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Scalera, Nuzzi Cleared On Kiernan Consideration; Suspension Ruling Due Next Week

Hey, does anyone know why there were a large number of Southampton Town Police taking pictures and removing items from a house on Mitchell Pl. in EQ? I saw them there for hours because I passed the street three times during my daily walks. Just what is going on in EQ?" Jun 9, 12 5:45 PM

It is located just south of the EQ Village Green off Lewis Rd." Jun 10, 12 6:46 AM

I was expecting to see an article in the "Press" about the Mitchell Pl incident. Rumor has it an arrest was made and drugs/child abuse was the reason that the large number of SH Police were there for hours. It happened on 5/30 and still nothing in the news. What is going on in our community?" Jun 11, 12 8:58 AM

I was expecting to see an article in the "Press" about the Mitchell Pl incident. Rumor has it an arrest was made and drugs/child abuse was the reason that the large number of SH Police were there for hours. It happened on 5/30 and still nothing in the news. What is going on in our community?" Jun 11, 12 8:58 AM

East Quogue Woman Charged With Assaulting Child

Now I know why there were a large contingent of SHP parked on Mitchell Pl for hours. I hope that the child is OK and hasn't suffered any long term issues from the abuse by the mother. If guilty, she should be sent away for a long time." Jun 13, 12 7:06 AM

Kiernan Suspension Is Extended By Two Months

Many questions still need to be answered. But it is fact that then Sgt. Kiernan was the head of the Street Crime Unit who had convictions overturned by the Suffolk DA. There is an outstanding lawsuit by one of the released drug dealers, Kiernan is one of the officers named. The taxpayers may be on the hook for millions if malfeasance occurred under Kiernan's watch. " Jun 13, 12 8:00 PM

East Quogue Music Teacher Resigns From District

I guess the rumors were true about inappropriate conduct by Albani. Nice to let him resign and move onto the next school. " Jun 20, 12 8:42 PM

East Quogue Woman Charged With Assaulting Child

OK Press, June 19th has passed, what was the outcome of her appearance in court? " Jun 21, 12 5:57 AM

East Quogue Music Teacher Resigns From District

A teacher resigns after five years for "personal reasons." Teacher's who have tenure normally do not resign and do whatever it takes to hold onto their positions, especially in today's economy. They avail themselves of the FMLA Act and other avenues open to them. It is good for the community that the school board allowed the teacher to resign and move on. People who read the "Press" can make whatever they like of this situation and as Mr. Black said, it is a personnel matter and is unable to comment. The "rumor mill" in EQ is like that of many small hamlets and this situation is outside of the norm. It is my opinion that people will judge for themselves the merits of the issue along with my comments. This forum protects 1st Amendment Rights." Jun 26, 12 7:42 AM

Southampton Animal Shelter Foundation Has New Executive Director

Good luck to Ms.Shivers and the Southampton Animal Shelter. I am very excited to hear about the proposed new program for cats. As both a dog and multiple cat owner I see a real need for more programs focused on cats. For those who cannot have a dog, a cat makes a wonderful companion by itself." Jun 28, 12 7:03 AM

Hospitals And Bishop Applaud Supreme Court Ruling; Altschuler Vows To Work For Repeal

ObamaCare is a TAX, the Supreme Court validated it because the government has the right to tax. It is a tax increase to middle class Americans which Obama said he would not do. Both Obama and Bishop who supported a TAX Increase are not to be trusted to look after the middle class. If you are a free loader, it is a win for you. Vote both Obama and Bishop out in November." Jun 29, 12 6:54 AM

Southampton Town Board Suspends Second Police Officer; Police Union Stands Behind Cop

Let's not forget that Spota released two convicted Drug Dealers because of the manner in which SHPD handled their case. There is a civil lawsuit which will cost the taxpayers millions. If both officers are found guilty of the charges against them they should be fired. " Jul 10, 12 3:32 PM

Lawsuit Claims Town Police Planted Evidence And Filed False Reports

Sadly, the entire SHTPD will be tainted by a few bad apples that may have violated law. Although suspended, they have not yet been convicted. If they are found guilty they should be fired immediately. Most SHPD officers are hard working and do not deserve to work under a cloud of suspicion which they have been subjected to. The SHTPD reputation is kaput and the residents have no faith in their ability to enforce the law without prejudice. The only way to restore it is to weed out the corruption AND investigate if any elected officials knew what was going on or looked the other way. If accounts are true, this behavior was widespread and rampant within the street crimes unit. Along with the SHPD officers being exposed so should any elected officials who might have any involvement. " Jul 12, 12 9:00 AM

Manhunt For Hit-And-Run Driver Expands; Cops Say He Got Assistance Fleeing

Isn't it against Federal Law to knowingly employ an illegal immigrant?" Jul 26, 12 8:22 AM

Female Southampton Town Police Officers File Sexual Discrimination Claims

Two female Southampton Town Police Sergeants filing of a gender discrimination charge against the town and department is another blemish upon the department. In my opinion something serious must have been going on for two long term employees to go this route. " Feb 20, 13 6:44 PM

East Quogue Board Of Education Will Consider Piercing Tax Cap

It was a well known fact that the Board of Education was aware that employee pension costs were going to skyrocket in 2013-2014. Unless the Board of Education increases class size and implement layoffs the residents will be facing a massive school tax increase. When will the over the top perks end for employees at the East Quogue Elementary School? Did we really need to spend $400,000 for the property next door to the school????" Feb 27, 13 1:56 PM

