS. The problem is as other's have mentioned, we have a shortage of affordable rental housing and the relatively cheap housing of Hampton Bays supports the workforce east of the canal. Will that issue ever be addressed?" Nov 24, 11 8:37 PM

Suffolk County BOE: Wilkinson Beats Cohen By 15 Votes

Congratulations to Mr. Wilkinson, he had to make some very tough choices for East Hampton and still got re-elected." Nov 24, 11 8:46 PM

North Sea Neighbors To Countersue Jacobs

Mr Jacobs made a big mistake.....slapp suits never work, just ask the Rambo pit owners." Nov 28, 11 6:37 PM

Southampton ZBA To Consider Bridgehampton Frontyard Pool Application On Thursday

I disagree with modgrrl, the Press has it right. The article said that there was a "kettle hole" in the wetland area, not a pond. The purpose of the code allowing pond areas to reverse the front and rear yard was so everyone around a pond area could enjoy the open view without accessory structures obstructing the view. I doubt the neighbors are concerned about a view to the "kettle hole". Also variances are given on a case by case basis if the applicant can meet the standards. All cases are different and the building inspector should not base his decision on how many variances are given, that is up to the Board. Neighbors are in trouble though on this one, John Bennett is a good attorney and very persuasive!" Dec 14, 11 7:43 AM

Southampton ZBA Rejects Front Yard Pool Plan In Bridgehampton

I have always wanted a swimming pool in my front yard and as luck would have it my cesspool that is located in my back yard overflowed last week creating a small pond of sewerage, how do I get in touch with that Bennett character to plead my case?" Dec 17, 11 9:42 AM

Southampton Town Leaf Pickup Program Still Confuses Many

To Ref11 and VOS, I agree with you that the Town does not pick up the leaves efficiently and may be we all should pay to take our own leaves away and it will probably be cheaper in the long run. However you seem to be defending Alex when the real problem was a policy that he did not think through and did not implement consistantly, I live in a subdivision that had its leaves picked up that were not in the street or blocking drainage....all the people who followed the rules and paid to remove their own leaves got screwed." Dec 19, 11 6:42 AM

Southampton Town Board Republican-Conservative Majority Holds Off On Key Appointments

The same people every week with the same talking points, all republicans are somehow from "crookhaven". Didn't both Malone and Nuzzi grow up in Southampton Town and East Hampton Town? I know they are not locals like ATH...oh, that's right, Anna's not a local but her grandfather was a Norwegian knight! Royalty no less, I guess that makes her a local anywhere!" Jan 3, 12 8:10 PM

Revamped Supermarket Development Proposed For Tuckahoe

BIGjimbo, I think you may be wrong on this one. Yes, the traffic around the HB Stop and Shop moves fine and the same may be the case for the Southampton Village proposal at flying point road, but the Tuckahoe project is different. Co Road 39 is a dangerous road and there are serious accidents there all the time, unlike Hampton Bays and the Southampton Village project which are not particularly dangerous, just congested. I think the traffic issues are ligament. I hate to disagree with you BIGjimbo because you are such an expert on so many subjects, I assume you are one of the higher ups in the Obama administration, eh BIGjimbo?" Mar 3, 12 9:48 AM

Developer Continues Push For Public Hearing On Westhampton Beach Supermarket

OK, this does not appear to be complicated. The Village did a master plan update 4 years ago. That plan prohibits supermarkets anywhere but the Main Street area of the VIllage. The plan was updated by input from Village residents and public hearings. The developer wants to put a supermarket on the highway where it is prohibited. According to your article two people spoke against the supermarket, one for it. It appears there is very little desire on the part of Village residents to change the Master Plan. Where is the controversy? Is it really news that a developer wants something he can't have? Am I missing something here?" Mar 6, 12 6:35 PM

Westhampton Beach Village Might Crack Down On Garbage Bandits

Hey Chief1, sounds like you should see someone on those anger issues!" Mar 6, 12 7:48 PM

Southampton Town Board Divided Over Comptroller Appointment

This sounds like another case of the majority not agreeing with the minority Turkey Bridge. Isn't it just possible that the majority believes there candidate is just better? Does it always have to be political? Is Anna always right in every disagreement? I'm just saying..." Mar 7, 12 7:21 AM

Politically Divided Southampton Town Board Names New Police Captain

Congratulations, Captian Pearce!! I do not understand how Bridget Fleming can first commend Pearce on years of dedicated service and then try to smear him with "some unknown issue" that she knows has nothing to do with him. After well more than 20 years on the force with a spotless record this was a good pick. Considering the unlimited budget the current chief was used to in Southampton Village if the Town Board is doing it's job this will be just one of many disagreements it has with the Chief. By the way, the fact that the PBA does not support Pearce is a plus with most taxpayers." Mar 13, 12 6:53 PM

OK, there you go agani Turkey Bridge! This sounds like another simple case of the majority not agreeing with the minority and you just won't accept that. Isn't it just possible that the majority just believes Pearse is needed in that Department? Does it always have to be political? Is Anna always right in every disagreement? After all it should be clear to everyone by now that the current Chief wasn't doing much managing of the Southampton Village PD. Shouldn't they have someone in a management position in the Town PD that will not just rubber stamp every demand of the PBA? " Mar 14, 12 8:06 AM

