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UPDATE: Southampton Town Councilman Brad Bender Pleaded Guilty On Drug Charges And Resigns, Facing Up To 20 Years In Prison

Thanks......I guess the taxpayers are going to take a hit again. " Nov 24, 15 11:53 AM

Bender has pled guilty to selling prescription drugs before and during his term as SHT Councilman.

One would hope that this drug dealing elected official serves some real time with other drug dealers like himself. I find it hard to believe that he did this without the knowledge of those around him. What a piece of trash!!!" Nov 24, 15 11:59 AM

Partisan politics has nothing to do with Brad Bender being a drug pusher who violated the public trust! He knowlingly ran for public office at the same time he was pushing pills to the community. He continued to do so when he was elected as a SHT councilman. At no time did he seek help for his "so called addiction" which his attorney is using to mitigate his sentence. Brad Bender is only remorseful because he got caught by Federal law enforcement.

A number of years ago Federal law enforcement arrested a high profile ex-NYS Assemblyman, ex-Brookhaven councilman and leader of the Suffolk County Republican Party. After trial he was convicted and given a minimal sentence for his crimes.

What do they have in common? Crooked politicians who think they are above the law and use their power for their own greed. They only become remorseful when caught.

What I'd really like to know why is it it takes the Feds to step in to arrest these types of low lives? What does that say about our own (State, County, etc) District Attorneys? Could it be that politics does indeed allow the politically connected to break the law without fearing arrest and conviction? That is why many do not respect our elected officials or those charged with upholding & enforcing criminal statutes. Seemingly they are in bed together to further their own agenda and not that of the taxpayers.

Brad Bender is just the most recent example of the unchecked misdeeds among SHT employees. Drugs have been involved with every one of the recent scandals in SHT. I find it unbelievable that no one knew that this was going on.

I am frankly quite disgusted of partisan politics.......how about just electing a person who one believes might just represent the taxpayers? If more of us did that maybe SHT would be a better place to live." Nov 27, 15 9:22 AM

Richard Yastrzemski And Julie Lofstad To Face Off For Open Southampton Town Board Seat

For me this race is about the future of development in Southampton. Current PDD have allowed developers free rein to circumvent existing zoning. Yastrzemski has a history of favoring development projects regardless of public opinion.

The most important and largest tract of undeveloped land is in EQ and "The Hills" project. In a Newsday article when Yastrzemski was running for SHT supervisor he was asked about, "The Hills". While Schneiderman indicated it was still possible to preserve the land, Yastrzemski had a different take. I paraphrase his response, The time for preservation has come and gone for "The Hills" land. A telling statement, which if he is elected means Yastrzemski will do nothing to help preserve this space nor will be hear the cries of the opponents.

To me the choice is clear.........if I want a SHTB councilperson who is open minded on this project it is Lofstad. To those of you out there who are concerned about our environment and overdevelopment vote Lofstad. I believe she will be open minded about the current PDD law and look out for our environment not the developers." Dec 10, 15 11:24 AM

Interesting update on this race in Newsday. The Conservative Party has endorsed Lofstad because of her answers given on "The Hills" project in EQ.

Yastrzemski was endorsed in his bid by the Conservatives for SHT supervisor. He did not get the endorsement this time around.

The environment does matter.........forget the partisan politics and vote for someone who will protect it in SHT!
" Dec 10, 15 6:56 PM

Really?? Maybe her endorsement had more to do with the Suffolk County Republican boss LaValle removing Conservatives from offices by flexing his Republican muscles. In turn, the Conservatives are not going to give a Republican the Conservative line on the ballot. That's called political payback.........

It is possible for some of us to ignore voting the party line to preserve the environment. Clearly Lofstad will do that and she has my vote. However, in the race for Congress I supported Zeldin when he ran the first time and won and will support him again. I choose to support who I feel will do the best job for their constituents." Dec 11, 15 10:50 AM

Conservative Party Backs Democratic Candidate Julie Lofstad In January Special Election In Southampton

Mr Yastrzemski said it himself in Newsday when he was running for SHT Supervisor when he was asked about "The Hills" in EQ. The time has come and gone for preservation of the largest tract of undeveloped land in Southampton......EQ, "The Hills." He managed to get the Conservative endorsement that time around.

This time when he was questioned on the same project Yastrzemski again tried to dodge & weave in his answers. Clearly Yastrzemski doesn't care what the environmentalists, scientists and all those who are opposed to "The Hills" have to say, he remains pro-development.

