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Southampton Elementary School principal faces uncertain future

Hamptonite, Lefty46 and others, you must not have had to deal with Dr. Boyes. He actually has a set of balls, unlike Southampton's previous Super, who was looking for a pair. I doubt that Dr. Boyes is influenced by disgrunted, obnoxious parents either. From what I have witnessed, he is actually making a considered opinion with regard to an employee. He could have set Mrs. Richard loose (there are probably some on the Board of Education who wished he would), but instead he is opting to give her another year to prove herself. It takes more than being greeted by a smile and a hug to merit being paid nearly $130,000.00 a year by the taxpayers to corral a bunch of kids and over paid and under worked teachers, you need a true administrator -- someone who is more than up to the task of handling the day to day grind of being responsive to the students, parents, teachers and community and planning for the future--I think that Mrs.Richard is fortunate if she is given another year to improve and prove herself. " May 9, 09 12:20 AM

Money designated for affordable housing never moved; housing fund in the red

Get darker before it gets lighter -- and on whose watch! Ms. Kabot may not have been the Superviser all the time, but she was in office. I don't know how that woman can get up in the morning and look at herself in the mirror. This looks like it is only going to get worse -- we will be as bad off as East Hampton Town before we know it. " May 9, 09 10:36 PM

Southampton Elementary School principal faces uncertain future

INS, I hope your comment is not an endorsement of the great job our Town Supervisor is doing. I do agree, however, that there is something wacky about the assessment numbers and corresponding tax liabilty. " May 11, 09 12:32 AM

State seizes La Hacienda restaurant for delinquent taxes

Are we not suprised??? Let's face it, the proprietors of La Hacienda are not USA born Americans (although their children probably are). They have fed off our system for many years without a problem: why shoud they have to pay sales and withholding tax now? It saddens me as I hoped that this particular establishment was different, but obviously not. " Jul 10, 09 12:09 AM

Fraudulent town checks part of scam

OMG. How much worse is this going to get?? I thought that only the Federal government under Obamba was rapping us and now I have to read this!!!" Jul 10, 09 12:28 AM

Bishop will vote yes on health care reform bill

I hope that whatever deal Tim worked out included employment for him after the November election. " Mar 19, 10 4:27 PM

Local Tea Party movement holds two rallies on Tax Day

Peoplefirst, you are wrong. My family's income was less than $250,000 in 2009 (in fact it was just about the same as in 2008) and we paid more (nearly $3,000 more) to the Federal government than in 2008. Remarkably, the taxes paid to NYS were about the same for both years, but I don't believe that will hold true for this year. " Apr 27, 10 10:40 AM

Southampton principal and assistant principal to fill East Hampton spots

Fine and Mondini let everyone down. Their wallets will probably be fuller for this. Southampton should be happy to be rid of them. Don't blame the School Board, they were used.
" May 19, 10 12:26 AM

Katy Stewart Of Sag Harbor Dies At 12

Bless you Katy...you are an angel in heaven now with your kind and generous spirit. Blessings too to your mom, dad and brother who will forever hold you in their hearts.
" Dec 30, 10 2:54 PM

North Sea Fire Commissioner Craig Robinson Dies at 53

So sorry Deb for your loss. Craig never had a bad word for anyone. Such a good man. We should all be like him. Thoughts and prayers with you and your boys. Cancer is an ugly thing. " Jan 30, 11 1:20 AM

League Pitches New Form of Government

"remove the politics" from government...now there's an oxymoron." Mar 2, 11 2:38 PM

Hurricane History of the East End

Gloria was in 1985, not 1991. " Aug 29, 11 1:06 PM

Montauk Highway Speed Limit Lowered To 35 mph On Stretch Near Smoke Shops

Forget the casino; how about a supermarket?" Apr 12, 12 10:49 PM

UPDATE: Neil S. Fyfe Had Just Finished First Day As Caddie At Sebonack Golf Club When Killed

Cars and trucks have been clogging western Southampton Village streets for the past 3 plus hours and the last update from 27East is from over 2 hours ago?
" May 2, 14 10:19 PM

Man Charged In Southampton Village Attack On Friday

William Rodney, see thru prison garb is the least of his worries, we can only hope!
" May 11, 14 11:10 PM

UPDATE: Farina Will Receive Nearly $300,000 After Resigning From Superintendent Position

When will you learn how to proof read or at least use spell check? Hopefully you are not one of our teachers. " Apr 16, 16 12:35 AM

Sam Price Remembered For Commitment To Helping Others

Such a wonderful person and family. Sam will be sorely missed. FYI: Harry Price is Sam's grandfather and Norman Price is Sam's uncle. Please correct. " May 19, 17 2:21 PM

Michael Irving Elected Southampton Village Mayor Friday Night; Hattrick, McGann Keep Their Seats

God help our Village. The locals, the very few that are left, will be done under the Southampton Association leadership of Michael Irving. God help us. Just hope someone remembers to turn the lights out on the way out.
" Jun 17, 17 12:18 AM

Stony Brook Southampton Hospital In Final Steps To Launch Fundraiser For New Location

It is an ambitious and great idea, but it will never only cost 300 million. " Nov 22, 18 7:14 PM