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East End Cleans Up After Irene

Residents south of Argonne without power still
Day 3!!!!" Aug 30, 11 9:20 AM

Southampton Town Leaf Pickup Program May Strain Waste Management Department

Can not be said any better!" Oct 23, 11 11:07 PM

Why are leaves on your own property the town's problem? Stop the leaf program all together, and the dump should charge or not take leaves. " Oct 23, 11 11:15 PM

Baymen's Drive For Playoffs Still On Course

With the fight at Southampton's game, and what I think should be more then a handfull of suspended players, it might be over for Hampton Bays this year.
BUT Hampton Bays does cover up things like this." Oct 24, 11 11:32 PM

Southampton Town Leaf Pickup Program Still Confuses Many

To Toma & Carol, really?? The Highway Dept staff are not the Town's private landscapers, they are hired to maintain our roads and highways. Get a grip, so you decided to remove your leaves rather than mulch....your decision. This program was advertised and forums were held. NOW you decide to voice an opinion. IMO the loose leaves being picked up most probably are put well into the streets causing a hazard, or as I have witnessed placed over storm drains or worse fire hydrants knowing full well that they would have to be removed. Find something else to complain about. " Dec 17, 11 11:40 PM

VOS - perfectly said.
Gregor was elected for change...and so far it has been an uphill battle for him and his staff. There is not enough money or staff to continue this program.
User.Name - ignorant. I hope you do not ever need the services of the Town employee (Police, Hwy, Fire Marshall, Senior Services etc.)

There are bigger fish to fry...focus on them for a change." Dec 18, 11 8:26 PM

Hampton Bays School Officials Want Field Drainage Problem Fixed

School officials took action at what cost? If it was not Bistrian fixing the drainage the past few months, who was it and what was the cost? I guess when it's the school board president's pet project, no limit on cost it is!
Could it be that Bistrian surface mining to much sand (which they sell off) and left to much top soil/clay? (Did see the removing product!)
From the start this was a rushed project and the field should have never been pitched to one side (saved money?-not now) It was rushed because of the school board's president and his new lacrosse program needed field space! Should have stepped back and used town field space until it was well planned. The entire rear field area should have been planned over and it would have given space for 3 fields the same size. No 1/2 field for football when lacrosse and soccer are being played!
VERY POOR PLANNING AND WATCHING OUR MONEY! (That's what you get from Hampton Bays School District!) Funny how a first year program get's a new score board. How about a score board for the undefeated soccer team at the Middle School? " Dec 21, 11 8:02 PM

Southampton Town Board Stalled On Police Technology Upgrade

The Town should not buy anything from Admit Computer, they cost the town ALOT of money when they dropped the Gov't business system and the town had to buy a new program. Also 1/2 the village impact system and it's add-ons do not even work most if not all the time. " Mar 2, 12 11:53 PM

Town Board Rejects First Draft Of Canoe Place Inn Report

No, a boat place is going in." Jan 23, 13 11:14 PM

Bridgehampton, Southampton And North Sea Fire Districts Hold Commissioner Elections

Please note the Southampton Fire District does not encompass Southampton Village as they would like to think. " Dec 10, 13 7:12 AM

Military Jet Taking Off At Gabreski Airport Monday Morning Creates Loud Rumble

Knew what it was, turned the news on just to check nothing was going on! All was OK." Jan 12, 15 4:44 PM

Warren Booth Will Keep Job With Hampton Bays Water District, Over Town Supervisor's Objection

Lets do criminal background checks on all town and school employees, and your friends too. You would be surprised! The Hampton Bays School District has employee(s) working right now that stole money! One from Southampton Town, the other, the same 9/11 fund, but unlike Warren got closed door deals. Though I did hear Warren was offered 3 days to pay it back and could not. " May 13, 16 3:22 PM

More Than 1,700 Unknown Graves Discovered In Southampton Village

Many thanks to the Town Clerk and the Burial Ground Committee for the investment in and stewardship of our Historic Burial Grounds. Preservation and education of these historic treasures is vital. Signage and kiosks will only add value to the sites and hopefully deter vandals, gamers and invasive neighbors. I am certain the kiosk will not be "urban mall type" and forensic evidence is obviously a necessity due to disrespectful neighbors." Oct 14, 16 10:40 PM

East End School Districts Reveal Preliminary Budget Figures For 2019-20 School Year

Where is the savings that was announced from the teachers pension system going. Everyone's spending it? " Mar 20, 19 5:58 PM

Town Board Approves Measure To Extend Public Water Mains In East Quogue

This is great! Now no excuse to not use CPF to fix Hampton Bays too!" Jul 11, 19 10:38 PM

Southampton Town Board Weighs Options To Address HBWD Infrastructure Upgrades

Thank You, HB will take what East Quogue received. CPF funds. Maybe some DWSRF funds too? Maybe some Town/County/State or Federal funds, can't hurt trying. Just need someone smarter then Frank Z going after it. Do not mind an increase in fees, but seems like Bouvier only has two ideas, maybe this will turn on his engineer light bulb.(it's LED i am sure)" Jul 13, 19 3:34 AM

Southampton Town Accepts Resignation Of Lead Code Enforcement Administrator

Not at all the reason he is gone. " Oct 9, 19 8:13 PM