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PSEG Says FEMA Money Won't Pay For Burying Electric Lines Along Long Beach As Part Of North Haven Work

How come Suffolk County Water Authority, Cablevision, Optimum and National Grid (Gas) all manage to route their various utility lines underground without complaint, but PSEG insists on ripping magnificent trees into bizarre shapes every Spring ?
It's beyond me that the many environmentalists on the South Fork don't get on their case. " Feb 2, 17 1:57 PM

PSEG Removes Osprey Nest From Riverside Utility Pole; Pledges To Install New Pole With Platform

The osprey are welcome and beloved life-long residents of the East End. The unasked question, however, is why is PSEnG still installing wires overhead, rather than underground, like every other utility ? This is some of the most valuable real estate in the country, yet I have received a notice that outside my house they intend to install higher and stronger poles with thicker wiring ripping appalling gashes through the trees each year.
Yes, it would cost more to put the wires underground. But I'm surrounded by four multi-billion golf courses - Shinnecock, Sebonac, National Golf Links and Southampton Golf Club - and with ever increasing property values there's plenty of money on the South Fork, so just do it and allow the natural beauty of the trees gradually return.
Tuckahoe Homeowner." Apr 12, 18 12:06 PM

I regret mistakenly laying the blame for this intolerable situation on PSEnG -- no angels themselves ! Clearly it is Verizon who are the malefactors, and whose contractors, Aplundh, makes a fortune year after year ripping our trees to shreds. The French-owned parent company, Altice, would never get away with despoiling the French countryside in this manner.
Tuckahow homeowner." Apr 12, 18 3:02 PM