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Southampton Town Could Soon See New Comptroller

Happy day. Maybe vendors for the town will get paid soon. But then again why should government care if the private sector can put food on the table." Mar 21, 12 6:16 PM

I like old words, unfortunately only a few have been able to stand the test of time. "Akrasia" is a very old word as well." Mar 21, 12 9:12 PM

Southampton Town PBA Officer Receives Anonymous Threats

The irony is that you and you alone can hold more Guiness records for your posts. I have to admit that I do look forward to reading them, if only you would begin them with "Hello Clarice"." Apr 11, 12 11:30 PM

Code Enforcement Officer Among Six Netted In Drug Sting

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me." Apr 21, 12 3:48 PM

Bay Street Inks New Lease At Sag Harbor Theater Building

Bay Street Theatre and Sag Harbor belong together. Good show Mr. Malloy." Apr 25, 12 9:26 PM

Southampton Town Examines Ways To Address Substandard Private Roads

When a public road intersects with a private road, there is definately an issue. Some public roads shed water drainage onto lower grade private roads and wipe them out during severe rain, passing the burden of repair to the homeowner. The conditions of many private roads in our area can be considered a safety risk to residents if an emergency vehicle can not make it to its destination in a timely fashion. Two years ago, the town past a law that excluding them from plowing private roads during a snow emergency, which was mandated by the State." Jun 23, 12 8:10 PM

UPDATE: Suffolk County Crime Stoppers Offers Up To $5,000 Reward For Information Leading To Arrest Of Hit-And-Run Suspect

And this is why all undocumented persons need to be accounted for." Jul 20, 12 6:12 PM

Cops: Woman Sexually Assaulted In Southampton On Sunday

Maybe her car broke down. The question is, what are two men doing hiding in the bushes at 0430?" Jul 23, 12 8:28 PM

UPDATE: Police Identify Victims In Fatal Crash On Sunday In East Hampton

Besides driver inattention, I would bet that texting while driving is the common denominator in the recent head on accidents. God protect our families." Jul 30, 12 10:14 PM

UPDATE: Bicyclist Taken To Stony Brook University Hospital; Cause Of Accident Unknown

Too much craziness for the press???? How about for the police department, which is at their lowest levels in its history. At this rate if the public wants info on the daily happenings in the department then they should push to hire a press secretary. " Aug 6, 12 2:10 PM

Jay Schneiderman Considers Running For East Hampton Town Supervisor Next Year

If you want fresh faces then get out and vote in the primaries. Get behind the candidates that are not working on their second and third pensions. Going green is not recycling politicians." Aug 9, 12 1:26 PM

Knowing How To Play The Speeding Ticket Game

radio car = police car (pd)" Sep 2, 12 12:20 AM

DEC Investigates Reports Of 'Panther-Like' Animal In East Hampton

How about a Bobcat. There was one roaming around East Quogue a few years back." Sep 11, 12 8:35 PM

Young Man Surrenders To Police After Fleeing In Springs

Mr. Cruz should be charged the appropriate fees for his search." Sep 28, 12 8:53 PM

East Hampton School District Responds To Student's Death

Bullying is not just prevalent at the pre-teen level. My son was bullied on a daily basis at his preschool, Bright Beginnings. He began to show signs of physical ailments attributed to the emotional stress. The school’s Administrator responded by isolating my son from his classmates the following term, while allowing the aggressor child to remain in the class. Needless to say, we removed him from the school and the abusive situation. It appears that the channels of communication in the schools are blurred by bureaucracy and the schools need to be put on notice that it is their responsibility to provide a safe environment for all students, especially when the parent / parents are the only advocate. Our deepest condolences to David’s family." Oct 1, 12 8:22 PM

District Attorney Looking At Town Police Attendance And Time-Off Payments

Northaven should give their million dollars to Sag Harbor for services. Then maybe Sag Harbor would be able to afford their Police Dept., which has a 2.2 million dollar budget. " Dec 2, 12 6:08 PM

Prices Released For Watchcase Condos At Bulova

With prices like these I would think that they would be able to afford 2 Police Depts. Well, the good news is that the Chief should be able to afford a single unit based on his salary alone,well within walking distance of the Corner bar.." Dec 12, 12 6:34 PM

Sag Harbor Mayor, Police Chief At Odds Over Police Staffing

Sag harbor is 2.3 square miles. I would think that that 2 tours should get one accustom to the roads and area. " Aug 29, 13 8:15 PM

Most full time officers in east end departments started out as part time officers, as is the case with Sag Harbor. There is no additional training to distinguish the two classes, only a passing grade on the civil service exam. There are times when an officer does work alone, but I highly doubt that criminals are more deterred because a full time officer is on duty." Aug 31, 13 11:08 AM

East Quogue School District Tax Rate Nearly Double Original Estimates

Just like they took buses away from those that live within a mile of the school, to save around $30000. The buses pass those stops everyday to pick up the children that live outside the 1 mile zone. Meanwhile there are plenty of roads without sidewalks in that area puting the burden on the parents. Time to send this administation a message. " Oct 18, 13 10:00 AM

Sagaponack Looks To Thin Deer Herd With Sharpshooters

Biologists + rifles = sharpshooters? The fact is that the NYS DEC took away all nuisance permits from farmers and the Villages on Long Island because the rednecks upstate were jealous. I guess this government program is why the DEC decided to end the nuisance program on LI. The Village of North Haven culled plenty of deer over the years, that made it to the dinner tables of local nuisance hunters, utilizing the nuisance program. This year, NH and the DEC agreed to make the area open to all hunters with land owner permission, which in turn took away the advantages of nuisance harvesting, such as baiting and time extensions. I feel that it was much more controlled when hunters were allowed to bait the deer on the residential properties and confine the hunting to just a small area of the property. Nuisance hunting was never meant to compete with fair chase hunting, it was meant to solve the nuisance deer problem. I do not think that hunters with rifles at night is the answer to this problem, especially since the government is involved. Bad ideer." Nov 26, 13 6:35 PM

Judge Says Southampton Trustees Must Give The Town Financial Control

I heard Havemeyer was going to open a pool cleaning business. " Jan 29, 14 10:26 AM

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