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East Hampton Town Will Hold Hearing On Requesting Federal Airport Grant

Also to voter 1180:
A few comments about your very valid questions. I have reviewed data by both the Town's hired gun, a "Mr Kirsh" and the Washington based attorney who appeared at the Quiet Skies coalition informational meeting last month, a "Ms Jones."
If you study the comments by both it should be fairly obvious that local control CAN be gained by not accepting new grant assurances. It is in no way a "pipe dream" as you refer to it and has been done elsewhere. There is an established procedure that must be followed.
As for your assertion that FAA money is "free money," lets consider this: If taking it locks us into 20 more years of uncontrolled chaos at the airport and even YOU freely admit that the noise is onerous now, how bad do you think it could be in 20 years? This has disaster written all over it. Free? I think not!
As in any large grassroots organization there are many different beliefs. While I'm sure that there are a few who would like to see the airport disappear completely most only want some peace and quiet and to be sure that the environment we all live here to enjoy is preserved. You really should check out the Quiet Skies Coalition website, it is well done and much more truthful than what the other side is spewing.
I would add that if this well financed Airport group who won't identify themselves but seem to be able to afford and place misleading full page ads in all major papers have no interest in a real dialogue THEY are the ones who will push reasonable people call for the closing of the airport.
Let's wait on the funding and give the tower a try? They seem sure it will cure the noise problem. Most on both sides are ready to give it a try.
As for your tired old argument about buying near the airport. Sorry but it's gone way beyond that as others have pointed out. But I'm guessing Ron Perlemen will agree with you when his two helicopters are made to pass over his house when they land next summer.

" Nov 16, 11 12:48 PM

It seems fairly clear that they are thinking only of campaign promises to wealthy donors and not about the future of our town. There is no way to predict how much "commuter," "sightseeing," and other unnecessary and noisy air traffic will increase over the next 20 years. This very poor idea could dramatically change how East Hampton, Bridgehampton, Sag Harbor and Sagaponack look and sound in the future. With no means of control these thoughtless pols are handing away our quality of life. For the price of a fence?" Nov 17, 11 11:18 AM

We ran into some Republican friends of ours over at the still last night. They was really sore about the election results. They was wondering why they got hammered so bad. Jethro asked 'em how folks could possibly trust 'em when the pull stuff like this? Heck, I think you gotta guard your chicken coop with the shotgun when fellas like Stanzione and Wilkinson is around." Nov 17, 11 12:30 PM

Stanzione Welcomes Airport Debate

Accepting FAA funding at this point in time is outrageous and under-handed. A sleazy political move to avoid any possible consequences of testing a control tower that BOTH sides of this debate have approved. The airport folks wanted their control tower. They said it would be a solution to the noise. That tower (actually a trailer) should be in place when the heavy season starts next spring.
We already have the money in a dedicated Airport fund to pay for it.
In fact, that money (1.4 million dollars) can't be spent on anything BUT the airport.
So why aren't we giving the tower a try BEFORE giving away local control of our airport?
" Nov 27, 11 8:47 AM

Airport Noise Opponents Claim FBI Investigated Rally

Ms. Cunningham wants only peace and quiet. Quiet Skies wants only the quiet enjoyment of their homes.

What do YOU want from the airport Fact Checker?

What do YOU want from the airport anti.bs?

What do YOU want from the airport Frank Wheeler?

And joe joe: get a new shtick. Most protesters live nowhere near the airport. Just ask Fact Checker. it's a fact." Sep 8, 12 10:06 AM

Beach Rebuilding Project Will Go To Voters In Affected Areas Of Oceanfront Southampton Town

How about a tax district for airport users? Sounds good to me." Sep 14, 12 3:52 PM

Overton, Burke-Gonzalez Clinch East Hampton Town Board Seats; Stanzione Ousted

And therein lies the problem at the Airport. Those who would give away any hope of peace and quiet through local control would for a few government dollars rather sling mud than work towards a solution that leaves us with the small rural airport we once had. If the airport does ever close, which is extremely unlikely, the Pilots and the EHAA will have nobody to blame but themselves. Wake up and work with Quiet Skies. " Nov 6, 13 5:14 PM

Yes they did. And then they succeeded in enabling different quality of life issues in each hamlet. It's not always about the almighty dollar.

Maybe what we should do is find a board that can actually work together. Let the Republicans handle the finances. Len Bernard is a true asset. But defer to the Dems When it comes to the environment and the quiet enjoyment of our homes.

