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Developers Are Now Looking To Build 118 Luxury Homes, 18-Hole Golf Course In East Quogue

Unbelievable!!! Now that this group got the town board to approve their original development plan, they have now changed it????? Please, a "bait and switch" which most residents knew would happen once the town board let the developer move forward. Most residents are still against the proposal..........except the business owners $$$$$$$$" Feb 11, 14 6:15 PM

Yup, your right the town board approved the pre-application. Nonetheless, if they had not the developer would not have been able to move forward because of the existing zoning. That is no longer in place because of the town board approval of the pre-application." Feb 12, 14 2:02 PM

I agree, the alleged restrictive covenants will not be enforced by Southampton Town, just like the agreements in the other developments were not enforced. We were promised no students would be attending the EQ Elementary School and they are. " Feb 12, 14 2:07 PM

The five acre zoning would have allowed the developer to go ahead and build 82 homes. NOT the golf course and club house which the change has now allowed. It has now morphed into 118 homes......we know that it is likely any restriction on children attending the EQ school is unenforceable. " Feb 13, 14 6:05 AM

UPDATE: Lockdown Lifted At Hampton Bays High School

Nice kudos to the bus company (Montauk Bus) who deployed their staff and buses to evacuate the students from the school!!! A little appreciation for the effort it took the drivers from the bus company might be in order here???????" Mar 12, 14 4:56 PM

East Quogue Chamber of Commerce Looks To Bring Charity Concert To Hamlet

The EQ Chamber of Commerce (Ms Lanzetta) wants to hold a benefit concert to raise money for the protection of Shinnecock Bay?????? Yet Ms Lanzetta is for "The Hills" development which will negatively effect the water of Shinnecock Bay. No environmental group approves of this development in EQ. Give me a break, if you are so concerned about our community you would be against this development!!!!!!" Mar 19, 14 1:46 PM

Town Police Lieutenant Sues Former Boss And Department

Hmm, read the PDF filing of this officers lawsuit. His health has been negatively affected.......could this be the prelude to disability retirement? This officer says he did not have sufficient funds to pay his attorney so plead guilty to some of the charges leveled against him in his disciplinary hearing. According to Newsday, he made over $160,000 in 2012, how come he has the money now for this lawsuit? Could it be that he is looking for a nice fat settlement in addition to disability retirement? Too many unanswered questions which perhaps will come to light as the saga of the Southampton Town Police Department continues." Apr 1, 14 7:54 AM

East Quogue School Board Hints At Trying To Pierce Tax Cap Again

So Governor Cuomo in the NYS budget will be giving residents a rebate check !!! That is to those residents who have local government and school districts who stay within the 2% tax cap. Southampton Town is not piercing the tax cap but apparently the EQ School District is planning to. Wow, so those of us who live in EQ will not get the NYS rebate if EQ tries to pierce the tax cap a second time. Let's see, I stand to see a hefty school tax increase AND loose my NYS rebate check. A double whammy from the East Quogue School District. Westhampton and Hampton Bays school districts are not piercing their caps so residents who live within these school district will be receiving their rebate checks. Seems like mismanagement to me, who is responsible for spending down all the reserves?????????????????" Apr 1, 14 4:34 PM

State Aid Increases For Schools, Not Enough For Some Districts

Nice response from the EQ superintendent. Despite getting more state aid again it appears that the BOE will attempt to pierce the tax cap. The residents of EQ stand to lose more this time around.....we will not get a NYS Rebate check if the EQ School District is successful in their attempt for once again pierce the tax cap. A double whammy for the EQ School District home owners. There never seems to be enough money in this one, small school !!!! Shameful what they are doing to the homeowners.......how about taking some responsibility for your mismanagement of taxpayer funds!!!! Tighten your belt like the rest of us are forced to do!!!" Apr 3, 14 7:49 AM

Hey, don't worry about me, perhaps you should be concerned about how to sell piercing the EQ tax cap to the taxpayers. You seem to be quite a creative writer so that should be a no brainer for you. By the way according to Governor Cuomo's office homeowners stand to receive a rebate of between $300 - $500 in November. If you have your way we won't be receiving a check. I don't know what kind of car you drive, but that money will fill up my gas tank many times." Apr 3, 14 2:25 PM

cmac, You might want to read the NYS Budget which was passed along with the press releases..........You also might want to call Governor Cuomo's Office if YOU can't find the facts yourself when you google it. The $300 - $500 dollar figure was given by Governor Cuomo's Office and is for homeowners whose school districts don't exceed the 2% tax cap!!!! Now, again tell me why I should vote in favor for any EQ school budget which will attempt to pierce the cap?
My 2013/14 TOS property tax portion for the East Quogue School went up 9.26% with a budget that was under the tax cap.

