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McGintee will not seek re-election, Zwirn screens for super with the Dems

The fact is the town had a general fund surplus of almost $10 million (and a total surplus of almost $14 million) when McGintee took office on January 1, 2004. He will leave with a general fund deficit of between $15 million and $20 million -- that is a near $35 million down turn. Mc Gintee had a general fund surplus of an ample $5.8 million and almost $10 million after his first year (Dec. 31, 2004) -- despite his spending spree. From that point on the town nosedived as his mismanagement mushroomed and McGintee began creating phony budgets. In 2007, McGintee's budget used millions in "surplus" to balance the budget when the town had a multi-million dollar deficit. Irresponsible and unforgivable. As far as land preservation goes -- the McGintee administration has done more to damage the credibility of the Community Preservation Fund than anyone could imagine. His shenanigans with CPF money has virtually made it impossible for new CPF's in town's that do not have them. That is disgraceful. The truth, the town will take years to recover from the McGintee administration and get back to where it was in 2003 before he took office." Mar 31, 09 7:20 PM

Ad calls GOP candidate's personal finances into question

Dominic Stanzione stood up to the IRS and from what I hear won. IRS places liens on accounts all the time when taxpayers refuse to give in to their heavy handed tactics. Often times people do give in or strike a deal when they are right and IRS is wrong. It takes a real fighter to stand up to the IRS and win. That is the type of person I want governing the town -- someone who will fight for the people of East Hampton and not throw in the towel. It is exactly what we need now." Oct 16, 09 11:55 PM

Sag Harbor teachers plan to march through village

To callie : For the record, the SagHarbor teachers have received raises over the last 2 yeras. By law they are required to get their automatic step increase and raise which according to the news stories is about 2.8% to 3.0% depending on the teachers grade. They want pay raises in addition to the automatic, non performance based, raise they receive with or without a contract. I believe they want somewhere around 4% above the automatic raise -- that's almost 7% per year. Do you know anyone who has received a 7% raise around here lately?

Or even a 3% raise for that matter? The papers say the teachers even get paid extra for monitoring the cafeteria during lunch periods and extra money for tutoring outside of school hours. Is that true? If it is, then how much does a typical teacher make during the 10 months they work every year?

The seniors at the high school wrote in a homecoming chant that the average teacher salary is $90,000. Is that true?

If all these things are true then you are looking at a group who averages $90,000 in base pay, get paid extra for lunch monitoring and tutoring, are guaranteed a 3% pay raise with o with out a contract and want another 4% on top of that. WOW!!!!!" Oct 18, 09 3:05 PM

Source: Bernard will be tapped as budget officer in East Hampton Town

Happy, your right. And cruiser, you have got to be kidding. Cruiser, keep drinking the McGintee Kool Aid, it seems there are still many gallons floating around town." Dec 12, 09 7:02 PM

Deliberations in Oddone trial resume Monday with testimony reread to jury

Happynow is right. That was a pretty big mistake by a professional reporter. The time on the story is like 2:08 and the final correction by Shaw is 4 hours later. With what you read going back and forth above, four hours of a mistake is not acceptable. If you can't get it right then don't try to beat the other media by these e-mail flashes and let's beat the competition attitude. If you want to take that approach then get it right. No excuses." Dec 12, 09 8:56 PM

Sag Harbor overspends school budget; surpllus dwindles

I think the surplus dwindled because the budget that was approved by the voters used over $1 million of surplus to keep taxes down. If the school board and the taxpayers did not vote to use that $1 million in the budget then the surplus would be like way over a million at the end of last year because according to an article in another weekly the district still had almost $900,000 of surplus at the end of last year. In a school district the BOE and ultimately the public decides in a public vote what should be spent and what the taxes should be and what surplus should be used up. It's very democratic and very open. Everyone knows what is going on and votes." Dec 12, 09 9:08 PM

Deliberations in Oddone trial resume Monday with testimony reread to jury

Observer. Thank you for responding as I thought someone would. You are right. The story up above is posted today at 2:08 yet the first 7 responses below it are dated yesterday. Then there are about five posts dated today, then a bunch dated yesterday again, then a bunch dated today. I thought the posts were supposed to be in order? We know the story was changed. It had to be changed because it was wrong. A thread is called a thread because it is supposed to develop as the story develops. Something is haywire here. Hey Pub, in ancient times if the messenger got it so wrong he would no longer me a messenger." Dec 12, 09 11:24 PM

Memo To East Hampton Town Employees Raises Concerns

The facts and truth in this whole thing are this.

