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Westhampton Beach Village Board Hopes To Stay Under Tax Cap

I hope they learn to live within our means and make necessary cuts to keep taxes affordable. How about a few years of decreases? My printing press is starting to wear out." Apr 13, 12 8:36 AM

Whole Foods Is Coming To East Hampton For The Summer

Someone get me his number we have space in Westhampton also. Lots of space." Apr 13, 12 1:07 PM

That's the beautiful thing about WholeFoods. They usually do!" Apr 14, 12 6:24 PM

UPDATE: Motorcyclist Injured In Saturday Night Crash Has Surgery, Still in Hospital

Hope the young man is OK. But I will tell you the driving habits by a large portion of the motorcycle community is troubling. Plus these high speed motor cycles are a danger to all of us. Just yesterday there were 4 moving at extremely high rates of speed going in-between cars and on the divider in their race. I was at 55 speed limit and they passed me by like I was stending still. Crazy behavior and the warm summer months will only lead to more careless behavior by these folks. " Apr 16, 12 8:38 AM

Code Enforcement Officer Among Six Netted In Drug Sting

This has nothing to do with politics. Its a 38 yr old man with alledged drug dealing charges. Family man- coach- I'll also tell you nice guy. If proved true the guy has a problem and I hope he gets help. If not true- and he is innocnt until proven guilty- you are making a lot of reckless assumptions.

Let the legal system take its course." Apr 22, 12 8:05 AM

He might not have been "conspiring to sell drugs to minors" but who's to say they didnt make their way to our children. Let the legal system take its course. I have sympathy for drug users but NONE for the dealers. " Apr 27, 12 8:27 PM

If he's selling drugs- he's a drug dealer." Apr 30, 12 7:49 PM

Southampton Town Police Lieutenant Placed On Forced Leave

All public employees should fund their own retirement and medical like the rest of us. We are going broke because of benefits like this. If anyone disagrees you are more then welcome to pay my portion of the tax bill for these benefits. Print your name and address and I will send you the portion allocated for these benefits. " May 2, 12 7:47 PM

Wrong-Way Sunrise Highway Driver Charged With DWI

I don't like when you are sitting there on the side but with situations like this I am glad you are!" May 11, 12 5:37 PM

School Results: Tuckahoe Is Only District On South Fork To Reject Proposed 2012-13 Budget

Look at WHB budget. The teacher salarys all received increases. Where's the sacrifice? The grounds maintenance also received an increase. I thought the new turf grass was supposed to save in that area. Another waste of tax payer money. Vote no. " May 15, 12 6:42 PM

Tuckahoe And Southampton School Officials Discuss Exclusive Tuition Deal

Hopefully WHB can keep these students in their school. It would be a tremendous tax burden on WHB residents if they lost these students. WHB are you listening? You just recommended and were given another tax increase. Can the school board and teachers kick some cash ????" Jun 9, 12 10:35 PM

Palmer And Urban Win Westhampton Beach Village Trustee Election; No Surprises In Quogue

Let's practice what we preach and move this village along. Next to go is the Mayor. " Jun 15, 12 10:09 PM

Sure- the Mayor did great. Look at the $$ the police chief got for signing back onto his contract. I'll bet he thinks the Mayor is doing great also. As a tax payor of this Village- who BTW just got another increase- I want to see a more friendly business environment and a stop on the nepotism that is all to prevalent in this Village. The buck stops at the Mayor!!! He allows it to continue." Jun 17, 12 10:09 AM

really- provide your address and I'll send you the 10 percent increase. Or. Are you one of those "friends" that's living off my hard earned dollars.... you are exactly what needs to be eliminated. " Jun 17, 12 10:35 PM

Sweet Andy's Cookies Opens Shop In Westhampton Beach

Great to see a small business success story with a delicious product. " Jun 22, 12 9:19 PM

One Airlifted After Head-On Crash In Westhampton Beach

Hopefuly the jokesters will never be the casualty. They will change their tune real fast." Jun 28, 12 8:07 PM

Former Westhampton Beach Trustee Will Keep Health Insurance Benefits

Good for you hank. It's comments like this and actions of of our politicians that are bankrupting out country. What nerve to think she should get her benefits paid for life. " Jul 5, 12 7:06 PM

