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Elected Officials Address Concerns Over Hampton Bays Homeless Shelter

i can't believe the way i am hearing people talk about other human beings. No wonder our country is crumbling. Karma is a bitch and i hope it bites you where it hurts." Nov 29, 11 8:31 PM

The only thing I don’t agree with is- poorly built....Southampton town has gone to extremes to make sure nothing is poorly built within our community. This is one thing, I can really applaud the town for." Dec 1, 11 9:09 AM

Cops: Two Cases of Male Motorists Approaching Girls Are Isolated, Not Cause For Alarm

What the heck is going on...No Alarm? Every child is considered bait to these predators, they sit and wait for the perfect opportunity. I don't want to see our community on the news dealing with an abduction. We need to learn from others mistakes, not by making our own!" Dec 21, 11 9:48 AM

Pre-Dawn Raids In Hampton Bays Prompt Complaints

It is a safety issue and a huge problem plaguing our community...our taxes are higher because the schools cannot handle the influx of students due to the fact that home/motel owners are not paying proper taxes. Fine them and raise their individual taxes; they want to cram 50% more people into their places, let them, just as long as they pay for it. Increase fire/occupancy inspections to once a month, pay the local fire departments for inspections in their towns, and crack down on the illegal rentals (code enforcement duty). A four bedroom house should only have 8 (not 16) people living in it, 4 cars in the driveway, and a permit! We have a surplus of Peconic Land Trust Funds….The town just purchased another piece of property next to East Landing for approx. $450k, that they won’t pay tax on! Land Preservation!…How about community preservation?" Jun 10, 12 10:25 AM

It is not about the legality of the people coming here or the signs in spanish, it is about people paying their share to live here. The government is constantly providing, we are dealing with lazy or uneducated people. In this situation NO race is exempt from milking the government. Please concentrate on solving problems, not placing blame." Jun 13, 12 8:51 PM

Opponents And Supporters Of CPI Proposal Sound Off At Public Hearing

40 townhouses?! They should talk to the developers of canoe place landing, they are having a hard time selling those units. So, unless they plan to sell them for approx. $275k to $375k (average cost of homes selling here) they should reconsider their plans. Stuck between the highways and railroad tracks....good luck guys! all the poewr to you, as long as the property taxes are paid." Jun 13, 12 8:59 PM

Surf Camp Causes New Conflict At Picnic Area Beach

WOW! First of all....the hightide seaweed line is where the property ends. The beaches are for eveyone!" Aug 27, 12 10:00 PM

UPDATE: Description Released Of Man Who Fled Hampton Bays Double Stabbing

Nothing good happens after 2 am" Aug 27, 12 10:05 PM

DEC To Revise Mute Swan Eradication Plan

The swans, seriously! Consider the seals that are killing the fluke/flounder populations before the swans. At least there are more humane ways to deterr the seals from entering our bays. Why was this even a topic, if they have nothing better to do maybe we should start cutting jobs!" Mar 5, 14 8:13 AM

McAllister Calls For More Water Testing At CPI Site

Come on...a baseline is ALWAYS a good idea! Water is a necessity - it is important to keep it safe and clean! Look at other contamination studies....protozal, parasitic, bacterial, and viral infections. Have fun paying those doctor bills if you fall ill-especially if you are counting on Obama care! The developers need to be held responsible for any issues that arise, baseline testing makes for accountability." Feb 23, 15 9:38 AM

UPDATE: Police Identify Eastport Man As The Driver Who Crashed Into A Barber Shop In Hampton Bays On Tuesday

So glad no one was hurt and hopefully they have insurance!!! How the heck did it happen?
" Oct 31, 17 5:01 PM

Southampton Town Considers Artificial Turf For Hampton Bays Field

How about we put some money into the hockey/skate park, enclose it and staff it year round. Create opportunities for kids to engage in sports during the winter months....bring a SYS center to the East Quogue/Hampton Bays area? Stop focusing on the seasonal sports, the winters are very long here. There would be a drop in drug use as well!!! A LAX field would be awesome too, keep the youth active all year long!!!!!" Mar 29, 18 10:33 AM

Orlando's Cafe In Hampton Bays Under New Ownership

Sorry to hear, please don't change the food, we love Orlando's!!!! All it needs is a fresh of paint...good luck!" Apr 18, 18 7:53 AM

Newtown Road And North Road In Hampton Bays Will Be Reconfigured To Accommodate Canoe Place Inn Project

First of all, Newtown Road was NOT designed to carry a high volume of traffic!!! Otherwise it would be wider and have pedestrian lines. The town needs to change that immediately before someone gets hit or killed! No tru traffic signs need to be installed (county rd 39 & shrubland) to to stop rush hour congestion...we all know the road cannot be made wider, so limit the traffic! 2 birds one stone...safety for pedestrians without costing the tax payers/DOT money and we don’t have traffic build up at the CPI intersection anymore.... use your head people it’s not rocket science." Aug 8, 18 7:15 AM

Southampton Supervisor Considers Leaving Bel-Aire Cove Motel Property As 22-Room Motel

Condos are the best fit for that property, much needed tax revenue for HB, end of story. The owner should be in jail and the town should seize the property. The proceeds of the auction should fund a tax relief program for elderly property owners struggling to pay their property taxes. I have lived here a very long time and it doesnt matter how many new parks you add when the surrounding areas look like sh@tholes ! The town needs to follow through!!! Fines for residents renting without permits, cracking down on homes that are over crowded and making the residents of HB happy to have a local government that is proactive and cares. " Nov 15, 18 11:21 AM

After Heated Debate, Southampton Town Board Again Tables Bel-Aire Cove Decision

90% of the HB residents work..1pm on a Tuesday! Our ridiculously high property taxes are due this month...which will be coupled with the reassessment which will probably increase them but sure I CAN NOT WAIT TO TAKE THE DAY OFF to have my voice heard!" Dec 17, 18 2:24 PM

Unlawful Clearing At CPI Townhouse Site Raises Concern Among Town Officials

It happens everyday....just tell them what needs to be revegetated and they will fix it. Seriously,enough! Rechler is already spending millions more than necessary to renovate a building that should have been replicated bc there was NOTHING left to save. Appreciate that this developer is making a POS grand again!" Feb 1, 19 8:37 AM