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New East End DWI Task Force Nets Many Arrests Over Memorial Day Weekend

Absolutely...driving on Sound Ave, Friday-Sunday..is taking a risk, with the farm stands alone..now dealing with the wine sampling, it's the Ave to avoid from Happy Hour on...that van will do very well hanging out by the grapes...." May 28, 12 8:36 AM

Motorist Beaten By Three Women In Bathing Suits During Traffic Jam

This is the New Attitude of our visitors..."It's all about me"...also wondering why no one helped this guy, traffic at a stand still, and not one person stepped up?, what is wrong with people???" Jul 27, 12 11:00 AM

Three-Car Accident In Montauk Reported Saturday

Maybe a 4 way stop would at least stop someone from flying thru the stop signs, just a thought..." Jul 29, 12 7:17 AM

New 'Escape' Comes To Montauk

Just what this town needs....NOT" Jul 29, 12 7:19 AM

Crowd Turns Out Before East Hampton Board To Support Sloppy Tuna

How can these places open at all without the proper permits, and continue to operate? Apparently the fines are not an issue for the owners, kind of like "It's all about me, and I will do as I please"..." Aug 15, 12 6:57 AM

Montauk Shark Attack Party Is On, With New Parking Plan

The changes in this little town, are so sad to witness....yes, this is the time where everyone makes the money, to survive the long winters. The natural beauty of Montauk is priceless. Surrounded by water, beautiful beaches, trails to walk, a place where my family spent many years, a place that my grandchildren are being raised. Thankfully, two of my grandchildren were not in town this weekend, and didn't have to see, girls riding bikes, topless on Westlake..young people staggering, and walking, biking day and nite in the middle of the roads..it's one thing to party and have fun, but to have your town being turned into a wild, free for all, do as you please, weekend after weekend is a bit too much. This does not happen in the town of East Hampton, why has it been allowed in the town of Montauk??? Allowing such mass gatherings in a town ill-equipped to handle the situation, is absurd, and as for the $$$$ being spent in the town, the only one's benefiting are the bar owners, and of course the promoters, and hosts of these events.
" Jul 8, 13 11:56 AM

Cyril's Fish House Liquor License To Be Cancelled

Has anyone passed by the Surf Lodge in Montauk the past few seasons? Talk about an accident waiting to happen....
" Aug 14, 14 7:02 AM