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Audit Reveals Errors In Time Records At East Quogue School

I see that Newsday ran a half page article about the EQ Elementary School audit in the Friday, June 27, 2014 edition! I think its time to replace the Superintendent, he along with the Principal are directly responsible for the daily operation of the EQ Elementary School. For years now he has been telling the residents that everything has been done to cut costs..........yes, everything but making sure employees time has been accounted for.
To those EQ parents who were told that the programs needed to be cut, you should be outraged at the loss of these programs while some employees have enjoyed benefits which they are not entitled to. This is a one year audit, how many years has this been going on?????? No, it is not about the children which administration would like you to believe, it is about greed. Employee costs make up the lion share of the EQ budget and apparently EQ has been an open candy store for SOME employees.
The BOE is elected to oversee the taxpayer funds and those two long term board members should be ashamed of themselves for letting this happen on their watch! Where was your oversight? Both of you should step down as well, your credibility is zero! I remain hopeful that the three relatively new board members will take the necessary steps to "dig deep" into the spending practices at the school. " Jun 29, 14 9:57 AM

East Quogue Board Of Education Members Are Sworn In

zzzzzz....." Jul 10, 14 6:08 PM

Proposed Southampton Town Plastic Bag Ban Comes Up Empty

Throne-Holst & Bender are for banning plastic bags to save the environment, but they are not against "The Hills" in East Quogue. Hypocrites they both are!" Jul 29, 14 3:09 PM

Southampton Town Seeking Landlords For Rental Housing Program

It is just not worth fixing your property and getting it inspected by the various agencies to comply with requirements. Once the Section 8 renters move in they proceed to destroy your rental property. They also have friends who move in to have them help pay expenses. Section 8 is a nightmare for those who live nearby. I've seen this time and again, 98% of those who get these housing vouchers abuse the system. " Oct 6, 14 2:38 PM

Developer Files Updated Application For East Quogue Subdivision, Golf Course

This development is not acceptable! A solid "NO" from a East Quogue resident." Oct 28, 14 6:50 PM

Auditor: East Quogue School Still Under Fiscal Stress, Though Situation Is Improving

I can see the EQ BOE has its eye on the ball! One wonders what steps were taken to correct the deficits in the record keeping of employees outlined in the NYS Audit?" Oct 29, 14 4:22 PM

The Hills Application Lists 19 Benefits; Residents Still Wary

Nope, the bigger issue is the pollution and additional traffic that, "The Hills" will subject the EQ resident to!

Densieski is looking forward to the additional traffic and those who may very well frequent her farm stand. It is all about the money for business owners!

Restrictive covenants rarely are enforced and just who is going to monitor that no children go to the EQ School?

This development is about smoke and mirrors and the only residents who are for it are those who stand to receive a financial benefit! Not everyone is hoodwinked by Mr. Hissey.
" Nov 3, 14 6:10 PM

Win win, really? How about putting this proposal in your neighborhood? To me, the water quality and additional traffic is the deal breaker here. I have no problem paying a little more in my tax bill to keep out a development and a golf course in MY backyard!" Nov 4, 14 8:10 AM

Southampton Town Deems Hills Application Incomplete

Smoke and mirrors by the Arizona-based Discovery Land Company! "A work in progress," how disingenuous Mr Hissey! " Nov 12, 14 11:18 AM

Southampton Town Will Tap CPF To Buy Hampton Bays Motel

Anna T-Holst how about stepping forward and leaving the 400+ acres in East Quogue in its natural state? Only a handful of EQ residents are OK with
having a development which contains a golf course...............the handful are real estate agents and business owners who stand to personally gain from this project. Preserving this property is a must to protect the groundwater for all! Say "NO" to "The Hills."" Nov 14, 14 7:55 AM

Bishop's Departure Will Be Felt On The South Fork

Bishop never should have voted for Obamacare! His former constituents pleaded for him to vote, no. It took awhile, but we did not forget!" Nov 14, 14 3:45 PM

Southampton Town Will Tap CPF To Buy Hampton Bays Motel

The owners might have become "willing sellers" if the STB did not grant "The Hills" the right to move forward with their original proposal. 5 acre zoning and no golf course was approved prior to the Arizona based Discovery taking over control of this property. Do not allow the developers to circumvent existing zoning for this property, period! If the SHTB allows a zoning change in EQ for real estate development they can do it in anywhere else in Southampton. Residents fought hard to get the 5 acre zoning & no golf course. The issue is bigger than the EQ development, it is about keeping out developers with deep pockets from influencing elected officials to reverse prior zoning requirements. Our groundwater and quality of life needs to be protected!" Nov 17, 14 7:39 AM

Southampton Town Deems Hills Application Incomplete

Putting liners under the ground in the golf course will not do a thing to stop wind blown pesticides from polluting the surrounding properties. EQ Elementary School is nearby and the area proposed for the golf course in EQ is quite windy almost daily. Rarely a day goes by in which the wind isn't blowing.

I guess the wildlife will have to pack their bags and move south once the Arizona based Discovery Developers destroy their habitat. Salamanders? Is there no one to speak up for their plight?" Nov 21, 14 10:40 AM

Developers Make Environmental Pitch For Golf Course, Luxury Homes In East Quogue

Mark Hissey is another recently hired lackey for the Arizona based Discovery Land Company. With all the outcry against this project all the Southampton Town Board has to do is say "NO" to a change in zone............end of story." Nov 24, 14 11:12 AM

If Dr. Gobler represents some bias from the mere fact that he lives in East Quogue, then Anna Throne-Holst is bias because she recently got her real estate license! Perhaps she should recuse herself from voting on this project! Scientific data trumps all the BS we the residents are being fed by Mr. Hissey and company.

With that said, I absolutely agree that the Town should call the developer's bluff and deny the PDD! That is where we agree!!" Nov 24, 14 11:21 AM

Crews At The Hills Illegally Cleared Land, Southampton Town Officials Say

I guess Mr Hissey has deemed "The Hills" development "a lock" is getting final approval from the Southampton Town Board! Why the surprise that he does what he wants on the property? The deep pockets of the Discovery Land Company will trump environmental impacts and the will of East Quogue residents.

East Quogue Community be damned! The Discovery Land Company will have their way and destroy our way of life.
" Dec 2, 14 4:02 PM

Being a resident of EQ and paying school taxes in this district I have no problem paying MORE to keep "The Hills" out!

If you lived in EQ you would not think, "this is the best thing....." for our community. If the plans are approved by the Southampton Town Board, the fix is in!" Dec 2, 14 6:42 PM

Trucks Will Replace Dredge For Tiana Beach Project

Perhaps the TB is going to get it from "The Hills" and the Discovery Land Company! That is after they circumvent existing EQ zoning and approve the PDD. " Dec 15, 14 4:04 PM

Police: Man Broke Into East Quogue Firehouse With Unloaded Shotgun

Life in the quiet hamlet of East Quogue!" Dec 20, 14 3:50 PM

Warner Will Take Reins Of Southampton Town Trustees In March

Horowitz, the jury is still out..........." Jan 10, 15 2:59 PM

The Hills At Southampton Golf Course Application Deemed Complete

The East Quogue UFSD does not have a golf team!" Jan 24, 15 11:57 AM

Discovery Land Company Tests The Water In The Hamptons

Bye, Bye environment.........Hissey has zero credibility!" Jan 24, 15 2:55 PM

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