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Flanders Deli Seized By State For Failure To Pay Taxes

It's kinda a shame, that store has been there for such a long time. I know for sure it is from the era of Rosie's Log Cabin, Ben's Rollerdrome, Schuster's garage and the deli on Long Neck Blvd." Sep 22, 11 10:28 AM

Public Asked To Be On Alert Following String Of Car Break-Ins Across Southampton Town

None of the cars had alarms????
Junkies, or leaf rakers the cops will get them, then the comments will be poor guys only trying to make ends meet.
The cops have to dance to the public music, today DWI, tomorrow loud music, then speeding on dune road.
Also, how far do you want the police to go on private property to check your car ???????" Oct 25, 11 5:48 PM

Elected Officials Address Concerns Over Hampton Bays Homeless Shelter

Are any of you people for real ? There is a lot of silly comments here that show none of you really have a grasp on what this is all about.

Point one: Homeless folks should be supported as they strive to pull them selves out of tragic finanical disasters that have destroyed their lives through no fault of their own.

Point two: There is no excuse for slobs, or disregard for the rules and regulations that form the basics of our culture.

Help is good, but when you bite the hand that feeds you, you must pay the price.

Southampton should be tasked to resolve the Southampton issues, and not wake up one morning to find 37 familys from Mastic have arrived to live in Hampton bays.

Oh yes the cost !! Now here we go with another issue. This is most likley buried under the leaf issue, the mind boggling leaf issue only over shadowed
by the hedge cutting law that in Southampton would get adult attention and no where else.

Don't bother to crack on me because of my views, or spelling, but just think if my comments have any validity.

Then we can discuss the cost to you, for the 87 billion dollars that Juan and Jose's kids are costing you, $$$$$$$ " Nov 24, 11 5:34 PM

Arrests Follow Brawl Outside East Hampton Bowl

Oh Holy smoke!!!! I have never seen so many hill billys that have no lives. Are you all over 80 yrs ?? Are you so bored ?? I think it was all those Illegal leave rakers, who with their 90 million kids gagging the local schools at your expense did it.
Make sure you jump on my spelling and grammer to cloud the issue, and then lets see if it was clamdiggers fighting about the length of the teeth on the rake, or where the cross bar should be located....
No wonder Oflop gets re-elected.... " Jan 14, 12 4:24 PM

Windsurfer Rescued By Bay Constables In Peconic Bay Says Equipment Failed

Yes it is good that it all had a happy ending. However the Bay constabubbles had recieved a tip that there was a guy out there who had 3 1/2 more clams that he was allowed to have, and of course launched a full court press to capture this wrong doer.
As long as he could speak English, and did not have several cars for sale on his front lawn he would be on his way to Riverhead. " Jan 14, 12 4:34 PM

Arrests Follow Brawl Outside East Hampton Bowl

U R an offensive oaf, and I hope you get out of the 2nd grade this year....

Ha Ha Ha U took the bait..." Jan 14, 12 9:21 PM

Iconic Lobster Inn Is Sold, Condos Could Be Future

I just love the way the comments go way out into left field, and lose sight of the story.
Is this an east end sickness?
I blame it on the illegal leaf rakers you all love so much.............

Ha Ha..... I only read this rag for the comments, by the wimps hiding behind their computers talking poop...

Long live Long Island..............." Jan 31, 12 1:34 PM

Man Tries To Flee From Quogue Police In Car, On Foot

Wow! That was a little harsh...." Mar 29, 12 2:13 PM

Illegal Immigration: In Pursuit Of The American Dream

Would somebody please look up race, and I don't mean at Riverhead Raceway.
Also start reading the police reports in the Southampton press before you put it in your canary cage.
" Apr 6, 12 5:46 PM

Man Pleads Not Guilty In Riverhead Murder Case

Funny, Southampton knows nothing, but the Riverhead paper has the full story.

Looks like we need another leaf raker, or hole digger or dishwasher. Awww." May 17, 12 2:35 PM

Airport Noise Unabated By Tower, Residents Ire Aroused Again

Oh Whup Whup, here come your friends next door who have millions of bucks just like you..... Tsk Tsk Ahhh how about earphones...." Jul 10, 12 9:23 PM

Southampton Town Board Suspends Second Police Officer; Police Union Stands Behind Cop

Why has this dragged on so long? What to cops do in SHTN???? Parking tickets, fenderbenders, drug gangs, and of course the dune road mafia running rampant.... come on guys be real cops!!!" Jul 10, 12 9:27 PM

Hampton Bays Restaurant Owner Says Bridge Work Is Hurting Business

Oh come on..... Music and laughing versus noise from machines ??? You must be the one on the hill who gripes all the time....... George Street dosen't care. " Jul 15, 12 12:27 PM

Red Tide Returns, With A Deadly New Twist

Ah hah, why not blame it on the duck farms like we did last time? Ooops we got rid of them already !" Aug 9, 12 1:21 PM

Lawsuit Filed Against Westhampton Beach Regarding Eruv

I was going to make a comment, but I am so confused that all I can do is ask did they ever get the guy who killed the nun?" Aug 9, 12 1:29 PM

Old Stove Pub In Sagaponack To Fire Up Its Broilers Again

Will they let you in if you are wearing waders?" Aug 9, 12 1:33 PM

Firefighters Battle Blaze On Reservation

Hey, guys, look a house burned down. Bad thing, right? Forget all the crap,
put the knives and guns away, and be glad it didn't happen to you.
If this comment page is only for English majors no one would be heard from to avoid being embareassed, except a few. (Did you get that one?)
Also don't be a jerk hiding behind the silly E-mail names to talk poop.

Want my name and address ? Boy would be surprized...." Aug 9, 12 1:47 PM

UPDATE: Police Identify Man Who Drowned After Jet Ski Accident In Mecox Bay

Yup! Real crappy reporting.Too much info that means nothing to the case, it's just filler to swell the page....." Aug 9, 12 1:55 PM

Cops: East Quogue Pair Nabbed For Stealing 30 Candy Bars

Thank God the candy monsters were caught at last! It appears they were responsible for several daylight thefts on the east end of candy bars. It is alledged they would trade the candy for cocanecandy to feed their habits.
Police estimate the candy had a street value $18.67 and could have been traded for about eighty cents worth of drugs" Aug 9, 12 2:03 PM

Seaplane's Montauk Stop Makes A Splash, And Waves

For an extra $1673.42 you can be met by a person who will wade out to the plane, and piggyback you to shore so your piggys don't get wet. What a deal!!" Aug 9, 12 2:15 PM

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