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DEC Charges Against Kelly And Paul Lester Dismissed In East Hampton Town Justice Court

So if they didn't possess or sell them, how could they bill the DEC for them? Sounds like they just won a popularity contest, not a trial. " Oct 27, 11 11:12 AM

UPDATE: Absentee Ballot Count Continues In East Hampton

For a second I thought that Rob Rubio was running for office. The Florida Rubio, eh who cares. But let me take this opportunity to point out that you can fix the "south hampton" for your town to Southampton, unless you live in New Hampshire. Go to My Account> My User Info> then Edit Info." Nov 20, 11 1:03 PM

Police: Southampton Man Punches, Kicks Officer After DWI Arrest

He's an embarrassment to the otherwise honorable name, Restrepo. " Dec 4, 11 10:28 PM

Bridgehampton Man Arrested Following November Chemical Suicide Attempt

Did we really need the details? Couldn't you just say two chemicals? " Jan 3, 12 12:43 PM

Amagansett Tuskegee Airman Lee Hayes To Be Honored

Great story, great article. Thank you for your service, sir." Feb 7, 12 2:15 PM

Tim Bishop Given Environmental Steward Award

Actually, the plume is in Speonk, hence the name - Speonk plume. It is under people's homes and has affected people's water wells. The BBS Lumber plume was remediated but the solvent plume was not. I guess the bay is important to people in Remsenburg, but I'm more concerned about the humans. " Feb 12, 12 11:04 AM

to HHS:


http://www.27east.com/news/article.cfm/Speonk/302038/Remediation-work-begins-at-former-lumber-yard-in-Speonk" Feb 12, 12 2:51 PM

No need to play by my rules when you openly admit that is on the border and ergo, mostly if not exclusively, in Speonk. Only a handful got hooked up to public water and as one who was tested a few years ago, and not again since, I can tell you that they are not keeping up with the threat. The water is not the only problem since there is also seepage of gases through the basement to worry about. Regardless, I couldn't agree with your closing 2 sentences more. " Feb 12, 12 7:56 PM

This has to be one of the dumber posts that I have ever read. So are you saying that if I disagree with a liberal, like John Stossel was at the time or like you are now, it's OK for me to hit him twice? Not only that, he didn't get up and run away. He got up and got hit again, then he fled as he should have. A cupped slap to the ear, like those were, are actually injury producing strikes. He was confronted by a much larger man who is trained in acts of physical violence, staged or not. The incident is available on YouTube. You can view it to refresh your memory. Later in life he became a libertarian. I agree with neither philosophy since they both are extreme. So I'm not here to defend his political stance, just point out your skewed vision of something that actually happened. " Feb 26, 12 6:54 PM

I've read enough of your two thousand posts to realize that you don't joke much. However, you do try to further your political agenda or attack those that disagree with it. Don't try to spin it now that you got called on it. Any of you right wingers that are enjoying some neophyte arguing with Phil, know this. I think you're too extreme, also. " Feb 26, 12 8:04 PM

HHS, his early reporting actually led to many regulations, the bane of libertarians. His book, Gimme a Break, more a pamphlet that I read (even as a slow reader) on a flight from Florida, spent half of its time lamenting the fact that his reporting led to so many of the aforementioned regulations. Regardless, I have a request. Please limit your posts to one four bell word and one three bell word. At least that way, sometimes I will only have to look up one. " Feb 26, 12 9:38 PM

Southampton High School Marching Band Yearns For Uniforms

With a Blue Ribbon school award a few years ago, ability to go to WHB Schools where all the students from 6th grade on get laptops and with paying less than 3000 dollars a year TOTAL property taxes, you're right I will keep Remsenburg-Speonk School District. And at what point was this become a "my town is better than yours" discussion? Sam, it was one kid who stole one laptop. Not some ongoing scheme from what I read, plus it goes back to December. I believe Maxwell was criticizing school employees putting their interests first and your defense was to attack his town. Nice spin." Mar 1, 12 4:53 PM