McGintee is gone so get over it. So is Wilkinson. So is Stanzione. Potter's not coming back. How about we move forward instead of griping about the past?" Nov 8, 13 8:29 AM

Bulldozing the runway? That's a good one. Show us all where QSC advocates that. BULLSH**ING the public? EHAA specialty. Now that Stonewallzione is gone maybe there will be some progress. Progress = meaningful noise restrictions.

" Nov 9, 13 8:09 AM

Get your facts straight. The East Hampton Airport has been upgraded by the FAA to REGIONAL AIRPORT. it is no longer the community airport it once was. In fact, nothing would be better than if it would return to being the community airport it used to be. " Nov 9, 13 8:17 AM

Spin, spin spin local Eh! Believe it or not denial of the noise pollution coming from your airport by pilots like you will be what closes the airport, not the complaints. Airport apologists and helicopter lobbyists can start all the noise hotlines and create all the bogus economic reports you want. That does nothing to alleviate the noise and pollution. When will you realize that YOU are the bad neighbor here?" Nov 10, 13 11:59 PM

Well there you go! The opinion of one individual on his own website. This is not and does not represent the views of QSC. And if you read further you will see that even with this seemingly extreme viewpoint there is still the preference for a smaller quieter airport. But you don't want a smaller, quieter airport now, do you local eh?" Nov 11, 13 12:05 AM

LOL@ EH LOCAL. What hits nerves is the continued 24/7 noise from airport traffic that benefits few but disturbs many. The continued, increasing effect on quiet enjoyment of our homes. The falling of property values and the effect of same on the tax base. Your weak attempts to divert discussion away from the real issue is funny in a sad kind of way. When will you realize that the small pilot who loves his airport is on the wrong side of this argument? " Nov 13, 13 10:55 AM

The quiet enjoyment of my home is my goal. I do not live next to the airport as you mis- represent here. I lived peacefully where I do know 5, 10, 15 and years ago while the airport was in operation. And then the helicopter and seaplane businesses started flying in and out 24/7.
Jets land after midnight and leave at 6 in the morning. What's unreasonable about ending that? What's unreasonable about requiring helicopters to maintain an altitude that doesn't bother people 2,3 and four miles from the airport? Would restricting hours of operation make the airport (as you say) virtually unusable? I think not. The truth? Currently the airport is a nuisance to many, an asset to very few. If you are indeed a local pilot and not some helicopter shill surely you realize this. What value do YOU get from all those helicopters local?" Nov 16, 13 9:39 PM

And as for lies? Please read my posts here and print anything I have posted here that you know to be factually incorrect. Good luck with that! Then, when you are done perhaps you could list the 100 jobs that you say the East Hampton Airport provides. Quite a stretch...errr...lie. " Nov 16, 13 9:49 PM

East Hampton Town GOP Approves Airport Capital Improvement Plan In Party-Line Vote

Dom, Bill and Quiggy can now fly off into the sunset. The EHAA can buy a new set of pawns. The Airport is not going to close because of lack of maintenance Another ridiculous argument. " Dec 4, 13 6:21 AM

So much hate. So little time. And over at the Airport they wonder why nobody trusts them. " Dec 4, 13 8:54 AM

Aircraft Noise Complaints Doubled This Memorial Day Weekend At East Hampton Airport

The number is 1-800-376-4817

And if Schumer and Bishop get their way and make helicopters fly around Orient before landing at East Hampton Airport the people of Springs and Amagansett may be needing that number as well." Jun 5, 14 7:29 PM

East Hampton Town Board Doubles Airport Fuel Fee Despite Pleas

This is just another example of how out of control things have become at the airport. Thank you Town Board and BFAC for pulling back the curtain. The Town has all the liability and these gas pumpers who have been raking it in for years make all the money? Cantwell says it's time to take a harder look at the entire fuel situation there. I say: good idea. " Jun 25, 14 7:12 PM

Montauk's Dock Restaurant Changes Sign Deemed Offensive To The Irish

Clam up Pauline. Oh wait, is that offensive to shellfish?" Jul 29, 14 7:52 PM

East Hampton Town Board To Hold Special Meeting On Airport Noise

The relentless air traffic in and out of what was once a small hobbyists airport has increased over 40 percent this summer as people seek an alternative to the Long Island Expressway. Unfortunately, convenience for a few means constant disturbance for many. This needs to be better regulated or it will get even more out of control in the future. Speak out and speak out now." Aug 18, 14 9:39 PM

New Helicopter App Flies High In East Hampton, Residents Still Hoping For Relief

This is nothing to celebrate. These helicopters are disturbing thousands of people all over Long Island at all hours of the day and night. The price of convenience for a few means misery for the many." Aug 26, 14 8:04 PM

East Hampton Airport Manager James Brundige To Retire

Mr Brundige will not be missed. He has never cared a lick about the thousands of people whose summers he has ruined. And he never apologized for it. Never." Aug 26, 14 8:07 PM

Tensions Soar at East Hampton Airport Noise Meeting on Wednesday

Reasonable people have been trying to work with Airport advocates all along and have been railroaded by the likes of Brundige, Stanzione, Twomey et al. Finally there exists a Town Board who cares less about profit and convenience for out of towers than peace and quiet for thousands below.

