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UPDATE: Zeldin Votes Against Bill To Block Trump's National Emergency Declaration

So the first comments anti-Trumpers say that Trump kept the children "in cages". The last two comments they say that the children were seperated as punishment.
Their arguement went totally opposite. They are making up fake facts as they go along.
Cant tell if they are being hypocrites or intentionally misleading." Mar 3, 19 9:43 PM

Hampton Bays Nun Arrested In Washington, D.C. While Protesting Treatment Of Children At The Border

Thats probably not true unless they came in illegally. You may recall a place called Ellis Island where millions were detained, screened for health, and returned if they did not have a sponsor to support them." Jul 27, 19 6:56 PM

Obama kept them longer but lost a lawsuit limiting him to 21 days. Trump was turning children over to family members after a few days so they could be with relatives and attend school. Democrats called this "family seperation " and demanded that the children be held at processing stations." Jul 27, 19 7:01 PM

Zeldin Votes Against Massive Budget Deal, Along With Most House Republicans

No, Trump will keep his tweets up. This makes it easier to find out that most quotes associated to him by the main stream media are made up or taken out of context.
"They are rapist", "shoot them coming over the wall," " nazi's are fine people", " free press is the enemy of the people" and quotes repeated perhaps millions of times by the media but never said by Trump." Aug 4, 19 8:04 PM

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