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Brown Tide On The Rise In Moriches, Shinnecock Bays

The East End of Long Island.........green grass, golf courses, congested roadways and the playground for the very affluent. For all this we get polluted bays, creeks, lakes, groundwater and elected officials who cater to developers. " Jun 12, 15 7:06 AM

Town Seeks Alternative Scenarios For The Hills

The EQ residents spoke loudly at the scoping session held at the EQ Elementary School. NO to the golf course.........give them their rights to develop on 5 acre plots. Our groundwater, bays and creeks are already under stress....the science is there for the SHTB to say "NO" to any golf course on "The Hills" property.

" Jun 24, 15 7:27 PM

Newest Goldberg's In East Quogue Spices Up Menu With Healthy Choices

Welcome to East Quogue." Jul 15, 15 10:14 AM

Discovery Land Schedules Four Hearings To Discuss East Quogue Golf Resort Project

From what I see in this article, there will be no SHT elected officials and/or those SHT personnel charged with the review of this project in attendance. Having attended the scoping meetings held by SHT our questions were asked/answered during these sessions. Those in attendance posed our questions and concerns to the SHT supervisor and board. I see little reason to attend another meeting with the Discovery Land Company, their paid advisors and those businesses who are in favor of "The Hills." I still say "NO" to your golf course!
" Aug 20, 15 6:19 PM

Southampton Town Supervisor Supports Public Hearing On Pine Barrens Commission's Right To Hear Hills Application

The "facts" straight from the developer have been vetted many times before. SHTB meetings, hearings and scoping sessions.......just how many more times are our elected official going to allow these bogus hearings to continue? Are the elected officials deaf to the protests from EQ residents, environmentalists, scientists, etc? " Sep 10, 15 7:15 PM

East Quogue School Superintendent Acknowledges Benefits From Hills Development

At the 2nd scoping session "The Discovery Company" was supposed to provide data to the SHTB & the public on how many "as is" homes were allowed. To the best of my knowledge that has not been done.
" Sep 23, 15 7:16 PM

I'm not clear why the EQ Elementary School needed to sign anything proposed by the developer? Why wasn't the residents of EQ made aware of the proposal before its signing? It would have been nice if the EQ BOE vetted this proposed signing to EQ residents before they authorized its signing given the controversy surrounding "The Hills."" Sep 23, 15 7:27 PM

I understand that this was discussed before hand at the BOE meeting. My point is that given the controversy surrounding this development the prudent thing for the BOE to do was send a notice to EQ residents outlining that this proposal was on the table. Like every other resident in EQ I receive notices on budget hearings,etc.

Perhaps I would not have had any objection to the signing of the letter, what I have now is questions about the lack of transparency to the community. " Sep 24, 15 7:21 AM

I have been to the SHTB meetings, the scoping sessions, EQ Civic Meetings. Since "The Hills" was first proposed, many things have changed by the developer. Many in EQ have spoken out against this project, specifically the golf course.

The Discovery Land Company is holding these meetings for their benefit to try and ram this golf course down our throats. The facts presented are given by those employed by the Discovery Land Company. The only facts I'm interested in is how bad a golf course is for our environment. Well renowned scientists are the experts I need...........not the ones on your payroll!!!

Build your as-of-right housing minus the golf course and catering hall!

" Sep 24, 15 2:15 PM

Fine, then I guess that means the district can save money on postage and not send us information on EQ Budget Votes. Information on budgets is also discussed at BOE meetings.

This is cherry picking and why not advise EQ residents that this will be discussed and voted upon at a specific BOE Meeting?

The EQ community is deeply divided on "The Hills" project and there would have been no harm in publishing notice of said BOE meeting and/or a copy of the letter that was signed by the district.

It is no secret that "deep pockets" want this project, not the as-of-right housing it is entitled to. "Beware of Greeks bearing gifts."" Sep 24, 15 2:31 PM

Southampton Town Trustees Win Right To Control Finances

Fantastic.......I would like the SHT Trustees weigh in on the proposed development, "The Hills."" Sep 25, 15 6:40 PM

Quogue Community Notes, October 1

Community information on "The Hills" in EQ? How about information provided by the paid advisors of the "Discovery Land Company." This same developer did not invite elected SHT officials. I wonder why? Presented are "the facts" according to the developer.

BTW, those of you who attend this "informational meeting" will receive a complimentary dinner and drinks paid for by "The Discovery Land Company.