Those of us who are opposed to no PDD in EQ will take note and not vote to put him in office as a SHT Councilman. Loftstad had my vote simply because I feel she will protect our environment." Dec 16, 15 12:20 PM

Alec Baldwin Joins Local Campaign Against The Hills, PDDs

SHT, just say no to the PDD. If "The Hillls," can't be preserved let the Discovery Land Company build their as-of-right housing.

" Jan 26, 16 6:15 PM

UPDATE: Lofstad Wins Seat In Southampton Town Board Special Election; Yastrzemski Concedes

East Quogue is a hamlet in the sights of the ultra affluent developer the Discovery Land Company. Right from the get go their project should not have been allowed to move forward. Past elected SHT officials have ignored the will of the residents, environmentalists, scientists, etc. The only exception was Bridget Fleming who voiced her concerns and was the lone SHT councilperson to vote against it.

That being said, this past November this longtime Republican crossed party lines to vote for the candidates which I felt will protect the environment in SHT. I also put my trust in Julie Lofstad to do the right thing in the special election. The PDD have not worked in SHT and have not worked allowing such developments as "The Hills" to move forward. Congratulations Ms Lofstad." Jan 27, 16 7:36 AM

Southampton Town Declares Hills Environmental Impact Study Incomplete

Are SHT taxpayers going to pay again for the two private firms to review the revised DEIS report? If so, applicant should be made to pay them since the developer submitted a incomplete environmental review study.
" Feb 10, 16 11:47 AM

UPDATE: Town Releases 'The Hills' Environmental Study To Public

With this maneuver by SHT looks like I may regret those elected officials I helped put it office!

The public has the right to the DEIS per the NYS Committee on Open government. Why is this being withheld Mr Schneiderman? Are you preparing to approve the PDD over the cries of EQ residents?

I see many letters in the SHP from EQ residents who do not favor this project. Most of the letters which are in favor are from those who do not reside in the hamlet of EQ. Although everyone in SHT has the right to their opinion on "The HILLS" it is my belief that the elected officials should give more weight to those of us who live in EQ. We are the ones who will be directly impacted by a project we do not want.

The only logical reason that this project continues to get "special treatment" by SHT is the very deep pockets of the developer. Is the environment going to be destroyed because Southampton Town allows itself to be bought & sold by billionaire developers? I hope not." Apr 21, 16 12:04 PM

Three Seek Two Seats In East Quogue Board Of Education Race

Skip Heaney is for "The Hills" and thus for what many of us in EQ are against. I will not vote for him. The BOE is a platform for him to use in his quest to have, "The Hills" approved." May 14, 16 8:24 PM

Southampton Town Board Votes To Enact PDD Moratorium

Nice start, however I am waiting to see what the SHTB does on "The Hills" in East Quogue. We do not need the environment further compromised by a golf course or the additional traffic.

Town Board just say "NO" to the golf course which is to be located in the hamlet of East Quogue.I do not want the wind drift of the chemicals which will blow into my property since the golf course is right behind me! The impact of this project is the greatest in East Quogue.
" May 25, 16 1:09 PM

UPDATE: Discovery Land Changes Time Of Saturday Informational Meeting

What a conundrum for SHTB and the new supervisor. Which meeting do they attend or do they stay away from both of them?

I'll be at the EQ Civics meeting held at the EQ Elementary School. Those looking for a free meal and willing to listen to yet another "informational" propaganda session will be at the "New Moon". Food by New Moon & Goldbergs, how wonderful. Some of us in EQ cannot be bought by the "Discovery Land Company."

To our new supervisor and SHTB your job has been made relatively easy by the scientific data on "The Hills" project. Just say "NO" to the golf course. Allow the as-of-right development or if you really want to protect the environment preserve the land. Will the deep pockets of the Discovery Land Company and those locally invested in this project influence your decision? All eyes are on you to protect our environment for future generations to enjoy.

" Jun 7, 16 6:45 PM

East Quogue Civic Association Meeting To Discuss 'The Hills' Turns To Screaming Match

Hmm.........seems to me there are a few important details which were left out by Ms Bernocco. A very slanted piece by this reporter.

