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Southampton Town Comptroller charged with DWI

Oh please. The man got a DWI, he didn't steal money or kill anyone. In fact he shows his true character by admitting his mistake and publicly apologizing for something that the owes the public no apology for. Get a grip people. I wish more public figures were as forthcoming about their mistakes." Mar 20, 09 9:30 PM

Kabot claims bad record keeping led to financial mess

I believe the Supervisor should be able to expect the Comptroller to do their job and keep the books in order. It's not fair to blame Linda Kabot for this mess when clearly poor record keeping by the past administration is to blame. I don't understand how people can point the finger at her when she's the one trying to get things straightened out after years of poor financial management by the last Comptroller. Let Linda and the new Comptroller do their job and balance the books and stop trying to lay blame on those looking to fix things." Mar 20, 09 9:41 PM

Southampton Town Comptroller charged with DWI

I'm not trying to minimize the offense... DWI is a serious thing... but it's a broken law and there is a legal penalty for that. A public servant should not be expected to pay any larger a penalty for a crime than a private citizen... equality under the law. Would we ask any private citizen to step down from their job for a DWI??" Mar 20, 09 11:16 PM

Capital budget error bolstered budget surplus, which was used to cut taxes

The problem is that politicians like the last supervisor are more concerned with getting re-elected than they are with the well-being of the Town and taxpayers. Using surpluses to keep taxes down is purely to get votes, not a sound fiscal policy. Get a backbone and make some tough choices, if you want your pet projects to be funded, you have to increase taxes. If you want to keep taxes stable, stop promising new services. If the demand is there, the justification will be a no-brainer. In any case, the Town taxes make up a small fraction of your bill compared to the school taxes. That's where the real focus should be." Apr 4, 09 1:42 PM

Hamptons.com founder leaves; changes afoot

27 east is a gossip-monger's wonderland... that's the only reason it's beating hamptons.com, they were the first to allow comments on articles." Sep 17, 09 9:24 PM

Southampton Town deputy supervisor confronts, shoves PBA president over comments about budget

Gwinn's statements are ridiculous and recklessly inacurrate... I'm not surprised Mr. Jones was so upset. Watch the video yourselves, they are all on the town's web site." Oct 4, 09 7:45 AM

Southampton Town department asks for money following capital budget mishap

Do you people read? The board approved this bond in 2004 and then it was repealed without anyone knowing how or why. The first step is to blame the department head? How about the Comptroller at the time who was supposed to be keeping track of the Town's money! Yes it is the same characters... the Comptroller and Supervisor from 2004 AS USUAL." Mar 14, 10 1:11 PM

And WHO is responsible for the lower bond rating? That's right... the COMPTROLLER and SUPERVISOR that created this mess in the first place. Hmm... do I see a pattern?" Mar 15, 10 6:33 PM

MTA finalizes cost-saving plan, including cut to Montauk line

I am willing to bet the MTA could save $396,000 per year by cutting ONE MTA executive's salary. The North Fork was able to air their grievances so they got no cuts, but nobody gave the South Fork that chance. This is so typical of the MTA, we pay more and more tax money for NO SERVICE. Eastern Suffolk should secede from MTA altogether and see where they are with NO TAX MONEY from the east end! They are a pathetic excuse for a "public transportation" system. You want people to use public transport? PROVIDE USEFUL SERVICE. ONE TRAIN A DAY DOES NOT CUT IT! You're right nellie, time for new leadership that CARES ABOUT THE EAST END and about PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION. And would someone tell me who the hell this Sheldon Silver clown is? Sounds like a REAL WINNER. TIME TO GO SHELLY!" Mar 25, 10 8:59 PM

