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Lawmakers Break Ground On Bridgehampton Sidewalk Project

Interesting photo...before reading the article I assumed a taxpayer must have dropped a quarter on the ground" Oct 22, 11 2:50 PM

Throne-Holst And Team Release Campaign Video

Before seeing the video I was neutral on Anna. But she is so condescending, talking about her family royalty, acting in the video like she's curing cancer at every turn, breathlessly saving the town from ruin on a daily basis - give me a break and get over yourself." Oct 26, 11 2:30 PM

Lady Anna is born! Dukakis had his tank, Anna has her video." Oct 27, 11 9:55 AM

Contractor Claims Southampton Councilman Locked Him In Office After Worker Broke Into Home

Curious why contractor wouldn't provide the tape - if it is so damning why not let the press hear it? Something is strange about that. " Jan 10, 12 2:49 PM

Southampton Town Comptroller Tamara Wright Headed To Brookhaven Town

Give me a break, "Comptroller" is a bean counting position, anyone who can balance a check book can do it. Hire someone new and cut the dramatics. " Feb 1, 12 9:36 AM

Bucket's Deli In East Hampton To Close Permanently

We'll miss you Everett, our loss but you deserve a break!" Feb 1, 12 9:39 AM

East Quogue Officials Say They Do Not Know Elementary School's Capacity

If it was a private home owner demolishing the home it would be much cheaper. Per NYS law schools are required to pay "Prevailing Wages" for construction which send the costs skyrocketing. " Feb 3, 12 9:55 AM

Maureen's Haven Opens New Day Center In Riverhead

Ms. Throne-Holst: Two months ago you were quoted in this paper stating that you were "working round the clock" to prevent the Suffolk County homeless shelter from opening - now you show up for a cheap photo-op trying to look like a humanitarian? Disgraceful. Greg Blass (featured in one of the photos above) from the Suffolk County Dept. of Social Services stated you were stirring up prejudice against the homeless - wonder how he felt seeing you at the ribbon cutting?" Feb 8, 12 4:52 PM

Amagansett Tuskegee Airman Lee Hayes To Be Honored

Fantastic story, thanks for your service Mr. Hayes!!!!!" Feb 8, 12 5:13 PM

With Demand Mounting, Trustees Rein In Clam Harvesting

Good point. How do we know what the shellfish population can stand without some sort of study?" Feb 24, 12 3:13 PM

Hollyhocks: Old Is New Again

Another informative article Mr. Messinger. Bring on Spring!" Feb 24, 12 4:18 PM

Politically Divided Southampton Town Board Names New Police Captain

Bob Pearce is as solid a citizen as you're likely to meet, great guy. I actually like the fact that Chief Overtime Wilson isn't ok with this, perhaps it will provide some ballast to the STPD. " Mar 13, 12 5:25 PM

Southampton Board Still Undecided on Comptroller Appointment

Ms. Fleming, do you honestly believe the comptroller "brought us out of deficit and restored our credit rating"??? What exactly do you think the scope of the comptrollers work is? I realize you are a big shot from NYC, but us country rubes from Southampton recognize comptroller is a bookkeeping position, nothing more." Mar 14, 12 2:07 PM

Forces Tried To Oust Southampton Town Police Chief

Didn't the Republican majority vote to re-appoint Tamara Wright? This conspiracy theory doesn't make any sense. I am getting sick and tired of Anna blaming others for playing politics and then claiming to be squeaky clean. The lady doth protest too much." Mar 30, 12 11:49 AM

Public Calls For Simpler Solutions To Make Noyac Road Curve Safer

This corner is a disaster. Let's not throw the baby out with the bathwater, but something needs to be done." Mar 30, 12 11:51 AM

Southampton Town PBA Officer Receives Anonymous Threats

I smell something fishy here. My first thought is that Officer Gwinn is trying to set himself up so that if anyone makes a legitimate attempt to oust him and others using the 20+ rule he can claim it's all politics not economics. Who would be dumb enough to mail him an anonymous letter? And this investigation which can't be discussed because he doesn't want to out which law enforcement agency is handling it? Is he kidding? Does the investigation involve double secret probation?" Apr 11, 12 2:08 PM

Westhampton Man Makes 200th Deposit At Blood Bank

Inspirational, Mr. Pilo. " Apr 24, 12 2:05 PM

D.A.'s Government Corruption Bureau Seizes Southampton Police Records

Why call ahead to the press, and why send six officers to serve a subpoena? Politics at it's worst." May 9, 12 2:22 PM

DA's Office Disputes Southampton Town Board Letter On Police Records Move

Until recently Ms. Throne-Holst was piously hollering about how she saved the town by ordering those records moved and anyone who disagreed was evil. Now that she's learned that moving those records may be a crime her position has become "I had a directive but my dog ate it." Hilarious." May 23, 12 2:19 PM

Fleming Will Compete Against Maertz For Shot To Challenge LaValle For State Senate Seat

Ms. Maertz, you hit the nail on the head. Ms. Fleming has no loyalty to Southampton, which isn't surprising seeing as she's from New York City." May 31, 12 10:38 AM

John Behan, Former East Hampton Republican Committee Chairman, Endorses Bishop For Congress

Here’s the background: Mr. Behan was the Republican leader for many years in East Hampton. After many years of service to his party, he asked for and expected to receive political patronage for his wife. When his wife was denied said patronage in 2011 he quit the party in anger. After not endorsing Mr. Bishop in the previous 5 congressional elections, suddenly Mr. Behan decides Tim is his guy. Only Mr. Behan knows what is in his heart, but from my vantage point he is just another greedy, entitled politician who is outraged nobody is kissing his ring." Jun 1, 12 6:46 PM