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Southampton Village Passes Law To Keep Hedges Well Groomed

curious.. the village already has a law regarding hedges that they haven't enforced in years; corner lots with a hedge must keep the corner cut to 4' to allow approaching cars at an angle to be seen. This is another Village "feel good" law that then sits on a shelf. Like the law that states that restaurants in town can only swap inside tables for outside tables, one for one. Check out the east side of Main, eh ? " Sep 10, 11 1:29 PM

Southampton Town Leaf Pickup Program May Strain Waste Management Department

Montauk dump run by one guy, place is spotless, takes leaves for free. East Hampton dump; one time charge for a permit, takes leaves/brush year round. Very efficient operations. (the dump-not the town). Southampton north sea dump ? fugeddaboudit. Money pit.
Where else in the free world can you have politicians in a p#@ssing contest over leaves ? Can't make this stuff up. " Oct 23, 11 10:00 AM

Southampton High School Student Will Not Return To School After Shotgun Arrest, District Says

stop souding like an idiot. Any weapon is an assault weapon. what's the difference if the hole is .223 or 20 gauge. It's still a hole and if it was in your thick head "you done been assaulted". " Oct 26, 11 9:01 PM

A stoeger shotgun is not an antique. It is a modern weapon made in what ever country the firm of stoeger can make a deal with. Currently Turkey I believe. Not the worst of guns, but not the best. A true antique weapon is exempt from federal firearm laws. A stoeger ain't. Further, I woul;d be petrified of any weapon without a trigger, " Nov 1, 11 1:43 PM

what does the trigger fit into ? the sear. what does the sear fit into ? the hammer or firing pin. without the trigger there is nothing to keep the pin/hammer from striking the primer. If I recall, a break action shotgun pulls the pin(s) back when either opening or closing the barrels. Anyone dumb enough to load the weapon will cause it to fire as soon as there is enough pressure on the pin. removing the trigger makes some weapons very unsafe. another example: m1911. pull the hammer back without the trigger and the hammer will fall. Nothing to contain the sear. " Nov 1, 11 9:26 PM

'High-End' Supermarket In Agreement To Move To Southampton Village, Pending Zone Change

Let's see; hmmm. Glennons are asking a fat price for the property. Can;t rent it. Instead of lowereing their price to market, they get a change of zoning. Now they can get their price. Ain't America great. " Nov 2, 11 9:11 PM

"pull at the coat buttons of the beaurocrats"
hmmm. isn't that what the Glennons are doing?
So, regulation is useless eh ? Let's rezone meadow lane and build condos and motels. Make 230 elm street a casino. a 7-11 on hill street. Imazine how much money those property owners would make. Substance enough ? " Nov 3, 11 9:43 AM

Judge Denies Injunction That Would Have Allowed Temporary Religious Boundary

Why can't the Rabbi in Westampton take a local map and draw out the boundries. Declare where people can walk and where they can't A simple solution to a complex issue. Eveyone is happy, there is no longer controversy. Seems that the end result is exactly the same. . Slowly and methodically, the separation of church and state is being eroded - not just by this faith but many others, mine included (baptist). If you think a stick on a pole is silly, try going eyeball to eyeball with an angry rattlesnake. Bless you and pass the anti-venom. Religion freedom is the backbone of this country but it needs to be kept on private property.
" Nov 9, 11 10:54 AM

Fleming, Scalera Win Southampton Board Race; Throne-Holst Reelected

Ah, small town politics. Can't make this stuff up. " Nov 10, 11 3:25 PM

Appeals Court Denies New Trial For Oddone But Reduces Sentence

22 year sentence excessive ? How about "excessive" compression of the trachea ? What f@#%king difference does the time make ? The poor victim still dead and this guy made him dead. And no legal manipulation is going to make him undead. Throw the key away and let him enjoy 22 years bending over in the weight room. " Nov 11, 11 11:10 AM

Day Camp Applicant Says No To Potential CPF Acquisition

closing costs, legal fees and engineering expenses have no bearing on a property's value.. I've been looking at the Constitution for 38 years and still haven't found where it says that everyone has to make a profit in real estate. . Jacobs has himself a large problem. Paid too much, spent too much and without his approval probably can't sell without taking a huge hit. Who's gonna buy it A speculator for subdivision ? Not with that organized opposition. And who's lending money now for development ? Not on this planet. North Sea folks have this guy by the short hairs. " Nov 15, 11 8:39 PM