Southampton Town Board considers joining lawsuit against MTA

MTA = Metropolitan Taxing Authority?? All they do is charge us taxes and provide NO SERVICE in return. Peconic County needs to start NOW by seceding from the MTA. You want a green initiative, no traffic, happy residents? PROVIIDE A REAL PUBLIC TRANPORTATION SYSTEM. The TIME IS NOW. if you build it, they will come. DITCH THE MTA and use the money we pay them now to start our own light rail system. Please, someone in authority take this issue seriously and be a pioneer to save the east end before another lane is the only answer." Mar 25, 10 9:05 PM

Levy switches parties, announces run for governor

OR they have the conviction to believe in their own ideals, ideas and want to serve the citizens despite what a party platform says. The last thing we need is another politician who sits back and does what his party tells him to do." Mar 25, 10 9:09 PM

Developers present new plans for Tuckahoe hamlet center

How about a Trader Joe's instead? Fill an un-met need in the community for a change! There are already 2 King Kullens within 10 miles of that location." Mar 25, 10 9:15 PM

Local stationery and office supply shops react to Staples planned for Bridgehampton Commons

People are going to shop where it's convenient. People in Southampton aren't going to drive to Bridgehampton to go to Staples when there's a Dunkerley's in Southampton. Competition is good, and they can all survive." Mar 25, 10 9:23 PM

More accounting mistakes discovered in Southampton Town; audit to be released

Is there no end to the mistakes of the past comptroller?" Jul 21, 10 3:43 PM

Rechlers pick up demolition permit applications for Canoe Place Inn

Just another example of the wealthy taking for themselves what should be shared by the community. Restaurants like Tide Runners are the few places left that a "regular Joe" can gather and eat, drink and enjoy the waterfront. Knocking it down to build condos and replacing CPI with a catering hall benefits only those wealthy enough to buy one of those overpriced condos or pay the ridiculous prices to hold an event at the catering hall.

Leave the waterfront for the community to enjoy and build your condos somewhere else. The best use of the CPI property is for a restaurant for all to enjoy and maybe then you can put some condos behind it." Oct 4, 10 9:41 AM

Throne-Holst: No layoffs in 2011 tentative budget

I don't know where the Press gets its info, but the presentation I saw on the web site says ZERO percent increase for 2011. And in any case, do any of you ever read the other statistics? Well over 80% of your taxes go to SCHOOLS. Why is nobody complaining about the ridiculous salaries of school administration?" Oct 4, 10 10:25 AM

Shinnecocks want three casinos on Long Island

3 Casinos is incredibly greedy... I see they waited until they had official recognition to make that announcement... so there would be no further resistance of people trying to prevent that from happening... so sneaky." Oct 4, 10 10:28 AM

Thanks lbeeti for correcting me. I am happy for the tribe, their recognition is long overdue, I just think 3 casinos is a greedy expectation." Oct 4, 10 4:06 PM

Throne-Holst: No layoffs in 2011 tentative budget

You're correct, I see now the zero percent increase is in the Operating budget and the 2.4% increase is to pay down the prior debt. Thank you for pointing that out." Oct 4, 10 4:13 PM

Canoe Place Inn Developers Terminate Lease With Nightclub Owners

It will be a real shame if they waste money restoring a useless building (I agree, who needs another catering hall??) in exchange for permission to tear down a useFULL building like Tide Runners where an average citizen can go and enjoy a drink or meal on the waterfront without owning a condominium, a million dollar house or attend an overpriced event." Nov 1, 10 9:19 PM

Town Pulls Plug On Rumba's Overflow Parking Lot

It's a wonderful place, the food and people there are so nice. It's great to see a new business thrive for a change. I hope they are able to resolve the parking and continue their success story." Nov 3, 10 11:17 PM

Ballot Count Begins; Altschuler Travels To Washington

Oh great, another candidate in favor of tax cuts for the rich. Because trickle down economics worked so well. Anyone remember the dead economy handed over from Bush Sr. to Clinton... from Bush Jr. to Obama? The Democrats know how to revive the economy... it just takes longer when you're handed a disaster like Obama was." Nov 6, 10 10:13 AM

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