Fact: The town needs to be more productive with less.
Fact: You have many town employees who are just there to collect a check.
Fact: You have some department heads who's allegiance are to special interests and not good, practical, objective government that has as its goal to objectively protect residents and property.
Fact: You have town employees who are nasty and do not understand THEY work for the public and not the other way around.
Fact: You have town employees who have been caught on film gold bricking.

Truth: You have a town supervisor who is a former top executive whose specialty is human resources and creating a productive work force
Truth: You have a town supervisor who was responsible for the behavior 125,000 corporate employees who are world known for being productive, helpful and respectful of their clients.
Truth: You have anew town board majority that has just addressed and dealt with a $30 million deficit and 40% tax increase caused by total incompetent management by the former administration, the same former administration that some of the idiots above want back in office -- you think they may be Democrat committee people? Who else would want the return of incompetence?
Truth:" Mar 10, 11 6:43 PM

HIGHHAT -- Can't read either.

Paragraph 5 says "Undermining the authority of management and morale of co-workers; employee attempts to embarass, ridicule or degrade a supervisor; or grumbling, back-talk or overall disrespectful attitude towards a supervisor."

last paragraph "As a municipal employee, not only are each of us responsible for performance management but for being ambassadors of good performance to all our residents, visitors and businesses."

Those passages address the behavior of top management, middle management, low level management and all workers. From the person who answers the phone, to the crew leaders on the highway and at the reycyling center, to the bus drivers, to the rec leaders, to the chief lifeguards, to the clerks, to the department heads, etc." Each town employee knows the memo was about a system of discipline and dedication that goes from top-down and from down to the top. Performance management by defiinition is an instituional phenomenon that requires the participation and acceptance of all employees in an organization -- not just top manangement. You know nothing about organizational management dynamics or personnel management theory and practice.

Mr. Wilkinson was the director of Human Resources for a company with 135,000 employees who have a reputaion for being productive, helpful, professional and respectful of their clients. Mr. Wilkinson has forgooten more about human resource and employee management than you or any poster on this blog ever knew." Mar 12, 11 7:32 PM

HIGH HAT -- As you can see from the press release below issued by Disney, Wilkinson did it all in HR -- he was the main man who "oversaw all human resources activity throughout the company". The whole enchilada!!!!! Just do a little research HIGHHAT and you will find the facts and truth -- you can't believe anything in the Star. The program at Harvard happens to be the equivalent of a Masters and is only offered to the top executives in the world. You can find that on the Harvard website.
It is impossible to have a debate with you Dems because all your premises are either lies or misinformation making intelligent and honest debate impossible.

The following is the Disney press release easily obtainable by a Google search.

"March 07, 2002

BURBANK, Calif.--William J. Wilkinson, senior vice president of human resources for The Walt Disney Company, will form a consulting organization, and step down as head of human resources, it was announced today by Robert A. Iger, president and chief operating officer.

Wilkinson's consulting firm will assist corporations in dealing with various human resources opportunities in the increasingly diverse marketplace. He also will work to place more minority products in mainstream distribution. He plans to depart Disney at the end of this month.

"Bill has served The Walt Disney Company and ABC well over the past nearly 30 years," said Iger. "He has always demonstrated a real passion for diversity and inclusion in life, in the marketplace and in the workplace. For several months, he has expressed his desire to extend some of those efforts to the overall marketplace, and we applaud his decision. Through his consulting services, we plan to retain his participation in Disney's overall outreach, the diversity of our product and creation of future opportunities of those diverse populations that we serve. We wish him well in his new endeavor."

Said Wilkinson, "For a long time, Bob Iger and I have discussed my desire to expand my work in bringing about greater inclusion and diversity. Knowing that I have Bob's and Disney's support was very important to arriving at the decision to go out on my own, and I am grateful to be able to maintain a close relationship with Disney through my consulting."

After serving two years as a lieutenant in the U.S. Army's 1st Infantry Division, Wilkinson joined ABC in 1973 in the Human Resources Department and moved through a series of increasingly responsible positions.

When ABC was acquired by Disney in 1996, he was vice president of human resources and executive assistant to the chairman. Soon thereafter, he was named to his current post of senior vice president of human resources for Disney, where he oversaw all human resources activities throughout the company.

A successor to Wilkinson is expected to be named soon, Iger said.

