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Altschuler Gets Indepence Party Nod

Job shipping Randy will never get in. Randy and The Tea Party are finished.
Randy's desire to outsource American jobs to India will not work with the good people of Suffolk County.
" Mar 21, 12 1:27 PM

Instead of representing the hard working people of the East End, job shipping Randy will cater to his overseas connections and his love of cheap labor.

Keep American jobs for Americans. Support Tim Bishop, a true patriot.." Mar 26, 12 9:08 PM

Altschuler Challenges Bishop To Debate On Health Care

Randy and the radical right's war on women and the middle class must be stopped. If you believe your wife or your mother or daughter should be subject to sonograms at the whim of some oil company bought legislator then Randy is your man If you believe that the super rich deserve more tax breaks and women should not be allowed to purchase birth control then Randy is your man. If you want the Koch brothers to run the United States of America then Randy is your man.

On the other hand. if you believe that women deserve the rights they have earned and that their bodies should not be owned by big oil, big banks, and big republicans than vote Bishop." Apr 7, 12 6:59 AM

It's not a "state's right" to invade a woman's privacy. Virginia, claiming they have the right to subject a woman to a humiliating sonogram, is no different than Virginia 50 years ago forcing people of color to the back of the bus.

It's the same people, the same game. We can't go backwards.

If you care about women, and/or you want birth control to remain legal, vote for Bishop" Apr 7, 12 10:54 PM

Bob Stevens Faces Felony Charges Of Stealing From Appliance Store Employees In Westhampton

Bob was always a gentlemen and he provided terrific service.
I hope the allegations prove false. This is a sad chapter in an otherwise
really nice story.
" Apr 10, 12 3:36 PM

Bishop, Altschuler and Demos Sound Off On House GOP Budget

Not only does job shipping Randy want to ship American jobs to India, but he and his Tea Party fanatics are obsessed with limiting birth control for middle class women and health care benefits for the elderly.

At the same time, Randy and the radical right want to destroy our beaches by drilling for oil from Main to Florida while providing tax breaks for his good friends and financiers at Exxon Mobile.

Preserve our freedom, our benefits, and our environment - Vote Bishop" Apr 12, 12 3:48 PM

The radical right criticized and attempted to demoralize FDR. They vomited their vapid slurs across the newspapers they owned, " Socialist, traitor etc."
Wisely, patriotic Americans saw through them and Roosevelt, like Obama, saved us from economic calamity. Roosevelt's accusers were funded by gigantic corporations who despised worker rights, women's rights, equal rights, and a clean and safe environment.

FDR, was attacked by the du Pont brothers and the "'American Liberty League." .
For President Barach Obama it's the Koch brothers and the Tea Party.

Roosevelt was reelected and our president will be reelected, and right wing Randy, the job shipper, will lose again." Apr 13, 12 9:40 AM

Beach Bakery Owner Granted Dining, Music Permits In Westhampton Beach

Ms. Richman paying taxes for her own prosecution is like a rower tipping the whipper on a slave ship.

Although Elyse clearly breaks the rules and is notoriously arrogant and obnoxious, wasting tax payer money to punish her after the judge's ruling is idiotic. Obviously one or all of those Mayberry Board members don't like her and their small-town, beer saturated brains are incapable of making an intelligent business decision." May 4, 12 8:31 PM

Randy Altschuler Unveils Jobs Plan

Job shipping Randy, the Koch brothers puppet, forgot to mention his mandatory sonogram plan for young women and his three year moratorium on birth control. His addiction to cutting social services, including but not limited to medicare and medicaid, mixed with his personal vendetta for women's rights, permanently labels him as an unelectable ruthless carpetbagger..

Perhaps Randy should bring back some of the jobs he shipped to India. " May 9, 12 6:01 AM

Merchant Gets Booted From Westhampton Beach Farmers Market

The Westhampton Chamber of Commerce is a failed organization and an embarrassment to the Village of WHB. They have done nothing to promote viable businesses in town. They are old, boring, and in the way.

Ms. Finley runs one of the few successful business in the village. She has exposed the incompetence of the Chamber on numerous occasions and formed an alternative, and far more successful community model.

The chamber is acting like a jealous adolescent who is trying to get back at someone they are mad at.

Ms. Finley should just show up, sell her goods, and refuse to leave. The chamber is powerless and can do nothing.
" May 11, 12 10:20 AM

Quogue Village Rejects Application For Religious Boundary; EEEA Plans To Sue

My guess is that Quogue will get served by July and it will go to trial next Feb. Based on the Tenafly decision, Quogue will lose and be subject to some severe penalties.

The whole thing is costly and sad and both side are responsible for the break-down in communication. " May 19, 12 10:01 PM

Finley Says She Will Sue If Not Allowed Back At Farmers Market


I think you should sue in district court and ask for a lot more money. It appears that the chamber is attempting to harass you because of WHAM's success. If in fact their actions are found to be discriminatory, you will entitled to a lot more than $1,000.00.

