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Southampton Town Officials Float Ideas To Help Alleviate Traffic Following Serious Accidents

How about clearing one lane or the shoulder on each side after an accident to let traffic pass like the LIE does, instead of closing both down for hours on end." Aug 7, 13 1:54 PM

Affordable Apartments Plan In Tuckahoe On The Table Tuesday

"Below-market rates" - and what might they be? People earning ten bucks an hour, which plenty local businesses out here pay workers, gross less than $20,000 a year. If these affordable apartments are priced at the same "below-market" rates as the Atrium "affordable" apartments in Water Mill, at $1,500 a month ($18,000 a year,) they couldn't live there. People earning as much as $35 - 40,000 couldn't afford them either. " Aug 7, 13 2:46 PM

Throne-Holst Well Ahead Of Challenger Kabot In Campaign Finance Race For Southampton Election

Let's hope voters will begin to wonder why so many heavy hitters are handing money to ATH. Money like that has strings on it." Aug 22, 13 9:56 PM

Proposed Hill Street Home In Southampton Village Meets Resistance From Neighbor

Her's won't be the first house in the historic district to have a larger one built behind it. There was a huge spec house built on a flag lot on Post Crossing about three years ago. No doubt there are others." Jan 22, 14 5:37 PM

UPDATE: Snow Totals Vary, Heavier West Of Canal

The town's roads seem to be well plowed. The village of Southampton is another story. Hampton Road was a mess still by mid afternoon. Main Street hadn't been properly cleared. Delivery trucks were parallel parked in sloppily banked up snow that should have been removed first thing in the morning. " Jan 22, 14 5:49 PM

Southampton Town Board Ousts Pair Of Veteran ZBA Members

The truth of the matter is that Anna wanted to get rid of Ann Nowack because she ran Linda Kabot's campaign against her last fall. Simple as that. Old fashioned political payback. " Jan 29, 14 1:15 PM

Last-Minute Save Effort Fails For Old House In Mecox

Phone in a complaint to the Town Supervisor for starters at 631-283-6000. Then call each board member at the same number to let them know how you feel. They have been busily working on giving landmark status to the Neptune Beach Club nightclub in Hampton Bays since January, maybe they could be persuaded to also landmark a few 300 year old buildings. " Mar 17, 14 7:13 PM

Southampton Contemplates Accepting Grant To Extend School Day

If the real goal is to close the achievement gap in math and English, the grant should be laser focused on kids struggling with those subjects through one to one tutoring, rather than be wasted on extra hours generally. Many kids do not need extra help. The ones who do would benefit greatly if given more individualized attention and support." Jul 2, 14 12:05 PM

Project MOST Kids Take On A Trip To The Shellfish Hatchery

It's too bad Southampton does not have something like this. The kids in summer school need to get out more and be exposed to hands on, mind broadening experiences like this one. Where are organizations in our town that could provide such enriching experiences? " Jul 17, 14 8:59 AM

Southampton Town Will Post Armed Security Guard At Public Meetings

This is disgusting. Anna has been using guards to intimidate people from speaking their minds at certain meetings. Now she wants to have the guards at all meetings. This woman needs to go. She no longer has my vote." Jul 22, 14 8:39 PM

Core of Pyrrhus Concer House To Be Preserved In Southampton Village

What should have happened? The property owners, this will be their fourth spec house build, and the broker who sold it to them knew the house was historically sensitive - there is a large monument to Pyrus Concer across the street. They should have shown some consideration to Southampton's and the nation's slave owning history by incorporating the historic part of the house into their plan, instead of asking to demolish it.
The Mayor and Village Trustees are to blame for not designating the place historic long before it went on the market, as are previous village board members and mayors who didn't. None of them cared about it until the public began to raise a stink about what was to be lost. " Jul 23, 14 7:31 PM

Tribute To Slain Nun Is Flash Point For Southampton Town Officials

Gergor's right, "the Town Board has no soul and no shame". The article doesn't mention that Mr. Zarro has listed his house for sale. Apparently the neighborhood makes him uncomfortable." Jul 30, 14 2:14 PM

Hampton Jitney Partners With Fighting Chance To Offer Free Bus Rides For Cancer Patients