# # #

Ken Green
(818) 560-6166*"

" Mar 13, 11 4:19 PM

This entire series of comments related to this story is facinating and telling. The Democrats in East Hampton are so desperate for any issue that they have decided to attack the supervisor for attempting to make town government more business like, instilling a certain level of organizational discipline and asking employees to respect everyone in the chain of management and labor. A number of the anti-Wilkinson comments above have been shown to be false, fabrications, or based on heresay. When confronted with the facts one Democrat commentor after another has been forced into silence or into admitting their comment was less than accurate. If this is what the Democrats have planned for the campaign, then there is little doubt the town board will have a 5-0 Republican majority come January 1, 2012. The Democrat attack in response to this story is really remarkable for its shrillness and just plain lies." Mar 13, 11 4:33 PM

HHSize -- the clip below is taken right from the Harvard website -- see where it says all GRADUATES from the program" receive Harvard Business School Alumni Status." The profram was quite impressive. Obviously your research skills are as weak as your other skills.

From 1957 to 2005, Harvard Business School offered the Program for Management Development (PMD), a two-to-three month executive education program for high-potential middle managers. This selective program admitted leaders from all over the world. They came to the HBS campus for a full-time, intensive learning experience that covered all aspects of management—from accounting, finance, technology and operations…to competition, strategy, and marketing…to the international economy and organizational change.
PMD enabled participants to see the organization as more than the sum of its parts. And to learn how to use this broader vision to formulate effective management decisions. Shaped by business trends and technology innovations, the program's cutting-edge approach to leadership offered participants an unparalled opportunity to:
• Focus on key business functions to understand how the various areas interrelate and impact their roles
• Gain knowledge and insight into state-of-the-art management techniques and technologies
• Learn to recognize vast, new opportunities in the global marketplace—then capitalize on them ahead of the competition
Approximately 12,000 managers have graduated during the program's more than 45-year history—many of whom have gone on to top leadership positions in some of the world's most influential companies. All PMD participants received full HBS alumni status upon graduation. This life-long designation provides them with access to: alumni and reunion events, Baker Library services, discounts on open-enrollment Executive Education programs, a lifelong HBS email address, and ongoing connections to the extensive network of HBS alumni.
In 2005, PMD merged with a closely related program offered by HBS—The General Manager Program™ (TGMP). The resulting program—the General Management Program (GMP)—launched in September 2006.
Copyright © 2011 President and Fellows of Harvard College
• Harvard University
• Jobs at HBS
• Privacy Policy
• Give Us Feedback"

" Mar 14, 11 7:51 AM

HHS-Your just too stupid to deal with intelligently." Mar 14, 11 5:16 PM

Concerns About Lake Montauk Swirl As Study Continues

I can't remain silent any longer on this. This guy Facts Man is nothing more than a political hack. He first accuses someone of being Rick Murhphy. Then when that person identifies Facts Man he says he is not playing the identity game. He says give me some facts. When someone cites the actual observations of users and caretakers of the lake he discounts those opinions. Facts Man has a factless based answer for everything. He is a politcal boob who obviously will make up anything to criticize Mr. Wlikinson and his administration. He should just be ignored, which is I will now do. Thanks." Apr 22, 11 8:14 PM

East Hampton Independents Back Cohen For Town Supervisor

Oh boy..Zach Cohen. Another brilliant move by Elaine Jones-- just kidding. Elaine Jones the biggest McGintee critic not supporting the person Will Wilkinson, who cleaned up the McGintee mess. She rather goes with someone whose was part of the McGintee years -- made chair of the Land Preserve Board under McGintee, never attacked McGintee in any meaningful way, claims to have worked with McGintee on financial stuff. Oh boy this is hard to believe." May 21, 11 2:16 PM

The only thing we should discuss is how tight High Hat wears his hat -- because it obviously cuts off the circulation to that little spongy tissue in his skull called his brain. So lets talk about High Hats brain power -- that will take about 2 lines of type.

