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Southampton Police Chief May Face New Challenge

5) Thats another reason why the PBA will win the court case. For 30 years or so they did not use the "20 and out" rule. In civil service law its called "past practices". In legal it called "Qui tacet consentire videtur" for those not in the know. By not using or addressing the law, they in effect gave up the right to use the law.
4) It only backs up what I previosly said. You may have been confused because statistics are not always what you think they are.
3) Nope. Just a fact
2) Just another fact.
1) Well, what is the section of Town Code? I can provide the section of law including title and section number. Can you?" Apr 10, 12 7:54 PM

Southampton Students Wear Hoodies To Honor Trayvon Martin

Probably not because 1) During the phone call to 911 Zimmerman stated that he did not know the color of Martin.
2) Dispite what the media initially reported, Zimmerman did not use a racial slur to describe Martin during the phone call to police.
3) It came out in the bail hearing that Martin probably approached Zimmerman, not the other way around.
I do believe that the law in Florida is horrible and that Zimmerman should be found guilty of something but with all the media frenzy going on, Captn America will probably be found to be correct." May 2, 12 6:12 PM

Southampton Supervisor To Give State Of The Town Address This Thursday

The STPD PBA will not recieve more pay than ever as they gave up several thousands dollars each in the past year.
Previously you asked for the forced retirement of high paying members of the police department and now that it occured, you complain about it.
"Everyone on the board are puppets of the pba" Have you paid ANY attention to the fight between the PBA and Nuzzi, Malone, and now Scalera? They recently tried to fire PBA board members and threatened the vice -president.
There is no "agreement" to just retire after 20 years and the enhanced benefits were put in place because officers were just retiring after 20 years and the town board discovered about 30 years ago that there was a need to retain experienced officers.
So, basically what you have is two false statements and one that counteracts several previous comments by yourself.
And as far as overtime, Wilson is no better of worse than other previos chiefs. It is a simple matter of the number officers. You can not cut the number of officers and still maintain the same number of patrol cars without incurring overtime. Even Malone had to admit that at a Town Board meeting." May 3, 12 11:17 AM

As far as high pay, do the math. They gave up $6000 each but will recieve about $2000 each in overtime. That is the dollar amount increase in overtime divided by the number of police officers.

ATH did not pick who got retired. If you read the news you will see that she wanted to retire people based on senority and it was the Rebublican/Conservatives on the board who cherry picked and decided who should stay.

So Malone threatens the PBA, tried to fire eight of them, fights against every recommendation that they make and you STILL believe he is in thier pocket?

The twenty year retirement IS the enhancement. Your just showing a lack of knowledge now.

Your still wrong and contradicting previous complaints.

Chief Wilson exceeded the dollar amount only because police officers are paid moe today than the were ten and twenty years ago. As far as the amount of HOURS of overtime, like the town boards research showed, Chief Wilson is no better or worse under the same conditions than privious chiefs." May 3, 12 1:07 PM

Immigration Outreach Group Celebrates 10th Anniversary In Hampton Bays

The Catholic Church issued fake birth certificates to Jews during WWII showing them to be other than Jewish. Catholic priest were murdered in Scandinavian countries. Catholics were also sent to concentration camps for assisting Jews. The vatican was one of the first to speak out about the intolorance in Germany. Please do some research before spreading lies." May 25, 12 8:04 PM

Cuomo's Marijuana Bill Generates Mixed Reactions From State Senate Candidates

If a cop tells you to empty your pockets and then charges you a misdemeanor for public view, that IS entrapment. The Chief of the N.Y.P.D. even said so and that is why the police in New York were instructed not to charge misdemeanor. Cuomo is trying to fix a non-existant problem.
Entrapment is doing something at the request of a police officer that you normally would not do.
What most of the misdemeanor arrest come from is probably after a police officer observes a street corner marijuana sale, they approach the buyer or seller and ask the person to take the drugs out of thier pocket. The public view occured at the time of sale, not when the officer asked them to take it out of the pocket.
If Cuomo wants to legalize small amounts of marijuana, he should just say so and stop with all these silly law changes based on political correctness." Jul 3, 12 12:47 PM

Suspect In Fatal Water Mill Hit-and-Run Remains Elusive; Cops Reveal Where Car Was Found

Hey, remember when Mr. Zaro publicly pleaded for the guy to turn himself in and also offered a big reward to however turns him in? Yeah, me neither.
Mr. Zaro probably helped hide the guy and is more concerned about watering his lawn then catching someone who killed a nun.
I have a few unkind words to describe Mr. Zaro but I do not want my comment removed." Jul 18, 12 2:57 PM

New Affordable Housing Project Pitched For Westhampton

Yes and that is exactly the problem. There should be no rent control and both apartments would then sell at market rate of about $2500 a month.
Like the old saying goes: "There are two ways to destroy a city. By bombing it or by rent control."
Affordable housing is always a mess. When the economy turns around, nobody wants them any more.
Look at all the homes available in Eastport, Speonk, East Quogue and Hampton Bays. There are plenty of places available right now without these silly intrusive government programs. All they are going to do is further ruin the housing market." Jul 18, 12 3:05 PM