Do you get the taxpayers will pay past age 55- which is in 3 yrs for the rest of her life. Let's get the bill to you to pay then " Jul 5, 12 7:08 PM

Do you people realize this is exactly whats destroying this country. Lifetime benefits for searving 5 years as Trustee. Are you kidding me. Who ever approved these rule should be fired. taken out of office. Even lifetime benefits after 10 years. DISCUSTING. I work to hard every day - pay my own benefits- save for my own retirement- and now I have to pay for this persons benefits for the rest of her life? What did she do that was so great? How do contracts like this get put in place? Is this done is private sessions? Folks we need to take back control from these corrupt politians. " Jul 6, 12 10:55 AM

Ther is never a circumstance where an elected official. Especially a 5 or 10 yr Trustee of a small little village- deserves lifetime benefits for anything. This will cost the tax payers hundreds of thousands of dollars. do you get this? Do you live in this village and pay taxes? When are these rules made and when does the become public aware of this? I guess I'm not surprised this country is in so much trouble financially. You all seem to think the money is printed in the basement of the Village Hall. The village should declare bankruptcy to remove themselves of these benefits and get a real government. God npknows what the mayor has in his benefit package. " Jul 7, 12 9:52 PM

Southampton Town Board Suspends Second Police Officer; Police Union Stands Behind Cop

Hey. How about Toni Jo birk the former Westhampton Beach Village Trustee getting lifetime medical benefits for serving 6 yrs in public office. She is 52. Imagine what that will cost the taxpayers. Upwards of $600,000 Nobody I's complaining. What a deal. Greece here we come. " Jul 9, 12 7:48 PM

Westhampton Beach School Board Names New President, Vice President

With a family who has the largest vendor contract - bus transportation- with the district this is a serious conflict of interest. As an attorney she should realize this. " Jul 11, 12 7:33 PM

Developer Will Again Ask Westhampton Beach To Hold Public Hearing On Supermarket Proposal

That is incorrect. Let the area catch up to the rest of the villages out here. I would like to shop in Westhampton and not have to go to Hampton Bays and Riverhead all the time. ThisnVillage needs to wake up and get rid of old timers with there Mayberry way of thinking. Sounds like you are one of them. " Jul 21, 12 11:56 AM

In East Hampton And Southampton, Trying To Share The Roads Safely

So now you know to make a full stop- stay off your phone and texting. Check both ways before proceeding and slow down" Jul 26, 12 9:28 AM

Obama Fundraiser Is Planned For August 24

Obamas not attending because there's not enough wealthy people attending. Wait until he's out of office making millions a year as a private citizen. His private finances will follow the other wealthy folks of this country. " Jul 31, 12 7:04 PM

UPDATE: Bicyclist Taken To Stony Brook University Hospital; Cause Of Accident Unknown

Make believe the bicyclists cant see, hear, or even care about you. You are in the big metal object- they are not." Aug 2, 12 4:35 PM

Four Former Westhampton Beach Trustees Are Covered By Village's Health Insurance Policy

Fleecing of the Village. These people should be ashamed of themselves. But then again I guess we taxpayers let them get away with it but I dont remember this being public knowledge. All WHB Village officials should vote this out asap if not it will be made an issue at the voting booths." Aug 3, 12 8:54 AM

Thanking them for what? This Village is one of the only ones out of the hamptons who is still stuck in time. Look at the Police Chief and his compensation package. My Village taxes went up more then 10% this year and for what? For the lifetime benefits of the elected officials and a sign on bonus for the Chief who sits in his office all day long and cant control his force? I should tank them for how they handles the law suits? Are you kidding. The cost to this town for their failures will be paid for by tax payers for years to come. They should be personally liable for their actions and they will think twice before they act." Aug 3, 12 11:21 AM

The truth is the guys a disgrace. Beach girl said it well. " Aug 4, 12 9:29 PM

Eastend68. My bet is you are either the Mayor or very close to him. " Aug 6, 12 6:37 PM

Lawsuit Filed Against Westhampton Beach Regarding Eruv

Pstevens. Are you for real. Cut the crap. You incite more problems then you realize. " Aug 8, 12 7:04 PM

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