Line One : Small

Line Two: Smallest" May 22, 11 11:15 AM

You miss the point. Jay Schneiderman has his sights set on running for Supervisor in East Hampton after Wilkinson's second term. Jay himself has stated just recently that Wilkinson can not be beaten -- with or without the Independence line - I believe Jay said Wilkinson would win with about 60% of the vote - just ask him. He is correct because Jay knows that the town is in better shape today that it has been since he was supervisor in 2003. That being said, the Democrats in East hampton would never endorse Jay for Supervisor -- the EH Dems didn't even show up at the county convention to avoid supporting Jay for re-election to the legislature. So if Jay wants to run for town supervisor in 2013 he will need the Republican line and whether he gets it will depend greatly on who he endorses this year -- Wilkinson or Cohen. You know he wants to support Wilkinson, but his Indpendence party leader -- Elaine Jones -- has put him in a very tenuous position by nominating in essence a throw - away candidate in Cohen. Jay knows Cohen is a throw away candidate and from what I have been told has has pretty much said it. So his action over the next few days has great impact on his future and the future of the town. That is why this Cohen endorsement is so important. It has no impact on Wilky -- he wins anyway and jay knows it. Unfortunately for Jay it puts him in a position where his future is greatly affected. As someone who respects Jay and would rather see him succeed Wilky as opposed to ANY Democrat out there, I am concerned by the impetuous, self serving action of Elaine Jones." May 22, 11 11:30 AM

Independence Party Chairman Endorses Wilkinson

Ok Facts Man, lets tell it like it is - I challenge you to review the list of contributors to the EH Conservators and Democratic Committee. As you review the list put check marks next to the people who have flown in or own helicopters, have nannys for their children or their grandchildren, have their garbage picked up by private haulers, have their OWN sport fishing boats, send their kids or grandkids to private summer camps at $4,000 per week, own $100K+ automobiles, vacation six to eight weeks a year in exotic locations, own homes in multiple locations, etc. You will have multiple check marks next to almost every name on the Dem list. Then go to the list of Republican contributors. You will have far, far fewer check marks and the checks marks will be next to local people who have worked their butts off locally to get what they have. People like Facts Man love to play the class warfare game but are too stupid to realize the people they try to pillage are the very people that support the local Democrat party in a very big way. Wilkinson's action have been to lower the burden and cost of government on the working guy -- and most working guys are willing to fill their trucks (they don't own $100K + luxury cars) with leaves and bring them to the dump for free (most town charge their residents for leaves), and they don't mind going to the dump on Thursday or Tuesday to save a couple of hundred thousand for the town. You see, the working people, i.e the "Wilkquig" people, who want tax relief don't mind sweating a little to get it and at the same time fix the mess the Dems and McGintee created in the town. NEVER FORGET that the sacrifices being made now are primarily attributable to the McGintee-Democrat fiaasco. Dealing with that is not easy, its not painless, its not without consequences as Democrats and their leader Zack Cohen wants everyone to believe. When Zack and the Dems were sitting by and watching Mcgintee ruin the town, Bill Wilkinson was out there warning us what was happening and what the impact would be. Zack was playing it down the middle not willing to call for McGintee's resignation and replacement." Jul 21, 11 5:36 PM

Ms Jones: After reading all the articles and quotes and expanations my conclusions are:

1. Mr. McKay did not want a primary. He had the sole power to decide. Wilkinson could only submit petitions. I seriously doubt Wilkinson told McKay, who I believe is the NATIONAL leader of the Independence Party, what to do. If he did then Wilkinson must be a pretty powerful guy.
2. McKay did the same thing in Southampton in 2009 when he supported the Republican candidates over the selection of the local Independence leader - so I don't know why people are reading so much into this situation in East Hampton. Unsupported claims of back room deals seem a little odd when Mr. McKay has done this in the past - maybe he has an opinion and relies more on a person's performance and record (i.e Nuzzi and Wilkinson) than the vindictiveness and pettiness of the local party leader.
3. This thing about the Jonas Brothers seems well known to Ms. Jones. The only thing I could find about the Jonas Brother and Oheka Castle on Google was that one of the brothers got married there in 2009 (before Wilkinson was even supervisor). Ms. Jones certainly must have known about this for some time because she seems to have been close with Mr. McKay. If it was such a bad thing why hasn't she said something before now? Again, if Wilkinson could deliver the Jonas Brothers anywhere, then he must be a fairly powerful guy - the kind of guy you want to get the town out of the mess the Democrats left behind.
4. A primary would be the last thing the Democrat leadership and Cohen would want if they were smart. If he wins then one can say he was Ms. Jones' pick and she strong armed people in her party (who she claims to have great influence over), if he loses he is totally blown out of the water before October.
5. Cohen would lose by about 2 to 1 because Ms.Jones does not have the influence she thinks she has. An she has become quite shrill. Her claims that Wilkinson only cares about himself do not seem supported by the facts. He doesn't need the job, he seems to be everywhere where people need help, he was out front last summer as a large hurricane headed our way (he even arranged to have pets protected), he lowered everyone's taxes, he doesn't even take the town's health insurance according to an article in the Star because he pays for insirance from his former employer and feels he didn't seek the jobs to feather his nest.... People know when someone has been unfairly attacked by another, like Ms. Jones has attacked Wilkinson, and they do not like it and they react. My guess is Wilkinson could have gotten many more signatures if he wanted. " Jul 21, 11 11:30 PM

