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East Quogue School District Poised To Buy Land

East Quogue's Elementary school enrollment is actually down. Why not use this property for additional parking so cars won't park along Central Av. and Lewis Rd?" Nov 16, 11 6:09 PM

Cops: One Arrested After East Quogue Brawl Over High School Football Game

Instead of being a productive member of society, a 19 year old used a bat to fight. He should be prosecuted as an adult, he could have killed the other teen. There is no excuse for this type of behavior." Nov 16, 11 6:42 PM

Former East Quogue Gym Teacher Loses Age Discrimination Lawsuit

Anyone who questions the practices in the school are let go or forced to resign. Do not believe what they tell you at the school." Dec 22, 11 2:36 PM

Southampton Town Board Republican-Conservative Majority Holds Off On Key Appointments

Scalera comes from Crookhaven politics. It looks like she is going to be bringing those "values" to Southampton. Preston is starting off with a bang." Jan 3, 12 7:06 PM

Southampton Town Comptroller Could Leave For Brookhaven Post

Great, Southampton loses a gem who did a wonderful job with taxpayer finances. Mr. Malone and new Republican Preston-Scalera should be proud of themselves. If she thought her job was in jeopardy who could blame her for jumping ship. " Jan 18, 12 12:42 PM

Heated Exchanges Highlight East Quogue School Board Meeting

The purchase price is for property that contains an uninhabitable house with land that has housed livestock. It is .74 of an acre. The house must be demolished and according to Board of Education Officials total cost should be around $400,000. So the actual price of the property is $400,000. If they find asbestos or problems with the environmental impact survey cleanup cost will be much higher. No one else offered to pay the sum of $250,000 for this piece of property. " Jan 18, 12 4:36 PM

The inside of the house has been destroyed by the large number of cats which the owner had. The roof is falling in, so the purchase price is for the land which housed livestock. Point being the school is paying the current owner $250,000 AND cleanup costs which will cost the taxpayer in excess of $400,000. No one wants to pay for this, that's why the current owner is selling it to the school. End of story. Killer deal, I don't think so." Jan 21, 12 12:43 PM

Hello, you are missing the point. Student population is decreasing. If you want the property and have $250,000 sitting around why don't you buy it? This is the first step in expansion so the school can put a administrative building on it. Wait and see. I am well aware of what SS was intended for, and do not need a history lesson, thank you. The school has pitted the senior citizens against the children, by deceptive practices. There is no need to vote in Feb and again in May. Save the expense of having two votes." Jan 22, 12 4:40 PM

Review the study again, although the population is increasing in East Quogue student population is decreasing. Schools are being closed in western areas of the town because of the decreasing student enrollment. The purchase of the property is one issue at this school. School taxes have risen in a greater percentage here than other school districts. I review the data, not the information which the school provides. What they say is not what they do, they have been misleading the public. Documentation tells it all, needless spending at the East Quogue School. Just the facts, not dialogue which tends to frustate some people. The school has an inflated payroll which is where the lion share of our taxes go and the taxpayers are taking a beating. Attend a BOE meeting and ask some questions about the payroll. They will not discuss it. If you really want to know you can file Freedom of Information Law requests for data. I love this community and want to continue to live here, but I object to being the "cash cow" for needless spending. Don't be fooled, investigate these areas yourself, using the facts not the "fluff" the district provides in their mailers. Take a look at the mailer again if you still have it and pick it apart. Expansion is the next step, which will be very soon." Jan 23, 12 8:01 AM

I have the mailer. Point is, the property with clearing will cost taxpayers $400,000 for three quarters of an acre. In order to recoup the initial investment $400,000 would be a starting point for any resale. No one I know of would pay that kind of money for this piece of property next to a school.
Small class size, not increased enrollment caused crowding. Having programs not mandated is another. I see your point, but do not believe in giving up. Just because the cards are stacked against you doesn't mean you roll over. Our founders didn't and neither do I." Jan 24, 12 6:48 AM

Absentee Ballots Cause Confusion In Upcoming East Quogue School Vote

The district has been lying to the community for years, kudos to the senior who called Superintendent Black on it. He should be removed by the Board of Education for spreading misleading and false information to the community." Jan 25, 12 5:09 PM

Way below market value. Market value is only what someone is willing to pay for it. No one wanted this property which is just under three-quarters of an acre. The house must be demolished, its uninhabitable. The only interested party was the school. This property is not in a desirable location. Perhaps if the district stopped sending bogus information to the community they might get more support." Jan 26, 12 12:16 PM

Take a look at the January 24, 2012 western edition of the Press. Go to the Public Notices, East Quogue UFSD has advertised the upcoming vote. Proposition 1, $400,000 is the referendum we are voting upon." Jan 27, 12 6:40 AM

