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Southampton Town Board Revisits Police Overtime Debate

Over the past three years, 15 cops have retired and 5 left for other jobs. The town hires six to replace them. The police department went from 105 people down to 91. Now they are forcing the retirement of 6 to 8 more people. The town board is well aware of the increasing amount of overtime. It takes about 96-98 cops to operate the police department. The town board will balance the budget by only budgeting for 90 cops and when there is a million dolllars of overtime next year they will act surprised and blame it on the cops again. " Nov 11, 11 1:52 AM

Southampton Town Board Poised To Adopt 2012 Budget On Friday

Over 100 years ago civil service laws were created because elected officials were using police departments for retaliation against thier opposition. Hiring and firing done by test score and senority. By Malone only trying to force the retirement of PBA members ( the union that supported ATH ) he is sending a clear message to police officers. Next election, put a "Bill Hughes" sign on your lawn, ticket anybody with a Democrat bumper sticker, and send a $$ donation or you will be out of a job next year. And why does the rest off the board feel they need to cut six jobs but Malone wants to cut eight? Is there somebody in particular he does not like?" Nov 16, 11 12:28 PM

Southampton Town Board Adopts 2012 Budget With $63.8 Tax Levy

I agree. When the company I work for switched to a new computer system, work almost ground to a stand still because of all the training required and problems with the hardware/software. Now is not the time to change when there are not enough cops as it is and overtime is $100,000 a month." Nov 19, 11 10:16 AM

1) The 8 million dollar deficit was because town hall put the money into the wrong fund rather than the police fund. It had nothing to do with the police department. during the Kabot administration the error was found and fixed.
2) In the current contract the did not get any back pay for two years that they worked without a contract. That means they gave up two years of raises. Not a pay cut but also doen't sound like "damanding ever higher salaries"
3) Malone is forcing the layoff of cops that didnt support him and the Republicans, and keeping the cops that did support him and the Republicans. ATH says "do you job and dont worry about being fired" Malone says "support me, give me money, or your fired" Who do you think is trying to abuse their power and control the police.
Malone and his abuse of power is why civil service laws were created years ago.
Maybe you should web search "To the victor goes the spoils" and get a history lession." Nov 19, 11 10:55 AM

You finally got what you want but you may be in for a surprise next year. Over the past several years the police department went from about 106 down to 91. There needs to be about 96 officers to run. Even Malone knows that. That is also why overtime is through the roof and the town board just approved another $100,000. Malone plan is to get rid of four from the PBA and replace them with cheaper new hires. Look at the Resolution 2011-1175 items # 5 and 6, which was passed on Friday, you will see they get rid of level 6 officers and replace them with level 3 officers. Subtract the two numbers and you get a savings of $161K, not 2M+. Why hire new people at level 3 rather than 1? Because Suffolk County is also cutting back and there will not be a police academy for several years. The town would need to get officers to switch from other departments. In the meanwhile the town is paying overtime at a rate of $50K to 100k per month. That is why I believe it will cost the town more money than it saves. Malone and the Republicans know that but next year they will again act suprised and blame it on the police officers.

And one more point, what good police officer would switch from a secure job to a job that will fire you in 15 years? Southampton Town police aren't the highest paid dispite what you think. The Chief of Police switched but only after he retired from Southampton Village. He took a pay cut but might be getting his salary plus pension. I don't think the town wants a bunch of 50 year olds as new cops. ( unless they make big donations to Malone)" Nov 20, 11 10:00 AM

Like the auditors said, NO out of control police spending, NO abuse of overtime, NO SIGNS of fiscal mismangement, ONLY Town Hall that forgot to put money aside for pay and benefits. In other words
"1) The 8 million dollar deficit was because town hall put the money into the wrong fund rather than the police fund. It had nothing to do with the police department. during the Kabot administration the error was found and fixed.
Just like my previous post said." Nov 20, 11 5:27 PM

Correction, it should have been 92 officers. I got that from the town board work session on 11/15/11 and zoom ahead on the clock until about 1:11:50.
And to Obbservant, just give it up, your wrong and the auditors that you previously praised said so." Nov 21, 11 7:53 AM

Landmark Status Recommended For Montauk Lighthouse; Beacon Change Turned Down

Agree, should be a no brainer. I would also like to see some of the military history also preserved. Most people have very little knowledge of how large a part Montauk played in the training and protection provided by the military." Dec 3, 11 9:24 PM

Developer Demands Resignation Of Westhampton Beach Trustee

When I went through main street in Riverhead last week there were people walking up and down the street, window shopping and going to restaurants. Westhampton Beach was dead. There is no reason to go to Westhampton anymore. The big box store may be on Rt 58 but small specialty shops, nice bars, restaurants and shops are creating a great main street. The decaying old building are being knocked down and the aquarium, hotel, and riverwalk are turning around the area. Westhampton is strangling business and turning it into a creepy little village.If I need bad clothing, real estate, or over priced bad food, maybe then I'll go to Westhampton." Dec 3, 11 9:47 PM