Facts man must be a former Dem office holder trying to rationalize his/her behavior and the total ineptitude of the McGintee administration. Read the reports Facts Man - it is easy by searching Wilkinson articles on each newspapers' website. Here are some real facts.

1. Wilkinson does not take town health insurance ($20,000 savings to town at his expense -- Quigley doesn't take it either, so that's about $40,000 or the salary of one person) they pay for their own own private insurance. Thanks Mr. Wilkinson.

2. The people who saved $3,400 in taxes as opposed to those who saved $850 probably paid about four times the amount in taxes also (using your logic) -- that means a $5K assesed house received the same proportionate tax cut as a $20K assessed house. Wasn't it great that EVERYONE got a nice tax cut relative to the assesed value of their house? Thanks Mr. Wilkinson.

3. How does closing the dump save Wilkinson money? How does eliminating leaf pick up save Wilkinson money? By lowering taxes (including his) you claim. It's nice to hear a Dem supporter like you say that those actions reduced taxes because the Dem leaders, NcGintee Kool Aid drinkers and Cohen are saying the actions did not produce any savings. Thanks Mr. Wilkinson.

4. Mr. Wilkinson hasn't raided the CPF and Capital accounts and spent that money to operate the town in an effort to keep taxes ARTIFICALLY and MISLEADINGLY low and himself in office like the McGintee gang did. That money now has to be paid back to the tune of about $25 million. The $450K that the McGintee gang pick pocketed from local residents for parking stickers in 2009 is less than 2% of the money that had to be be paid back to pay for all of the other Democrat/McGintee shenanigans. Thanks Mr. Wilkinson for being honest and making hard decisions at the expense of securing votes at the ballot box.

5. Beach and water safety has been a priority for Wilkinson. All the safety procedures put in place cost money and require hours of planning, but that money is well spent for the good of the community. Spending money and careful planning to improve safety is a huge plus for all resident. Thanks Mr. Wilkinson.

6. How about wind energy to help the farmers?

7. What about helping Springs school with a space problem?

8. How about saving someone's house (not a friend) from falling into the water?

9. How about finally closing the deal on the acquisition of Boys Harbor (something McGintee could not do)?

10. How about reorganizing code enforcement resulting in more housing violation cases in court than ever before (something McGintee promised and never delivered)?

11. How about revamping and implementing a real hurricane/storm response program to protect local lives and property?

I cannot figure out how any of these actions feather the nest of Wilkinson. Every action helps people who need help, or improves the quality of life, or improves safety for residents.

Get real Facts Man

6. " Jul 22, 11 9:30 PM

Facts Man - read the articles. Wilkinson pays for his health insurance (Disney does pay in full for retiree health).
Your statement that those with less carry more of the tax burden contradicts your original point that Wilkinson's higher assessment means his tax cut was more. If, as you claim he is one with more, and his assessment is more, as you also claim, then he also pays more - you can't argure it both ways. Some whose houses are assessed low get great big breaks - and some of those are people with big old houses on Lee Avenue. But others are those with little houses whose assesments are microscopic but would go up greatly from a town wide reassessment -- those low income people would be taxed out of town. Is that what you want?
You say McGintee was debating how to implement a strategy for better assessments - he had six years and DID NOTHING! Not much of an argument to be made there Facts Man.
You say that Wilkinson does not care about reduction is services. Read the articles from before the election. He said time and time again that dealing with the $25 million to $30 million Democrat/McGintee deficit would require tough decisions and actions to be taken, including the reduction in services that would affect everyone -- he still got 70% of the vote. He was honest and up front in saying what needed to be done. What he said had to be done, he has done. What he did was needed to clean up the mess.
Robbing Peter to pay Paul you claim? Ask the Highway Superintendent you say? You want to ask the person who has been the subject of multiple complaints and expensive internal investigations? The person who I just read had a grievance filed that will cost the town more in legal fees? Is he paying the fees? You want to know what happened to his surplus you say - implying it was all taken away from him? Read the articles, obviously the surplus is there because according to recent articles I have read he is using it to buy equipment and do projects - right now. If he did not have the surplus he could not spend it.
You say before 6/08 it was legal to use CPF money for non CPF activities? Not true. Read the articles, all the money moved from CPF to other accounts INAPPROPRIATELY before 6/08 had to be returned. It was not OK before 6/08 -- go ask the DA. McGintee was not prosecuted because no one would admit they heard Ted receive instructions from McGintee, according to the articles.
Facts Man you are living in a dream world. I could go on but I really do not want to embarrass you any more.