This is a excellent opportunity for local attorneys to lend their support to Erin and make Westhampton Beach a better community for competent business people." May 23, 12 8:54 PM

National Parties Take Interest In Bishop and Altschuler

We cannot allow Job Shipping Randy the Exxon/Koch brother carpetbagger to eliminate medicare, drill on the coast of East Hampton, and force women to sonogram their wombs..

This is a serous election and it's imperative that we take back congress from the greedy radical right.

Reelect Tim Bishop" May 25, 12 3:15 AM

Demos Withdraws From Congressional Race

Reelect Tim Bishop

Unlike Job Shipping Randy the Carpetbagger, Tim will protect and preserve our environment, women's rights, and medicare.

Next time you see Job Shipping Randy ask him if his campaign is being financed by Exxon and the Koch Brothers.

" May 25, 12 5:15 PM

Altschuler Secures Fishing Endorsements

It's funny that job shipping Randy, the Koch brother oil and gas puppet, would receive the endorsement of boaters and fisherman who in their shortsightedness don't realize that Randy's desire to drill off the coast of Eastern Long Island will eventually ruin their livlyhoods." Jun 13, 12 8:19 PM

Campaign Diary: Altschuler Outraises Bishop For Third Filing In A Row

Radical Right Wing Randy, the Koch brothers, job shipping carpet bagger must be stopped. We cannot allow his donors/owners from Exxon/Mobile drill off the coast of East Hampton.

Vote Bishop" Jun 19, 12 8:34 PM

Let's work together and stop radical right Randy, the New Jersey Koch brother oil and gas puppet from destroying women's rights.
Keep birth control legal and safe - Vote Bishop
Stop Exxon from drilling off the coast of East Hampton - Vote Bishop
Stop the Republicans from the doubling the interest rate on student loans
Keep Medicare for our mothers and our fathers and health insurance for our sons and our daughters - Vote Bishop." Jun 20, 12 5:59 AM

Hospitals And Bishop Applaud Supreme Court Ruling; Altschuler Vows To Work For Repeal

Radical Right Wing Randy, the NJ Carpetbagger, wants insurance for the super rich only. He cares little about college graduates who, under his plan, would no longer be insured under their parent's policies. He also wants to raise the interest rate on student loans and eliminate birth control coverage for women.

Right Wing Randy would like to turn the East End into his favorite place, India, where he ships jobs and millions of people, except the super rich, are without health care.

Stop the Republican War against women and the middle class.

Vote Bishop - and send Randy, the Koch brother/ExxonMobile puppet, back to New Jersey" Jun 29, 12 7:05 PM

Mitt Romney Will Fundraise In The Hamptons On Sunday

Mitt Romeny and radical right Randy Altschller, the N.J. Carpetbagger, are both Koch brother financed puppets. They will encourage drilling off the coast of the Hamptons and strip women of their rights including but not limited to health insurance for birth control.

Don't allow the Koch brothers (whose dad was an active member of The John Birch society) and Exxon/Mobile run America.

Vote Obama and Bishop" Jul 8, 12 7:02 PM

Protesters Turn Out At Romney Fundraiser On Meadow Lane

Rightwing, Job Shipping Randy Altschuler, the N.J. Carpetbagger and Mitt Romney are both Koch (pronounced coke as in cocaine) brother puppets. Their intent is to strip the middle class of health benefits and the elderly of medicare and to enrich the oil and gas companies with huge tax breaks and permits to drill of the Atlantic Coast including the Hamptons and Montauk.

The radical right also want to repeal the voting rights act (bill in the Texas legislature right now) and not allow insurance companies to reimburse women for birth control. (Dozens of Republican bills in state legislatures across the south).

Reelect our Trusted Congressman Tim Bishop - Reelect President Obama" Jul 9, 12 2:36 PM

Whether it's Donald Trump questioning our president's citizenship or the Texas legislature demanding picture ID to vote or the animal Joe Wilson shouting out in the halls of congress to the president of the United State," You lie," (something he would have never said to a white president), the radical racist right must be stopped." Jul 9, 12 8:10 PM

Double Standard,

Thanks for your thoughtful and well-stated response. I would like to respectively argue some of your points:

The Republicans, before their convention, are honoring Donald Trump as “Statesman of the Year.” He represents the right and he is fair game even though he is not in the government. His obsession with questioning President Obama’s citizenship - something he would never do to a white President - defines him as a racist. I do agree Donald is also an “idiot.“ He bankrupted four companies, and his name is blight on the N.Y.C. skyline.

