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Environmentalists Say East Quogue Development Would Further Damage Water Supplies, Waterways

Redneck, that's just ignorant!!! Are you saying that everyone who live in EQ and is opposed to "The Hills" is a redneck?

An "outsider" is someone who doesn't live in the community. Is that really a hard concept for you to understand?" Mar 6, 15 6:53 AM

Because Dr. Gobler lives in the community it does not mean that the scientific data he presents is flawed!!! Opinion in one thing, facts are another!!!" Mar 6, 15 6:56 AM

The Constitutional rights of the Discovery Land Company have not been violated if the PDD is not approved! They retain the right to build the homes which were already approved when they purchased the property. How about learning the facts before your shoot your mouth off????????" Mar 6, 15 7:03 AM

No, you never said his scientific data is flawed but said it's impossible for him to be objective on this project.

If one was to adopt your thought process on objectivity on this project we can take that a bit further. All Town of Southampton elected and appointed officials who deal in the real estate market in Southampton Town should also disclose this to the public when making any and all decisions on this project........." Mar 6, 15 9:16 AM

Nature, just what is your issue with Dr. Gobler other than he lives in the EQ community? You seem to believe that alone disqualifies his ability to present facts against "The Hills" project.

I would like to see you raise the same issue of the lack of objectivity when in comes to the Southampton Town Supervisor who has a real estate license. How about others who are either appointed or elected who have an interest in real estate in Southampton Town? These same individuals allowed the Discovery Land Company to move forward with their proposals. " Mar 6, 15 5:24 PM

Just read the NY Post......according to an article George Clooney and pals just bought the Dune Deck Beach resort in Westhampton.

The articles goes on to say that Clooney also plans to build a golf course and luxury homes nearby on 500 acres. I wonder where that is? Is he involved with the Discovery Land Company in "The Hills" project?" Mar 7, 15 6:44 AM

I'm just so excited that George Clooney and pals are one of the investors in the Discovery Land Company. Maybe I will get to see him pass by in his limo once "The Hills" is developed and he plays golf there...

Somehow, I think the SHTB will cave and allow our environment to be impacted by the project. Southampton officials will get to hobnob with a celebrity. How special........" Mar 7, 15 7:00 AM

From the NY Post March 6, 2015 under the heading; "Clooney on "Deck" in Westhampton Beach Resort Deal."

"The Dune Deck Beach Resort in Westhampton Beach, once a hot spot for Hamptonites, has been sold to a developer backed by billionaire Ron Burkle, George Clooney and his pal Rande Gerber."

"Burkle, Clooney and Gerber are said to be developing a luxury home and golf community on a 500-acre tract of land near the site, and the Dune Deck would become part of the development, with homeowners having beach, pool and tennis facilities."

Does this sound similar to what "The Discovery Land Company" said in their press release which appeared in, "The Press?" Minus of course, the names of the investors in this project?" Mar 7, 15 5:10 PM

East Quogue Community Notes, April 16

I read today's SHP about the deer on the RR tracks in East Quogue which was reported by Ms Daddino. All three were dead on the tracks. I believe we have a real problem with a sick individual who is lurking along the RR tracks and killing deer!

Recently I observed two dead deer behind my house about 10 feet off the RR tracks. A doe and most likely a buck who had its head removed! No apparent injuries to the doe and a headless one (buck). I looked around and there was no head anywhere.

Since I live near the tracks I have observed deer which have been killed by trains and this was not the case. Is there anyone who will do anything about such cruelty to helpless animals?

" Apr 16, 15 4:54 PM

Mystery Surrounds Four Dead Deer Found On Train Tracks In East Quogue

This is not a random act of dead deer hit or dying on the the RR tracks. This is clearly the act of a sick individual who enjoy killing poor defenseless animals.

I recently observed two dead deer behind my house about 8 ft off the RR tracks. Neither was hit by a train and neither starved because of the winter. One was a doe and the other most likely a headless buck! I looked around for a head and there was none to be found. There was no apparent injuries and became sick to my stomach when I surmised how these creatures met an untimely death because a cold hearted individual wanted a trophy of antlers. No hunter killing the deer for meat.......a senseless violent act! I considered calling authorities but didn't because I felt they would do nothing. Apparently I was right.

Ms Daddino called and seemingly authorities have done little or nothing and want to find some logical explanation. Guess what.....in EQ we have a really sick individual who is getting pleasure from wanton acts of brutality.

Ms Daddino you were right!" Apr 16, 15 5:12 PM

What I meant by recent was in February. Not to split hairs, either way it appears we have a sick individual(s) who enjoys killing deer for sheer pleasure. This is not legitimate and lawful hunting.

