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Westhampton Beach St. Patrick's Day Parade attracts record number of bystanders

the 'officer hurt . . . ' article that hamptoniteforlife refers to is no longer accepting or showing comments

a lot of work goes into putting on the parade, by the organiziers & area businesses. the organizers were certainly not giving/selling drinks to teenagers, they were trying to create more of a family environment.
it is always a hard call with kids & large groups of people & alcohol. with my kids, we get in, see what we came to see and get out, before things get out of hand.
" Mar 21, 09 7:41 PM

The Open Book reopens in Westhampton Beach

glad you are back, and glad you got an article
we would much rather feed our book addiction at the Open Book than the chains . . . best of luck!" Mar 30, 09 10:59 PM

Code enforcement shuts down soup kitchen at Southampton Tire

I grew up in an area with many migrant agricultural workers. it was not unusual for them to come to our house and ask if we could spare some food.
I was raised to make a sandwich from whatever we had in the fridge, and give it to them (granted, my sandwich making skills were not all that!!)
giving a sandwich to a hungry person, where ever they are from, is the right thing to do

" Apr 1, 09 12:33 AM

Bay constables rescue two teenage girls after dock drifts into Flanders Bay

great lesson for the kids (and adults) -
go for help when you are in over your head" Apr 9, 09 3:42 PM

Swine flu diagnosis for two Sag Harbor students

North of HIghway,

I read that book as well, but forgot whether the people infected on the first, less severe round fared better or worse when the virus morphed - do you have that info?

been curious about it since this flu started, but can't find the book ;-)

" Jun 15, 09 5:21 PM

State seizes La Hacienda restaurant for delinquent taxes

not so much the citizenship, but whether they have the money -- how many articles about east end businesses being temporarily shut down or seized, or declaring bankruptcy have there been in the last few months?

more than last year . . ." Jul 10, 09 9:38 AM

Fraudulent town checks part of scam

Obama raps? when does he hit iTunes?" Jul 10, 09 9:44 AM

Southampton Village Police launch internal investigation into inappropriate computer use

when I first read the line 'launched an expansive internal investigation' it looked like 'launched an expensive internal investigation'

why not just put net nanny on the computers, since they are acting like kids?" Apr 16, 10 6:28 PM

Westhampton Beach business broken into; two others vandalized

btw 2006 - 2008 there were at least 4 UNSOLVED break ins on or around the corner from main street - not including Post Stop, which was armed robbery

always had positive relations with WHB PD, but crime solvers they are not" Apr 21, 10 6:55 PM

Aviators will be looking to land another championship

go Aviators! great way to spend a summer evening" May 24, 10 3:51 PM

Attorney: Mortgage fraud case moving toward 2011 trial

something for the Press to write about in January I guess, no one else seems to have picked up on the DA's 'press release'" Sep 16, 10 10:48 PM

Demolition crews still at work at Quogue gas station

filled my bike tires at that (former) station several years ago, very convenient " Sep 30, 10 11:03 AM

Quogue Village Police investigating rash of car break ins

same thing happened in Westhampton Beach & Quiogue in the early hours of September 13th" Oct 5, 10 10:57 AM

Parties are at odds over date of Westhampton Beach Halloween parade

also love the parade, but understand that in this economy Friday is better than Thursday, and that could be the difference in payroll.
this was brought up too close to the date of parade, now it can be worked out for next year" Oct 14, 10 10:34 PM

Project Open Vista: Clearing For A Clear View

people also pay taxes to funds that protect areas like this from being disturbed - the value of a 'view' is greater than appreciating the natural landscape?" Dec 10, 10 10:06 AM

you are right, that was likely the case just after I wrote.
still, wildlife does use the invasive & non-native for food and shelter, and it will keep growing back." Dec 13, 10 10:21 AM

Remembering A Night Of Tragedy

seems not all stories require login
to require login on this emotionally charged anniversary article and not others is explotive" Mar 16, 11 10:54 AM

meant exploitive " Mar 16, 11 10:58 AM

Headless Body Discovered In Amagansett Does Not Appear To Be Victim Of Foul Play

more likely a drowning victim whose body was not found til now
r.i.p." May 23, 11 3:13 PM

New Dog Park Proposal On Table In Westhampton Beach

will check out the park in WHB, but very happy with the dog park at Bideawee, just a few minutes away!

" Aug 5, 11 12:45 PM

A Well Decorated Guest Room Should Be Like A Fine Hotel

I want my guests to feel welcome and comfortable of course, but I was hoping for some more practical ideas from this article . . . other than spend 4000. on a king bed " Oct 5, 11 9:36 AM