How many years were you on the town board?" Jul 23, 11 5:31 PM

Facts Man you are right when you say the truth will win out. We saw the truth win out when for 3 years the Democrats and McGintee said there was nothing wrong with the town's finances and that the town had plenty of surplus and everything was under control. The truth did win out. The truth came out about the Democrat/McGintee/ Loewen/Foster/Hults financial mess, the truth about the Democrats continued support (through letters and campaign contributions) of McGintee to keep him in office when the town was going down the drain, the truth about the lack of action by any Democrat to do or say anything to address the financial debacle, and the truth about the fact that Wilkinson and other Republicans were telling the truth about all the problems the Democrats and the McGintee/Loewen/Foster/Hults quartet were trying to hide from the public.
You are right, the truth always win out - and I believe there are more truths to be uncovered about the McGintee years. We have already heard about the incorrect payments of health insurance that opccured during the last few years of McGintee and i read there are audits of the McGintee years still ongoing. Truth, truth and more truth will continue to be revealed about the McGintee/Loewen/Foster/Hults years. I will continue to read because reading vever hurts and in the end the truth wins out - even in the media." Jul 24, 11 11:07 AM

MTK Festival Cancelled Due To Low Ticket Sales

Ok. Now I think I know who FACTS MAN is. He has written some letters and I now see the similarity. Definitely a past town board member who really has nothing to brag about and should be the last person to criticize anybody. Got it." Aug 7, 11 5:59 PM

The money was for charities if the concert took place. The $100,000 was not an insurance policy or to indemnify the town for anything. There was never anything said or written about anything but the $100,000 being for charities if the concert happened. That is not too difficult to comprehend and certainly not complex." Aug 8, 11 11:19 PM

Board Watcher... read all the above...Facts Man has to be a former Democrat Town Board member who helped create the financial mess in East Hampton. You can't take anything he says seriously...nothing!!!!!!!! FACT!!!!!!! " Aug 8, 11 11:23 PM

East Hampton Town And Union Reach Impasse

What is the union expecting? They get 1 percent automatically - so that means a zero percent increase is actually a 1 percent increase and they do not pay anything towards their health insurance which according to my friend who is a town employee cost the taxpayer almost $20,000 per year. In New Jersey my cousin told me government employees are paying from 20 percent to 60 percent of the health insurance cost depending on your salary level. I think teachers in Springs pay part of their health insurance. Workers in Riverhead took "zeros" for three years. The East Hamptonl employees want a no lay off clause but the State no layoff promise I think does not effect elimination of positions through reorganizations and outsourcing for efficiency purposes. I think as a taxpayer I could live with that because reorganization and outsourcing has saved many governments money by reducing in house labor costs. If the administration can reorganize and/or outsource and show savings from eliminating positions fine, if they can't then no lay offs. That's a nice balance." Aug 24, 11 7:50 PM

East Hampton Town Board Appoints Kimberly Shaw Natural Resources Director

Another great appointment by this majority on the Town Board. The planning board appointments have been great -- a young farmer (Alan Piedmont)and a young local family man with real roots and knowledge of the community (JP Foster); Diana Weir with all her experience with housing and planning. Brian Gosman (more local roots and knowledge); Ruth Vered on the ARB. Never expected someone from the art world appointed by the Republicans. Good job all the way around -- appointments based on a knowledge of the community and experience in business, farming, planning and design." Mar 2, 12 10:31 PM

