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Hampton Bays Man Comes Forward In Montauk Boat Hit-And-Run

Thank God no one was killed and why aren't they releasing the name of the driver who left the scene? If everything was copacetic.... a human being would stop and help another no matter the circumstances..... something is amiss." Sep 24, 15 4:34 PM

UPDATE: $15.8 Million Library Bond Referendum Fails In Hampton Bays

NO WAY! Isn't the middle school compound accommodating enough????
" Jun 8, 16 7:21 PM

Hampton Bays Residents Question Library's Proposed Bond Referendum As Vote Nears

Do you have the link for the editorial?

" Mar 11, 17 10:50 AM

Good Ground Park Will Open On June 1; Certain Amenities Will Not Be Finished Until Summer 2018

Yet another example of taxpayer dollars going to waste in Hampton Bays... Disgrace. Hampton Bays legal residents request a new town board member to represent. " Mar 30, 17 9:57 PM

UPDATE: Hampton Bays Taxpayers Reject $9.9 Million Library Referendum

Thank you for information. I wish I could share this with the Hampton Bays community board. May I? " Apr 12, 17 1:28 PM

Hampton Bays To Get Trolley Service This Summer

So let me get this straight..... people from all over can take the railroad (or drive there), the trolley and go to the already overcrowded beaches on Dune Road and pay no fee for the beach? Sounds like a win for everybody except the Hampton Bays taxpayer. I think the board should do a trial and error run through Southampton first.
" May 11, 17 1:39 PM

Hampton Bays Friendly's To Close Soon; Building Listed For Sale

Everyone I know, and there are many, vote against the school budget EVERY YEAR and EVERY YEAR this budget passes. Something is amiss here in Hampton Bays and it has NOTHING to do with the taxpaying voting community.

" Jul 23, 17 1:46 PM

Some Want Southampton Town To Shorten False Alarm Forgiveness Period

He added that some false alarms can be trigged by, for instance, bad cooks accidentally burning a meal—though such incidents are only labeled as false alarms if either the local police or fire department actually responds.

Tim Seager, the 1st assistant chief of the Bridgehampton Fire Department, added to that sentiment, noting that cooking mishaps and faulty carbon monoxide alarms should not count against a homeowner.
Seriously?? I have to pay for someone else's BAD COOKS??? What a joke.
" Sep 27, 17 10:35 PM

East Hampton Village Survey Respondents Mostly Support Culling Deer

This is not a deer problem..... It is a people population problem.
" Nov 27, 17 9:47 PM

Local Group Will Pitch $25 Million Aquatic Center For Red Creek Park In Hampton Bays

No thanks. How about finish cleaning up the rest of this hamlet before starting a new mess.
" Jan 31, 18 11:05 AM

Southampton Town Board Approves Bel-Aire Motel Purchase, 4-1

How is Good Ground Park doing? 2019 schedule anyone?
" Apr 17, 19 9:36 PM