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Venerable radio host Paul Sidney, 69, dies

Paul was a great person. He would always have time for a hello while he sat on the bench in Sag Harbor. I think the whole East End is grieving for him today. The Voice of The Hamptons is no more. RIP my friend you will be missed." Apr 2, 09 7:41 PM

Proposed Southampton Town budget seeks tax hike and layoffs

I agree with Noah. Why do we as taxpayers have to pay for the politicians mistake?. Linda had to know this was going on when Skip was if office. Start taking from their salary instead of the hard working people that are trying keep their heads above water. I am tired of politicians spending our tax dollars irresponsibly. " Oct 2, 09 5:51 PM

Kabot's proposed $78 million budget will eliminate 48 town jobs next year

So lets take away from the children of the town who already do not have much. Why slash YARD programs. I haven't heard Linda saying anything about cutting department head salaries. Does Bill Jones really need to be getting paid as Deputy Supervisor and Human Service Director? Why not cut there are cut into Richard Blowes salary. It seems that the children and the hard working blue collar worker are the ones that always take the blame for someone in managements mistakes. " Oct 8, 09 8:06 AM

Sag Harbor teachers plan to march through village

I agree with SagHarborBob. I wish I could get a 3.9% increase in my salary this year. The shirts the teachers are wearing to school every day the students find distracting so please take them off. The teachers should be ashamed of themselves being so greedy on such hard economic times. I understand that I will not get an increase in my salary this year you don't see myself and my co workers wearing shrits and acting like spoiled brats not getting our own way. If the teachers aren't happy go find another job at another school district. I don't think they will find much sympathy around this village with the taxes going up the way they are and most of the taxes going to the school. I agree Wake up you guys, read the papers it's happening all over the country. Just be happy you have a job right now." Oct 16, 09 8:03 PM

Callie FYI I am a graduate of PHS and yes I did graduate college. If you want to talk about dedicated teachers at PHS I did have them and they were well respected. They would stay late in the day to help many students with their work something you do not see today. No I have not had a pay decrease but I do know of some friends that have. I for one understand the hard economic times that are going on now and continue at my job 24/7 without looking for an increase. Just happy to be working. Too bad the teacher's don't feel that way," Oct 18, 09 6:08 PM

Sag Harbor School Board, teachers to resume negotiations

Why not let the taxpayers decide on the % of raise for the teachers. After all it is our tax dollars that pay for their salary and it is our taxes that keep going up year after year most of it going to the school. I bet you would not see any raise this year if that was to happen. The shirts the teacher wear your are starting to have the attire that gangs would wear to school. What about the dress code and how come the teachers do not have to abide by it?" Oct 21, 09 7:23 PM

Sag Harbor seeks $7 million for schools

You go BCHBUM11968! How much more can the taxpayers give out to the school? A lot of us taxpayers are just happy to have a job in these economic times and we didn't get raises. All they seem to do is hit the taxpayers for more and more and more. When will it stop?" Dec 5, 09 8:06 AM

Jury deliberations continue in Oddone murder trial

Username1- You really have no clue do you?" Dec 5, 09 1:34 PM

Mall developer seeks new retail in Hampton Bays and Bridgehampton

Trader Joe's would be great better than a Staples. With a Staples all of the mom and pop stores in Southampton, Sag Harbor and East Hampton will have a hard time. That's sad! Sorry to see Ann Taylor leave that was a good affordable clothing store. Too bad the landlords were too greedy and doubled their rent. " Dec 31, 09 7:07 AM

Home in Mastic funded by Southampton Town Section 8 money shut down

Again I am reading an article where Richard Blowes is overseeing something. How much longer is Southampton Town going to pay this man to oversee something. It seems like every time he oversees something it goes by the wayside. I think it is time for Mr. Blowes to go and our tax dollars to be spent better. As far as people abusing property while on Section 8 they take it away from them. You don't really want the help you are just one of those people that think you are entitled to it. Make the fix up the place for their repayment to Section 8. Enough is enough." Feb 6, 10 4:34 PM

East Hampton Town councilwoman could face charges for interfering in arrest

Ms. Quigley what goes around comes around! " Mar 10, 10 7:47 AM

Fairway Restaurant closed after 20 years

BIGjimbo12 Mattituck Love Lane is not local to this community. I hope Mr. Murray does open up another place and puts them out of business. Shame on Southampton and East Hampton Towns for letting this happen." Mar 28, 10 6:00 PM

Sag Harbor schools hoping for more savings from employees

hohum123 maybe nellie had to cut back on something else because the school taxes are getting out of hand. Remember the state took away our STAR program. Everyone else that works in the community is not getting raises and they are looking at cuts in their jobs. Just look at the front page of the local papers. The school district needs to cut somewhere before the taxes drive us all out of here. I notice hohum123 that you are from Springs so maybe you don't pay the high taxes that we pay here in Sag Harbor. Teachers and the administration need to think of the children and consider pay freezes across the board. " Mar 31, 10 8:47 PM

Sag Harbor School District asks entire staff to consider pay freeze

Ms. Kochanasz says above that the taxpayers have traditionally supported the school budget. Don't you think it is time for the teachers and staff of the school to try to help the taxpayers in these economic times. Stop being so selfish and be happy you have a paying job. A lot of the taxpayers aren't that lucky right now. I agree with the pay freeze and with the comments of pressguy, Sag HarborBob and cat and will be doing all that I can to get voters to really think before they vote on the budget, Enough is enough!" Apr 1, 10 8:42 PM

Sag Harbor students rally for school budget

Here we go again. Budget time and the teachers again are getting the students all upset about something that might not even happen. The teachers need to worry more about teaching the students then getting them upset about something that might not even happen. In Sag Harbor we have very selfish teachers who think about themselves before the students. If the current teachers are unhappy with the way things are going leave and let some young, creative teachers come in. As for hohum123 I think you need to worry what is going on in your own school district and not ours." Apr 10, 10 8:05 PM

Sag Harbor school unions will talk pay freezes

I don't know about the rest of you but NY State took away our STAR checks, I had to tighten my household budget, I didn't get a raise but am very happy to at least be working. It's the economy and I am not blaming all this on the current school administration or the school board. The teachers should be happy they are working and when things get better the will probably get their raise. The teachers need to stop thinking of themselves but think of the students. " Apr 23, 10 8:10 PM

Sag Harbor adopts budget, hopes for community support

Tell me that walk out wasn't staged by the teachers. Nice way to influence the students. Just like every budget year the teachers always use scare tactic with the students to get the budget passed. I wonder how many of the teachers working in the school district actually live in the school district and pay taxes here? " Apr 23, 10 8:13 PM

U.S. Census workers are still plugging away on the East End

I live in Southampton Town and have yet to see a Census person. A lot of other people I have talked to have not seen one either. Does anyone know where they are or when they are supposed to come to your house?" Apr 25, 10 6:21 PM

DWI charge in Sagaponack accident

SJD you try standing in the hot sun for 3+ hour in a uniform like a police officer has to wear. Give credit where credit is due. They did a great job along with the fire department and ambulance crew. You sound very bitter indeed." Jun 5, 10 4:03 PM

Parents want art teacher position to remain filled

3 Art Teachers in one district. Is it possible that the other 2 art teachers can pick up some of the classes that Mr. Maher taught." Jun 13, 10 5:30 PM

Michael Lohan charged with harassing fiancee Kate Major at Water Mill home

He kicked her in the face and the order of protection lets him live in the house. What does he have to do put her in the hospital before she can get an order of protection that keeps him away from her? Go away Lohan we don't need you here." Jul 22, 10 7:19 PM