$400,000 is the total cost, $250,000 for property and an additional $150,000 to demolish the house and whatever else they intend to do. Take a look at the mailer they sent around. Part-time Superintendent Black will be putting his portable building on this property and soon as the voters approve this referendum. They are not revealing all the facts, things are not as simple as you think. They are gearing up for expansion. Taxpayer are being duped." Jan 27, 12 4:01 PM

Clearly there is no point in getting into dialogue with individuals who are not open minded. Expert studies have predicted decreased student enrollment, the school has small class size and more teachers than needed. Kindergarten has 14 children in a class and 5 classes. Small class size was brought up at the last BOE meeting. The Board of Education doesn't like to discuss that having small class size is why space has become a problem. The facts do not lie, only those who have hidden agenda's do. Many seniors in the community get the point, those who are stuck on what a great deal it is don't. " Jan 30, 12 6:31 AM

Get your facts straight. Go to 27.east.com East Quogue adds kindergarten class, preserves sixth grade class 6/22/11 by Laura Cooper. Maybe you should have attended the BOE meeting when this all was done. The question that was posed at the last BOE meeting was about the 6th grade class, I was there. Oh yes, also look at the mailer which was just sent by the school by Superintendent Black. " Jan 30, 12 10:31 AM

I know the Press printed information which is not correct. They do not do this because unlike the district they can be held liable for printing false information. " Jan 30, 12 10:33 AM

Thank you for your concern. I am not a teacher or administrator so my feelings are based on the high taxes which we pay for this district. The school board is made up of educators and relatives, given this makeup, the taxpayers do not have a chance." Jan 30, 12 10:45 AM

27.east.com East Quogue Adds Kindergarten Class, Preserves 6th Grade Class. 6/22/11 The newspaper is not printing misinformation, unlike those of you who deliberately spread false information. Why are you afraid of the truth?" Jan 30, 12 11:08 AM

Perhaps the East Quogue School District should have returned their telephone calls. I wonder why they did not? " Jan 30, 12 6:02 PM

Oh, by the way, do you know how the taxpayers are going to come up with the additional funding (12%) for the NYS Retirement System in 2013? How about you EQeducation? The district knows this is coming, but not the average taxpayer. They will when school taxes skyrocket, maybe we can sell property at a profit to pay for it." Jan 30, 12 6:22 PM

OMG, Obviously you lack firsthand knowledge how the school districts have taxed homeowners out of their homes in the Western half of Long Island. Rather than learn from history, the community is allowing the district to go down the same path. What will the homeowners do when it is too late here? East Quogue is at a crossroad where we can become prudent with taxpayer funds or continue spending unchecked. Clearly, you are not open-minded to discover for yourself what has happened elsewhere. It is outside of your comfort zone of East Quogue to do so. The world has changed, the economy is in the toilet and that is a fact which you fail to recognize." Feb 1, 12 9:30 AM

As for myself, I support the men and women of the East Quogue Fire Department 100%. They live in and serve this community with honor. I am concerned with their safety and I laud their efforts to our community. I refuse to be narrow-minded like some others. Thank you East Quougue Fire Department for all you do." Feb 1, 12 1:24 PM

East Quogue Officials Say They Do Not Know Elementary School's Capacity

I along with many others, who are also senior citizens and taxpayers, know which way we are going to "pull the lever." Logic dictates that would be a "NO" vote. " Feb 1, 12 6:53 PM

Perhaps the former owners, who were senior citizens, lived on a limited income. Perhaps they struggled to pay the exorbitant taxes and were unable to maintain their home. Unlike some who work and make over $100,000 a year. As far as a steal, the property is $250,000 plus $150,000 for demolition which makes $400,000 for 3/4 of an acre of land with no house. Not such a steal or prime real estate. If you think it is I got a bridge I'd like to sell you." Feb 1, 12 9:03 PM

Absentee Ballots Cause Confusion In Upcoming East Quogue School Vote

I walk and ride my bike in the village and am well aware of the changes which have taken place. Let's be clear, for those who live around the fire department, they view this proposed tower as an eyesore which will lower property values. The likelihood of a large tree falling is of greater concern then that of a tower, but it is possible. Any type of communication tower carries the same risk. NIMBYism is what is taking place. I support the men and women of the East Quogue Fire Department. They are a dedicated group of individuals and presently do not have the ability to effectively communicate which endangers their safety." Feb 1, 12 9:30 PM