Southampton ZBA Rejects Front Yard Pool Plan In Bridgehampton

Lets use common sense here. There is obviously water in the back yard so they can not put the pool there. Let them put the pool in the side or front yard. The town should only make sure the pool is built safely and does not present a harm to neighbors. The town should not be acting as the "style" police. If they worry about appearances, we should first ban minimalist cubist style of modern architecture." Dec 19, 11 3:21 PM

It is about Style" police. You stated that it is not but then went on to say it will "result in a lot of ugliness in the Town". And your missing another point. Everybody has a right to a pool as long as it does not effect the safety of others or damage others in some way. It is not like they want to fill in the wet lands and put the pool there. They want to put it in a reasonable location, which preserves the wetlands, and people are only concerned about the appearance." Dec 20, 11 1:43 PM

A pool in the side yard is chaos? Ohh the HORROR. Like I said earlier "Lets use common sense" I didnt say elimate all zoning. And unless you know the home owner, what makes you think think that this zoning law was created prior to the purchase of the home? Over the past 5 -7 years the town board went crazy with silly zoning. Ex. All signs must have two support poles with the sign in the middle, pastel colors only. How about the national news making "No clothes lines on the front lawn" Southampton Town became the butt of late night television jokes." Dec 20, 11 6:25 PM

Building Inspector Defends Three Controversial Rulings

Ms. Graboski says "It took my breath away", "decisions are dangerous", and "alter the very character we struggle to maintain". That is how she described the decision to allow a pool in the front yard because the back yard is a wet land. The town should make sure the pool is built safely and not a harm to others, thats it. She should not be deciding zoning and permits on what she finds appealing. " Dec 21, 11 3:28 PM

Having dealt with Nancy Graboski, In my opinion she is a horrible council person who only cares about her own selfish ways. She is going to deny this family the joys of a pool just because she might drive by and have to view it for 3 to 4 seconds each day. And another example is tomorrow she will probably vote to spend over TWO MILLION dollars to restore a old building and beautify the area with new trees and bushes, and then a hour later lay off police officers and tell other town workers they have to take off a month without pay. Thats compassion." Dec 21, 11 11:25 PM

Pope Names Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary Roman Catholic Church A Basilica

1) The fault of all the excessive overtime in the P.D. is because there are only 90 police officers and there needs to be about 96. The town board reviewed past history and found that overtime is in line the amount of overtime generated years ago when manpower fell to this level. The town board is creating the overtime by not hiring enough officers and then acting surprised when overtime is generated. They knew when they created the budget the numbers were a sham.
2) Nobody in the department made three times the state average. Not even close. You can check out the actual total pay of every person on sites such as "seethroughny"
3) The people getting overtime are patrol officers filling patrol cars, not the senior officers who are retiring.
4) If Alex Gregor asked for overtime to clean up after a large snow storm or something out of his control, I believe the board would approve his request also." Dec 24, 11 12:28 PM

Southampton ZBA Rejects Front Yard Pool Plan In Bridgehampton

By the way, Smithtown isn't full of half run down houses and empty stores because the town board doesn't stick its nose in every little detail of a homeowner or business owners life. And lets compare apples to apples. Do you really think that Shirley is worse than Riverside or Flanders? Dont try to compare a multi-million dollar summer home to a $200,00 working mans starter home." Dec 24, 11 2:19 PM

What makes you think the neighbors do not want a pool to enjoy also? Guess what, if everybody could put in a pool, then everybodies home values would go up.
So let them put in the pool, it will raise property values and increase the quality of life.
Unless your one of those types of people who hate to see others have fun." Dec 27, 11 11:24 AM

What makes you think the neighbors do not want a pool to enjoy also? Guess what, if everybody could put in a pool, then everybodies home values would go up.
So let them put in the pool, it will raise property values and increase the quality of life.
Unless your one of those types of people who hate to see others have fun." Dec 27, 11 11:24 AM

I guess Southampton allows pools in front yards because using Bing maps I found several. And near the house in question, the neighbor has a tennis court in the front yard and around the block there are two pools in side yards.
Is there really a problem with 11,000 square foot houses making the area look like a slum? Does the Rennart house really lower surrounding home values?
And Sagaponack recently created a law that any structure that adds character to he village can not be removed without a permit.
So if I put a really cute play house for my granddaughter, and the residents really like it, I now need village approval to remove it when she grows up? What if I did not realize people really like it and disassemble it without a permit and then people complain. Do I have to rebuilt a playhouse that will not be used? " Dec 29, 11 12:26 AM