Excellent program for those truly needing it. Let's hope people it will be closely monitored so people will not take advantage of it the way they did the old program by using the Jitney when it wasn't medically necessary. Not everyone going to NY for cancer treatments, check ups and consultations need a companion. Many are just fine going alone." Aug 14, 14 11:31 AM

Constables: Poachers Are Scooping Crabs From Mecox Bay

It's about time. This poaching has been happening for quite a few years. The constables have known about it and done nothing. Undersized Mecox crabs show up at city markets out of season openly labeled as Mecox crabs." Aug 27, 14 1:04 AM

Southampton ARB Approves Meadow Lane House On Monday

Idiots with no spines. How is a flat topped glass box towering 53 feet tall consistent with a historic district filled with traditional sloped roof, wood-sided houses? The ARB is charged with protecting the sense of place that residents value highly enough that a historic district was created in the first place. It has been failing to do its job for a while, but this time has done so spectacularly. Mayor Epley, you should be ashamed of the poor job your appointees have been doing. " Sep 23, 14 11:41 AM

Proposed Modern House For Gin Lane Continues Debate About Historic Districts

Individual houses within an historic district do not need to be on a registry, and the village does have the legal ability to prevent teardowns for rebuilds. That's why a permit is required. The ARB is charged with upholding the regulations of the historic district, which means making sure whatever is built in it is compatible with the rest of historic district. Its members have not been doing their jobs and deserve blame. Glass boxes are not compatible. " Sep 30, 14 10:47 PM

Historic Howell House In Bridgehampton May Be Demolished

Southampton Village does not value its heritage any more than Southampton Town does, which is not at all. Both village and town need to wake up and do something meaningful to help induce owners of heritage houses to preserve them before we lose everything older than 1900 and we look like Great Neck." Jan 20, 15 10:08 AM

Southampton Town Struggling To Close $100,000 Assistance Project

Who wasn't managing this job to be sure the paperwork was in order and it was done on time and on budget? $100,000 for one person? " Jan 29, 15 11:16 AM

Tuckahoe Shopping Center Returns, With Supporters

A new supermarket is definitely needed, but not there. The main entrance would be dangerous. It is sited on the west end of a curve at a busy intersection, just where Sandy Hollow enters Rt 39. It's not on a safe straightaway with good sight-lines like King Kullen in Bridgehampton. Its entrance would be between two sets of traffic lights. Shoppers wanting to turn in from the westbound lane will have to stack up in the middle lane and dart between eastbound cars as no light will be there to let them through. Or, they will have to turn onto Magee St. at the light and enter from the rear. Supermarkets have to be safe to access. Not dangerous. There have to be better locations for a supermarket in Southampton. The town should be actively working to find them as the public has clearly stated that it wants more markets." Feb 5, 15 8:13 PM

This proposed project is about allowing, or not, a zoning change requested by a developer that will set a precedent for development of all highway business parcels in the entire town in the future. It is not just about a new supermarket in Tuckahoe.

It would trade four low traffic highway business zoned building lots for one high traffic shopping center with open land behind it controlled by the developer for a second phase of development in the future, just the way Bridgehampton Commons and Tanger Mall expanded in stages.

The recent traffic study says the highway there is at capacity - something we know already. Is having a new supermarket worth a big shopping center in our midst, and gridlock? If this zoning change is allowed, other developers will ask for, and have to be granted, zoning changes for shopping centers in other highway business locations. Welcome to the approach of suburban Up-Island that so many have come here to avoid.

King Kullen! Find a better location for a supermarket, and build it quickly. We need one." Feb 6, 15 2:00 PM

Southampton Students Petition District To Change Columbus Day's Name

This is the opposite of disturbing. It is excellent that students are being encouraged to think for themselves after reading and researching a subject. For a lot of Native Americans, Columbus Day is a quiet day of mourning for all they lost after Columbus "discovered" America. Their varied cultures and ways of life were overpowered and destroyed in North, South and Central America. Millions of them died from European diseases or were killed or enslaved by Europeans over the years - starting in the Carribean where Columbus landed. Columbus was a great European explorer, but people were living in the Americas already. " Feb 7, 15 10:01 AM

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