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Kabot To Wage Write-In Campaign Against Throne-Holst For Southampton Supervisor

Actually there was a period of time when three Democrats were the Board majority, to wit: Carolyn Zenk, Steve Kinney and Dennis Suskind. " Sep 26, 11 6:06 PM

Throne-Holst And Team Release Campaign Video

Jack Barry always used to tell me that the person who thought they were the smartest person inthe room, usually wasn't. Suppose that if the Cinderella shoe fits, Anna is the one wearing it now. First takes in more money thanshe is allowed to, then uses public buildings for her pwn political benefit. At least withme you could get the kids at home to draw a bridge or make anaxe or whatever i needed to get out of a mess. Guess Anna, Bridget and Brad need to ask a lawyer what is allowed and what is not. Lucky they are not political, as they say they are professionals. They just do not say what profession they are in. Don't they know we the people are tired of poitical hacks like them saying one thing and doing another. They should be ashamed of themselves. And my friend Rootie Kazootie thought Poison Sumac was a real villian. Boy, he is lucky he never meet Queen Anna and her evil Court Jesters. Well gotta go make sure my 101 dalmations are still safe. " Oct 26, 11 9:07 PM

That's what Clarabelle was saying to Mayor Bluster-"isn't it just awful how Linda Kabot made Anna take too much money in campaign donations and then force poor innocent doe eyed Anna into violating ethics laws by videoing inside Town Hall?" Old Phineas T., why he just laughed and honked Clarabelle's horn and replied, "But the best part is then Linda Kabot made it look like it was Anna's fault and pointed her finger". Just then all the kids in the peanut gallery started shouting, "shame, shame, shame on Anna." " Oct 28, 11 8:06 PM

Don't worry Bel, my friend Oblio and his dog Arrow couldn't see the point either,and they even found the points in the pointless forest. This one mustbe the exception that proves the rule. So it has a point afterall. Cause as Harry Nilsson taught us everything has a point. I think the point of the video is that some people's egos are so so so big they shouldn't be in public office. Or as the pointed man inthe forest told Oblio, a point in every direction is the same as no point at all. My point write in L i n d a K a bo t on election day. That will make a real point, Oblio and Arrow are not political but they know when someone has a point is different than someone has a super ego." Oct 30, 11 5:43 PM

So more folks can be in violation of the ethics code! Gee, Anna, not enough to violate it yourself, now you want others to join you. Right! What does the town attorney say about that. Guess anna thinks two wrongs make a right. Some supervisor. Sounds like its time to elect a supervisor who will enforce town laws, not break them. " Oct 31, 11 11:02 AM

Ethics Board Dismisses Complaint Over Use Of Town Facilities In Throne-Holst Campaign Video

Okay, let me understand this - "partisan politics have no place in local government" except when its using Town Hall to make partisan political campaign videos. And exactly who has a problem understanding that, the ones using town hall for political purposes or the ones who complained about town hall being used that way?" Nov 5, 11 6:25 PM

Winkie would like to know what your reasons are. Do you mind sharing them?" Nov 7, 11 4:17 PM

Winkie wants to know, when did this happened, how come clammy pie knows about it, since no one else seems to, did it effect anything, like ya know, the Town Attorney mess up did? If ya know something no one else does ya need to tell us all about it, especially where you got the information so we can judge its relative truth in a season full of half truths and outright political fibary." Nov 8, 11 12:46 PM

Fleming, Scalera Win Southampton Board Race; Throne-Holst Reelected

Gee, so you mean vote for Phineas T Bluster won't count. Winkie thought you could write in the name of anyone you wanted if you didn't like the names on the ballot. Winkie likes the voter analysis crap, even yours Mr. Rodney. Winkie thinks if you don't like voter analysis crap, you don't have to read it. But what does Winkie know he's just an animation." Nov 12, 11 9:39 AM