What despicable piece of human garbage would kill a doe and three fawns? " Apr 17, 15 7:34 AM

East Quogue School Board Adopts Budget, Holds Off On Layoffs

Mr Long receives a stipend and is the Assistant Superintendent......he should be the second to go!" Apr 24, 15 9:44 PM

OK, its not a assistant it is a Deputy Superintendent. Mr Long gets a stipend and is the Deputy Superintendent!" Apr 25, 15 9:43 PM

Mr. Long is part of the problem at the EQ Elementary School. I'm sorry that you do not have the ability to see through a facade." Apr 25, 15 9:52 PM

The EQ Elementary School has many outstanding teachers and support personnel. My comment was directed at the principal/deputy superintendent not anyone else!" Apr 26, 15 4:48 PM

Clearly there are some misguided EQ parents who call for Mr Long to act as both the principal and superintendent. Do they not know that Mr Long has been collecting a stipend for being the deputy superintendent for a number of years now??????? I am not a fan of the superintendent but he and the deputy superintendent/principal are both accomplices in this mess at the school. As stated in The Press, Mr Black is a part time superintendent, two days a week, BUT Mr Long is a full time, five days a week, principal/deputy superintendent. What exactly has Mr Long done in his capacity as deputy superintendent and is he trying to deflect attention away from him and onto Mr Black??? The parents and BOE need to ask themselves this question?!

Again as I stated, there are many outstanding teachers and support staff at the EQ Elementary School. EQ children deserve the very best education the community can afford. What we don't have at the EQ Elementary School is an outstanding administration!!!!!!! " Apr 28, 15 8:34 PM

Residents Warn Southampton Town Board To Run From 'The Hills'

Hey, "Chip" Porter of Westhampton Beach how is it you are speaking for the" silent majority" of those residents WHO LIVE in East Quogue????? Last time I looked, "The Hills" is proposed for East Quogue NOT Westhampton Beach.

Note to the SHP, why are you quoting a resident of Westhampton Beach when they are not impacted by this development at all?????? Couldn't you find a resident of EAST QUOGUE who endorsed "The Hills" project?????

" May 6, 15 8:24 PM

Yes. Brown, Harris & Stevens Real Estate Agency. Wanna bet they have a stake in the development of "THE HILLS" in East Quogue?

To the best of my knowledge, the only people for this development are those who stand to personally profit. The H--- with the environment or what the residents of East Quogue want!!!!!!!" May 7, 15 11:14 AM

I see your point on allowing Chip Porter to speak. However, just who is the "silent majority" he speaks for? Perhaps other real estate agents?

In spite of all the scientific data, the Town Board will make their decision based upon politics. I hope that I am wrong, nevertheless we have the plastic bag ban which protects the environment." May 7, 15 1:53 PM

The Discovery Land Company has the right to build 82 +- homes with the current 5 acre zoning and NO golf course. The builders are looking to circumvent the current zoning which is not acceptable!!! Just where are their rights being taken away????

BTW, I'm OK with giving more of my tax dollars to the EQ school district if spent wisely and no golf course in"The Hills. " I am not OK in giving WHB school district more money since I cannot vote in WHB elections!" May 7, 15 9:23 PM

DEC Closes Western Shinnecock Bay To Shellfish Harvesting Due To Toxin

Now tell me..........do you really want to roll the dice in approving "The Hills" in East Quogue Supervisor Throne-Holst and SH Town Board???????" May 8, 15 2:17 PM

East Quogue Students Toss Clams To Help Heal Shinnecock Bay

Nice job EQ students!!!!!" May 13, 15 5:18 PM

Suffolk County Water Authority Says 'The Hills' Will Not Impact Groundwater Supplies

With all the scientific data out there on the obvious detrimental impact on our environment it seems to me the answer is clear. The SHTB should say "No" to the Discovery Companies project. NO to a change in PDD!!!!!!!!! Build your allotted housing on 5 acre parcels.............NO golf course!!!!!!" May 19, 15 8:36 AM

Residents Continue To Air Concerns About East Quogue Golf Course Community Monday Night

There were bozos at the meeting.........those in favor of the special zoning change." May 19, 15 5:46 PM

Proposed Benefits For 'The Hills At Southampton' Planned Development District

Is the Discovery Land Company going to clean up the eyesore property owned by Ronnie Campsey as part of their lease agreement?
" May 19, 15 8:28 PM

Residents Continue To Air Concerns About East Quogue Golf Course Community Monday Night

For those of you who don't recall, the developer for Southampton Pines assured us that NO children would be entering EQ School District if his subdivision was approved. Guess what......there are quite a few who attend school in the EQ School District.

With that in mind, at the scoping hearing, the Southampton Pines Association spokesperson stated that said development is in favor of a change in PDD for "The Hill's."

It should also be noted that Richard Blowes, the former executive director for the Southampton Town Housing Authority lives in Southampton Pines and is a member of the Southampton Pines Association. Was he involved in getting approval for said developer of Southampton Pines and was he aware that it was promised that no children would be attending the EQ School District by the developer PRIOR to approval by the SHTB?
" May 20, 15 6:54 AM

Proposed Benefits For 'The Hills At Southampton' Planned Development District

Correct me if I am wrong, according to the SHP above article, the Discovery Land Company is going to provide $500,000 toward EQ downtown parking.