Dick Amper spoke and informed us that the as-of-right development which residents are being told is what we are going to get if the golf course is not approved is not the case. No mention of Mr Amper's dialogue which included what those in attendance witnessed. Rather than ask questions those on the DLC payroll tried to take over the Q & A period from those of us who wanted to ask questions. Is there any tactic that the DLC won't use to disrupt our civic meeting? If I had wanted to hear the DLC propaganda I would have went to their "informational" meeting held earlier.

If I didn't know better I would swear that "The Press" has been biased in their reporting on "The Hills." Could it be that "The Press" is in need of the thousands of paid advertisement which is being put in by the DLC?

Sadly, seemingly "The Press" has joined others that have been bought by the deep pockets of the Discovery Land Company. " Jun 11, 16 7:10 PM

If you would have attended the meeting you would have seen the scientific evidence that Dr. Cervino presented.

The scientific evidence is there if you care to look for it that DLC misled and lied to get their project through in the Bahamas. " Jun 13, 16 10:12 AM

Neighbors Fear Pair Of Pit Bulls That Attacked Small Dog In Hampton Bays

Ms Corlito is clearly at fault here. Ownership of Pitbulls require one to be super diligent that they do not get loose because of their reputation. IF these dogs have ever gotten loose before that should have been a wake up call for her to better secure her yard or be with them at all times. A incident such as this erases all the good work many do with this breed. I might also say that two loose larger dogs of any breed could have attacked Ms Catons' small dog. Thank God that both Ms Caton and her dog are going to be physically fine in time.

Not having first hand knowledge of Dr Meekins dialogue with those involved I cannot comment on that. Having direct knowledge of Dr Meekins character and her dedication I know that she would never speak out in favor of dangerous dogs that put the community at risk. Bashing a woman who has spent her entire life caring for animals is uncalled for!!!

" Aug 4, 16 10:21 AM

The incident that transpired inside Ms Corlito's property with another dog coming to play is a different matter entirely. Dogs are very protective of their territory that's why a neutral area is recommended when dogs first meet.

A dog that is in season is a red flag and meeting another dog within their territory can be especially dangerous during this time. It does not matter whether the dog is male or female. Both male and females can be highly aggressive during this period.

Obviously, the safety of people comes first. Not trying to get into a debate here but Dr Meekins is not responsible for the situation these two dogs were put in. In her professional opinion these two dogs are not vicious. Any two large dogs could have reacted the same way given the same set of circumstances." Aug 4, 16 11:21 AM

Southampton Town Offer To Purchase The Hills Property In East Quogue Is Rejected

So the DLC rejects the SHT's offer because they have made substantial investment in the community for the past three years. Holding informational meetings in EQ eateries which included free food and drinks while trying to ram this project down our throats and lying to us must have cost them plenty.

If Anna Throne-Holst and the TB which included current TB elected official Scalera-Preston and Glinka would have nixed this project when the EQ community and various other environmental groups which included scientific evidence none of this would be happening.

I thank Mr Schneiderman for again trying to preserve this land and protect our environment. With that in mind, regardless of the pressure he and the SHTB will receive from the DLC I ask them to reject this project. We do not need this golf course and if the DLC wants to build let them minus the golf course.
" Aug 7, 16 10:11 AM

Environmental Study For The Hills In East Quogue Rejected For Third Time

Mr. Babcock was an ambulance volunteer in Hampton Bays not in East Quogue for 20 years. He alleged he is speaking for the volunteers, when pressed by the Supervisor if he was a fireman, Mr Babcock said "no" ambulance volunteer.

The mayor of Quogue spoke and he is in favor of "The Hills". I tell you what Mr.Sartouris put the golf course in your backyard in Quogue, not mine in East Quogue.

I just received a copy of a form letter and was asked to sign it by one of my neighbors in SUPPORT of "The Hills". Along with it was a page of data provided from the 4/12/17 DEIS provided by the Discovery Land Company.
In the Category: Nitrogen Loading, the as-of-right subdivision ADDS 4,345 lbs/yr whereas The Hills Seasonal Resort REMOVES 1,436 lbs/yr. The list of benefits only got more bizarre. What a ploy by the Discovery Land Company to have ignorant residents sign a form letter written by the Discovery Land Company. Of course we were only to send in the letter to the Supervisor & TB minus the "fact" sheet. When I asked my neighbor where the letter came from I was told it was handed out at work. The person happens to work for the Town of Southampton.