And the lies from Jeff Smith of the Eastern Regional Helicopter Association continue. Mark these words: if the airport does ever close it will not be from deterioration. It will be from the arrogance of those who insist it is for anything more than emergency and recreational flying. " Aug 28, 14 9:05 PM

Gee, I guess it's really NOT just a few people who live near the airport!
I was there and nobody was not permitted to speak. If airport advocates chose not to speak it's most likely because they had nothing to say in the face of the facts that have come out over the past few years. They are simply flat out of factual arguments. Banning helicopters would be a good start. Banning all commercial operations (SEAPLANES) would be just about right.

You go Town Board!" Aug 28, 14 9:11 PM

The purpose of the meeting was to express opinions and offer possible solutions about Airport noise. What on earth might you have added? You like it? You are for it? You don't care who it bothers?
We need it? You are entitled to make it? It isn't really that bad? No wait: you would have gone with your old favorite: you shouldn't have bought near the airport. You should have given it a shot. What if you had stood up and said something like: "I feel your pain. I am a pilot and I want to do something about it." You might have been a star.

If you are truly a local pilot the fact of the matter is that you SHOULD be working with the noise affected. Unfortunately it seems that local pilots have cast their lot with the helicopter and seaplane companies instead of their friends and neighbors in the community. Its actually kind of short sighted.

" Aug 29, 14 7:49 PM

East Hampton Airport Budget Committee Cannot Work Out Impact Of Proposed Regulations

This PR flack from New Jersey is clueless. Putting proper restrictions in place will actually SAVE the airport. It should have been done years ago. Want to see the airport closed? Do nothing. Go back to New Jersey and take all your carpet bagging aviation companies with you." Mar 3, 15 1:10 PM

Local EH has been hitting the crack pipe again. There is no agenda to close the airport. Ask any town board member. It simply is not an option at this time. It is a ruse perpetrated by those who profit from the airport and has been swallowed whole by small pilots.
People all over the east end simply want their peaceful weekends back. However, if these regulations aren't put in place there may very well be an outcry to close the airport. " Mar 4, 15 5:44 PM

Regulations Will Change East Hampton Airport, But Actual Impact Is Still Being Measured

All the data is there. It is simply being blocked by those on the committee associated with the airport because they know that the airport CAN BE VIABLY SUSTAINED without FAA funding. It's just the big boy version of "I'm taking my ball and going home." No shame." Mar 5, 15 10:35 AM

Critics Of Airport Regulations Skeptical Of Noise Committee Motives In East Hampton

Airport people would rather continue with character assassination than discuss facts. Bad strategy." Mar 5, 15 10:38 AM

East Hampton Airport Budget Committee Cannot Work Out Impact Of Proposed Regulations

This is BS. Very few locals benefit financially from the airport and almost none will suffer from having restrictions in place. Meanwhile thousands suffer from constant noise. Noise made by out of town pilots, out of town aviation companies and commuters who will find another way to get here if they can't fly." Mar 7, 15 4:29 PM

Zeldin Asks FAA To Change Helicopter Rules To Reduce Noise; East End Leaders Join In

Another elected official who knows that there is far too much disturbance from a totally unnecessary business. It is time to impose restrictions on when noisy aircraft can land at East Hampton Airport." Mar 7, 15 4:53 PM

East Hampton Airport Budget Committee Cannot Work Out Impact Of Proposed Regulations

Local Pilots were given their own advisory committee more than a year ago so that they could address airport issues. THEY NEVER EVEN BOTHERED TO MEET! Instead they have decided to stay on the outside and shoot surface to air missiles at a fair and reasonable process that has been worked over this past year. Why did they not take the opportunity to advocate for their airport? Every single Noise Abatement Sub Committee meeting was open to the public. Who is hiding here?" Mar 8, 15 11:32 AM

Aviation Groups Sue East Hampton Town In Effort To Block Recently Approved Airport Restrictions

Just say NO dude. There is no reason any hard working east end resident should be forced to deal with commuter aircraft noise.
East Hampton elected people who care. You can do the same." Apr 17, 15 1:31 PM

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