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Southampton Town Supervisor Gets Real Estate License

We are all "concerned about our future", and she should be worried about not collecting a paycheck after the election next year! I just can't figure out if she is arrogant, stupid, or just plain silly to place her license with a firm now. I suspect it is an unfortunate combination of all three. " Oct 20, 14 1:18 PM

East Hampton Town Building Inspector Issues Certificate of Occupancy For Disputed Montauk Property

Oh wait - the ZBA is now chaired and vice-chaired by Dems who lost with Chris Kelley at the helm of the Dem committee over the years thanks to the Dem majority in power right now. So he's making his money from "neighbors" and, no doubt, WILL go to the same ZBA that just approved a illegal subdivision in Georgia Pond, with Mr. Kelley as the owners attorney, of course. I guess that's one way to make a living .... always have your hand in the political cookie jar!
" May 7, 15 3:13 PM

East Hampton GOP Chair Tom Knobel Seeks Nods To Run for Supervisor

And I'm sure the appointments of every Dem loser to the Planning Board and ZBA in the last two years had nothing to do with patronage either .... all sad but true ..." May 7, 15 3:17 PM

They are paying jobs-scary you don't know that IF you pay taxes in EH. Not much,but better than nothing if your weren't elected in the first place." May 12, 15 1:07 AM

East Hampton Town Will Shrink Houses And Basements

That's what it means ... also applies to commercial properties, while the Town is in the middle of a study on that being paid for by our tax dollars! Is this a run around the recommendations that may come out? This is not the whole story - someone should dig a little deeper and ask what and who is behind this, and why now? Noverby and her pawns in the planning department trying to push through an agenda - people better pay attention here out there nd speak up or forever have your property rights limited - again." Aug 19, 16 10:20 AM

EPA Admonishes East Hampton Over Outlawed Cesspools, But Town Says It Has No Authority

WOW - if the Town of East Hampton really wants to clean up its act the current administration and future administrations would pursue septic treatment facilities in Montauk and other hamlet centers, and establish individual tax districts for commercial entities, instead of offering no real solutions to a "problem" we all know exists. As a matter of fact, let's just keep dumping waste - in Montauk with "upgraded" systems, at the new Town-sponsored affordable housing project in Amagansett, and in the "comfort station" in the Amagansett parking lot. Great Future Planning! The CWMP that Jeremy refers to used residents' tax dollars to promote a system the author has a patent on - and only really "works" if there is a year round flow. Now that 2% of the CPF is being used to "promote" water quality, let's let the money flow as freely as the water for further "studies" and more BS. Wake up people. " Feb 1, 17 3:17 PM

First Big Piece Of Fish Farm Puzzle Arrives On East End

Ahhh, the spin already! I agree it's quite an investment (as is a commercial fishing boat/business - BTW!!) and although it may not be MEANT to put those already commercially fishing "out of business" - without an economic study I tend to think it will. Not a "truth" OR a "fact" yet - just common sense as with the quotas already set there's not enough to go around as it is." Sep 8, 17 8:23 PM