Some of us who live in the EQ community can't be bought or bullied!!!" Sep 30, 15 5:54 PM

Discovery Land Company Attorney Wants To Control Discussion On 'The Hills'

Why is the attorney for the Discovery Land Company trying to censor what residents have to say about this project?

Hiring a person to do public relations and giving away "complimentary" dinners & drinks at local restaurants while touting them as, "factual & information" meetings is just trying to buy off uninformed residents. These meetings are conducted solely by the developer with the "experts" in their respective fields on the Discovery Land Companies payroll. Why were no SHT elected officials invited to attend? The only group in EQ who is in favor of this project is the EQ Chamber of Commerce who has publicly stated so.

I am still not clear why it was necessary for the EQ BOE to authorize Superintendent Long to sign any letter from Mr. Hissey on benefits to the EQ School. These alleged benefits must be included in the DEIS proposal submitted before the SHTB and does not have to come from any letter signed by the EQ School. Now, the developer has a signed letter from the EQ School to present to the SHTB along with their proposal. The letter may not actually state the EQ BOE is in favor of the development but it gives the appearance that it is. Mr. Long your letter to the editor does little to explain the signing of this letter by you.

The norm for this project seems to be the buying off of residents or trying to bully those who ask questions or are in opposition. Clearly this development is not beneficial for the community or "The Discovery Land Company" would not need to do this!!!" Oct 1, 15 10:51 AM

Southampton Town Board And Supervisor Candidates Sound Off In Debate

I recall like it was yesterday that representatives for "The Hills" in EQ first came before the SHTB and plugged their proposal. Against the outcry from environmentalists, scientists and the EQ residents the current Supervisor Throne-Holst and the most of the SHTB allowed this project to move forward. The one lone dissenting vote was Bridget Fleming. Her concern was for our environment among other things. This project could have been stopped initially by our elected officials, while appearing to listen to our concerns still voted, yes. To me, I cannot support any elected official who does not listen to the people who put you in office. The only time they seemingly care to give us the time of day is around election time when THEY need our vote. Incumbents have a voting record and that is how I base my decision on who I will support.

Current SHTB elected official Christine Preston-Scalera voted "yes" and therefore I will not support her bid for reelection. Current candidate for SHTB Hagan is also very sketchy on his views on development in Southampton. Scratch both from consideration.

Mr. Yastzemski has a record in Southampton Village which also troubles me. I think that Mr Schneiderman is the better choice for SHT Supervisor.

" Oct 1, 15 1:51 PM

Environmentalists Demand Repeal Of PDD Law In Southampton Town

I see now why Trump is getting so much support in the country. Take one look at what is going on in Southampton. Our elected officials are not doing the will of their constituents by the continued approval of developments which the residents do not want. Take the "Hills" for example, this project could/should be squashed from the start by the elected SHT Supervisor & Town Board. They allowed this project to continue regardless of the outcry from residents, environmentalists, and a host of other groups concerned about the impact on our environment.

I for one am sick and tired of hearing the baloney that our elected officials have to say around election time when in fact they vote the other way after they are elected. Enough already.......being a Republican I will not support any candidate or incumbent that supports or gives the appearance of supporting, "The Hills". What does that mean this election day in SHT? I am voting strictly the Democrat line in SHT hoping that if elected they will keep their promises.
" Oct 9, 15 8:03 AM

Really, if you want the golf course put it in your backyard not mine!

As a longtime Republican who normally votes the party line I am voting the Democratic line strictly because of the pro-development rhetoric by SHT Republicans.

BTW, Democrat Bridget Fleming was the lone SHT Town Board elected official to vote against allowing this project to move forward when initially presented to SHT by "The Discovery Land Company." She, in turn will have this Republican's support when she seeks to be elected to higher office. Oh yes, I see you are a new poster to this forum......" Oct 9, 15 10:26 AM

Turkey Bridge, please refresh my memory on the Environmental Impact Study particulars. Who is paying for this study and in your opinion are the persons who will be conducting this study impartial?