" Apr 4, 14 2:06 PM

I respect your position on why you would be in favor of any budget which would pierce the tax cap in the East Quogue School District. How about respecting the position of those who do not favor piercing the tax cap? I am not alone in my common sense reason for not wanting the tax cap pierced. With that in mind, that is why the proponents such as yourself were unable to exceed the 2% tax cap last year. The 60% needed was not there. Perhaps, a look at the non productive employees who are politically connected might yield you the funds you seek to stay under the tax cap!!!! Do you have the courage do that? or will you yield to the pressure by administrators to reject certain employees from scrutiny? Please remember its salary plus benefits which add approximately another 40% to the cost of each employee. " Apr 5, 14 7:38 AM

All kidding aside, do you think the taxpayers who voted against overriding the tax cap will attend anymore Board of Education Meetings? The lack of respect for those who have differing opinions have met with scorn and ridicule. Rather than try and find common ground where we can all meet halfway personal attacks are the norm rather than the exception. For instance, Eqeducation. Do you think that untruths bring a community together or further divide them? Again, let me reiterate I respect your position..........but not those who attempt to divide the EQ community by being disingenuous. Do you have the courage to clean house of those politically connected non productive employees? That is the question that perhaps you and the rest of the parents need to ask themselves? If you don't, it is your children who might suffer when addition cost savings is needed and the non productive politically connected employees are retained." Apr 5, 14 11:04 AM

Hey bubby, your wife works in the EQ school so why don't you ask her??" Apr 5, 14 2:04 PM

Let me clarify my statement, "non essential politically connected employees should be let go before any cuts that will affect the children take place." No insinuation just the truth, its not that I can't do it, I won't. If the parents do their due diligence they can find out the names themselves. Do you think if they ask administration, they might find out? I think not. bubby if you personally want to know ask your wife, I'm sure she will give you the names in confidence. Would you then post them on this forum?" Apr 5, 14 2:31 PM

Back pedaling, bubby? Changing non productive to non essential seems so more on point. Hmm, I can't fathom why anyone would favor keeping non essential employees over the welfare of the students. That is except if someone close to them is one of those non essential employees." Apr 5, 14 4:09 PM

:-)" Apr 5, 14 4:40 PM

Nice to see the East Quogue BOE represented on this forum Eqeducation. Clearly the three long term BOE members who were elected to be fiscally responsible were not. Oh, I know I am to blame for pointing out some of the issues which have caused spending to balloon out of control at the EQ Elementary School. It is shameful that some long time residents have to leave their homes because the school taxes keep going higher. Who is responsible if not the BOE who let this happen???????????" Apr 8, 14 1:52 PM

East Quogue School Board Intends To Try To Pierce Cap Again With Budget Proposal

Surprise, surprise that the EQ School District plans to try and pierce the tax cap again!!! ......"school administration left out key details during their public presentation--including the potential tax impact of their plan" Are you kidding me, they sold a budget to the group who attended without all the details???? Yes, its me again, anyone who votes yes for a budget without knowing the impact on their school taxes is simply a fool. Sounds a little like Nancy Pelosi saying that our elected representatives in DC have to sign the Obamacare before they know whats in the bill. Now we all know where that has gotten us. No thanks." Apr 9, 14 2:56 PM

Why is it that you try and turn around my concerns that I am against the children who go to EQ School? I am against the fiscal mismanagement that has spent and continues to spend without restraint. Make the tough choices which has come to laying off employees which seems to be the only place to cut now. You then won't have to worry about rising pension and heath care costs. The children are the innocent pawns in the game were parents and the community are forced to decide which is more important..........voting yes so the children won't be affected anymore or perhaps paying for rising heating, food costs etc. Yes, Governor Cuomo is offering us a rebate, which we will not get because you have decided to pierce the tax cap. Let me make myself clear, I dislike laying off employees.........but what choice do you have right now? If the economy turns around these employees can be rehired in the future. You make the point that the pension cost and health care keep rising, but will current employees be willing to forgo any raises in the near future so that their counterparts won't lose their jobs? EQ School is NOT my enemy, but makes up almost 80% on the real property tax bill. Another point, just how many of the highest paid employees actually live in the East Quogue School District? It is easy to stand up it front of a group of residents and ask them to pass the budget, but some do not even reside in the school district and WILL NOT be effected by a tax increase. Perhaps those employees who live in WHB can put pressure on them, but then they will face a possible tax increase instead of EQ residents. " Apr 10, 14 7:04 AM

