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Ambulances Dispatched To Multi-Car Crash In Hampton Bays

Mr. Wheeler is hereby annointed as Head Fiddler.

Fiddle Fiddle Fiddle" Feb 9, 12 2:20 PM

In East Hampton, Sandpebble Suit Takes An Acrimonious Turn In Public

Know the difference between a dead snake and a dead lawyer on the road?

There are skid marks in front of the snake.

Fiddle Fiddle Fiddle." Feb 21, 12 4:52 PM

Around East Hampton Town Hall: Town Board Aims For Compromise On Montauk Green

Montauk Memorial Day issue: We are all on the same team. Artists and veterans are one and the same! There is NO disrespect in honoring diversity. Indeed the American Revolution took place because England did NOT honor diversity. There is plenty of room for all of us.

Quiet Skies issue: We are all on the same team (have you heard this phrase before?). If you doubt this, wait until the FAA southern approach route to EH airport opens up this summer. Mark these words.

Hopefully the EH Town Board will wake up to the major economic costs to be incurred if the airport noise does not start to diminish.

Think: "Long Term Vision?"

PS -- And tune your fiddles!

Fiddle Fiddle Fiddle" Mar 2, 12 9:29 PM

Southampton Town Board Divided Over Comptroller Appointment

Perhaps the conductor is introducing a new standard for the fiddle section?

Fiddle Fiddle Fiddle" Mar 5, 12 2:41 PM

Proposed Law in East Hampton Would Require All Pool Owners To Install Stairs

You absolutely cannot make this stuff up!

Retroactive mandate for stairs so that dogs can climb out of the pool !!

Is this an accurate quote?

“Extrapolating that for a child brought my concern to a higher level,” Mr. Stanzione said.

Not sure from what lower level this extrapolation brought you?

Wow, scary stuff.

Fiddle Fiddle Fiddle" Mar 5, 12 6:43 PM

East Hampton Library Expansion Approved

Is this an accurate quote?

"The DRB’s approval is subject to the submission of an acceptable lighting plan, but Stuyvesant Wainwrght [sic] III, that board’s chairman, said, “I don’t see any reason to hold up any construction” before members officially gave the expansion the green light."

Sure, why wait for the official green light, in the Peoples' Republic (not) of East Hampton?

Where is Otis Pike when we need him?

Fiddle Fiddle Fiddle" Mar 7, 12 7:11 PM

Tuckahoe King Kullen Plans Won't Deter Village Push For New Grocery

At the risk of belaboring the points previously made:

-- this location is probably the WORST
" Mar 7, 12 7:14 PM

The map above appears to indicate three of the six properties which would meet the minimum lot size requirements of the proposed zoning change.

Where are the other three?

Is the property south of 27 and north of the Hillcrest Ave. neighborhood (near the new nursing home behind 7-11) one of the other three eligible properties?

Who owns this parcel?

Is there any relationship between the owners of this parcel and the village officials, in particular Mayor Epley, either by marriage or college affiliation?

Does this parcel have access from the Hillcrest area?" Mar 12, 12 8:33 PM

Correcton: nursing home behind McDonalds." Mar 12, 12 8:37 PM

Politically Divided Southampton Town Board Names New Police Captain

Business as usual for the SH Town Board!

Very limited notice to Chief Wilson, and everyone else.

Sad indeed.

Fiddle Fiddle Fiddle" Mar 13, 12 6:06 PM

Attorney Warns Quogue Village Not To Reject Eruv Application

Fiddle Fiddle Fiddle !!!" Mar 19, 12 8:23 PM

PS -- Remember the difference between a dead snake and a dead lawyer in the road?

There are skid marks in front of the snake!

Then there is the one about the priest, rabbi and lawyer arguing over a cow in the road. The first two are tugging on each end of the cow, and the lawyer is milking the cow.

Think about it!" Mar 19, 12 8:27 PM

Fiddle Fiddle Fiddle." Mar 26, 12 6:20 PM

Hattrick Revives Coopers Beach Catering Space Idea

Perhaps the fiddle section could have an elevated platform at the new catering facility's orchestra promenade?

While the Village budget keeps going through the roof?

Fiddle Fiddle Fiddle" Apr 6, 12 4:45 PM

Southampton Police Chief May Face New Challenge

Fiddle Fiddle Fiddle

(Rome is burning by the way!)" Apr 6, 12 7:14 PM

Remsenburg-Speonk Budget Will Break Tax Cap Despite Teacher Concessions

Does anyone notice a trend here?

Municipalities all over the East End, and perhaps LI, are enacting legislation to pierce the NYS tax cap limit, and not just by small percentage increases.

There is a larger scale problem taking shape here IMO, and the outcome does not look healthy.

If the worldwide economy takes another turn down again, . . . . .

Fiddle Fiddle Fiddle" Apr 9, 12 2:58 PM

double standard,

You are correct. Please note that the comment posted above was more general in nature.

Municipal budgets including school districts are in real trouble IMO.

Any budget problems or not in your school district are debatable, but are only the tip of the iceberg IMO." Apr 9, 12 5:27 PM

DA: DePersia Violated Condition Of Her Probation

With luck you can take your fiddle into jail. And perhaps a mirror?

Best wishes." Apr 10, 12 5:24 PM

Windmill Lane Substation May Be Eyed For New Ambulance Headquarters

When in doubt, Mr. Mayor, spend money! Both alternate proposals are each over 4 Million.

The Windmill Lane FD location has PLENTY of room for the SHVVAC -- as is -- if the FD does not need the room IMO.

The Village budget is in the process of becoming a "bankruptcy imminent" deal. " Apr 10, 12 6:06 PM

Illegal Immigration: In Pursuit Of The American Dream

The lack of enforcement of the immigration laws for the past few decades has had IMO the goal of making businesses (who need cheap labor) more PROFITABLE.

Greed poisons.

Fiddle Fiddle Fiddle." Apr 11, 12 6:47 PM

Montauk Residents Support Ronjo In A Petition

WilkQuig are toast in the next elections IMO.

Shameful leadership in a Constitutional Democracy.


Fiddle Fiddle Fiddle" Apr 11, 12 7:16 PM

Police Intercept LIRR Bus In East Hampton Village

Let the summer games begin!

Fiddle Fiddle Fiddle!" Apr 19, 12 4:43 PM

East Hampton Library Breaks Ground--Finally

Quite fitting that Emperor Twomey has chimed in.

A sad denouement to his reign has started IMO.

Apologies will be well-received by all, not that Emperors ever say "sorry for the arrogance."

Fiddle Fiddle Fiddle!" Apr 19, 12 8:04 PM

A Sidewalk To Nowhere On Highway In Water Mill

Ahem, beg to differ.

The sidewalk leads to the Fiddle Section of the East End Roman Symphony ("EERS").

Our NYS DOT tax dollars spent insanely once again, not to allow for buses etc.. Looking forward to the traffic accidents here due to poor planning -- hopefully there will be no fatalities.

Fiddle Fiddle Fiddle!" Apr 20, 12 12:26 PM

Judge Drops Westhampton Beach Enforcement Case Agianst Shock Owner

Yes fyi, those "scultputes" are awesome!" Apr 25, 12 8:35 PM

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