“The Voting Rights Act” of 1965 was designed to overcome the very discrimination conjured up by current Republican led bills in Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, Pennsylvania and five other states. Requiring photo ID is pure harassment. Driver's licenses can now run as much as $100 (typically they issue them for 10 years) so many people, especially minorities, can’t afford them or don’t drive, and they certainly don't have passports. In Texas they could only identify four cases of voter fraud. There have actually been more documented fraud cases with fake picture IDs. The right wing knows they won't get the Latino or Black vote so they are trying to make it difficult for Blacks and Latinos to vote. It might be a good political strategy, but it’s racist and illegal.

I disagree with you - Obama didn't lie. The Tea Party had done everything possible to stand in the way of his success. Obama has taken us out of the Bush depression, and protected the middle class especially with the health insurance bill. He has also knocked off a number of terrorists, and is slowly getting us out of both of Bush's costly wars. Considering what he is up against, I think he is a terrific president and an honest man. Once he is able to fairly tax the super rich, big oil and coal, and the banks and Investment houses, the deficit will come down. That said, Representative Joe Walsh (the “you lie” moron”) from South Carolina is not only “rude,” but he is a racist.

As you know, many Republican congressman and candidates, including our local job shipper, carpetbagger, Randy Altschuller are being funded by the Koch brothers. The apple never falls far from the tree and the Koch brothers' father, Fred Koch, served on the governing board of “The John Birch Society.” The brothers are either too scared to denounce their racist daddy or they agree with his politics. For all intents and purposes John Birch sympathizers are running a big chunk of the Republican Party. “Lie down with dogs, wake up with flees.”

" Jul 10, 12 5:50 AM

D.S., my friend,

You misunderstood my comments.

I labeled Donny Trump's obsession (he would have never gone after a white president) as racist and Walsh, the moron from South Carolina's comment, as a racist (he would have never shouted out to a white president).

I didn't say, nor do I believe, that every Republican is a racist. I have Republican friends who despise Trump, Walsh, and the Koch brothers, but disagree with Obama's policies. I am well aware that Bush had Powell and Rice as their Secretary of States, and although I didn't agree with many of his policies, neither of the Bushes were racist.

But certainly if you knowingly align yourself with a candidate that is the puppet of a family whose father was on the governing board of "The John Birch Society," than you risk being identified with them.

Racism is the attempt to exclude or disparage a certain group of people based on their race. African Americans voting for a candidate they can identify with his hardly racism. (That point was silly. You did better in your earlier response.) Surely if an African American
refused to vote for a candidate just because he was white, than one could argue he or she was a "racist."

Most Americans are good people and will not want to be associated with the Koch name as they learn more about Daddy Fred. I think Governor Romney was ill advised to visit the Koch brothers and accept their money.

" Jul 10, 12 12:14 PM

A number of Republicans are demanding that Romney get his story straight on Bain. Was he in control or not. If not than why show up at Board meeting and sign off as the CEO. They are also saying that he must show his tax returns. Why is he hiding them?

In seems that there is a grass roots effort for a new Republican Candidate? Who do you think they will chose. My guess is Jeb Bush." Jul 15, 12 8:37 PM

Obama Fundraiser Is Planned For August 24

Looking forward to our president being reelected. Romney really made a fool out of himself in England and Israel, and I think things will start to get easier. If the radical right congress would cooperate and work with the President, then we could get the economy going again." Jul 31, 12 1:26 PM

In Congressional Politics, Tracking Is The Name Of The Game

It's interesting that the radical, racist, right forced President Obama to prove he was a citizen of the Untied States, but Governor Romney won't prove that he paid taxes from 1999-2009.

And all those years that Romney wasn't paying taxes, Randy Altschuler was a citizen of New Jersey who was shipping American jobs to India.

Send the carpet bagger, job shipping Randy back to New Jersey and tell Governor Romney to show his tax returns." Aug 2, 12 10:25 PM

Deferred Action Program Will Affect East End Dreamers

The radical racist homophobic right despises anyone who is not a born again, white, NRA, John Birch supporter.

But their time has passed. They are done. Obama will be reelected and The Tea Party will just be a bad dream, a burp in American Democracy." Aug 2, 12 10:30 PM

Romney Makes Second Visit To The Hamptons On Friday

The Ryan/Romney ticket are chained to the infamous Koch brothers whose father, Fred Koch, was a founding member of the John Birch Society.

Ryan and Romney have now extended their war against women and minorities to the elderly. Romney, who basically paid not taxes for 10 years and hid millions of dollars off-shore, wants to eliminate social security and medicare and increase interest rates on student loans so he extend tax benefits to the super rich.

Don't allow right wing Romney and Ryan sanction drilling off the coast of Eastern Long Island.

Vote with your conscience - Vote Obama, Vote Bishop and watch out for job shipping Randy the New Jersey Carpetbagger." Aug 17, 12 7:50 PM

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