Frank Wheeler, with all due respect I think you and Turkey Bridge have it wrong. You keep saying wait until the next election. Why? we just had an election 4 months ago where some people who blog on this site were saying they were going to vote the Republicans out, but the Republican majority was voted back in! Could it be that a majority of the Town believes that Chris Nuzzi has done a good job representing them? Could it be that the taxpayers are concerned about a police chief that takes orders from the PBA and does not have a clue on how to stay within a budget? Could it be that Bob Pearse touched so many people over his long career that a majority of the people in the Town just aren't buying Anna and Bridget's smear campaign? I think at some point you have to either question your own judgment as incorrect or draw the conclusion the a majority of the Town is just stupid! What say you, boys?" Mar 15, 12 7:48 AM

Developer Still Wants To Build Grocery Store In Westhampton Beach

Didn't the press report this exact same article last week and the week before that and the week before that.....didn't the Mayor say the developers proposal does not comply with the Village code......don't we have a modern day Master Plan? Doesn't everyone have to follow the rules? After all this is not Steubenville, is it?" Mar 22, 12 9:56 PM

Forces Tried To Oust Southampton Town Police Chief

Wow! This seems to be another story about nothing. Why would the press print a story that is front page and takes up almost half a full page of the paper on a subject that no one on either side will comment on or has no knowledge of! What's the point! So what if they asked the Chief if he wanted a buy out. Is that considered a threat? In Ms. Throne-Holst' short time on the Town Board we hear about phone calls in the middle of the night (Kabot case). Now secret messages delivered by "intermediaries". Everything is a Cuban missile crisis with Throne-Holst. Stop the nonsense and get onto real issues of governing the Town." Mar 31, 12 10:39 AM

I hear what you are saying highhatsize and I agree that the current Chief is not a fiscal conservative, just look at the past southampton Village police budgets, but I still don't understand how the press could do a full page article on a subject that no one will comment on or have no information on! When you eliminate the "no comment" or "I don't know anything" comments you are left with nothing but a few of Anna's unsubstantiated innuendoes and hollow accusations. There is less substantiated information in that article than comments that some of the bloggers put forward. I guess Anna made a very persuasive case to the reporter." Apr 2, 12 6:29 AM

Beach Bakery Could Lose Outdoor Dining Permit

Really johnj? The bakery is responsible for 99% of the foot traffic?? I go to Goldberg's bagels, Lynn's card and gift, Barth's pharmacy, Hampton Coffee and Sydney's just to name a few and I have never gone to the Beach Bakery. Oh nooo.....I guess I am a one percenter!!" Apr 11, 12 5:04 PM

Merchant Gets Booted From Westhampton Beach Farmers Market

Have to agree with Steven, Erin is a real anchor of main street, open year round and the best food and lunch specials around. I don't know what the Chamber is thinking. I hope the Village Trustees are looking into the Chamber's actions." May 11, 12 6:10 PM

Accounting Errors Prompt Westhampton Beach Village To Hire Attorney To Review Finances

Hiring a Bellport attorney to audit the auditors? Spending 5000 dollars of taxpayers money to audit auditors before the independent audit is completed? Hello Westhampton Beach, the lights are on but nobody appears to be home! On the other hand isn't this the same group that wanted to investigate the Suffolk County Internal Affairs Investigators who were investigating a police incident..., oh no that was Joan Levan, she is not there anymore. I guess this stuff only makes sence in WHB!" Oct 12, 12 7:57 AM

Beachgirl, don’t be so agitated, we are all just trying to make some sense of this story. The Mayor said in the story that the resolution targets Ms. Molinaro, yet you say that she was just hired in July which means this issue must involve the past Village Clerk? The trustees are hiring an attorney to oversee an independent accounting firm, yet the trustee who sponsored the resolution said on the Patch article that overpayments are not uncommon? I have several friends who are employees of other East End Town governments who tell me that this same overpayment situation has happened once or twice to each of them and that did not even hit the papers? The article stated that Mr. Tucker was visibly upset when two residents questioned this resolution, why would that upset him? You also seem very annoyed with the Mayor? Are you one of the employees involved in the lay-off? Not that you wouldn’t be entitled to your opinion or naturally be annoyed, I would be also, but this does not make sense and the statements and actions are conflicting." Oct 13, 12 12:08 PM

East Hampton Village To Appoint Rebecca Molinaro New Administrator

Congratulations to Becky, East Hampton is lucky to have her. It was wonderful to have such a professional in the Village Clerk position in WHB over the last three years." Feb 16, 13 8:50 AM

Attorney Accuses Westhampton Beach Village Trustees Of Altering Audit

I agree with both Publius and Hambone, the report should be released and How could anybody change the report? The attorney the three member majority hired is so bizarre that the current Village Attorney Dick Haefeli had to remind him he was an attorney and question what he was doing!! Isn't it more likely noting the ineptitude of Mr. Augustine that he just didn't understand the report and until the cover letter was presented he was clueless! It sounds like this is now the third report that shows that there are no major issues with the Village procedures and in general they are in better shape than most and the board majority will not accept that! " Mar 13, 13 8:53 PM

Westhampton Beach Police Chief To Retire Next Week

Ray Dean makes the same as all the chiefs in the Villages and Towns on the east end....just wondering, why do you not comment on their salaries? Oh, yeah, I forgot, your not suppose to pay government workers tax dollars, that makes a lot of sense. Good luck Ray, you deserve that pension and also good luck to you chief with those mental health issues. " Jun 24, 14 1:13 PM