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2012 Southampton Town Budget Will Include Staff Cuts

I disagree. Town workers should be getting paid double The burden should be put on small business owners who overcharge their customers and make money hand over fist and hire illegal cheap labor who they don't pay taxes on. Plus they get all the tax breaks. I am sick of it!" Sep 22, 11 11:37 AM

Great minds think alike methastapholes! You know what its like in the real world!" Sep 22, 11 7:57 PM

Removal Of East Quogue Memorial Upsets Family, Friends

I think all roadside memorials should be removed. They should be done at a cemetery which is what they were created for. If that is unreasonable plant a tree plants ect at the site. If thats not good enough put all the crap on your own front lawn not on public property." May 24, 12 4:51 PM

Shinnecock Inlet Will Be Dredged This Winter

The Shinnecock inlet has been a federal waterway since at least 1960 when . It is part of the intercoastal. Why shouldnt the Feds pay for some of the dredging?" Jun 3, 12 9:29 PM

Southampton Town Councilman Says Legal Action Could Be In Rumba's Future

Some you seem not Remember in march 2011 What Happend at Rumba's?---- Police arrested Bryan Martinez, 22, of Riverhead on March 21 for assault in the second degree and criminal possession of a weapon in the fourth degree. According to police, Martinez turned himself in after an altercation that happened on March 19 at Rumba bar on Canoe Place Road in Hampton Bays. Police Say Martinez allegedly struck another man at the club with his drinking glass and caused several lacerations to the other man. Martinez left the bar before police arrived. Nice place right?? " Aug 24, 12 1:01 AM

I have no beef with Rumba's. I have heard great things about the food and atmosphere. But they are the victim of their own success. The place is just too small. If the Town does not enforce the law and god forbid something happens there when it is over occupied. The owners and the town will be sued. Hell the owner may be able to sue the town for not enforcing the law. Also if they are allowed by to have more people than allowed. How can you enforce that law to any other bar/restaurant in the town?" Aug 24, 12 1:13 AM

Tearbear if you read the earlier posts a few people were quick to point out how other bars had stabbings and fights and imply nothing like that has ever happened at Rumba. And its not political abuse its a safety issue. It has lawsuit written all over it for the town and the owner if someone gets hurt there." Aug 25, 12 1:32 AM

New Traffic Light Coming To Hampton Bays

All that is needed is a No Left hand turn sign. Anyone who makes a left at that intersection is asking for trouble. You can go east on Montauk hwy, make a left on newtown and use the access rd by cpi to go east. Probably takes 30 sec.
" May 19, 13 4:26 PM

Litter On Montauk Beaches Frustrates East Hampton Town

The problem is people put household garbage in the containers. It seems like adding more cans would solve the problem but it only adds to it. One solution is bring it in, bring it out policy. Another is making it less expensive for people to dump their trash at town transfer stations." Jul 17, 14 8:10 PM

Architect Reveals Plans For Good Ground Park In Hampton Bays

I hope this amphitheater will be put to good use like The Suffolk and Westhampton Beach theaters are now used. It would be a nice outdoor summer venue. " Aug 13, 14 6:08 PM

Southampton Students Debate A Sons Of Italy Member About Columbus Day

Columbus never discovered a "New World" He thought he was in India until the day died." Mar 12, 15 6:33 PM

Hurricane Season Predicted To Be 'Below Normal' This Year

I am sure the people in Texas agree with you." Jun 2, 15 10:29 AM