Town Recieves Two Bids To Operate Amagansett Tennis Courts

There are public courts at Herrick field and courts at the High School (which is where our young tennis players learned the sport over the last 20 years). There are also town courts in Springs and town courts in Montauk behind the Police station. Does Tito even live around here? Those courts behind the softball field have not be playable since Schneiderman was supervisor. McGintee let them fall into unsafe disrepair. At least this is a plan to make them a useable asset. Since apparently no one was pressing the town for the last 8 years to fix them, why not let someone else fix them up and run them if they want to spend the money and use the money earned by the town to maybe fix up the softball field, which IS used by local men and women.." Mar 3, 12 11:07 AM

Springs Resident Calls For East Hampton Councilwoman Theresa Quigley To Resign In Wake Of "Nazis" Comment

Right on Councilwoman Quigley!!!!!!! This Springs group will use the terms "those people" or "them" or "they are" -- never saying latino ot hispanic but always implying it. That is awful and not American, Captain America -- it's not what my father fought for in WW II and by grandfather in WW I. No one wants to be in a town if it is led by a bunch of race baiting ignoramuses. Mrs. Quigley's remarks were emotional and a reaction to a group of people who just finished verbally abusing an entire segment of the local population. And I have watched all these meetings and the Buda led group is not respectful - in fact they are sarcastic, overbearing and demeaning. Captain American has to learn how to watch TV." Mar 16, 12 10:12 PM

No group should be refereed to as "those people". You would have to be a fool to not know who they are referring to. Every one in East Hampton certainly knows who they are referring to.

And it goes beyond complaining about overcrowding when you characterize "those people" in a negative way that creates the perception that "they" are threatening to others. It is very disturbing to here such language. The person you referred to is Steve Gaines and he has stated that he is appalled at what is going on. I think if you really listen to Steve you will see he was really saying that it was nice to see the Town Board was not being attacked. My problem is attacking with a broad brush a group of people - most of whom are legal and hard working - in a way that pits them against us. It was that attack that Councilwoman was reacting to because she was offended for those people being attacked and she had every right to be offended." Mar 16, 12 10:47 PM

East Hampton Town Residents Oppose Entertainment Law

The "hissy" fit you described was the results of a debate about a letter Mr. Cohen wrote to the Independent accusing 4 town employees of illegal actions based on an article in the Independent and what Mr. Cohen implied he had heard from sources. To write a letter directly accusing people of illegal actions based of what you "hear" and what you read is incredibly irresponsible. I heard (second hand I must admit) that law suits for slander could be in the future. Mr. Cohen's "hissy" fit and storming out of Town Hall sure gives the impression that he is not willing to confront the accuracy of the letter in any direct way. I even hear the veracity and content of the Independent article may be the subject of court papers. What a mess!" May 6, 12 1:54 PM

Residents File Suit Over Ronjo Motel Decision

That makes sense. I would guess that witnessing a petition means you witnessed the people signing it. What is the penalty for saying, or I guess in this case swearing, you witnessed the signatures when you did not? Who would make a complaint about that? Would that be something that could be sent to the State Attorney or County Attorney to be investigated? What stores had the petitions? I think you could go to those stores and find out who left the petitions there to be signed, if the people stayed to watch the signatures, and if the did not contact them people to find how why the signed as witnessing the signatures. It seems like an easy investigation to perform." May 6, 12 7:13 PM

Cohen Storms Out Of East Hampton Town Board Meeting After Alleging Improper Meeting

When the DA investigates and find's Cohen's statement untrue and without merit then maybe people will realize how reckless such matter of fact assertions really are. They strike at the good reputations of hard working and honest public servants. I would hope those slandered take appropriate action. My source in the enforcement department tells me for a fact Cohen's letter in the Independent is absolute fiction. For example, no one ever fainted or became ill in a meeting about the Ronjo because they were being ordered to do something illegal. No one ever became ill at all. Never happened. Yet Cohen states that and other things as happening as a matter of fact. That is serious stuff and total irresponsible and in my opinion will result in definite action." May 8, 12 7:17 PM

East Hampton Town Residents Oppose Entertainment Law

Here is what the letter said:

"The inescapable conclusion is that the town attorney, along with the owners' attorney, encouraged an illegal action by the building inspector. The building inspector may not have known it was illegal, but the attorneys must have known, or else they are not competent to represent the town"

It is an "inescapable conclusion" - not opinion according to Cohen. The attorney's "must have known" or else "they are not competent" according to Cohen. Where is this an opinion or conjecture? No where. These are matter of fact statements that can and will be easily proved false. So the letter is untruthful and is not presented as opinion, thus it is indefensible.

" May 8, 12 7:42 PM

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