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Planning Board votes against rescinding Woodfield Gables decision

Nobody in their right mind would approve homes here until the issue of safety was resolved. It goes to show the influence of those involved. We thought Kabot would clean up these types of persuasions at Town Hall.
The developer, attorney and Board should be ashamed of themselves. " Sep 8, 08 9:53 AM

Terror attacks remembered at Southampton Town Hall

The story has Ryan's title incorrect. His title is Public Relations Assistant as per resolution 2008-809, May 2008." Sep 11, 08 4:56 PM

He was officially appointed in May (#809) to the civil service title of Public Relations Assistant. " Sep 11, 08 8:35 PM

Debate on forced retirement for police officers continues

If the Board is serious about cutting back staff costs, they should start in the Supervisor's office. Those of us who work here see that she has added part time staff and a brand new public relations assistant. These positions did not exist before and these people are doing the same work handled by less staff when Fred, Vince, and Skip were there. In our department, we stay until the evening and get there on time or we are docked pay. Her staff wanders in and out whenever they want to and some leave at 4:30. Does she really need all those people in there? She said she cut staff money because she eliminated the deputy position but that is untrue because she added the part time salaries and the new full time salary. Instead of firing decorated police, she should cut down her crowded office. There are limits under civil service as to how many people an elected official can hire. The PBA should look into how she has gotten around this." Sep 18, 08 10:54 AM

Kabot releases proposed budget for Southampton Town

Kabot has done exactly what she criticized Heaney for doing. She used the surplus. When he tried to do that, she accused him of "smoke and mirrors"
Add that to her hiring her campaign manager's husband to a new $70,000 job and hiring her own office public relations assistant for $45,000 ( brand new position) she is exactly like him. Hypocrisy." Oct 1, 08 2:37 PM

With expanded court, justices spend less time on the bench

Skip Heaney says he got a solid guarantee from each of the judges before he agreed to seek the fourth position. They promised to add extra shifts, add a weekly night court. Typical lawyers. Say one thing and do another.
Kabot should take away the new court in Hampton Bays now, and save the taxpayers millions.
" Oct 23, 08 8:03 AM

Woodfield Gables approval coming

The people involved with this should be ashamed. Obviously they have never lost a loved one to cancer brought on by a polluted environment. They chose money over people's safety. Not sure how Datre and his lawyers (connected to town officials) sleep at night," Oct 23, 08 8:08 AM

With expanded court, justices spend less time on the bench

A few weeks back, DeMayo asked everyone in court with tickets for overnight parking to raise their hands, two dozen people raised their hands, then he dismissed them all. Court staff said he does this sometimes if he has to be somewhere and wants a shorter work day. Go Andrea!" Oct 27, 08 9:50 AM

Southampton Town Board candidates spar over finances during debate

Maybe Ms. Kabot would be willing to give up the 30,000 SUV provided by the Town plus free gasoline, which must equal thousands annually. If she is serious about saving taxpayers, she can driver her own car and pay for her own gas. She earns a six-figure salary, why should the working taxpayer pay for her gas and car?" Oct 29, 08 1:17 PM

Riverside home overcrowded and infested with insects

Enter the corporation name into the NY State website and you will get a contact name or an address that can help you identify the owner." Oct 31, 08 9:56 AM

Pope, Schiavoni score wins for Dems

Actually, Dan worked very hard. And one must remember that the Democrats held the majority on the Town Board for four of the past eight years. And if one does the research, that is when the bulk of the spending, that is now coming back to haunt, was authorized.
On another site, I saw an opinion piece of interest. If the town leaders in East Hampton, Southampton and Southold are serious about cutting spending, they should give up their free cars and free gas. Taxpayers are paying for gas and vehicles for Supervisors making six figures." Nov 18, 08 9:31 AM

Town considering what human services programs to cut

The Supervisor should cut some of her own benefits like her expanded staff and free car and free gas, paid for by taxpayers. She earns 100,000 a year. Why should taxpayers pay for her new car and free gas? And who else there is getting free gas? This paper should look into this problem. I dont get free gas and a car to go to work, and I bet none of your reporters do either. Why should the public servants?" Nov 19, 08 8:25 AM