Southampton Hospital ER Cleaned Up After Attempted Chemical Suicide

permanant solution to a temporary problem. Hopefully this gentleman will get the help he needs. Fortunately, there are plenty of resourses out there, but unfortunately not many people know about them. Fortunately as well that we have individuals who leave their homes at all hours of the night to assist and help others. Wouldn't the world be a better place if more people felt that way. " Nov 16, 11 12:14 PM

Southampton Town Leaf Pickup Program Still Confuses Many

Ah, life in Southampton......You can't make this stuff up. " Dec 15, 11 8:58 AM

Ocean, Wind Lash At Georgica Beach Again, Taking Out Fences

Nature always let's us know who's in charge. and it ain't us. " Jan 14, 12 10:00 PM

Windsurfer Rescued By Bay Constables In Peconic Bay Says Equipment Failed

way to go buddy - I'm right behind you at 66 still doing black diamonds and plan to start surfing again this spring Grab life when you can and screw the consequences. " Jan 16, 12 2:21 PM

Bridgehampton Homeowner Fights Southampton Decision Over Front Yard Pool

we live by the finest ocean and bay beaches in the world and she wants to lay about by a pool in a swamp? Next she'll sue the town because of bugs. Blow up the canal bridge ! " Jan 18, 12 9:43 PM

Mayor Says Southampton Village Supermarket Law Has Good Chance Of Passing, Despite Opposition

as the urbanization of the city of southampton continues apace, why would you even be surprised that this is taking place. However, isn't it convenient that the Glennon property was worth X under current zoning and then 4X with the zoning change. Talk about a homerun. This really, really, REALLY doesn't pass the smell test. Perhaps our annointed officials would reveal the terms of the lease, eh ? And those poor people in the condo next door; all those delivery trucks at 3:00 a.m.. But hey, it's the Village !!!! Fugedaboudit. " Jan 19, 12 9:15 AM

Pell Refuses To Recuse Himself From East Quogue Dock Application

perhaps we should return to Sheakspear's Henry the 6th, part two, spoken by Dick...........I'm sure Mr, Bennett knows the line, eh ? All lawyers do. Tongue in cheek of course. As was the intent of the brilliant Mr. Sheakseare, who could write volumes about this town, as no one could possibly take that line seriously. Right ? " Jan 21, 12 3:01 PM

Eruv Application Is Filed With Quogue Village

Given that the concept of marking telephone poles was that of a Rabbi then a Rabbi can clearly end this issue. Create a map delineating the boundry, give it to all who care and the law is observed. Which is the purpose of the boundry in the first place. " Jan 24, 12 11:11 AM

Southampton Village Supermarket Law Takes a Pummeling, May See Revisions

Guess how many new applications for "relief" are going to be generated by this rezoning ? Our ruling aristocracy is slowly pissing away this Village for short term gains. And what happens when Fresh Market goes away ? What's next ? The number 4 train from Flushing ? And let's not forget Southampton Meadows condominiums that just got thrown under the bus.
"Take paradise........... "fougedaboudit. it's already been took. " Jan 28, 12 12:05 PM

East Quogue Officials Say They Do Not Know Elementary School's Capacity

Fire Marshal doesn't know the capacity of a school ? Really ? Joking, right ?
" Feb 2, 12 10:00 AM

Glennon Shares Perspective On Proposed Supermarket Law

According to the Press, Mr Glennon will not release the traffic study. Given that traffic on 39 is usually backed up to the four corners in the summer and that shopping traffic will therefore use Hampton Road, I wouldn't release it either. The Village therefore needs an impartial study of the traffic impact on Hamppton Road before any vote is taken. This should not be an option.
Mr. Glennon states that his property is beginning to deteriorate. So what. Fix it. And that he's losing money. Tough. Since when did this become a Village problem. It's an investment - His investment. Deal with it. " Feb 9, 12 3:50 PM

Southampton Town Police Officer Bitten By Man Resisting Arrest

can't make this stuff up. " Feb 20, 12 10:11 AM

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