" Oct 10, 15 10:26 AM

Interesting analogy with respect to global warming. With that in mind, you should be aware that there are scientific arguments on both sides of this issue." Oct 11, 15 8:05 AM

In the interest of transparency, why don't you release the names of all investors and the names of everyone on your payroll. How about the money given to local businesses to sell your propaganda to the community?" Oct 11, 15 8:10 AM

I have lived here for some time and love my hamlet, but those who live in Quogue/Westhampton refer to us in the same vein as Mastic. There are many homes for sale because people have seen the change in our community and the ones who can are getting out. " Oct 11, 15 8:17 AM

No Kids Allowed? In Housing, Limits Have Limits

If the residents are going to live there 60 - 90 days why is the golf course open for 8 - 9 months? "People tend to live in the Hamptons seasonally" Really, Mr Hissey? Your project is in East Quogue, why not market it as such instead of "The Hills at Southampton"? No matter how you spin the location most people in this community "tend" to live here full time.

Just how many of your "upscale" homeowners would buy here knowing it is located in EQ and it has NO golf course?

Mr Hissey, build your homes WITHOUT the golf course that will pollute and bring more traffic into our community.

" Oct 11, 15 8:49 AM

I have no issue with "upscale" homeowners per se rather how the "Discovery Land Company" is marketing this project. Mr. Hissey is touting this development for the very affluent/upscale who will only be living here part time keeping with the rest of the "Hamptons".

The vast majority of us who live in EQ do not consider our small hamlet part of the ultra rich "Hamptons" persona. The "Hamptons" is strictly a marketing tool for the developer.

"I should be happy that their will be a beautiful golf course as opposed to the barren sand dunes and scrub oak....." Seriously, it is obvious you have never hiked in this area. There are deer, wild turkeys among other wildlife who inhabit this area. It does not consist largely of sand dunes and scrub oak.

Yes, I am adamantly against putting a golf course in my backyard which will harm the environment. I enjoy viewing deer, wild turkeys, quail and the host of other wildlife who inhabit this area. Perhaps you enjoy living in a sterile environment such as a golf course.......I do not!!!" Oct 12, 15 8:48 AM

Final Informational Meeting On 'The Hills' Project Scheduled For Next Week

Not likely, that's why this long time Republican will not vote for Hagan who lives in EQ. It is more likely that the Discovery Land Company has already gotten a "wink and a nod" from some elected officials and those running for office. After election day it will all come out." Oct 14, 15 12:43 PM

Southampton Town Tax Receiver: East Quogue School Could Receive $1.2 Million In PILOTs

Mr. Heaney, one would think that you might be appreciative that the taxpayers would see a reduction in taxes.

Could it be that PILOT money is usually based on land preservation and you are a proponent of "The Hills" development project? I wonder how much PILOT money the EQ school district taxpayers would receive if "The Hills" property is preserved?

Why did you wait until Ms. Kiernan left the room before you spoke? " Oct 21, 15 6:52 PM

Candidates Spar In League Of Women Voters Debate Thursday Night

Ms Fleming was the lone Town of Southampton elected official to vote, NO when "The Hills" was first proposed. Therefore, she has my vote!!!

Ms Scalera although pleasant enough has demonstrated by her voting record on "The Hills" that she will not have my vote. Both Ms Lofstad & Mr Bouvier appear more concerned by PDD's and they have my vote. Mr Hagan has no community involvement and I feel that he will not vote to curtail PDD's.

In today's Newsday they endorse Schneiderman for SHT supervisor. When both were asked about "The Hills", Yastrzemski says......the ship has sailed on preserving land at the proposed golf course/residential subdivision in East Quogue. While Mr. Schneiderman says.......preservation is still possible and also wants a moratorium on such planned development districts to give the town time to re-examine the law that allows them. I'm voting for Schneiderman who I believe might just look out for the little guy." Oct 23, 15 1:45 PM

Schneiderman Scores Supervisor's Seat In Southampton Town; Scalera Wins Reelection; Bouvier Earns Town Board Seat

Both Mr Bender and Mr Glinka had little reservation voting "yes" for "The Hills" project to proceed. Since their election, both have been too cozy with the developers in SHT. To date their voting record has been pro development. " Nov 6, 15 3:44 PM

Southampton Town Board Split On Future Of Planned Development Districts

Scalera along with the rest of the current SHTB with the exception of Bridget Fleming voted to allow, "The Hills" project to move forward. No one with the exception of Ms Fleming listened to the residents, environmentalists or scientific data on this project. This project should never have been allowed to continue to the point that it would now be exempt from any moratorium on PDD.