East Quogue Officials Say They Do Not Know Elementary School's Capacity

The $150,000 is for: Hiring of an Architectural Firm for the demolition and costs associated with the SEQRA Study which must be conducted. The present owner should be required to pay for the cleanup, not the taxpayers of East Quogue..............that is why we are paying $400,000 for just under 3/4 of an acre. If in the SEQRA Study reveals any environmental issues the taxpayers will have to pick up the additional cost because we now own the property. Like I said before, this is not a great deal if you are aware of the details involved with the purchase." Feb 2, 12 10:54 AM

The selection and approval of the architectural firm was done at the 11/15/11 BOE meeting by the Board of Education. The owners should be the ones to incur cleanup costs, not the taxpayer. I sound like a broken record, but this is not a great deal for the taxpayers. $400,000 is too much for this piece of property. Enough said." Feb 2, 12 7:48 PM

Absentee Ballots Cause Confusion In Upcoming East Quogue School Vote

Well, let's see, any communication tower would have to be quite tall therefore also out of place in the center of town. Try and put another referendum before the taxpayers that will cost them and see how many vote "Yes." There is no verifiable data to support the cell phone tower as being a health and safety risk. Federal law trumps NIMBYism is this case. It is verifiable that the men and women of the East Quogue Fire Department are presently at risk because of the inability to communicate. We need to be concerned about protecting them. I know the school property purchase will end of up costing the taxpayers much more in the long run. I do not want to support more $100,000 a year employees at the school who don't reside in our community. I do support the men and women of the East Quogue Fire Department who serve our community while protecting you and I. " Feb 2, 12 8:25 PM

Carol, have you taken a REAL look at the community lately, we have many rentals. We also have satellite dishes on Main Street along with store owners who won't even put a flower in the boxes in front of their businesses. They expect the community to do this. Main Street looks quite shabby, it has gone downhill the past couple of years. I maintain the property in front of my house even though its not mine. Is it asking too much for the proprietors of the Main Street to do the same? AGAIN, I support what the Commissioners of the East Quogue Fire Department want to do, I can think for myself, thank you." Feb 3, 12 1:09 PM

"DUH" Flowers do not grow outdoors in the wintertime in NY. A big, "NO" vote on the purchase of the property for the school. Neither you or I have a vote on the cell tower, but under Federal Law it appears there will be one at the East Quogue Fire Department. " Feb 3, 12 8:20 PM

Carol, do you have a microwave or cell phone?" Feb 4, 12 3:17 PM

DUH, we got on the cell tower cause you brought it into the discussion on Feb. 1....Did you forget? " Feb 6, 12 9:35 AM

Do you know how to use spell check?" Feb 9, 12 3:40 PM

East Quogue Residents Say They Support Land Purchase

What about the student capacity of the school?" Feb 9, 12 3:43 PM

East Quogue Resident Thinks Fire District Should Drop T-Mobile

Not all of us are against the cell phone tower, just the group who control the civic association. There are many others who are for it, and if one speaks up they are ostracized within the community." Feb 12, 12 7:20 AM

East Quogue Residents Say They Support Land Purchase

BOE meeting was a sham. How many of the employees at the school even reside in our district? They are most of the teachers that were sitting there along with the two administrators and cannot vote on the proposal. Those who oppose the purchase are in the minority if one goes by those who were in attendance. The process is rigged in favor of the proponents." Feb 12, 12 7:27 AM

Still don't have the student capacity of the school, guess its just another cover up." Feb 13, 12 10:05 AM

Whb46, Alleging someone is paranoid is a personal attack. I see you reside in WHB which is outside of the East Quogue UFSD. Are you one of the employees who do not reside in the district and were at the the BOE meeting? I was not there, out of town on business. I find it suspect that a question of student capacity was not addressed. Transparency is lacking within the district. Opposing views are what our country was founded upon, 1st Amendment Rights still exist. Thank you for your concern about my health." Feb 17, 12 7:06 AM

Question of student capacity has not been answered, by the Board of Education, the Principal and the Superintendent. Why not provide full disclosure if there is nothing to hide? Not providing answers validate the concerns many residents have. " Feb 21, 12 8:11 AM

East Quogue Land Referendum Set For February 28

This question is not about the property purchase, but rather something I observed today at the East Quogue Elementary School. Perhaps one of the posters can help me. I saw a private contractor raking and cleaning up the grounds inside the school property along Lewis Road. We employ maintenance personnel at the school, why are we paying for an outside contractor to do this?" Feb 23, 12 3:33 PM

To Whb46, as stated, my question had nothing to do with the vote. Nevertheless, I had a question that I thought perhaps someone might answer for me. Some of the posters here appear to be knowledgeable about the EQ School. Silly me, asking questions about the school are taboo." Feb 24, 12 9:54 AM

East Quogue Residents Say They Support Land Purchase

Perhaps, you are missing the point. If each class can hold 30 or more students and we now have between 14 and 19 students how is that overcrowded? The more classrooms, the more staff and the more money it will cost the taxpayers. It is that simple." Feb 25, 12 9:45 AM

