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Southampton Town Planning Board Gives Green Light To Tuckahoe Condo Complex

FYI: Sean hattrick is not a member of the Tuckahoe CAC. And it's the Southampton CAC not just Tuckahoe.
The town board is moving ahead with another high density affordable housing project in Tuckahoe. A lawsuit is being brought by residents of Tuckahoe against this board and it's illegal actions. Enough is enough. It's amazing that all these projects are being rammed into this one particular neighborhood. Let's just rename it and call it Islip or Tuckadensity. " Jul 16, 14 2:55 PM

Southampton Village Board Concerned About Plan For King Kullen In Tuckahoe

some info to consider:
when robert morrow builds his king kullen mega malls, as he did in HB, he then grieves the taxes and gets them reduced, so don't count on any big tax windfall for tuckahoe.
it's easy to bash waldbaum's for all its faults but its prices and sales beat KK big time. i say we should bring pressure on Waldbaums corporate to improve conditions in the store,instead of just complaining about them in these comments.
the amount of traffic generated by this maga mall will completely overwhelm us all - it will clog village streets, and bring cr39 to a standstill. the traffic on cr39 has already maxed out the capacity of the road. on a summer friday night, when the cars crawl along that stretch, now add all the cars pulling in and out of this mega mall directly onto cr39. it is madness and more, it is a failure of this town board to protect the safety of us all.
do we need another supermarket? we can debate that issue. but the proposed location of this project is what is wrong and this town board should do the right thing and deny the application." Sep 6, 14 8:53 AM

Jeremy Gordon Launches New Casting Company

Jeremy Gordon about to interviewed by Entertainment Tonight" Oct 7, 14 8:30 PM

Suffolk County Planning Commission Votes Against Tuckahoe Shopping Center Zone Change

interesting convo back and forth, none of it surprising. pros vs cons. the commish of DPW had no specific suggestions to mitigate the real traffic concerns, just some vague "we can do it". shameful to appear before that board without an expert by his side. no wonder the 15 member panel ignored his and their staff who recommended approval of this disastrous request for a change of zone.
the hard facts of traffic cannot be ignored. the amount of cars needed to support a mega mall are too large to be accommodated at this location. the board keeps approving high density applications while ignoring the fragile and limited infrastructure. CR39 and Magee St intersection is the location of the highest number of accidents in that area.high volumes of cars cannot safely exit and enter this location. period. the suffolk county commission clearly saw that. rep barbara roberts actually took the time to read all relevant documents and genuinely impressed me with her depth of understanding. don't shoot the messenger just cause you don't like the message " Dec 5, 15 1:59 PM

for the record:
1. according to VHB for the developer, intersections at cr39 and magee st and cr39 and cr52 are the locations of the highest accident rates along this stretch of cr39 (page 139, Table 6, EIS).

2. supermarkets truly are the heart of a village; they bring in shoppers who will then go to shops nearby to spend their money. Robert Gibbs is a retail consultant who travels the country telling towns and small cities how to survive and prosper. he was hired by southampton village earlier this year. i asked him, an expert in the field, what the impact of the tuckahoe mega mall would be on the businesses of SH village. He told me it would be a death knell. village centers are where supermarkets belong.

there is simply no way to move the amount of traffic currently attempting to travel along cr39 or north on magee st. suffolk county's own traffic engineer, dan densch, denied the request to change the light signal at this intersection because it would impede the flow of traffic on cr39. The Commissioner of DPW couldn't offer one single traffic mitigation when asked at the Dec 2 meeting. it simply can't be done.
whether or not another supermarket is needed is a conversation that can be had, but this location is simply wrong. it should be developed as of right, with low traffic generating uses.

and please, Rickenbacker, how about having an adult conversation and leave out the insults and name calling? This proposed development I choose to call a mega mall IS appropriate . for your edification, Webster defines Mega as "very large". i think that is entirely accurate.

" Dec 7, 15 3:52 PM

Tuckahoe Center Change Of Zone Application Is Withdrawn By Developers

Great thx is owed to this town board for hearing what rational residents have been saying all these years: no high traffic generating uses on CR39!!
Hooray!!!!!" Apr 18, 17 1:10 PM

Southampton Town Considering Buying Part Of Tuckahoe Center Property With CPF

What do residents get from this? Preserved open space and a much needed assisted living facility. You can bet I'll be watching like a hawk. The devil may be lurking in the details " Oct 14, 17 9:39 AM