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Altschuler Declares "Rematch" With Bishop

When job shipping Randi returns from visiting his labor force in India he will realize that he and the Tea Party are finished.

This community trusts and appreciates Tim Bishop and doesn't respect carpetbaggers like Rand who want to eliminate Medicare so oil companies and the super rich can get larger tax breaks.
" May 29, 11 8:24 PM

New York State Senate Approves Same-Sex Marriage Legislation

This is a great day for the people of New York and a big step forward, but there is still plenty to do. Same-sex marriage was never a "religious" issue. There is nothing spiritual about limiting the rights of a certain group of people because of your own personal hang-ups." Jun 25, 11 10:04 AM

There is no relationship between Christianity and homophobia. There is nothing in the New Testament that speaks to homosexuality and obviously same-sex marriage is never addressed. True Christians - people of God - do not repress other people and make their lives difficult.

The Unamerican radical right hides behind their born again cover, but they cannot escape their own self-hatred. As we all know homophobia is most prevalent in closet gays. People should just be who they are and leave everyone else alone. Those that love to tell others how to live are usually the worst at receiving advice themselves and typically the most amoral.

The right wing's attempt to repress gays and women, destroy education for the middle class and medicaid for the elderly while giving tax cuts to oil companies and their super rich supporters is sinking them. As Trump, Palin, Beck and O'Donnell melted away, NY's most conservative district elected a democrat and same-sex marriage has passed. " Jun 25, 11 8:10 PM

Westhampton Beach Police Officer, Paramedic Save Man Suffering Heart Attack

Well earned congratulations to the local police and the Westhampton Ambulance." Jul 12, 11 6:05 PM

Group Wants A Say Regarding Proposed Religious Boundary

It's up to the courts. The law is the law. JPOE is irrelvant. Hopefully a ruling will take place shortly." Aug 23, 11 4:58 PM

I agree Big, and I believe it's against the law to try and exclude a group of people based on their religious practices. You can be against the Eruv (using public property for religious symbols, etc.), but working to keep Orthodox Jews out of Westhampton Beach is a much more serious matter. I wouldn't be surprised by additional law suits and the Justice Department's involvement.. " Aug 24, 11 8:59 AM

LIPA: Fewer Than 200 Outages Left Islandwide From Irene

LIPA's history of incompetence continues.

From Shoreham to Irene - they spell failure and incompetence.

They are destroying Long Island with their overpaid executives and some of the highest rates in the nation.

Cuomo needs to have the district attorney's office carefully investigate their practices." Sep 4, 11 11:55 AM

Southampton Village Passes Law To Keep Hedges Well Groomed

It's hard to imagine a more moronic piece of legislature. Who would want to live in a village run by idiots? Will they hire a hedge hog to enforce the law?" Sep 9, 11 2:48 PM

Some Still Upset Over Three-Story Hotel At Gabreski Airport

A hotel will be positive for the community.
Westhampton needs a modern facility to house its visitors, and it will only
help our economy.

Sharon has done a terrific job on keeping jet noise under control, and her good-natured concerns are admirable, but I don't think an extra floor, from an investor's standpoint, is unreasonable.
." Sep 16, 11 5:44 AM

The Open Book In Westhampton Beach To Close

Terry was there for kids. Instead of mourning her closing, we should celebrate her success. She modeled what it means to be a community store.

The world changed over the last 13 years, and it was impossible to survive year-round in this town in these times.

We now have an excellent opportunity to go to The Open Book and take advantage of Terry's sale. This will be a nice way for us to say goodbye and to help her pay her bills.

The village needs a new person to run the library. Terry is honest, creative, community minded, and will bring life back into that library. If you know a Board member talk to him/her. She can make that library great!

Even though I will be ordering from Amazon going forward, my heart will remain with The Open Book.

" Sep 17, 11 6:15 PM

Bollerman To Step Down As Director Of Westhampton Free Library

Bollerman was awful. The inside of the library - strewn with metal stacks - looks like a jail, and the employees blue prison shirts are demeaning, unprofessional, and ugly. Bollerman never reached out to the community; he had the personality of a rock, and only appeared at budget meetings to ask for more money than he needed.. He just didn't care, and as a result, the library atmosphere, cold and disconnected, lacks culture and creativity.

Also that divider when you walk in - which everyone bunks into or has to remember to avoid - is just another reflection of Bollerman's incompetence. He wasted a lot of our money and hired too many people - all so he could move to the next job. The library is clearly overstaffed and mismanaged. What databases are they paying for? Does the public know about them? The library should be a center piece of our community. It should be warm and festive and kids centered.

For Bollerman, Westhampton was a stepping stone, and we were stepped on." Sep 17, 11 9:10 PM

Kabot To Wage Write-In Campaign Against Throne-Holst For Southampton Supervisor


Run and win. You have my vote. Clean it up.

Vote Kabot and Hughes

Bring back integrity" Sep 22, 11 1:49 PM

Republicans Challenge Forced Police Retirements In Southampton Budget As Political

Vote Kabot - together we can restore integrity." Oct 1, 11 4:30 PM

Altschuler Endorses East Hampton Town Supervisor Bill Wilkinson

Job Shipping Randy is irrelevant. He lost and he will lose again if he is silly enough to run. His heartless agenda of cutting taxes for the super rich and eliminating medicare will not sit well with the American public.

" Oct 12, 11 3:47 PM

Sparks Fly Over Debate On Budget Calendar

Vote Kabot and bring dignity back to the office" Oct 13, 11 3:51 AM

ExxonMobil To Clean Up Spilled Oil In Sag Harbor

And these idiots in The Tea Party who are owned and manipulated by oil companies and banks, want to drill, drill, drill. " Oct 14, 11 3:33 PM

Cornelius Kelly Looking To Unseat Incumbent

Corneilius will be a terrific representative. He has substance, and unlike Jay, who is the consummate politician, Cornelius is regular guy and much easier to relate to.

I'm looking forward to a refreshing, down to earth, local change." Oct 25, 11 1:57 PM

Kabot Vote Count Will Not Be Available For A Week Following Southampton Supervisor Election

Let's get Linda back where she belongs. Write in Linda Kabot in column 15.
" Nov 7, 11 11:40 PM

Westhampton Beach Banking Fixture Celebrates 50 Years Of Service

Ann is the best; she works hard and has real integrity. They should let her run Chase internationally. " Nov 12, 11 11:41 AM

New Director Shares Her Vision For Westhampton Free Library

The library needs "vision." The last director was incompetent, and completely cut off from the community. Ms. Zubiller should first redo the prison-like inside, get rid of those hideous blue mandated employee shirts, and then reach out to the local community for suggestions. Ms. Zubiller has a wonderful smile and I'm hopeful things will improve.

It's also time for the community to vote for its library board. The present self-appointed boys/girls club/board is completely unacceptable. We should not approve the library budget unless we can also vote for our own trustees.

If they are holding elections in Egypt, we can handle them in Westhampton.
" Dec 5, 11 2:37 PM

Booksellers Deplore Amazon 'Poaching' Ploy

Books and Books has no right to whine. They opened up a chain store in Westhampton and helped drive The Open Book, a true community book store, out of business.

I will gladly shop Amazon. They offer substantial discounts, lots of great reviews and selections, and free delivery." Dec 14, 11 8:41 PM

Metcalf Wins Westhampton Beach Fire Commissioner Race

The people of Westhampton chose the right candidate.

Our community has outgrown the Raynors. The next move should be to give Raynor Drive a new name. The residents of Raynor Drive can easily petition town." Dec 14, 11 8:48 PM

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