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Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield Confirms Plan To Drop Most Small Group Plans In New York

If you are a woman and you believe in freedom of choice but you are supporting the government takeover of healthcare, you might as well join the guy who jumped into the drink off the long wharf. You just sold your soul to the devil and when the devil decides that the cost of caring for your mom outweighs the chances of her survival and death is beneficial to the state's fiscal situation, you can say bubye to mommy. You keep arguing about your right to an abortion, you don't have a say in it. If the state decides its cheaper for you to abort, guess what..." Nov 11, 11 6:01 AM

Bishop Applauds Obama's Student Loan Reform

More of the same. Go check out the most liberal blogs you can find. Students are gagging on this legislation as most of them are finding out that this will save them approximately $100.00 per year. Yes, that's right, more puffery, chest beating and all out hoodwinking from the real 1%. Don't focus on what they say, focus on what Tim Bishop does. While the focus is kept by the media and the hacks on private citizens pitted against private citizens, the real 1%, Tim Bishop, Nancy Pelosi, Barack and the Mrs, these folks have done everything they can to pull the wool over your eyes. This is honestly a NOTHING statute. And, before you start flaming on my accurate description of this nonsense legislation, you had better have the math to back it up, because I do. Do not doubt me on this, this press release was meant to convince you of something that wasn't true, and people only try to pull the wool over the eyes of folks when they look down on them and think they are stupid. How does that feel?" Nov 11, 11 6:11 AM

Southampton High School Student Will Not Return To School After Shotgun Arrest, District Says

the kid wasn't suspended, he will graduate on time and the taxpayers are paying extra for his homeschooling. a lot of care was put into this kid not being inconvenienced. on the day he brought the gun to school, the kid he had been bullying stayed home because he was too frightened. and it is a very good kid. you don't know what you don't know. pstevens email is the sort of attitude that perpetuated child molestation at penn state. feel free to ignore the things right under your nose. its is the sign of someone too afraid to confront the reality of life right here INN your little Enclave." Nov 12, 11 5:57 AM

Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield Confirms Plan To Drop Most Small Group Plans In New York

summertime, you are the most entertaining antique on this website and for that you get the penn state award for blindness. you have now topped yourself and all of your condescending posts by actually knowing someone that has lived in hampton bays since 1640. the press has notified the folks at guinness book of world records. and hey, thanks for lecturing us on the er and doctors and nurse's duties. why don't you lecture us on your liquor cabinet? you spend a lot of time there too evidently." Nov 12, 11 6:00 AM

Appeals Court Denies New Trial For Oddone But Reduces Sentence

no good will ever come of this. the folks that come on here believing the perp's story needs to be heard should have their head examined. not the right place for it. but it doesn't matter anyway, this guy has already become a married man in prison, game over. only one of the parties in this story has a second chance and his deranged pals should take solace in the fact that he'll grow old and see the sunrise again someday. not so for my high school pal." Nov 13, 11 6:36 AM

Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield Confirms Plan To Drop Most Small Group Plans In New York

My kids would call you a tattle-tail. For my next trick I am going to dedicate every moment on this site to fact checking every ignorant point you make." Nov 13, 11 6:41 AM

If you believe Dick and son phil in rollingstone, you are too far gone. How the GOP became the party of the rich? you are kidding right? how about how the proletariat became the hoodwinked masses, turning on their own citizens in a clear form of modern day cannibalism. try focusing on the real 1%, those that get rich from your hard work and haven't suffered one iota under the current economic cycle. your man tim bishop and his ilk in congress. don't take your eye off the ball there mr z, the real 1% is tim bishop and the government payroll which hasn't taken any hit at all. this is the only sector on the planet not feeling any pain. the us government monstrosity. put that in your pipe and smoke it." Nov 14, 11 6:13 AM

Appeals Court Denies New Trial For Oddone But Reduces Sentence

That's funny, as if the Constitution is applied in the US Court System. Puhlease. This country is now ruled by ''man'' not by law. " Nov 14, 11 5:47 PM