Ok, let me put myself out there again. Property tax exemptions given to residents have to be made up by taxing other residents which result in those not getting these exemptions paying more. It is my opinion that these exemptions given should be tied to income much like NYS enhanced Star. Giving blanket exemptions to the affluent in this community is a tax loophole for them at the expense of those not in these groups. Affluent residents who get tax breaks can have them modified or eliminated by Southampton Town and/or BOE members. I find this practice to be very troubling in these hard economic times especially in the EQ School District. Why is it that the less fortunate financially are expected to pick up additional burden for the affluent in this community?
" Apr 10, 14 7:50 AM

cmac I admire your tenacity when it comes to the EQ Elementary School budget. Perhaps what I find the most admirable is your willingness to donate your $350 NYS rebate check to the school. I am sure that with two young children you can always find use for that money.
Many who are on fixed incomes face choices which they would rather not make. I am fortunate to not be one of them right now, but if costs continue to spiral out of control at the school I may soon be in the same position.
I am still troubled by how the elected BOE who is the community watchdog chooses to dole out exemptions like they are candy. They need to make the same hard spending choices as the rest of us. I have many relatives and children who are serving and have served in the armed forces. I am pro veteran. What I do not agree with is giving a blanket exemption to all veterans regardless of income. Affluent veterans getting these exemptions cause those on fixed incomes to make up the difference in their taxes. This puts additional burden on those who can least afford it. I don't want to single one group out so that must include affluent firefighter exemptions. The operative word here is AFFLUENT. The affluent do not need another exemption, maybe they would like to donate that part of their exemption to the school. Please let me know if that happens. I believe that both veterans and firefighters should receive tax breaks, but I strongly feel that any exemption should be tied to income. " Apr 10, 14 10:40 AM

cmac its impossible to disagree with you on the veteran exemption issue. You are spot on that the BOE would be deemed un-American if they disapproved of giving a tax break to veterans. I viewed the pictures of the speakers who spoke in favor of the exemption. Sadly, the affluent ones will take from those in the community who have to make up the difference for their share of the tax burden. Seems to me that a sense of entitlement has permeated even the ranks of the affluent veterans. Given the financial fiscal crisis the school is in the right thing to do would be for those who are able not to take a tax break. There again you are spot on, those that have less usually give more." Apr 10, 14 1:39 PM

I heard something very interesting from a friend who works for NYS. Apparently, Governor Cuomo is going to investigate school districts which intend to pierce the tax cap. I wonder how the EQ School District will fare if a financial audit is conducted??????? It would be very interesting to hear just how taxpayer funds have been spent these past several years. I welcome a full investigation into the spending practices at the EQ school which have put the district in such a fiscal mess." Apr 21, 14 10:42 AM

OK, East Quogue BOE where are the figures which you were supposed to provide the EQ residents? I fail to understand why other school districts can provide theirs in a timely manner and EQ does not. Clearly there is a lack of transparency in the EQ School District. " Apr 23, 14 8:16 AM

Thank you DiannaB, and thank you for not piercing the tax cap." Apr 24, 14 2:19 PM

East Quogue School District 2014-15 Budget

Nice job EQ BOE of staying under the tax cap!!!" May 15, 14 6:17 AM

Anonymous Group Hires Attorney In Attempt To Derail East Quogue PDD

Yes the EQ school could use the money but not the additional students that approval would create. There is no way that any covenant is enforceable prohibiting children from attending the school. But hey, what do I know, apparently our drinking water and additional pollution is of no concern to those who want this project. The residents who spoke against this proposal at the Southampton Town Board were totally ignored. Most EQ residents are opposed to this project so I'm sure one or more are involved in hiring an attorney." May 28, 14 6:52 PM

Audit Reveals Errors In Time Records At East Quogue School

Cmac and the rest of the new EQ BOE members, looks like the State validated what I tried to tell you. There are nonproductive employees and those who have been stealing time. All this time, they have been getting paid while not reporting to work. I don't believe for a minute that the Superintendent or Principal were unaware of this practice, nor should you. You have the opportunity to start fresh and root out practices which border on corruption at the EQ Elementary School. Please dig deep and be transparent with your investigation. " Jun 26, 14 4:22 PM

For those of you who live in the EQ School District I suggest you go into the NYS Comptrollers website and look up the EQ School District audit. It was a very interesting read and "The Press" article does not do justice to the report.