Don't lie, I didn't say that "you can't do anything." I said "lets use common sense". And once again I am pointing out that zoning laws should be used to ensure that structures are built safely and do not present a harm to others. Read the mission statement for the zoning department. It's all about enforcing safety codes. I do not need to know all the zoning laws to know stupidity when I see it. As for the play house, just google sagaponack Zoning and you will see several people were denied permits based on "character of the neighborhood" and their laws do not limit them to only historic structures SO, they can apply the permit requirement to my granddaughters playhouse.
Lets get back to the pools, if letting this person put a pool in thier side yard is so horrible, why are all the others allowed? Why is town zoning sticking thier nose where it doesn't belong? And it is the town board who is required to write a definition for "wet lands" or "waterfront" not a unelected town employee." Dec 29, 11 10:43 AM

So the ZBA based thier decision on the fact that the body of water was not named so therefore, the house can not be waterfront. Theres no requirement in any definition of the word "Waterfront" Town, State, or even the dictionary that the ZBA used that requires a body of water be named to be called "waterfront". So they based their decision on a requirement that does not exist. If basing decisions on non-existant requirements make common sense to you. this town needs help." Dec 30, 11 3:18 PM

Southampton Town Board Republican-Conservative Majority Holds Off On Key Appointments

Maybe Ms. Wright's and Ms. Scarlato's extortion check, oops, I mean donation check, to Malones campaign bounced?" Jan 6, 12 10:15 AM

LaValle Proposes Bill To Boost Scholarships For Children Of Fallen Police, Firefighters

Police and fireman are paid to rescue people, not paid to die while rescueing people. Fishing and window cleaning may be more dangerous but quite often the person has the opprtunity to get themselves out of harms way prior to an accident. Police and fireman run in to harms way while others are running away. The is no "time out" during an emergency." Jan 18, 12 11:44 AM

Southampton Town Comptroller Could Leave For Brookhaven Post

I agree. I can understand her wanting to leave after the way Malone mistreated her. Unfortunately, if Ms. Wright leaves, Malone will win and the abuse of power will continue." Jan 18, 12 11:50 AM

Politically Divided Southampton Town Board Names New Police Captain

"A paper shredding cop who was not qualified to be Chief gets a $14,000 promotion to a position that does not exist." That should be the headline.
Or maybe "Donation to Malone and the Republican Party gets rewarded."" Mar 14, 12 9:18 AM

Yes he probably was standing up when he shredded the paperwork about how incompetent him and the former Capt. Tanaglia were. He was also standing up when acting as "Executuive Officer" he shredded the documents about the THREE investigations into Malone. And what special interest did the Republicans stand up against? The Chief acting in the best interest of the Police Department or the town labor attorney acting in the best interest of the town? Malone acted in the best interest of himself." Mar 14, 12 11:20 AM

When the old chief was in charge there was no shredding. Pearce\Tanaglia take over and the shredding begins. New chief takes over and shredding stops. It does not take a genius to figure out what went on. When Tanaglia\Pearce were in charge they had control over the documents. I am sure that they do not leave sensitive documents in the hallway for all to see. If it was a subordinate, they would of handled the situation themselves and there would be no need for a external investigation. It's not smoking gun proof but you have to figure that Pearce either did the shredding, knew about it, or is so incompetent that he should quit. " Mar 15, 12 6:33 AM

Forces Tried To Oust Southampton Town Police Chief

Well your wrong. When the town board had Chief Wilson at Town Hall to answer questions why there was so much overtime, the board presented a review of overtime for previous years. When they looked at years where the department had a similar amount of officers, the board found that there was "a similar amount of overtime". Wilson is doing no worse than Overton. " Mar 31, 12 4:34 PM

I did compare the amount of HOURS of overtime worked. And acording to the Town Board, and yes even the people that are against Chief Wilson, the amount of overtime generated when there are only 90 officers is THE SAME. Please pay attention as I did not mention anything about crime rate. The amount of MONEY spent on overtime is not comparable as police officer pay is determined by the TOWN BOARD, not the Police Chief, and obviosly police pay is higher now than it was 5 or 10 years ago. As for "something to back up my statement" look at the Town Board meeting." Apr 1, 12 6:12 PM

Southampton Police Chief May Face New Challenge

1) "20 and out" is not in the town code. If you know so much about it, you should be able to figure out where it is.
2) Only deals with a certain section of retirement and not wages, health insurance, or anything else.
3) Has nothing to do with the current pay.
4) The pay of the average police officer in Southampton is not 4X the average salary in Southampton Town. More like 1.3x the average salary. AND please, I would like somebody to challange me on this using "per capita income" so I can easily disprove them wrong. Hint - "per capita income" probably is not what you think it is.
5) Both the PBA and the Town Board knew that the statute was illegal at the time it was created. State Civil Service law clearly states "last hired, first fired". The town needed to retain experienced people who were leaving after 20 years. That is why in all the years of its exsistance, no town board has ever used it until recently. And they still have not used it. It is a good treatening tool but they realize if used, it will cost the PBA thousands to fight but in the long run, the Town will lose and probably pay out hundreds of thousands to wrongly fired police officers." Apr 10, 12 4:12 PM