2009 budget adopted by Southampton Town Board

It is discouraging that the Board choose to cut human services and instead kept the Supervisor's free vehicle and free gasoline plus the additional staff in her office. Obviously, nothing has changed at Town Hall.
Brian, it would be interesting to your readers if you list the exact 17 cut positions and the department the job was in." Nov 22, 08 11:52 AM

Hampton Bays condo complex secures final approval

Just how many new houses and condos are the town going to let be built in Tuckahoe and Shinnecock Hills? Our schools are bursting already and we are going to have the new condos on County Road 39 and now these 16 (on just two acres?) and the new hones on the Guillo site.
And down the road from me, the town bought several acres for affordable housing for millions of dollars. We cant handle a cumulative of 80 or 100 new houses/condos all here in this one area.

" Nov 25, 08 12:33 PM

2009 budget adopted by Southampton Town Board

True, eliminating those vacant positions are smoke and mirrors. And they added a Sustainability position, do they really need that right now? And a public relations person for the Supervisor? There is no more traffic so why is there still a Traffic department with two full time people? This is the biggest tax hike we have gotten in eight or nine years.

" Nov 26, 08 8:23 AM

Hampton Bays condo complex secures final approval

I was referring to the last topic in the article. The housing on Sandy Hollow Road." Nov 26, 08 10:42 AM

Southampton Town Animal Shelter cuts anger critics

I agree. The Comptrollers Office has four more staff members then this time last year and they are still behind. (When are the 2007 books going to finally be closed? Six months late). Most of Blowes departments have more people. The Supervisor hired an extra person, public relations assistant, then changed the title to a civil service protected job when people started complaining. They have no problem spending on themselves then they cut animal shelter and human services." Dec 18, 08 7:32 AM

Nuzzi proposes cutting the size of regulatory boards

Why not reduce the additional staff added in 2008 instead? This paper should compare the number of paychecks going to the Comptroller's office this year as opposed to 2007. Kagel did the work herself, she was not just an administrator, she is a CPA who did the work not just oversaw the work. Now they have four extra people doing her job. The Supervisors office has new part time people who were not there before. Richard's many departments have more staff. Cut back on the perks to the elected officials in the form of vehicles and gasoline.
Nuzzi's idea is a bad one. The more people debating these development applications the better." Dec 24, 08 8:19 AM

Kabot calls for fiscal responsibility in Southampton's State of the Town

If this paper added up all the money spent on new positions, consultants and studies and excess spending (ie copper for roof) you would see where the spending is. It is not from past budgets, it is from the spending spree in 2008, that for some reason this paper has chosen to ignore. Town staff has been complaining since last March about all this.
Why are new staff being added to do the job that all Town Comptrollers typically do themselves? Have the books from 2007 been closed yet? That typically happens in the spring. Why are there suddenly additional modulars at Jackson Ave? Why was Kabots office renovated without a resolution, when other offices painting and carpet (tax receiver) done by public resolution? Why are the department heads 2008 salary's higher than approved in the 2008 budget? Nobody seems to know how this is all happening without resolutions as per the process in previous years." Jan 6, 09 8:09 AM

$19 million in Southampton Town capital budget unaccounted for

It is not secret that Kagel resigned because she did not have faith in Kabot's ability to manage the budget and did not want to risk her award-winning career as a financial expert.
Now Kabot ,for an entire year, misses $19 million and so she throws the town's former CPA under the bus.
When Kabot spent too much on staff, additions to the new court plus renovatons to town hall in 2008 that forced a hike in the 2009 budget, she blamed the former supervisor.
When Kabot got a slap on the hand by the ethics board for failing to reveal a family connecton to a change of zone application, she blamed former town attorney Powers for giving her bad advice.
Time for some personal responsibility Linda Kabot. You are making mistakes, own up to them and correct them." Jan 24, 09 9:40 AM

Plan for seven office buildings proposed in Hampton Bays

Did Linda Kabot actually say in an article last week that the planning board and zoning board agendas were quiet these days? What is she talking about?
Those agendas are busier than they had been for the past four or five years with bigger-scale projects, some that were held off until she became supervisor because they had been previously rejected. She says yes to every lawyer and applicant that walks through her door." Jan 28, 09 7:47 AM

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