I am waiting to see exactly how Schneiderman and Bovier will address this project. I already know that Scalera, Bender and Glinka allowed, The Hills" in EQ to move forward and were not looking out for the residents. They were looking out for the developer.
" Nov 18, 15 4:22 PM

Read Newsday..........SHT Councilman Bradley Bender was arrested for distribution of oxycodone and will resign. Why am I not surprised?ibr/>" Nov 24, 15 10:15 AM

Southampton Town Adopts 2016 Budget

All deciding votes cast by Bradley Bender should be thrown out!! He plans to resign in light of his surrender for dealing prescription drugs. I wonder just how many Southampton Town officials/employees are involved?" Nov 24, 15 10:19 AM

UPDATE: Southampton Town Councilman Brad Bender Pleaded Guilty On Drug Charges And Resigns, Facing Up To 20 Years In Prison

So what happens now..........does the current SHTB appoint someone to fill Benders term or will there be a special election?" Nov 24, 15 11:11 AM

Thanks......I guess the taxpayers are going to take a hit again. " Nov 24, 15 11:53 AM

Bender has pled guilty to selling prescription drugs before and during his term as SHT Councilman.

One would hope that this drug dealing elected official serves some real time with other drug dealers like himself. I find it hard to believe that he did this without the knowledge of those around him. What a piece of trash!!!" Nov 24, 15 11:59 AM

Partisan politics has nothing to do with Brad Bender being a drug pusher who violated the public trust! He knowlingly ran for public office at the same time he was pushing pills to the community. He continued to do so when he was elected as a SHT councilman. At no time did he seek help for his "so called addiction" which his attorney is using to mitigate his sentence. Brad Bender is only remorseful because he got caught by Federal law enforcement.

A number of years ago Federal law enforcement arrested a high profile ex-NYS Assemblyman, ex-Brookhaven councilman and leader of the Suffolk County Republican Party. After trial he was convicted and given a minimal sentence for his crimes.

What do they have in common? Crooked politicians who think they are above the law and use their power for their own greed. They only become remorseful when caught.

What I'd really like to know why is it it takes the Feds to step in to arrest these types of low lives? What does that say about our own (State, County, etc) District Attorneys? Could it be that politics does indeed allow the politically connected to break the law without fearing arrest and conviction? That is why many do not respect our elected officials or those charged with upholding & enforcing criminal statutes. Seemingly they are in bed together to further their own agenda and not that of the taxpayers.

Brad Bender is just the most recent example of the unchecked misdeeds among SHT employees. Drugs have been involved with every one of the recent scandals in SHT. I find it unbelievable that no one knew that this was going on.

I am frankly quite disgusted of partisan politics.......how about just electing a person who one believes might just represent the taxpayers? If more of us did that maybe SHT would be a better place to live." Nov 27, 15 9:22 AM

Richard Yastrzemski And Julie Lofstad To Face Off For Open Southampton Town Board Seat

For me this race is about the future of development in Southampton. Current PDD have allowed developers free rein to circumvent existing zoning. Yastrzemski has a history of favoring development projects regardless of public opinion.

The most important and largest tract of undeveloped land is in EQ and "The Hills" project. In a Newsday article when Yastrzemski was running for SHT supervisor he was asked about, "The Hills". While Schneiderman indicated it was still possible to preserve the land, Yastrzemski had a different take. I paraphrase his response, The time for preservation has come and gone for "The Hills" land. A telling statement, which if he is elected means Yastrzemski will do nothing to help preserve this space nor will be hear the cries of the opponents.

To me the choice is clear.........if I want a SHTB councilperson who is open minded on this project it is Lofstad. To those of you out there who are concerned about our environment and overdevelopment vote Lofstad. I believe she will be open minded about the current PDD law and look out for our environment not the developers." Dec 10, 15 11:24 AM

Interesting update on this race in Newsday. The Conservative Party has endorsed Lofstad because of her answers given on "The Hills" project in EQ.

Yastrzemski was endorsed in his bid by the Conservatives for SHT supervisor. He did not get the endorsement this time around.

The environment does matter.........forget the partisan politics and vote for someone who will protect it in SHT!
" Dec 10, 15 6:56 PM

Really?? Maybe her endorsement had more to do with the Suffolk County Republican boss LaValle removing Conservatives from offices by flexing his Republican muscles. In turn, the Conservatives are not going to give a Republican the Conservative line on the ballot. That's called political payback.........

It is possible for some of us to ignore voting the party line to preserve the environment. Clearly Lofstad will do that and she has my vote. However, in the race for Congress I supported Zeldin when he ran the first time and won and will support him again. I choose to support who I feel will do the best job for their constituents." Dec 11, 15 10:50 AM

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