Code Enforcement Officer Among Six Netted In Drug Sting

Most of us will take their word over your random guessing. If it was false would he be in rehab or shouting his innocence?" Apr 30, 12 10:15 PM

East End Has Among Highest Gas Prices In State

Your post is too reasonable for these boards. More crazy pre-conceived political notions unsupported by facts, please." May 6, 12 11:33 PM

School Results: Tuckahoe Is Only District On South Fork To Reject Proposed 2012-13 Budget

I'm glad I'm not the only one who realizes this." May 16, 12 1:57 AM

Homeless Sex Offender Trailers At Center Of Controversy

What a colossal cheap shot by a county level commissioner. Mr. Blass should be asked to resign for his lack of composure. The new administration of the SHTPD does something he doesn't like and he attacks them for the sins of the prior administration? What is he seven years old? It seems he is the only one bringing any attention to this, so how can the PD be trying to deflect? " May 24, 12 10:18 AM

Fleming Will Compete Against Maertz For Shot To Challenge LaValle For State Senate Seat

Wait, what? Why would he call you Mr. Bridge if you are Clam Pie? How many other names do you have? " Jun 3, 12 10:51 AM

UPDATE: Water Mill Man Charged With DWI After Police Chase Ends In Single-Car Crash

So now that they released his name, posted his picture in the press and threw the book at him, are you going to retract your paranoid post? Or did they come and take you to the gulag already?" Jun 6, 12 6:01 PM

Remsenburg And Speonk Community News, June 7

Good job and good luck, Dawn." Jun 11, 12 10:11 AM

Altschuler Secures Fishing Endorsements

How many kids got fat off of his lunch money?" Jun 19, 12 1:14 AM

Large Sand Shark Netted At Amagansett Beach

If only you had a computer with access to the internet, then you would be able to use a search engine and find all the pictures of sand sharks that I did. Then you would notice that all the pictures that I saw had teeth. " Jul 22, 12 3:28 PM

Westhampton Beach Middle School Teacher Pleads Not Guilty In Riverhead Court

"The video clearly shows the defendant setting up the phone to record these young girls undress." Now, let's hear apologies from all of those who used this forum to openly question the veracity of these young girls, who are the victims. They have suffered in more ways than just this crime for having the courage to come forward. Start posting the apologies now so I don't have to go through all the old posts." Apr 29, 13 12:46 PM

Not just law enforcement, not just the DA's office, but at least 12 of the 23 Grand Jurors that did see the video evidence thought it was enough to support the charges. They all agreed with the victims. People do not wear their deviant behavior on their sleeves. There actually are wolves in sheep's clothing." Apr 29, 13 5:17 PM

Quogue Library Board Holds Annual Meeting

The imbedded google map shows Quogue Ave in Flanders. If that was done by an employee, it may be time for a quick geography lesson." May 17, 13 5:11 PM

Southampton Town Bars Police Officers From Political Committees, Stiffens Penalty For Illegal Rentals

"Wilson's behavior during Sandy is puzzling. He was still the chief and absented himself during an emergency when I would expect a leader to rush to take charge. Rationales have been proposed for his decision that are unpersuasive."

This last paragraph is worth repeating. In times of a declared state of emergency, it is actually illegal for some law enforcement personnel to quit or even retire. I don't know if a specific law applies to the chief's position or the SHTPD, but I was taken aback by his timing. " May 31, 13 1:20 PM

Wainscott Man Arrested For Throwing Traffic Patrol Officer's Ticket Book

Bad headline. Another source states that he took the ticket book from the female traffic control officer's hand and threw it. He could have been charged with grand larceny or robbery, but was only charged obstructing governmental administration which means they took it easy on him. Try that with SCPD and the criminal charge will be the least of your problems. " Jun 13, 13 12:48 PM

To Blank, how in the world did you get "that's OK?" from what I posted? " Jun 14, 13 9:02 PM

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