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Southampton Town Leaf Pickup Program May Strain Waste Management Department

176 extra hours a week? Thats just 1 extra guy at each of the 3 collecting sites every day plus 8 extra hours a week for the paperwork or something.

The dumps asking for an extra 176 hours a week and us not having to pay the highway dept to do a job they never did right sounds like a good deal to me...
because we arn't paying those highway guys any more? right??? are we??

" Oct 22, 11 5:46 PM

the dumps do allow residents to dump their leaves for free. there is no charge for residents to dump their leaves at the westhampton, hampton bays and north sea stations.

" Oct 23, 11 7:01 PM

Cops: One Arrested After East Quogue Brawl Over High School Football Game

it is unfortunate that teens from Bellport can't come to the East Quoge elementary school at 9pm on a friday night and have a good time doing whatever it is Bellport teens do on a friday night.
As a sign of unity with our friends from the west and an act attrition East Quoge residents should go to the Bellport high school next friday night and breathe in the ambiance and see what happens.
The East Quogians can bestow offerings of malt-liquior and mentholated cigarettes upon the Bellport locals and i'm sure an air or fellowship and good will will result......wait what?
" Nov 9, 11 7:53 PM

Elected Officials Address Concerns Over Hampton Bays Homeless Shelter

homeless people are the cause of the real estate market crash. if they would just go out and buy houses it would pull us out of this funk. Riverhead, riverside, flanders and hampton bays would all go back to being the thriving communities they were in the 90s when things were better.
shame on homeless people." Nov 28, 11 11:12 PM

Southampton Town Leaf Pickup Program Still Confuses Many

the hampton bays transfer station always accepts leaves for free from residents. your story doesn't make sense.
did they accept your leaves and not the voucher? " Dec 14, 11 8:57 PM

if you think the local government is going to provide a quality service at a better price than the private sector you are out of your mind. have you seen the people that work for the town of southampton? do you know what town employees really cost the tax payer?" Dec 18, 11 6:46 PM

Contractor Claims Southampton Councilman Locked Him In Office After Worker Broke Into Home

You Malone haters are nuts.
True, he does have his faults but to get up in arms over him having an argument with an unlicensed contractor is out of control.
Find a real position to take a stand on and leave this petty stuff alone.

" Jan 11, 12 2:50 PM

Windsurfer Rescued By Bay Constables In Peconic Bay Says Equipment Failed

i agree.

we have a guy out there taking advantage of and making good recreational use of what we fight to protect and when he needed a hand there were professional and competent rescue persons moments away.

this is great news and a great story." Jan 14, 12 12:02 AM

Sag Harbor Considers Using Dogs To Deter Drugs At School

We can teach dogs to teach kids but we can't teach parents and teachers to teach the kids that drugs are bad news? Who teaches the dogs? the kids?" Jan 21, 12 1:25 AM

Large Water Mill House Demolished In Fire

betts and lombardo will be to blame for serial arson that leaves our wives widows and children orphans and there will be such a public outcry that the quality of life laws will be overturned to keep people from burning their rental properties to the ground?

i really am laughing out loud, this is great stuff, keep it up. b y the way, i am vince, vince clortho, keymaser of gozer... are you the gatekeeper? wait for the sign and then all prisoners will be released.. you will perish in flames.

msRainbow, do you now or have you ever fabricated and worn a hat made out of tinfoil? just asking." Feb 7, 12 10:01 PM

you're saying it's the home owners that can't cover their mortgages because they relied on the income from group renting their houses that are to blame? They are pampered and felt entitled to ill gotten rental income and are now boo-hooing and lighting their houses on fire?

i don't know..... but it's sounding a little better.

I think it's homeless peoples faults for not renting and buying houses. didn't the government just bail out homeless people to the tune of 700 billion dollars? don't tell me that the economy is so bad that even homeless people don't have money anymore.

i have no doubt that there'll be a string of lightning strikes and plenty of faulty wiring to go around but to blame just 2 guys or defenseless rich people is absurd." Feb 8, 12 9:09 PM

Southampton Town Board Will Consider Barring Cops From Politics

Stritcly enforced ethics code and recusal sounds like a great idea. Restricting people from being involved in local politics at its higher levels because of their occupation is disturbing. " May 5, 13 5:22 PM

She says to eliminate the accusations and appearance. She never said anything about eliminating discreet back scratching.
This is not armageddon, this is damage control." May 5, 13 7:35 PM

UPDATE: Police Identify Man Charged With DWI In Saturday Accident In Southampton

I was told that it is only the employees with commercial drivers licenses that are randomly selected for drug testing." May 17, 13 10:49 PM

Southampton Town Bars Police Officers From Political Committees, Stiffens Penalty For Illegal Rentals

Are southampton town code enforcement officers also prohibited from serving as officials or committee members of political parties? " May 29, 13 5:20 PM

Cartoon Balloons Spark Search Off Noyac's Long Beach

Follow up on a person with good intentions in the days of see something say something? Are you out of your mind? What if had been an actual emergency and a motorois ignored it? You would be the first person on here trying to rally the troops that something should have been done earlier.
I read your post for the sheer hilarity of how moronic they are. You seem to have a problem with everything.

" Jun 5, 13 9:05 PM

East Quogue School Board Trims Another $600K From Budget; Spending Plan Won't Pierce Cap

Hey Jim Crow, you don't need to be a property owner or pay taxes to vote. All you have to do is be over 18 and registered in the school district. " Jun 10, 13 10:05 PM

Tuckahoe Students Could Be Pulled From Westhampton Beach District If Merger Advances

So they can get a better education." Jul 10, 13 7:57 AM

Signs Tell Drivers To Be Aware In East Hampton

oh goodie, more of that hilarity we had spoken about earlier.

It's especially funny when you are the first post and you post some hypothetical situation that loosely fits the article. Turning a drive safe sign to paving the way for hateful speech is a home run buddy-boy. " Jul 11, 13 3:48 PM

East Quogue Woman Saves Choking Baby At Laundromat

This is real local news.
A great deed by a heroic neighbor.
" Jul 15, 13 1:12 PM

List Ignites Investigation Of Hundreds Of Hampton Bays Properties

It's true George, after the whole clampie thing you lost what little credibility you had, now you just seem like you're swinging at anything that moves and can be labeled republican." Jul 15, 13 1:16 PM

Fox Stops Traffic In Southampton; Captured By Rescue Center

I am fairly certain that the only way to test for rabies is to kill the fox, hopefully they do not test for rabies.
If it still alive next week it is not infected, no test needed." Jul 22, 13 10:21 PM

Southampton Town ZBA Denies Eruv Application

This gets my vote for comment of the year, bravo and well done." Aug 2, 13 9:16 PM

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