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Southampton native is a finalist in Golf Digest contest

I've been voting for you Phil, good luck!" Mar 31, 09 9:18 PM

Notes from Water Mill, May 6

Sandy's neice is Kristin.
" May 15, 10 12:54 AM

Too bad we don't live back home in Water Mill. My 11 yr. old son Nate would love to help with the flag at the war memorial. " May 15, 10 12:56 AM

Mill Pond fish kill not caused by runoff; coincidence and longer term problems blamed

The solar bees were leased by some of the residents around Mill Pond, not the Town Trustees. I certainly hope a solution to this algae bloom can be resolved soon. I grew up along the shore of Mill Pond and it's sad to see no one can swim, or fish these waters safely anymore. My late father Eric and my late brother Peter Corwith both proudly served on the Board of Trustees. Miss them both very much and I know they would do their best to resolve this problem. Let's hope the current members will find the right people for the job. " Aug 24, 10 11:45 AM

Scientist proposes poisoning fish in Mill Pond to spark turn around

I can't believe what I just read. Poisoning Mill Pond. Are they insane? " Sep 12, 10 1:20 AM

Southampton Village Plastic Bag Ban Takes Effect November 6

Next the village will ban the use of toilet paper!
" Nov 7, 11 6:09 PM

UPDATE: Monsignor Trench of Sacred Hearts Remembered As People Person

May all the churches ring their bells throughout the village to signal a respectful and heartfelt farewell to Monsignor Trench. " Mar 21, 12 8:08 AM