East Quogue Residents Vote In Favor Of Purchasing Property Adjacent To Elementary School

The true feeling of the community....I doubt that very much. The total voting bloc was 587, perhaps the word would be voter apathy since about 10% of the community voted. Obviously, the parents who were attending all the activities that were planned the same day as the vote.......hmm.......voted." Feb 29, 12 9:28 AM

It's nice too see first Amendment Rights are alive and well in EQ." Feb 29, 12 12:55 PM

I did not say anything about anyone not being given the opportunity to vote. "Voter apathy" is the phase and it fits those in EQ who did not vote. That includes both yes and no votes. A total of 587 votes were cast in our community. We live in community where only 587 individuals care about what goes on in the EQ UFSD. What does being a senior have to do with voting at the school? Not exercising one's right to vote is a basic freedom we enjoy. It is shameful, that the majority of citizens in EQ can't get off their butts and vote. It matters little to me how they voted, just that the residents don't even care what happens in their own community. That is the "true feeling" of the majority in EQ. " Feb 29, 12 4:12 PM

"Progress, far from consisting in change, depends on retentiveness. When change is absolute there remains no being to improve and no direction is set for possible improvement: and when experience is not retained, as among savages, infancy is perpetual. Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it."

George Santayana" Mar 1, 12 3:24 PM

To those out there who are concerned about school taxes I offer the following. Does the East Quogue School District intend to pierce the 2% tax cap? My school taxes have gone up over 18% in the last two years. This includes the 2 1/2 and 3% raised given to employees. Six employees, who are not covered under any collective bargaining agreement received 3%. Those same employees do not pay into their health care package. We also employ a highly paid maintenance man who received in excess of $79,000 a year. I noted in one of my earlier post that a contractor provided grounds cleanup for leaves and brush this past week. If we are paying for maintenance staff, why duplicate the services of outside an contractor? If outside contracting is the way the School is going, perhaps they need to see if a staff reduction is warranted. That would save the taxpayers money, no pension costs, health care costs, etc. As many are aware, employee costs make up the large part of the budget. I also think we need to look at the teacher staffing levels, can we trim the costs in this area? I am strongly against piercing the 2% tax cap. I would like some feedback from other posters, thank you." Mar 2, 12 6:27 AM

To Fishmonger,
Now tell me, how is pointing out the facts a grudge? YOU tell me what false information I put on this forum? Certain information is public record if one is knowledgeable and knows where to look. I am not attacking the employees, but pointing out where money can be saved. Salaries and benefits are public record, why are you upset that I am pointing this out? Duplication of services is a waste of taxpayer money. I am not the one who made the decision to duplicate services, the school did. I am against the school district piercing the 2% tax cap IF that is their intention. You seem to be one of the individuals looking to stifle dissent in this community. I believe in our First Amendment Rights and I am a defender of that right. The next issue of concern in the community is the school budget. I accept that the purchase of the property has been settled, and I have moved on. Have you and others in the community accepted that there are those in the community who have a dissenting viewpoint?" Mar 2, 12 7:55 AM

Run for the school board, not a bad idea, can I
count on your vote lol :-)" Mar 2, 12 4:36 PM

Bridgehampton Teachers Volunteer To Forgo Salary Increases

Its nice to see that in one school district the employees are cognizant of the burden that taxpayers face. I'm sure these employees have families to support but have decided to share in the belt tightening like the rest of us. These employees should be a model for the rest of the school district employees in surrounding areas. My hat is off to all of you, and I thank you even though I do not live in your school district. Now how about the employees of the East Quogue UFSD? Do you care enough about your community to do the same in these hard economic times?" Mar 4, 12 7:42 AM

Apparently silence is golden in the hamlet of East Quogue with respect to the salary increases for the employees of the East Quogue Elementary School. To all the EQ activists why not in East Quogue?" Mar 6, 12 7:39 AM

Hampton Bays School District Looks To Stay Under Tax Cap

Ha, Ha, still no comment about the East Quogue School District piercing the tax cap. Are they, or are the employees going to give something back to the district like they did in Bridgehampton and Hampton Bays? " Mar 10, 12 4:06 PM

Westhampton Beach Will Be Forced To Cut School Positions To Get Under Tax Cap

I wonder why Halsey Stevens wants to piece the tax cap? Maybe it has something to do with him being a retired school teacher from the East Quogue Elementary School. SeethroughNY will tell anyone who wants to know the salaries of current and retired educators. Retired teacher are also able to work part time at the school they retired from. I believe that they call it double dipping." Mar 21, 12 3:34 PM

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