5) Thats another reason why the PBA will win the court case. For 30 years or so they did not use the "20 and out" rule. In civil service law its called "past practices". In legal it called "Qui tacet consentire videtur" for those not in the know. By not using or addressing the law, they in effect gave up the right to use the law.
4) It only backs up what I previosly said. You may have been confused because statistics are not always what you think they are.
3) Nope. Just a fact
2) Just another fact.
1) Well, what is the section of Town Code? I can provide the section of law including title and section number. Can you?" Apr 10, 12 7:54 PM

Southampton Students Wear Hoodies To Honor Trayvon Martin

Probably not because 1) During the phone call to 911 Zimmerman stated that he did not know the color of Martin.
2) Dispite what the media initially reported, Zimmerman did not use a racial slur to describe Martin during the phone call to police.
3) It came out in the bail hearing that Martin probably approached Zimmerman, not the other way around.
I do believe that the law in Florida is horrible and that Zimmerman should be found guilty of something but with all the media frenzy going on, Captn America will probably be found to be correct." May 2, 12 6:12 PM

Southampton Supervisor To Give State Of The Town Address This Thursday

The STPD PBA will not recieve more pay than ever as they gave up several thousands dollars each in the past year.
Previously you asked for the forced retirement of high paying members of the police department and now that it occured, you complain about it.
"Everyone on the board are puppets of the pba" Have you paid ANY attention to the fight between the PBA and Nuzzi, Malone, and now Scalera? They recently tried to fire PBA board members and threatened the vice -president.
There is no "agreement" to just retire after 20 years and the enhanced benefits were put in place because officers were just retiring after 20 years and the town board discovered about 30 years ago that there was a need to retain experienced officers.
So, basically what you have is two false statements and one that counteracts several previous comments by yourself.
And as far as overtime, Wilson is no better of worse than other previos chiefs. It is a simple matter of the number officers. You can not cut the number of officers and still maintain the same number of patrol cars without incurring overtime. Even Malone had to admit that at a Town Board meeting." May 3, 12 11:17 AM

As far as high pay, do the math. They gave up $6000 each but will recieve about $2000 each in overtime. That is the dollar amount increase in overtime divided by the number of police officers.

ATH did not pick who got retired. If you read the news you will see that she wanted to retire people based on senority and it was the Rebublican/Conservatives on the board who cherry picked and decided who should stay.

So Malone threatens the PBA, tried to fire eight of them, fights against every recommendation that they make and you STILL believe he is in thier pocket?

The twenty year retirement IS the enhancement. Your just showing a lack of knowledge now.

Your still wrong and contradicting previous complaints.

Chief Wilson exceeded the dollar amount only because police officers are paid moe today than the were ten and twenty years ago. As far as the amount of HOURS of overtime, like the town boards research showed, Chief Wilson is no better or worse under the same conditions than privious chiefs." May 3, 12 1:07 PM

Immigration Outreach Group Celebrates 10th Anniversary In Hampton Bays

The Catholic Church issued fake birth certificates to Jews during WWII showing them to be other than Jewish. Catholic priest were murdered in Scandinavian countries. Catholics were also sent to concentration camps for assisting Jews. The vatican was one of the first to speak out about the intolorance in Germany. Please do some research before spreading lies." May 25, 12 8:04 PM

Cuomo's Marijuana Bill Generates Mixed Reactions From State Senate Candidates

If a cop tells you to empty your pockets and then charges you a misdemeanor for public view, that IS entrapment. The Chief of the N.Y.P.D. even said so and that is why the police in New York were instructed not to charge misdemeanor. Cuomo is trying to fix a non-existant problem.
Entrapment is doing something at the request of a police officer that you normally would not do.
What most of the misdemeanor arrest come from is probably after a police officer observes a street corner marijuana sale, they approach the buyer or seller and ask the person to take the drugs out of thier pocket. The public view occured at the time of sale, not when the officer asked them to take it out of the pocket.
If Cuomo wants to legalize small amounts of marijuana, he should just say so and stop with all these silly law changes based on political correctness." Jul 3, 12 12:47 PM

Suspect In Fatal Water Mill Hit-and-Run Remains Elusive; Cops Reveal Where Car Was Found

Hey, remember when Mr. Zaro publicly pleaded for the guy to turn himself in and also offered a big reward to however turns him in? Yeah, me neither.
Mr. Zaro probably helped hide the guy and is more concerned about watering his lawn then catching someone who killed a nun.
I have a few unkind words to describe Mr. Zaro but I do not want my comment removed." Jul 18, 12 2:57 PM

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