I quote one paragraph on page 11. ...."we found that the school maintenance crew leader, who does not complete timesheets or any other record of the days or hours worked, receives an overtime stipend totaling $3,000 as part of his contract, even though there is no way to verify if he actually works overtime. Furthermore, during the 2012-13 fiscal year, this employee received $1.189 of additional overtime, which was calculated at an hourly rate other than his base pay. When asked about these payments, the Business Manager stated that the overtime stipend is compensation for overtime that occurs on a regular basis while the other overtime payments were considered compensation for "emergency overtime," such as extra time worked during snowstorms. We found no provision in this employee's contract to distinguish between the overtime included and compensated through the stipend and overtime considered to be "emergency overtime."

EQ BOE do you get the picture of "favored employees"?

EQ residents take a look at the report, it is eye opening. EQ BOE, please do not leave "the fox in charge of the chicken coop."" Jun 26, 14 5:32 PM

I see that Newsday ran a half page article about the EQ Elementary School audit in the Friday, June 27, 2014 edition! I think its time to replace the Superintendent, he along with the Principal are directly responsible for the daily operation of the EQ Elementary School. For years now he has been telling the residents that everything has been done to cut costs..........yes, everything but making sure employees time has been accounted for.
To those EQ parents who were told that the programs needed to be cut, you should be outraged at the loss of these programs while some employees have enjoyed benefits which they are not entitled to. This is a one year audit, how many years has this been going on?????? No, it is not about the children which administration would like you to believe, it is about greed. Employee costs make up the lion share of the EQ budget and apparently EQ has been an open candy store for SOME employees.
The BOE is elected to oversee the taxpayer funds and those two long term board members should be ashamed of themselves for letting this happen on their watch! Where was your oversight? Both of you should step down as well, your credibility is zero! I remain hopeful that the three relatively new board members will take the necessary steps to "dig deep" into the spending practices at the school. " Jun 29, 14 9:57 AM

East Quogue Board Of Education Members Are Sworn In

zzzzzz....." Jul 10, 14 6:08 PM

Proposed Southampton Town Plastic Bag Ban Comes Up Empty

Throne-Holst & Bender are for banning plastic bags to save the environment, but they are not against "The Hills" in East Quogue. Hypocrites they both are!" Jul 29, 14 3:09 PM

Southampton Town Seeking Landlords For Rental Housing Program

It is just not worth fixing your property and getting it inspected by the various agencies to comply with requirements. Once the Section 8 renters move in they proceed to destroy your rental property. They also have friends who move in to have them help pay expenses. Section 8 is a nightmare for those who live nearby. I've seen this time and again, 98% of those who get these housing vouchers abuse the system. " Oct 6, 14 2:38 PM

Developer Files Updated Application For East Quogue Subdivision, Golf Course

This development is not acceptable! A solid "NO" from a East Quogue resident." Oct 28, 14 6:50 PM

Auditor: East Quogue School Still Under Fiscal Stress, Though Situation Is Improving

I can see the EQ BOE has its eye on the ball! One wonders what steps were taken to correct the deficits in the record keeping of employees outlined in the NYS Audit?" Oct 29, 14 4:22 PM

The Hills Application Lists 19 Benefits; Residents Still Wary

Nope, the bigger issue is the pollution and additional traffic that, "The Hills" will subject the EQ resident to!

Densieski is looking forward to the additional traffic and those who may very well frequent her farm stand. It is all about the money for business owners!

Restrictive covenants rarely are enforced and just who is going to monitor that no children go to the EQ School?

This development is about smoke and mirrors and the only residents who are for it are those who stand to receive a financial benefit! Not everyone is hoodwinked by Mr. Hissey.
" Nov 3, 14 6:10 PM

Win win, really? How about putting this proposal in your neighborhood? To me, the water quality and additional traffic is the deal breaker here. I have no problem paying a little more in my tax bill to keep out a development and a golf course in MY backyard!" Nov 4, 14 8:10 AM

Southampton Town Deems Hills Application Incomplete

Smoke and mirrors by the Arizona-based Discovery Land Company! "A work in progress," how disingenuous Mr Hissey! " Nov 12, 14 11:18 AM

Southampton Town Will Tap CPF To Buy Hampton Bays Motel

Anna T-Holst how about stepping forward and leaving the 400+ acres in East Quogue in its natural state? Only a handful of EQ residents are OK with
having a development which contains a golf course...............the handful are real estate agents and business owners who stand to personally gain from this project. Preserving this property is a must to protect the groundwater for all! Say "NO" to "The Hills."" Nov 14, 14 7:55 AM

Bishop's Departure Will Be Felt On The South Fork

Bishop never should have voted for Obamacare! His former constituents pleaded for him to vote, no. It took awhile, but we did not forget!" Nov 14, 14 3:45 PM

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