Westhampton Beach Asks Its Teachers To Accept Salary Freeze

Let's see what happens this year in East Quogue. Wanting to piece the tax cap is rolling the dice which is apparently what the board of education intends to do. It will be up to the East Quogue taxpayers to vote on it. Given the voter apathy in East Quogue I would take the odds that the 2% tax cap will be pieced. The little community of East Quogue care little that many Americans have lost their lives for their right to vote. Sadly, this has become the norm." Mar 4, 13 10:47 AM

UPDATE: Top Cops Dispute Charges That Street Crime Unit Office Was Strewn With Drugs

The taxpayers deserve better from the current town board who has promoted those officers who engaged in questionable practices. Why? The public has little faith in the Southampton Police because the town has taken no steps to correct these issues. The good officers in the department are being maligned because of the political connections of the few bad officers. The Southampton Town elected officials should be ashamed of themselves!!!" Mar 8, 13 7:46 AM

Lawsuit Reveals That Drug Charges Against Third Accused Felon Were Dropped In Wake Of Probe

So just what is the current Southampton Town Board going to do about this? Its seems to me that the politically connected officers who were involved in dubious law enforcement practices have suffered no sanctions from the Town Board. That's nice, now the taxpayers are forced to pay for these lawsuits because the Town Board cannot do their jobs. Nice." Mar 8, 13 7:54 AM

East Quogue School Officials Plan To Pierce Tax Cap

Why should the community pull together when the East Quogue School District seems to be the only East End district to pierce the cap? It would be nice that those residents vote NO to send a message to the Board of Education. I am sick and tired of paying for the bloated salaries. So much for the tax cap.......does anyone out there plan to vote this budget down?" Mar 20, 13 8:28 PM

Perhaps you need to return to school for a refresher course on reading comprehension. I did not mention teachers salaries, but rather bloated salaries which include ALL who work at the East Quogue Elementary School. What I forgot to mention was the pension and other benefits which are out of control and far exceed those in the outside world. " Mar 23, 13 4:46 PM

The facts do not bear out your statement that Easy Quogue is one of the lowest paid public schools in the country. Steep hikes in fixed pension costs and employee benefits have this one small elementary school piercing the tax cap. Where else is that taking place on the East End? There is pork at the elementary school, but those in power will not cut the excess........perhaps too many outside consultants have a horse in this race." Mar 24, 13 8:57 PM

Drugs, Money May Be Missing From Southampton Town Police Headquarters

A harsh shadow has been cast over the entire Southampton Town Police Department. Our elected officials seem to be in left field when they keep making decisions which make little or no sense. Hiding behind the guise of personnel issues when asked only serves to instill further distrust among the residents." Mar 24, 13 9:21 PM

East Quogue School Officials Plan To Pierce Tax Cap

Why do you insist on focusing on the teachers? Is it because your wife is one? Since your wife is a teacher you must be well aware of the school politics. East Quogue is a small hamlet with the head of the union and her husband controlling much of what goes on in the school. They are the ones who don't want to give up their gravy train. The newer teachers make much less and I am aware of that. But again, my post was aimed at All employees, not to single out the teachers. Many are hard working, caring educators who want the best for the children. I know, I have family members who teach and some care and unfortunately some are in it for the paycheck. I know what a pay freeze is because both myself and my husband have had more than one. So don't be so quick to judge my posts as someone who is a teacher basher because I am not. All I want is to end the pork at the East Quogue Elementary School." Mar 25, 13 6:46 AM

bubby, since your wife must be one of the teachers at the EQ Elementary School you must know the Stevens. The EQ school has a 13:6 student/teacher ratio which is far lower than the surrounding school districts. I venture to say that those who teach in Westhampton Beach have a far higher student/teacher ratio. For your information, the median income for those who live in EQ is much lower than in Southampton and Westhampton. Those districts do not plan on piercing the tax cap as does EQ. There is too much pork at the school and they have done little to curtail their spending. " Mar 25, 13 12:53 PM

google student teacher ratio for EQ school. This figure is not the classroom size but rather the total number of teachers employed by the school and the total amount of students. The actual classroom size in EQ is between 14-17 students per class and that is far below what other districts have in their elementary schools. The EQ BOE does not want to increase class sizes, they feel that small class size will provide a better education for the students." Mar 25, 13 2:52 PM

The retired Stevens is the vice-president of the Westhampton Beach BOE and Westhampton Beach is where EQ students go after 6th grade instead of utilizing the Hampton Bays School District where the tuition is cheaper. He is/was a consultant at the EQ School. Mrs was head of the teachers union and is the highest paid teacher at the school. SeethroughNY gives out the information. The actual number of elementary students attending EQ school has decreased if you subtract those who attend BOCES, Special Ed and Private Schools. That information is gathered from the EQ BOE minutes." Mar 25, 13 3:36 PM

SeethroughNY is not google and has the salaries and pensions of current and past EQ school employees. Google is to be taken with a grain of salt, nontheless, student teacher ratio at the EQ School is far less than in surrounding elementary schools. I'm curious to know why the private Pine Neck Landing Community is allowed to hold their meetings at the EQ school? Is the school available to all private entities for meeting purposes?" Mar 25, 13 4:24 PM

Technologically Savvy Southampton Teacher Seen As One To Watch

Awesome accomplishment Ms Clare!!! The students are fortunate to have you for a teacher. Kudos for all." Mar 26, 13 12:05 PM

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