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East Hampton Town Proposes Curfews To Curb Airport Noise, Aviators See Airport's Eventual Demise

Weekends now last from noon on Thursday to noon on Monday? What a joke. That makes the majority of any week a 'weekend.' So, a workweek could be Monday noon to Thursday noon? A three day week? followed by a four day weekend, EVERY week. Genius. And it's not meant to close the airport? I beg to differ. Twenty years ago, David Gruber stood on the crumbling airport tarmac on runway 4-22, kicked a piece of loose pavement, and remarked that if the runway was simply not repaired, the FAA would have no choice but to shut the airport down. The contention that 'it's a quality of life' issue is just a fallacy. It's always been the strategy of the airport opponents to shut the airport down, and make it go away. That has not changed.
" Feb 5, 15 9:48 PM

I wonder how much noise you must 'tolerate' and for how long is it inflicted on your neighbors when you mow your lawn? " Feb 7, 15 12:10 PM

UPDATE: Man In Critical Condition Following Water Mill House Explosion Wednesday Afternoon

Which house is the one that blew up? Not the old McKeever house?
" Feb 12, 15 11:45 AM

Electricity would have had to be shut off and quickly, so yes a good thing the PSEG workers were quickly on the scene.
" Feb 12, 15 11:46 AM

Southampton Bracing For Increased Helicopter Traffic If New East Hampton Rules Are Adopted

East Hampton and Southampton both need to worry more about lawn mowers and leaf blowers year round, and stop listening to those obsessed by airport noise (because they bought 'affordable' housing nearby)--are they similarly complaining about noise from the LIRR trains? Oh, wait, there are hardly any trains..." Mar 14, 15 5:11 PM

Southampton Village Starbucks Slated To Open In Late May

A parking garage would actually be a great idea in Southampton. It would allow for a far less congested village and generate revenue. It would not urbanize the area, there are lovely seaside towns in England and Ireland featuring paid parking garages that are unobtrusive, despite a large capacity. " Mar 24, 15 2:28 PM

East Hampton Pilot Pens Petition For Safety At East Hampton Airport

It is incredibly rare for any airport to have a formal curfew. Most are open 24/7/365." May 1, 15 4:17 PM

Imagine the town hiring a consultant to study whatever road maintenance might cost every time repairs are necessary. The town has operated the airport since it was built (as a WPA project back in the 1930's). And it still doesn't know what a deer fence will cost? Or how to trim trees? Seriously?" May 1, 15 4:20 PM

Workforce Housing Fund Would Tax Construction Of Large Homes

Too little, too late. WAY too late. The local population not clinging to family owned property (and hindered by inheritance taxes) has already fled. " May 15, 15 2:10 PM

Parents Challenge Westhampton Beach School Board To Create More Special Needs Programs

I am stunned that the Board of Education seems to be unaware of the fact that they are mandated to provide appropriate education to ALL students in the least restrictive environment possible. Isolating special needs students and keeping them separated from the rest of the student population does all students a disservice. Special needs students see only others who are non conforming to social norms, and therefore have no point of reference for what those norms are, and socially adept students are not exposed to anyone 'different."
" May 19, 15 1:23 PM

Several Deer From Experimental Sterilization Program Die After Miscarriages

How is sterilizing female deer (in December without first doing a pregnancy check) in any way an effective population control measure? Castrating bucks could work, why is that not being done?
" Jun 21, 15 3:05 PM

Southampton Town Might Reallocate Funding To Hampton Bays Bridge Project

It was a B0ND. Not a tax levy.
" Jul 3, 15 10:40 PM

East Hampton Airport Curfew Violations Climb In Second Week

The curfew is going to provide those who spend their time complaining about the airport one more thing to obsess about..." Jul 15, 15 9:54 PM

Southampton Town Board Approves Purchase Of Pyrrhus Concer Property

The Town stepped up after the Village, as usual, failed to do so. The Village should pay back the CPF. " Jul 15, 15 10:06 PM

Suffolk County's New Area Code To Go Into Effect Next Summer; Officials Urge Dialing Changes Now

Who dials a phone anymore? Just saying..." Jul 20, 15 4:35 PM

Toxic Algae Found In More South Fork Water Bodies

Or maybe call in some pool care professionals?
" Jul 27, 15 6:21 PM

New Affordable Homes In Southampton Village Near Completion

EMS services are struggling to fill their rosters, teachers on the East End primarily live far to the west. Look at the trade parade each day...anyone who thinks this is a bad idea is either independently wealthy or has inherited a family home. " Aug 17, 15 8:15 AM

Historical Marker, Road Sign Honor Pyrrhus Concer

This might be a silly question (but I don't think so...)...

How is "Concer" pronounced?
" Aug 19, 15 3:56 PM

Community Members Revisit Contentious Long Beach Road Guardrails

Who got paid to put in those guard rails? Follow the money...bet it's someone connected to the bidding process...no other reason to suddenly put in guard rails that no one wants." Aug 20, 15 8:57 PM

UPDATE: No Restraining Order Issued Between Westhampton Beach School And Killoran Family

Under the law, a child has the right to the most appropriate, LEAST RESTRICTIVE individualized education. Not only do special needs children benefit from being mainstreamed as much as possible, but other children benefit from the opportunity to interact with them as well.

Life is not fair but education needs to be." Sep 3, 15 9:01 PM

Preservationist Pitches Immunocontraceptive To Control Deer

Unless you are planning on conducting deer drives on a massive scale, it will not be possible to catch enough deer to make it work. " Sep 7, 15 6:18 PM

A Broker Turns To Building

"The home was leveled" and the property "speaks" to him. What a pretentious, pompous thing to say. " Sep 8, 15 11:17 PM

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