Judge Dismisses All Charges In Fatal East Quogue Crash

Maybe you should go back and learn to read. It says "prosecuters" not "officers". Its all about wording." Jul 27, 12 8:11 AM

Around Town Hall: Hampton Bays Residents Urge Town To Shutter Illegal Motels

Why are town board members even wasting their time with coporate donations. This lady thats worried about corporations making donations to political campaigns should be more worried about unions and agenda driven organizations that contribute far more to politicians. She quotes "200 million" each election but the biggest contributor, Goldman Sachs, has only contibuted a toat of 39 million over the past 23 years. Not even close to the 80-90 million that a large union will spend to support Obama this election alone. The same could be said about unions and agenda groups, they are not people." Aug 16, 12 3:24 PM

Romney Makes Second Visit To The Hamptons On Friday

Billionaire Ross Perot.

And what are the questionable tax avoidance strategies? I know the Democrats keep yelling SWISS BANK ACCOUNT and CAYMAN ISLAND but these are not ways to avoid U.S. Taxes. Unlike U.S. banks that are only allowed to hold U.S. Dollars, Swiss and Cayman Island banks allow people to hold stocks, bonds, gold, and currency of other countries. BUT, all income from these bank accounts are reported to the U.S. government and taxes must be paid on all foreign accounts.
Democrats relay on the ignorance of their supporters and the general public and call foreign bank accounts a tax scheme and imply that Romney did something wrong." Aug 18, 12 1:07 PM

All perfectly legal. Even in the U.S. tax code.
Like I said, " Democrats relay on the ignorance..."" Aug 20, 12 10:10 AM

UPDATE: One Airlifted, Several Others Injured In Three-Vehicle Crash; Montauk Highway Reopens

I would have to call B.S. on your story. If they were "actual doctors" they should have taken over care of the patient and should be held responsible for the care. Instead they yell comments, do not take any responsability, and are offended when people from the ambulance corp, trying to do their unpaid job, ask them to step back.
" Aug 28, 12 10:01 PM

Charge Against Driver In Fatal East Hampton Accident To Be Dropped

The police would need to charge the person first in order to request the toxicology report and search the phone records. This way they can get a search warrant and the search would be limited to only finding out information related to what he is charged with.
Also, Mr. Midgett was given an appearance ticket that listed the charges against him and told to appear at court on a date in August. That court date was postponed as the DA did not get the results back yet. Now that the results are back, the charges will be dropped. He was not dragged to Police Headquarters, made to post bail, spend time in jail, or caused to spend a single penny in lawyer fees. He was basically told by the police the charges that they believe he may have commited and told to wait while they investigate." Sep 28, 12 12:29 PM

Pearce Is Named Southampton Town Chief Of Police

I think she already answered you.
Acts like a puppet for Republican\Conservatives, outdated technology, and does not communicate with other departments.
It is in her comment if you bothered to think about it.
And HHS, you thought the police were incompetant and overpaid under Overton. Your so busy throwing lies and distortion in all direction without ever looking at the facts that you draw a dizzing circle of your own misguided dillusions regarding the police." Nov 28, 12 10:23 PM

District Attorney Looking At Town Police Attendance And Time-Off Payments

And when Chief Wilson tried to fix the problem you bashed him also." Nov 30, 12 9:09 PM

Because you are ignoring one basic fact. The San Francisco Patrol Special Police are nothing more than armed security guards. They already exist in Southampton. The "Special Police" do NOT have any police powers. They can only make civilian arrest and do not answer calls for service.
What I think is funny is you are advocating for $65 an hour "Special Police" when an armed security guard can probably be hired for about $40 an hour. Your plans saving money already!! " Dec 4, 12 12:22 PM

The S.F. Patrol Special Police never had Police Status. They were Peace Officers at the most.
Example - If they were hired as security for a business they could issue you a ticket for parking in the businesses privately owned parking lot. If an actual crime occured, the S.F. Patrol Special Polce would have had to call a real Police Officer.
Now they are just armed security people for business and wealthy clients. And yes they do charge $65 an hour, moe than the $40 an hour for armed security here." Dec 4, 12 3:51 PM

House Of Representatives Approves Some Sandy Funding

Lets get a few facts straight about this bill.
It has nothing to do with helping people rebuild their homes. FEMA was already appropriated 6 billion dollars to do that, and they still have about 4 billion still not spent. A FEMA spokesperson said that they will not need additional funding for at least six more months.
This Hurricane Relief bill is the same bill that two weeks ago the politicians were complaining about as having to much pork. Most of the projects in this bill will not even be started within the next two years.
Also, this bill would take up 10% of Congress' descretionary spending for the year but they wanted a vote with no discussion or debate.
Massive pork, no debate, another 20 billion in debt because the government only takes in 2 dollars for every 3 they spend, I am glad the vote was cancelled so that others can see what Pork Fest this bill is.
To bad all the wastefull spending will be a minor note while politicians have fake outrage will be the headlines." Jan 3, 13 10:38 AM

