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Going To Bat For Meehan

You've missed the point, it's not parents saying they want equal playing time for their mediocre athletes, over more talented younger athletes. He plays mediocre younger players over mediocre senior players, that's the point. He doesn't cultivate a team atmosphere, he singles out a few "stars" which are really just kids with natural ability, none that he he has honed and focuses on them the whole season. Also, when HB is either losing or winning by let's say 10 runs, he Never puts in those kids on the bench. How are they supposed to improve without playing time? That's how you cultivate skiills and team camraderie. I'm all for playing the best kids, but if you take a close look at his younger starters, you will see nothing extroadinary that should keep them inthe entire game." Apr 26, 12 12:53 PM

well I am a coach so Ive walked those miles and know well and good how great coaches operate in the REAL WORLD, and definitely dont see it happening here. this is my observation and am completely entitled to make it!" Apr 26, 12 1:46 PM

Westhampton Beach Student Plans To Battle Hunger With Backpacks

from the cradle to the grave, another program that is probably also federally funded along with donations; when will people become self sufficient? This is probably a large number of illegal immingrants being fed, not true Americans that are going hungry. The old saying if you teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime...let's teach them to fish." Jul 4, 12 9:57 PM