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Southampton Town Leaf Pickup Program May Strain Waste Management Department

too much drama for this mama
" Oct 24, 11 9:24 AM

Ruling Could Strip Authority Of Southampton Town Trustees To Regulate Village Beaches

i wouldn't say that trustees don't know "jack" but i think the larger issue is not really about erosion but controlling access to beaches which are more and more becoming less accessible to the general public. People buy up the land and mark their territory. i would probably do the same thing but since i cannot afford an over-priced beach property i am stuck using the 4wd which is pretty cool for this season " May 14, 12 5:41 PM

Hampton Bays Business Owners, Residents Optimistic About New Plans For Good Ground Park

i think Hampton bays could be an amazing cultural center. an amphitheater would definitely draw more people as well as a performing arts center somewhere. those dead trees in the park now are extremely dangerous and definitely should be cut.
having more culture in a town is not only good for local business but enriches it in so many ways.
" Jul 1, 13 8:46 PM

State Legislators Hope To Secure Money For Mental Health Services On South Fork

Putting money in a local mental health agency that will not change its policies and procedures to increase the number of children it serves is redundant. There will still be the same 3 month plus wait list time and the cost of paying for these services will absolutely stay the same. The local agency has relocated 20 miles west to the border of the town making it about 40 miles in between clinics. The local agency does not have the diversity of expertise to handle the different kinds of issues with children. Too much of the treatment time is spent completing tedious unnecessary paperwork due to all the grants they receive. Families and schools will continue to be without that access to services. When someone is suicidal and in crisis or has an urgent need to access services on the East End they have no choices. A new model needs to be developed for shorter term whether outpatient or inpatient. Putting 160,000 into a local mental health agency doesn't help. " Mar 31, 14 10:28 AM

Zeldin Questions President's Bipartisan Plea In Response To State Of The Union Speech

what exactly would compromise look like? would that be 50/50. are there areas where there cannot be compromise. how much ideation does obama accept that would actually be considered a compromise. should republicans compromise more. it seems like most comments are just reactions to the other side. there is such a lack of hearing the Other side. i hope zeldin has success. are we all better off if things were all right or all left. i look at these comments and see such a lack of respect for others opinions when they're different. i love this country but it can really suck sometimes. " Jan 21, 15 6:12 PM

Southampton High School Assistant Principal Stars In Music Video

I think people need to get off their high horses. This video does not condone anything, instead it depicts situations that happen more frequently then all the church ladies here would care to admit. your "children" are attending parties like this and probably doing way more things than you can imagine. Artists generally take a picture of reality and try to express it in a creative way. relax" Sep 17, 15 9:59 AM

Roger Waters Show Draws Protestors At Bay Street Theater On Friday

Are Jews the Chosen Ones? What does that mean exactly? Do they suffer more than others?
" Nov 11, 15 10:26 AM

Embracing Students With Autism: School Officials Talk About The Need To Take Care Of Their Own

All this talk about inclusion and how important it is and how much better self contained classes are doesn't seem to trickle down to the kids that are actually going through the experience. If anyone takes a look at an East End School Curriculum for these students they are severely lacking in utilizing components that are evidence based. Most services provided are geared toward typical students and most are not ABA based I had to take my child out of the local district because the life skills class had no evidence based curriculum and was more of an enrichment program and not an education Their self contained class catered solely to typical students that had some learning difficulties and was more of a resource room. School personnel stating they use this inclusion ABA approach is mostly talk. If you ask more specific questions about how an ABA approach is being implemented or what components they implement there is usually an awkward silence or a mostly uninformed response. This is clearly evident when there is a typical autistic type of behavior that the school has no idea how to appropriately deal with. They look to the parent for some magical answer and then mostly recommend Westhampton BOCES without even having a clue what the best educational setting would be Westhampton BOCES is also not autism specific, has a mostly poor track record of success with students, and most kids do not return to district. I am not sure Mr Burns is in a position to really understand what exclusion and inclusion means. He is not a parent of an autistic child and more interested not just in money saving ideas but how their special ed program is viewed by the State Education. These kids and their families have to figure most things out and fight schools a majority of time for services that are clearly more evidence based. Mostly the school does not always respond in a positive way to the parent I think its great to do an informative series like this but one has to understand that school administrators are protecting their interests. Speak more to the parents They usually know a lot more and have done way more research and education than the school has. " Mar 14, 18 10:16 AM