They are going to lease property from the NEW MOON CAFE owner, Ron Campsey. Seems to me he stands to financially gain handsomely from "The Hills" project approval. No wonder he is in favor of it!!! " May 20, 15 7:05 AM

Chief, the Discovery Land Company is the one providing false and misleading information under the ruse of a "community benefit." Those of us in EQ have been down this road before.

I say let them build their allotted homes on the 5 acre parcels which have prior SHTB approval. What they are looking to do is game the system to include a golf course & catering hall. To do this they need to get a zoning change(PDD). This is where the line in the sand has been drawn..........no golf course & catering hall." May 21, 15 8:40 PM

East Quogue Community Notes, June 4

What happened to the summer concerts at the EQ Green? These were wonderful community events and fun was had for both children and adults. " Jun 4, 15 1:08 PM

East Quogue Community Notes, June 11

Yea, I'm so glad the summer concerts in EQ will be held!" Jun 10, 15 11:26 AM

Brown Tide On The Rise In Moriches, Shinnecock Bays

The East End of Long Island.........green grass, golf courses, congested roadways and the playground for the very affluent. For all this we get polluted bays, creeks, lakes, groundwater and elected officials who cater to developers. " Jun 12, 15 7:06 AM

Town Seeks Alternative Scenarios For The Hills

The EQ residents spoke loudly at the scoping session held at the EQ Elementary School. NO to the golf course.........give them their rights to develop on 5 acre plots. Our groundwater, bays and creeks are already under stress....the science is there for the SHTB to say "NO" to any golf course on "The Hills" property.

" Jun 24, 15 7:27 PM

Newest Goldberg's In East Quogue Spices Up Menu With Healthy Choices

Welcome to East Quogue." Jul 15, 15 10:14 AM

Discovery Land Schedules Four Hearings To Discuss East Quogue Golf Resort Project

From what I see in this article, there will be no SHT elected officials and/or those SHT personnel charged with the review of this project in attendance. Having attended the scoping meetings held by SHT our questions were asked/answered during these sessions. Those in attendance posed our questions and concerns to the SHT supervisor and board. I see little reason to attend another meeting with the Discovery Land Company, their paid advisors and those businesses who are in favor of "The Hills." I still say "NO" to your golf course!
" Aug 20, 15 6:19 PM

Southampton Town Supervisor Supports Public Hearing On Pine Barrens Commission's Right To Hear Hills Application

The "facts" straight from the developer have been vetted many times before. SHTB meetings, hearings and scoping sessions.......just how many more times are our elected official going to allow these bogus hearings to continue? Are the elected officials deaf to the protests from EQ residents, environmentalists, scientists, etc? " Sep 10, 15 7:15 PM

East Quogue School Superintendent Acknowledges Benefits From Hills Development

At the 2nd scoping session "The Discovery Company" was supposed to provide data to the SHTB & the public on how many "as is" homes were allowed. To the best of my knowledge that has not been done.
" Sep 23, 15 7:16 PM

I'm not clear why the EQ Elementary School needed to sign anything proposed by the developer? Why wasn't the residents of EQ made aware of the proposal before its signing? It would have been nice if the EQ BOE vetted this proposed signing to EQ residents before they authorized its signing given the controversy surrounding "The Hills."" Sep 23, 15 7:27 PM

I understand that this was discussed before hand at the BOE meeting. My point is that given the controversy surrounding this development the prudent thing for the BOE to do was send a notice to EQ residents outlining that this proposal was on the table. Like every other resident in EQ I receive notices on budget hearings,etc.

Perhaps I would not have had any objection to the signing of the letter, what I have now is questions about the lack of transparency to the community. " Sep 24, 15 7:21 AM

I have been to the SHTB meetings, the scoping sessions, EQ Civic Meetings. Since "The Hills" was first proposed, many things have changed by the developer. Many in EQ have spoken out against this project, specifically the golf course.

The Discovery Land Company is holding these meetings for their benefit to try and ram this golf course down our throats. The facts presented are given by those employed by the Discovery Land Company. The only facts I'm interested in is how bad a golf course is for our environment. Well renowned scientists are the experts I need...........not the ones on your payroll!!!

Build your as-of-right housing minus the golf course and catering hall!

" Sep 24, 15 2:15 PM

Fine, then I guess that means the district can save money on postage and not send us information on EQ Budget Votes. Information on budgets is also discussed at BOE meetings.

This is cherry picking and why not advise EQ residents that this will be discussed and voted upon at a specific BOE Meeting?

The EQ community is deeply divided on "The Hills" project and there would have been no harm in publishing notice of said BOE meeting and/or a copy of the letter that was signed by the district.

It is no secret that "deep pockets" want this project, not the as-of-right housing it is entitled to. "Beware of Greeks bearing gifts."" Sep 24, 15 2:31 PM

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