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Francis hopes to find a new home in the new year

I have been fortunate enough to adopt Francis/Maddie/now Sadie into our home on March 23, 2009. I lost my beloved dog to Cushing's disease back in November and my home has been so empty without the love of a dog. I looked for about two weeks in different shelters and saw many dogs that I could have adopted. However, when we went to the Southhampton shelter and saw Frances/Sadie, it was love at first site. She came over to us and gently took food out of my hand, licking, not showing one once of aggression. Ms. Lynch was with her at the time and was explaining her very sad story to us, although it is speculation, the point is she was a stray for some time and had a very sad beginning to life. I was unaware of her being fostered originally with another family who really seemed to love her. Unfortunate mishaps can happen with animals. It is not a matter of being careless, it's just about adjusting and learning the ways of the dog. The Arrestas were not given a chance.

I have had Sadie with me now for 5 days and she is a love. She's sweet and listens and loves to lick. She has made us very happy. I live at home with my husband. I have two older boys and a 11 year old granddaughter. They don't live with us but they do visit often and my boys and my granddaughter couldn't be happier.

My heart goes out to this family who wanted to love Sadie and had her taken away from them. I just want to reassure them that she is in a good home and will also be loved and taken care of by a great family. " Mar 25, 09 2:02 PM