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East End Officials Weigh In On County Proposal To Opt Out Of Marijuana Legalization

Ironic that Southampton Village use to have signs at its entrances, with a banner headline at the top:

"Founded For Freedom"

How did Prohibition work out?

Fiddle Fiddle Fiddle !!!" Mar 6, 19 2:25 PM

Westhampton Beach School District Officials Happy With School Resource Officer

He can't help himself, just a broken-down stuck old record.


Fiddle Fiddle Fiddle !!!" Mar 7, 19 8:07 AM

Residents File Lawsuit Against Town, Property Owner Regarding Rose Hill Road Deal

Is there something wrong with the drinking water on Rose Hill Rd?

Isn't that where Mr. Zaro lived -- maybe the same waterfront house? -- and his employee allegedly mowed down Sister Jackie and left her to die on the side of the road? Then escaped to South America . . . 2012 was that? Was he the real driver?

The more things change . . . .

Fiddle Fiddle Fiddle !!!

" Mar 7, 19 3:06 PM

Zeldin Votes No On Democrats' Resolution Condemning Bigotry, Wanting It To Name Names

LOL . . . So much huff and puff fiddlin’ . . .

. . . and all before anyone knows the contents of Mueller’s report!

Prepare for a new kind of Shock and Awe . . . [without an indictment] . . . think about it, not that most here can actually think about anything beyond their blinders . . . !!!

Fiddle Fiddle Fiddle !!!" Mar 23, 19 12:50 PM

"Fox News" ???

Surely that is a contradiction!

Fiddle Fiddle Fiddle !!!" Mar 23, 19 2:45 PM

Glamping Will Start Memorial Day Weekend At Cedar Point County Park in East Hampton

Hope the County and Terra Glamping are prepared with all the anti-tick sprays and information for the unsuspecting glampers!

Fiddle Fiddle Fiddle !!!
" Apr 2, 19 10:18 PM

Stretch Of County Road 39 Closed After Crash Brings Down Power Lines Onto Roadway

Let the summer games begin!

Fiddle Fiddle Fiddle !!!

PS -- Hope the injuries are not too severe." May 2, 19 1:39 PM

VT -- you mean the Shirley-to-Boston Causeway?

Complete with wind turbine towers and suspension bridges at the major ocean shipping passages [LI Sound and Vineyard/Nantucket Tidal Pool], numerous tide-turbines, in the continuous seawall from Montauk to Chatham MA, and various new mini-islands offshore with legal gambling and seafood restaurants, etc..


" May 2, 19 8:56 PM

Rowan, Van Scoyoc Offer Differing Accounts Of How Controversial Montauk Restaurant Settlement Was Reached

Meanwhile Rome is burning!

Fiddle Fiddle Fiddle !!!" Jun 5, 19 8:10 AM

State Adds East Hampton Airport Hazardous Waste Site To Superfund List

^^^^^ x2


Fiddle Fiddle Fiddle !!!" Jun 17, 19 7:48 AM

OLA Hosts Gathering In Sag Harbor To Support Local Immigrants

Good one!

"Never argue with a fool, onlookers may not be able to tell the difference!"

Mark Twain

Fiddle Fiddle Fiddle !!!" Jul 9, 19 5:22 PM

Still sawin' away on that big fresh fiddle we see!

Fiddle Fiddle Fiddle !!!" Jul 14, 19 12:19 PM

Forget about the tweet being racist.

How about just plain dumb and stupid?

"Back back to where you came from . . . "

In one case that is the Bronx! Guess he showed her!

Fiddle Fiddle Fiddle !!!" Jul 19, 19 1:38 PM

Fred, you don't really expect the Trumpettes to stop drinking the Kool-Aid, do you?

Fiddle Fiddle Fiddle !!!

" Jul 21, 19 9:37 AM

President Trump To Attend Reelection Fundraiser At Bridgehampton Mansion On August 9

Is "Moscow MItch" going to attend?


Fiddle Fiddle Fiddle !!!" Jul 30, 19 4:19 PM

Make America GRATE again . . .

Fiddle Fiddle Fiddle !!!" Aug 1, 19 4:49 PM

President Trump's Friday Visit May Infringe On Weekend Travel Plans For Hamptons Visitors

Yup, that appears to be DD's plan . . .

DD: "Burn Rome Down!:

Fiddle Fiddle Fiddle !!!" Aug 9, 19 6:24 AM

UPDATE: President Trump Arrives In Southampton To Attend Private Fundraisers On East End Friday

Ain't zat Z truth!

Make America Grate Again . . .

:(" Aug 9, 19 7:41 PM

Bialsky Unveils Prices For West Water Street Condos

Look at that industrial brick WATERFRONT WALL, shown in photo #2 in the Photo Gallery.

What? !!!!

Did all the local boards approve this blatant slap-in-the-face to our harbor views?

Rome is burning!

Fiddle Fiddle Fiddle !!!" Aug 14, 19 3:10 PM

Stakes Get Higher In Stony Hill Farm Clearing In Amagansett

Power corrupts.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Fiddle Fiddle fiddle !!!

" Aug 31, 19 11:18 AM

UPDATE: The Vanna White Is Pulled Off Montauk Beach But Sinks In Harbor; Young Owner Left Homeless

Sorry . . . this has to be said . . .

He is lucky to be alive after so many bad decisions IMO. Planning on anchoring in the ocean and taking a shower at Hither Hills SP . . . is this for real?

Fortunate that no one got hurt rescuing him.

This could have turned out much worse.

Had to be said . . .

" Sep 26, 19 8:13 PM

Meadow Lane Property Owner Offers To Beautify Helicopter Pad Parking Lot

Well said all.

He moved to the nuisance.
A self-created hardship.
Trojan Horse.
Putting lipstick on a pig!

Fiddle Fiddle Fiddle !!!" Sep 30, 19 5:52 AM

Bathtub Show Moved From House In East Hampton Village After Code Enforcement Pulls The Plug

. . . a draining experience I'd say . . .

:)" Oct 2, 19 5:23 PM

Climate Change Is Happening On The East End

Is Trumpty Dumpty teetering on the wall, just before taking a big fall?

Rome is burning!

Fiddle Fiddle Fiddle !!!" Oct 11, 19 12:21 PM

Fox's Shepard Smith quits abruptly.

Like rats abandoning a sinking ship!

How is that Kool-aid tasting?

Fiddle Fiddle Fiddle !!!

" Oct 11, 19 4:18 PM

Southampton Town Trustees Adopt Mecox Management Plan

The first paragraph:

"Despite opposition from Southampton Town’s chief environmental analyst, the Town Trustees adopted a plan to manage the Mecox Cut last week, after nearly four years of working with local residents and regulatory agencies to fine tune its details."


Does the new plan include un-doing the land-grab fiasco at the Rose Hill Road boat ramp?

Time for a change in the upcoming election!

Fiddle Fiddle Fiddle !!!" Oct 15, 19 3:00 AM

Climate Change Is Happening On The East End

Remember the Trump/Putin private tete-a-tete meetings?

Any chance Trump told Putin he could have Syria back, in exchange for new new Trump hotel/resort/golf course projects in Russia?

Stranger things have happened . . . never say never.

A new Trump Tower in Syria perhaps?

"Damascus Don" has a nice ring to it . . . :)

Fiddle Fiddle Fiddle !!! " Oct 16, 19 1:28 PM

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