What more can one say about the tactics that The Discovery Land Company is using to ram this project down our throats? Still............I refuse to be intimidated and AM NOT in favor of "The Hills". To our Supervisor and SHTB just say "NO" to this project in EQ.
" Aug 24, 16 6:01 PM

Hills Opponents Offer Alternative Plan For East Quogue Property

I listened intently as those for and against "The Hills" spoke last night. Those of us who live in EQ chuckled as we heard a couple speak in favor of the project. What struck us as particularly funny was their perception that "The Hamptons" needs this golf course and most "Hamptonites" favor this project because of the golf course. Sadly this mind set is not what defines the majority of those who live in EQ. It was a very long public hearing and one of the residents who lives in EQ got up and addressed the Supervisor & TB. She said wanted to make it clear that she is not a Hamptonite rather lives in EQ. The character of EQ of a small hamlet will be forever changed if the change in zoning is approved. She also pointed out that the vast majority of EQ residents will be unable to use the golf course because they can't afford the membership fee. Yet will be directed impacted because we live in EQ.

I am against the golf course and would rather have the as of right housing instead. For me preservation would be best but apparently it is not to be. I cannot wrap my head around how a golf course is going to improve the quality of our water. It is also unfathomable to me how our elected officials can allow a golf course on top of our aquifer.

" Dec 6, 16 6:32 PM

Its not the houses rather the golf course that is the problem. Current zoning is in place to allow them to build houses. They want to change the zoning to allow a golf course. BTW I am not an ignorant hypocrite!
" Dec 6, 16 7:20 PM

Second Hearing On 'Hills' Application Gets Rowdy

Perhaps I need to refresh Ms Daddino and her colleagues at The Press that this is not the first time that Ms Daddino spoke up with respect to "The Hills" project.

I refer in part to the February 18, 2015 online article titled, "Supporters, Opponents Sound Off On Proposed Benefits of East Quogue Golf Course Development." Maria Daddino........."she thinks the application currently on the table is a good compromise between those who want to preserve the property and those who wish it developed......." Since early 2015, Ms Daddino has stated her support for "The Hills." Ms Daddino you outright lied to garner sympathy from other supporters of the project.

I was at this meeting and I personally witnessed the events that took place. Although at time some people spoke loudly out of turn it did not rise to the level of bullying that Mr Hissey alludes to. Mr Hissey when you try to protect someones honor make sure you have all the facts and do not put your DLC spin on it.

Since Ms Daddino is a columnist for the EQ Community I would like to see her retraction of the false statement to The Press, "....noting it was the first time she offered her opinion on the project."

" Dec 7, 16 6:47 PM

Mr Hissey what gross behavior are you accusing me of? Calling attention to the fact that Ms Daddino has in fact spoken out in favor of your project before? Yet she misleads the residents and those who read The Press that she has not.

I did not witness any bullying by Mr Algeri. If it did take place in was in the hallway out of public viewing. I do not condone such behavior if it did take place because it takes away from the real issue here. Many of us do not want "The Hills" projects golf course, period. Bullying is not acceptable behavior for anyone!

Mr Hissey your side repulses me thinking that you can buy off all opposition to your project. If pointing out that Ms Daddino lied about her long time support of your project is "gross behavior" I guess I am guilty. Trying to paint a false picture of many who oppose your project will not work." Dec 8, 16 8:24 AM

East Quogue Board Of Education Criticized For Lack Of Transparency

There has been a lack of transparency on the EQ BOE for a long time. Too many items discussed in executive session which are not covered in the NYS Open Meetings Law. The EQ BOE meeting agenda can easily be added to the EQ website. Kudos to Mr Heaney for getting the SHP to cover this. " Jan 19, 17 1:37 PM

East Quogue Residents Want To Pitch In With Parks District

Mr. Babcock since you support "The Hills" PDD project way don't you get them to pay for your "special district?"
" May 17, 17 8:01 PM

Discovery Land Says It Can Use Pine Barrens Credits To Increase Density If PDD Is Rejected

Sounds like a threat to me Mr Schneiderman according to the SHP. Enough of these scare tactics by Mr Hissey & Co!!! There are those of us in EQ that will vote this November based upon what SHT does on "The Hills." Many of the silent majority of EQ do not want the golf course. Intimidation and threats from neighbors and those who do not live in our community have forced many of us to go underground. Nevertheless, we will be voting on election day." May 25, 17 11:25 AM

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