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Alternatives sought after village shuts down Southampton Tire soup kitchen

Crankypants I do agree with what you are saying people can not just do as they please if the zoning law says you cant then you cant. For your information whatAshame local churches in the area will feed hungry people they also have a place for them to sleep over at the presbyterian church. I volunteer to help them often and donate food when needed. Also you have the alternatives for children in the basement a church runs that program that I know also feeds the hungry and cloths them free of charge. They donated over 1000 turkeys at thanksgiving and at christmas were stocked with presents. They always have food on hand to donate to anyone in need. Southampton school district also tries to send food home for the hungy and offers free luch programs to those in need. The programs are here not as many as we should have but they do exist. I see what crankys point is you cant have people making food and just handing it out like that its not safe." Apr 9, 09 7:27 AM

I agree with you squeaky good points. These people on here yelling most likey are too busy to donate anytime to actually do something to help. You know who I am talking to I wont call you out." Apr 9, 09 11:52 AM

Southampton Tire soup kitchen can reopen

Suffolk county board of health will never let this happen for saftey reasons and now the mayor thinks hes gonna look good knowing all along that its never gonna get threw suffolk county.." Apr 14, 09 3:53 PM

Anti-illegal immigration protester reports car window smashed, sign stolen

Gee so funny how some of you are showing your own hatred from the other side. This is just the tip of this people just because they are not on here writting does not mean that there is more hatred and violence to come. Those that are or and those against I can asure you this is going to get ugly people are strating to buzz about this and I have news or all of you For Illegal people many more are against them then for them. I could care less I am just saying this is only the start to this if Southampton tire continues and more and more start comming people in this town will speak out and I just hope thats its not a disaster." Apr 15, 09 11:03 AM

Southampton Tire soup kitchen can reopen

Southampton Tires is so overpriced and such a rip off that its about time they started giving customers free meals with every rip off job they do....." Apr 16, 09 7:12 AM

I noticed the 7-11 has porto pottys out back and I asume its to keep them from peeing all over." Apr 16, 09 2:05 PM

Southampton Elementary School principal faces uncertain future

I love Cookie and I find her very inolved with the children (at least from what I have seen) and also very intrested in knowing who you are and who your child is. I am always greeted with a smile from her and when I had to have my childs class changed in the begining of the year I was hugged and assured that it would all work out fine and it did. She is one of the warmest people I have met in this school and I think we are blessed with having one of the best schools around. " May 6, 09 7:04 PM

Drive-In movies resurrected in Southampton

A little strange that the person doing the interview said that some one made a comment and did not want to be named lol your commenting on a drive in movie what are you afraid of?" Aug 7, 09 1:41 PM

Southampton phys ed teacher McCready resigns post

I hope the coach can go on and do well in his life he was a sweetheart and deserves a 2nd chance as we all do so good luck and hopefully you can stay healthy. I am sad to see you have to go my kids just loved you and you were one of a kind !" Aug 11, 09 7:03 AM

For your information I can have my own views thank you yes he was a sweetheart and yes he was around my 5 year old everyday juat like many other teachers in the school are and I have no idea what they are doing in there own homes. What he did was bad and it was delt with so why continue to beat someone whos already down sir I hope your life is perfect and that your children never end up on drugs or do something even worse because you are close minded and nieve to think that no other teacher in that school has demons weather they are an alcholic or pervert we dont no. So again he was a sweetheart to my son and was one of the best teachers for boys in that school so there." Aug 11, 09 8:42 PM

Southampton Elementary and Intermediate schools' openings will be delayed by hours

Half a day 1 day does not seem to make sense anyone know why its half a day for 1 day??????" Aug 31, 09 11:27 AM

Medical examiner says Reister could have recovered if chokehold had been released in time

I dont care how angry a person is choking someone is so personal and to be able to apply pressure for that amount of time and not feel a small bit of remorse enough to stop you have to be a very sick person. This man has issues with anger and should never walk the streets again I hope hes gone forever. What would he do if a child mad im made as most kids do hes a menace. " Nov 16, 09 1:55 PM

So your saying if you get pulled over and a cop pushes you, you have the right to then choke him to death?? To push some one back and to choke the life out of them are two different things my friend. He was an authority there and had the right to remove him off of the table if he felt his conduct was distracting, and dangerous to those around him. I dont care if he punched him in the face you cant compare what he did back. It shows a complete disrepect for authority and it shows he has not an ounce of self control in his life he should rot forever for that. I dont have 1 ounce of sadness for him not 1 ounce. Dont sit here and try to compare removing someone physically from a table to putting your hands around someones neck and ending their life. " Nov 17, 09 10:51 AM

Listen INS people told the court they tried and tried to pry this man off and he refused to let go even after people were saying your going to kill him this is an insane person who should rot and burn in hell. His family does have my sypathy even after you insulted her ( how dare you) they are the one paying the price for this waste of life. Hes a waste of life someone whos dying today should have his life." Nov 18, 09 11:35 AM

Southampton retailers rally together for Christmas shopping

I think the biggest mistake thats being made in this town is everyones trying to cater to the rich and not the everyday person. The rich dont shop here trust me and those that do are looking for a deal not a $400 sweater. They need to turn this town into a normal shopping town and have things such as Abercrombie, American Egale, Old navy, Gap things like that that people reconize and would be more inclined to come and shop at for themselves and there children. Many teenagers dont want to wear the cloths that they offer dwon there so it forces the parents to drive up the island to the malls and what stores are we in well all of the ones I just listed. They need to become a town of the people not the rich.." Dec 11, 09 7:56 AM

Abrupt and tearful end to Stony Brook Southampton dream

They needed to offer REAL classes here that appeal to majors that are being studied right now like teaching,Nursing, business and engineering things like that. The programs were not good and if they would have just made it exacly like the other campus in Stony Brook which is (overflowing to the point that they are not accepting people anymore) Then more people would have maybe signed up. I pass this campus on my way every night to St Jospehs and think what a waste of a perfect campus for me." Apr 8, 10 9:12 AM

Principal 'Cookie' Richard granted tenure at Southampton Elementary School

Shes one of the most genuine people I have ever met ! Shes caring and loving towars the children as well as the parents. Her and Mr. Zahn make a great team !! " Apr 27, 10 10:43 AM

Southampton School Board suspends high school principal and assistant principal, who are then hired by East Hampton

Its kinda what I thought as well based on the way they stressed that it had nothing to do with the students at all..." May 18, 10 6:58 PM

Mattituck woman will receive six months for DWI fatality involving Hampton Bays teen

How gross this women should suffer like those poor parents are now suffering for the rest of their lives..She had her son 6 in the front seat thats just another stupid thing on her part since that to is against the law. Shes just above the law I guess...Our system is so frustrating this women took a poor innocent childs life and thats only worth 6 months of her time thats really fair..." May 28, 10 8:15 AM

Mattituck woman gets 6-month sentence for DWI accident that killed Hampton Bays boy

I am sick over this this lady is a waste of life its not like she just hit a kid on a bike who may have gotten in front of her, its that she did it drunk with her poor child whos sure to grow up effected now in the front seat another broken law by the way.. Min security are you kidding well I guess you wouldnt want the killer to actually suffer a little during that whole 6 months... Nice justice systm we have here.." Jun 17, 10 4:34 PM

Fellingham's named one of America's best bars by Esquire magazine

Millie is always with a smile we need more places like this around here.." Jun 20, 10 4:55 PM