UPDATE: Witnesses Say Verbal Altercation Led To Alleged Assault By Retired Southampton Village Sergeant

"Serious Physical Injury" has a definition in the Penal Law. It says that there must be a SUBSTANTIAL risk of death or death. In ordinary language, that means that the person had to be beaten so severly that they thought he would most likely die or did die. If the police charge a felony assault, the defense lawyer would probably just ask the victim "are you about to die?". And when the victim replies "No", then the lawyer could ask for the charges to be thrown out.
Don't overcharge. Don't make this more than it is. This is how DA's lose cases." Feb 12, 13 5:15 PM

Nose is not an organ. The brain is an organ but they would have to show an impairment. I do not think anybody is claiming loss of brain function. The other sections such as disfigurement or protracted impairment of health do not apply if the victim does not have any lasting major injuries.
Yes the DA can charge the Felony and also include the Assault 2nd as a lesser offense but the Felony might not make it past Grand Jury and also trial juries tend to dislike when prosecuters try the "Throw it against the wall and see what sticks" method." Feb 12, 13 7:21 PM

A broken nose is not "serious physical injury". There is plenty of case law to show that. Some case law even has a broken nose as Harassment 2nd, a violation, not even misdemeanor.
Read the definition that PBR listed above. Its not just a cut or scar to the face. Its "serious and protracted disfigurement". Its not just getting hurt it is "physical injury which creates a substantial risk of death, OR which causes death". It is not a broken nose which eventually heals and operates fine. It is "protracted loss OR impairment of the function of any bodily organ." Such as brain damage, chopping off a hand, or causing kidney failure.
From the research I did about the Riverhaed teacher I found that not only did he have an illegal gun, but it also had a illegal high capacity magazine. he already had a suspended licence for an unknown reason. So on top of all the DWI and traffic violations he did that night, he got also got charges for other issues related to his driving and a charge for each gun law he broke." Feb 13, 13 9:05 PM

I do not know anything about the victim or the injuries that he got. I just wanted to point out that for Felony Assault charges there needs to be a "serious" physical injury which means death, likely to cause death, or a injury that is so horrific that it changes the persons life. I see nothing to indicate from the news story that the victim came close to such an injury." Feb 15, 13 11:04 AM

Lack Of Federal Funds Could Force Gabreski Air Tower Closure

The Sequester was developed by Obama staffer Jack Lew. Pres. Obama stated several times "If you tinker with it, I will veto it". Passed by Democrats and signed by the Democratic president. So how is this in any way a "Republican created crisis"?" Feb 24, 13 7:15 PM

Wrong. Federal income taxes have stayed the same but payroll, Social Security, health care and 15 other taxes you pay to the federal government have gone up." Feb 24, 13 7:19 PM

UPDATE: Top Cops Dispute Charges That Street Crime Unit Office Was Strewn With Drugs

"arresting innocent motorists for drunk driving and arresting drug users to no purpose"
So police officers, by enforcing the laws of the State of New York, for which they are sworn to uphold, are criminals but the people that break the laws are "innocent" and "for no purpose"
Law abiding people= criminals.
Law breaking people = good guys.
I believe your logic hit a new low. " Mar 13, 13 4:15 PM

Acetone, varnishes, and body temperature do affect BAC results but the person would be dead or hospitalized long before they reached a level high enough to give a false reading.
Try a search for "The Likelihood of Acetone Interference
in Breath Alcohol Measurement" and read the NHTSB report.
A person would need a body temperature of about 110 for a significant reading. most people are bed ridden at 102, not driving a car.
Also mouth alcohol would register as an incredibly high BAC and when a breath sample is given, it would not mimic the "breath curve" that is blown by a person who has alcohol in their blood.
The previous comments seem to be a cut and paste from a DWI lawyer website rather than actual scientific research." Mar 14, 13 10:56 AM

Kabot Says She Wants To Run For Southampton Town Supervisor Again

Kabot was the Town Official who testified in court that the SOA should be allowed to break away from the PBA. But look at who she teamed up with, Tanaglia, Kiernan, Zarro, and Pierce.
It was a marriage of corruption. The SOA fund raises in the disguise of helping the community and then passing it to the Republic party at fund raisers and endorsement support. In return, the Republic party allows the SOA leadership to promote themselves no matter how corrupt or incompetent they are." Mar 20, 13 7:39 PM

Have you paid any attention over the past three week?
" Mar 21, 13 9:53 AM

Bishop Revives Bill Targeting Billions In Big Oil Tax Breaks

People should search the internet and find out what the "section 199" deduction really is. Then people will know that Bishop doesn't know what he is talking about." Apr 16, 13 7:24 PM

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